Geri Halliwell gets fucked


Geri Halliwell gets fuckedIt was August 6th 2001 as the diminutive pop star was woken by the Emirates Airlines flight attendant to let her know they would soon be landing at Dubai International Airport. Ex Spice Girl, Geri Halliwell was flying back home from Sydney after a promotional tour and she wanted to break the long journey. Her watch showed 5pm.It was her 29th Birthday and she was spending it away from home and her family; but such is the price of fame. But she got a birthday present she will never forget, nor want to. And it all happened in Dubai.Geri’s brain was still full of sleep as she fumbled in her bag for her travel schedule. She would be met by a “personal protection officer” in the 1st class arrivals area and he was in charge of the transfer to the Renaissance Hotel. She was stopping over in Dubai and flying on to Heathrow the following day and would be staying overnight so everything was laid on to look after her until her departure at about 4pm. She popped quickly to the washroom to freshen up before settling back down in her seat for the last ten minutes or so of the long flight.She looked out of the window at the Gulf and the brown hilly shores of Iran over in the distance whilst her head cleared and she became more aware of what she was doing as her ears popped as the big Airbus started its decent. She had slept very well in 1st class and recalled the days prior to all the fame when she went on holidays with her parents and travelled economy. How people manage to sleep in those seats, she tried not to remember as she enjoyed the relative comfort of the 1st class seat. Being a well-known celebrity certainly has its drawbacks when travelling in public but she was well sheltered from the throng behind her and the flight attendants had been very protective. Geri was ready to leave as soon as the plane came to a halt next to the futuristic buildings of the new Dubai airport. As she disembarked, carrying her bag, Geri could feel the searing heat even though there was air-conditioning in the connecting corridor. She hurried along to the top of the short climb into the terminal building where an electric buggy was waiting to rush her through to the 1st class arrivals lounge. Dressed in a pair of low slung hipster jeans showing her tummy and navel with just a light sleeveless tee-shirt, which was slightly see-through to her bra underneath. She made people stare as this was one pretty petite lady. Her famous panther tattoo in the middle of her back and the sun shaped tattoo across the back of her shoulders were visible to those following behind. Geri’s body has been well photographed since she was a teenager and she enjoyed keeping herself as trim as possible. She’d been offered $10 million to pose nude again which was a bit of a drag as she’d only mentioned the figure of $10m to try and put the magazine people off. She was not going to agree anyway. She had too much else to lose and could make that kind of money in one year if she worked hard enough. Geri had toyed with the idea of doing a Madonna and producing her own sex book. Madonna had posed nude in every fetish theme she could think of and she’d made over $25m all for herself. Madonna was Geri’s idol and she would love to be brave enough to copy her, but she wasn’t.On reaching in the arrivals room, there were very few people about but she could just see the throng of press photographers on the other side of the glass screen flashing away as she appeared. A couple of her fellow passengers asked very nicely if they could take her photo and she happily smiled in that seductive way of hers as she posed for them. They were delighted as she also signed autographs. After going through a rather rudimentary check of her passport and answering the usual questions in immigration she stepped through the doorway into the main airport complex. The press were held back as this huge man in a very smart suit appeared from the throng and flashed his I/D card to the officials and then introduced himself to her as Stuart. This was her personal protection officer and Geri was immediately taken by his boyish good looks and the sheer size of him. He towered over her 5ft 2ins by more than a foot and she guessed he must have been over 200lbs. He was very fit looking and he certainly caught Geri’s attention. She was pleased that he was not the usual big bruiser which they usually provided for her. Just for a change he sounded English rather than American. She guessed he was in his thirties, which proved to be right as he was 33 at the time.Two local bag couriers took charge of her trolley with her cases (after she’d signed autographs for them) and Stuart strode slowly along with her to the awaiting BMW with its darkened windows. It was nearly 6 o’clock and the light was just starting to fade but the heat hit them as they stepped out into the concourse.As soon as she got into the back of the car, the biggest bunch of flowers and a bottle of champagne were handed bursa escort to her by the driver as Stuart opened the door for her, closing it behind her before getting in the front in the front. Both men then sang a rather out-of-tune rendition of Happy Birthday which nearly made Geri cry. Not from happiness alone but the appalling way the guys sang it. “Ah that was lovely guys. Thank you,” she half lied. She was really delighted. “What a lovely gesture,” she thought to herself.As they sped off into the city Geri tapped Stuart on the shoulder and asked, “Was that your idea then Stuart?” He nodded. “I’m a big fan of yours Geri, and when I found out that I was working for you today, I knew it was your birthday and I thought I’d surprise you.” Geri stood up and leaned over the back of the seat and kissed him on his cheek. “Thankyou Stuart. That was really thoughtful. You’ll have to join me to drink this champers a bit later when I’ve settled in.” “Yes please. I’d love to Geri,” he was almost drooling which made Geri shudder a little in a nice way as he was a real hunk.The Renaissance Hotel externally is not the handsomest hotel in Dubai but it is close to the airport and, like most Dubai hotels; it’s 5 stars. Inside it’s a superb hotel with a lovely atmosphere made more real by the vegetation hanging over the rails of each floor as they surround the central atrium.Geri’s room was on the top floor and Stuart escorted her from the check-in desk up the lifts to the beautifully furnished room with its en-suite and all the mod-cons of a class hotel. The bell hop delivered all her cases on a trolley and Geri tipped him with the only money she had, which turned out to be 50 Aussie dollars. The man was obviously delighted and Geri was sure, for a change, that he had not a clue who she was.Stuart helped stack all the cases into the alcove and was about to leave when Geri called him. “You can hang around if you like, I’ll just have shower and get changed and the evening’s our own then. If you order a snack from room-service while I’m showering, we can eat it here and chill out a bit OK?” Stuart was slightly startled at her familiarity but he was inwardly absolutely delighted as well. He’d always fancied Geri like mad and being here with her was like a dream. “Yes OK” he nervously replied and she flashed him a huge smile as she went into the en-suite already peeling her top off. “See you in a bit sweetheart,” she called out.As Geri was showering she knew that she wanted Stuart. It had been a fair while since her last shag and he would do very nicely. The press had made a big thing about her alleged relationship with Robbie Williams but it was all a front to cover up Robbie’s homosexuality. In fact when she was supposed to be having it off with him on holiday, Robbie was having an intimate sexual relationship with British TV front man Jonathan Ross. Two so-called top male hunks were as gay as they come, yet weren’t brave enough to come out. She sympathised a bit with Robbie a bit but not with Ross who was making a career out of his manliness when he was exactly the opposite and was a gay queen. Although the press made out that Robbie had dumped her, Geri had dumped him because of his almost c***dish attitudes, but it had not really helped her career and it took a while for her to get back on track. She was over it now and her musical career was booming but she wasn’t having much joy with the men. Most of them were so shallow and predictable. She’d used the odd one when it suited her.With Geri in the shower Stuart had this sudden urge to look in at her naked but controlled himself. This was a very well paid job and he didn’t want to jeopardise it by doing something stupid. He was shaking a bit as he picked up the menu by the phone and looked through it and chose a suitable fresh salad and dips, a nice selection of cooked meats which looked delicious on the picture and some fresh fruit. He picked up the phone and dialled room-service.As befitting a quality hotel, the food arrived within ten minutes, just as Geri appeared from the en-suite wearing just a white towel wrapped around her and nothing else. “That’s good service babe,” as she leant over Stuart to pinch a bit of cooked lamb. “Good choice Stuart, it’ll keep while I get dressed.” She went over to her case and took out some tiny pink panties and a bra to go with a little red dress which she’d hung up in the wardrobe before she went in the shower. “Be with you in a minute babe. Get stuck in. I won’t want a lot,” she ordered. Stuart got a quick flash of her nakedness under the towel as it wafted open as she swept past him back into the en-suite.Geri was singing away as Stuart put the coffee machine on and found some ground Java which he set going and the strong aroma of the coffee spread around the room. “That smells nice sweetheart,” Geri shouted. As Stuart filled his plate with a selection of food he sat down on the end of one the twin beds and took his suit jacket bursa escort bayan off. Even though it was fully air-conditioned in the room, being in the presence of his favourite female celeb was making him a little hot.Geri came out of the en-suit in this clingy red mini dress with her slim bare legs immediately attracting Stuart’s attention. Her ample breasts were highlighted by the low cut of the dress which gave him a flash of her pink bra as she bent over the table to pick up some nibbles. Geri has noticed how he was watching her and she played up to it by purposely dropping a spoon and bending over showing just a glimpse of her pink panties as she retrieved the spoon.Stuart asked if it was OK to remove his tie as it was a little warm. Geri smiled to herself. “This was going very nicely thankyou,” she thought.”Take everything off if you want darling,” she said, causing Stuart to nearly choke as she laughed at his embarrassment. Geri could see through his expensive shirt the barrel chest and strong muscular arms and she could also see that he was quite hairy which made a change from the waxed Adonis types she had to perform with on stage. All of them were homosexual which made it easier for her to ignore them away from the stage.As Geri looked at him and he looked rather sheepishly back at her with a blush of red showing in his cheeks, she knew she wanted this man. Stuart tried to concentrate on his food but he was aware that he was being toyed with, but he did his best to play it cool.Geri went over to the drawers and started sifting through them, just like a regular tourist. “Ooo look, playing cards. Do you fancy a game babe?” she almost told him that he did. “Yes OK, but I’m not really a card person?””What about Pontoon, you know 21s or Black Jack or whatever they call it. I can play that,” as she tossed the deck of cards on the bed. She undid the pack and started dealing. “1st to get a jack wins the Bank OK?”As she sat down on the edge of the bed she purposely gave Stuart a quick flash of her panties just to keep him on the edge. “He’s going to be up-for-it by the time I’ve finished with him,” she thought as her little plot unfurled.The second card was a jack and Geri got it. “Right, I’m the banker. New rules to make it interesting OK? We’ll play for clothes rather than money — Sort of strip pontoon yeh? If you win a hand I take something off, and if I win then you take something off. The last one with any clothes on is the winner. OK?” she looked over at him smiling very suggestively and nearly squealed when he said “OK.”Geri was loving this. This guy was something special and she was determined to have him. Stuart lost the first five hands in a row, losing both shoes, both socks and his shirt. Geri looked at his broad shoulders, massive hairy chest and huge biceps and was quickly falling head-over-heels for this guy. He was even redder in the face now even though Geri was still fully clothed so she sat with her legs slightly open as she faced him knowing he could see her panties and it was having a noticeable effect on Stuart as he kept adjusting himself. He was getting really turned on and Geri kept up the pressure.Stuart just had his trousers and pants to go while Geri had her dress, panties and bra left. Stuart lost the next hand and off came his trousers. Geri was amazed at the sheer size of this man and the bulge in his dark blue briefs was quite massive and she suddenly realised that this man was as big down there as he was everywhere else. Stuart was struggling to suppress his erection but was losing the battle. Stuart finally won a hand with 17 and Geri seductively removed her little dress making sure he got a full view of her body as she stretched. His bulge was now a pronounced erection and his briefs were struggling to keep it in. He won the next hand as well and Geri watched him closely as she stood up and unhooked her bra letting it fall away exposing those lovely firm large breasts as Geri paraded herself in front of him wearing just her tiny pink panties. Stuart had to readjust himself as his erection was plain for Geri to see and it pushed hard against his pants. Geri sat back down and stretched her legs apart exposing the line of her pussy through her tight panties as she dealt the cards. Stuart picked up his cards trying to concentrate but it did not matter as Geri laid her ace & king of hearts down on the bed. “Bingo, get them off darling,” she ordered Stuart as she threw the cards onto the other bed. “It’s show time.”Stuart stood up almost embarrassed with his erection pushing hard in his pants and slowly took them off. Geri took in the full majesty of Stuart’s massive erection as she just stared at it. Still sitting down, she reached out and put her hands either side of his hips and pulled him closer then took hold of his erection. She needed both hands as her small fingers would not fit all the way round him. Even with both hands one above the other his helmet still escort bursa jutted out above her hands. He was huge. She gently rubbed it all along its length and over the big engorged helmet before taking as much as she could in her mouth and started to give him a blow job. Geri had only ever seen erections like this on porn videos and she was struggling to get him in her mouth. Stuart moaned and shuddered as Geri’s lips were nearly making him come so he gently pulled Geri’s head off him and pushed her quite hard onto her back on the bed and in a flash he pulled her pink panties off, her legs were forced apart and his fingers opened her up to allow his tongue to lick her bald pussy. Stuart obviously knew what he was doing, as he found her clitoris straight away and started licking furiously. For the first time in her 29 years, Geri had an orgasm from a man’s tongue. Her whole body was racked with an uncontrollable shuddering as this amazing feeling burst inside her and she screamed as she was totally overwhelmed by this wonderful sensation.Stuart knew that this was the time when some women find it almost unbearable to carry on but he climbed onto the bed and pushed every inch of his massive erection deep inside her still twitching pussy. Geri’s screamed as her stretched pussy lips were moving in and out with his thrusts as he drove it all the way inside her, deeper than any man had ever reached before and she could really feel him. He fucked her so hard she was screaming in ecstasy. Orgasm after orgasm followed as this superman kept going as fast as he could until he reached his own point of no return. Stuart tensed tremendously and tried to keep going as his orgasm burst and he came in loads deep inside Geri’s sopping pussy. His whole body jerked as every last drop of his ejaculation shot deep into this beautiful pop star. Geri’s chest was heaving in her exertions and her orgasms finally started to subside. “Oh fucking Jesus Stuart, that was fucking brilliant,” she gasped as Stuart slowly started to calm down as his erection faded.The whole session from the time his pants came off until now was just eight minutes but both of them were totally satisfied as Stuart rolled off Geri and she cuddled up close to him as they rested.All of a sudden the realisation of what she’d just done hit Geri like a punch in the face. All the work she’d been doing around the world promoting safe sex and Aids awareness had just gone out the window in a few minutes of total passion with a relative stranger. She was not using anything, he wasn’t wearing a condom and he came deep inside her without her knowing whether it was safe or otherwise.Geri just turned to Stuart. “You realise what we’ve just done don’t you?” as Stuart looked slightly puzzled. “We’ve done everything totally against what I’ve been preaching for the past year or so. If I get pregnant you’ll have to marry me you know? Geri laughed as it didn’t really matter if she did get pregnant as he would make beautiful babies. She convinced herself as well that the chances of Stuart being HIV+ were very low anyway.”I’d love to marry you darling but I’ll have to divorce my wife and sought out custody of my three k**s first,” Stuart said almost apologetically. Geri just sat there looking at him. It had never occurred to her that he was married. “Oh fuck. What the hell. Let’s make the most of it then,” as she rolled on top of him and started bringing him back to the boil, which amazingly, considering how much they had just enjoyed, didn’t take long and Geri enjoyed Stuart’s massive erection for nearly an hour before he came again. He had her on top, doggy fashion, and in the missionary position but the position which had the greatest effect on Geri was when Stuart stood up and lifted Geri up in front of him and lowered her onto his erection until she was totally impaled by his manhood. He just held one hand in the middle of her back covering the panther tattoo and all that was holding her up was his erect dick. His full eight inches of solid erection was unabated as he started lifting her up and down on him until he exploded deep inside her again. Geri lost count at ten of how many orgasms she had but she knew she was having the best sex of her life.As they finally parted and lay back on the bed, Stuart leaned over to her kissed Geri full on the lips. “Geri Halliwell, I love you more than anything in the world. Happy 29th Birthday.”Stuart surpassed anything he or Geri had ever enjoyed before by cumming five times in total as the two new lovers shagged themselves to utter exhaustion over the rest of the night before finally getting some sleep naked in each other’s arms.The next morning they took the BMW for a visit to the gold souq nearest the hotel and Geri spent a small fortune on herself and Stuart, before returning to the Renaissance to pack and they set off for home together.This was certainly one birthday Geri Halliwell will never forget. Her secret relationship with Stuart has continued out of the press gaze ever since. Stuart’s still married and his wife does not believe him when he tells her, quite truthfully, he’s having an affair with Geri Halliwell.”You wish” she says laughing.

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