You’re lying on your bed eyes closed listening to music in just your jeans and underwear. It’s warm but the window is open letting in a cool breeze. I open the door and you don’t notice. Engrossed in your music and whatever is on your mind.

I walk across the room and climb onto the bed and sit across your stomach. You open your eyes surprised to see me. Your eyes gaze up and down my body. My green eyes sparkle with a smile. Long wavy dirty blonde hair cascades over my shoulders to my voluptuous breasts contained just barely by my flowing green dress. I feel your crotch twitch as you follow the curves of my body to my round ass. Your eyes widen with hunger.

You try to sit up but I push you back down onto the bed. I hold your biceps to your sides feeling the hard muscles in my hands. I lean down and kiss you. Lightly at first. I pull back a little and your lips follow, reaching, trying to hold on. I hover just out of your reach with a gleam in my eye as I look into your hungry pleading eyes. I brush my lips lightly over yours my warm breath on your damp lips. Leaning down I kiss you hard. Forcing your mouth open with my tongue. I kiss you deeply still holding your hands to your sides as you push your face to mine. My tongue sweeps around your mouth in circles pushing and swirling around your tongue. I take your tongue in my mouth sucking on it. Pulling your tongue deep into my mouth. I release one of your arms and shove my hand into your hair pulling your face to mine pressing your mouth into mine. I slowly release you tugging kartal escort on your bottom lip with my teeth. I smile and kiss you softly behind your ear. My tongue flicking out wetting the soft skin. It’s cool for a moment but is warmed by my breath. I nibble your earlobe breathing into your ear making you groan and shudder. I move down your neck licking, nibbling and kissing the soft vulnerable skin. Each touch has your body alight. Your skin is hypersensitive even a breath on your skin makes you moan and twitch.

I massage your chest with my free hand. Grabbing at your pecs and tweaking your nipples between my fingers. I kiss you down your chest licking as I go. Wetting your skin. I can feel you hard beneath me. Your torso twisting with pleasure. I bite your nipples then suck hard taking them in my mouth. My hand massaging the area around them. Grazing your chest with my nails.

I move steadily lower. The front of your pants are taught with your hard throbbing cock. I gently rub the outside of your jeans. Cupping and squeezing your balls. Stroking the length of your dick. You arch your back pressing your crotch into the air hungry for my touch. Needing a release.

I look into your eyes with a smile. Your face pained yet hungry wanting wants coming. The pressure builds in your pants as you grow harder by the moment. I smirk and slowly pull down your zipper; your cock tight against it ready to be freed. I slip my hands into the top of your pants pressing my hands to your hips. Gripping your thighs with my finger tips. I kartal otele gelen escort pull your pants down your legs, off your feet and drop them on the floor with a hungry smile. I slide my hands up your legs and under your underwear feeling your thighs and the warmth radiating from your groin. I rub your balls again through your underwear. Massaging, squeezing stroking.

I put my mouth close to your cock my warm breath spreading through the fabric of your underwear making you harder still. Lightly I move my lips over your balls barely touching them and along the entire hard throbbing length of your cock. I pull down your underwear and stop to take in all that is you.

I rip my dress off over my head and slowly remove my bra. My large breasts finally free and bouncing. Your eyes glued to them you take your hand and grasp one. It’s heavy and full, overflowing your palm. I take my hands and put them on your chest and slowly drag them down your body. My body low to yours so your cock comes up between my large breasts to my waiting mouth.

I gently lick the tip with my strong, warm, wet tongue. Tasting your precum I smile. You are dripping with anticipation. Your cock hard, long and pulsing with anticipation. I use your precum and my saliva to wet the entire length of your cock. I lick from base to tip swirling my tongue to make sure every little bit is moistened. I look into your eyes as I take the tip of your cock in my lips and gently touch your balls with my finger tips.

I kartal eve gelen escort slowly envelope your cock. Taking your gradually into my mouth. Bobbing up and down sucking. I take you completely into my mouth as I suck. Your cock touches the back of my throat. I moan with enjoyment as you groan and thrust with pleasure. You taste amazing. Your cock is warm, velvety and hard in my mouth. I look up now and then with a smile as I watch you enjoy. I stroke your balls then I massage them gently between my fingers. I take my other hand and stroke the base of your cock as I move the opposite direction with my mouth. I move my hand up and down meeting my warm wet mouth in the middle. I move faster as you moan and buck with pleasure.

I use your body language to do what you enjoy and build you up. The pressure builds in your balls. They swell in my fingers filling with the juice that will soon erupt from you. I move faster still sucking hard and moving my hand briskly. Matching your thrusts and your ragged breaths. My hand on your balls is firm one moment and gentle the next. Playing and exciting you more. Your cock throbs as your cum pulses in and out of your cock preparing to climax.

I look at you one final time and take you fully and completely. Moving fast and smooth. Smiling and moaning with enjoyment. Exciting you to the edge. Your moan is loud and long. The pressure built up for so long finally being released. You cum hard and long. Your juice coming out in strong warm wet squirts as I suck them down. I keep moving up and down your cock. My hand around the base pressing into your groin. Pressing every last drop of your sweet delicious juices that had swelled your balls only moments before. I swallow with a smile as I sit back and look into your eyes and ask “Happy?” as I wipe what is left of your cum from my chin.

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