Marsha’s First Time!!


Marsha’s First Time!!Marsha was having a small but intimate dinner for four of closest friends. She whipped up some exotic food for them. She knew that they would arriving soon, so she hopped in the shower. She put on some lace underwear and her finest perfume. She was hoping that her fantasy would come true. She so desperately wanted to know how it felt to have another woman taste her and feel her mouth against her slender body. Marsha knew that Harmony and Jessica had experimented in High School with each other and she wanted to but was just to afraid to. Thirty minutes later everyone showed up. Reminisced about the old days was so happy to see one another. After dinner everyone went into the living room to have drinks and play truth or dare. Amber started it off by saying, “truth or dare” Marsha? Marsha of course picked dare. She was wishing what ever that dare was it was going to interesting. She dare her to french kiss anadolu yakası escort Jessica. She walked over and gave her a kiss so seductively that both Jessica and Marsha got wet and their nipples got hard. Amber and Harmony gave each other a devilish look and smile. Amber got up and sat next to Harmony rubbing on her soft skin and giving her a seductive look. Marsha watches as they kiss and Jessica rubs on Marsha full but perky breasts, playing with her nipples. They were at full attention just wanting Jessica to swallow them up with her hot wet mouth. Jessica unbuttoned Marsha’s blouse and took it off slowly. Marsha looked so scared but was excited that her fantasy was finally coming true. Jessica pulled down Marsha’s bra straps making her perky breasts noticeable. She pushed Marsha back on the couch and took in a mouth full of her breasts. Sucking them as if ataşehir escort she was thirsty. Marsha groaned and moaned with ecstasy. Jessica went up and down her body with her fingers she stuck her finger inside of Marsha’s skirt and into her lace panties. She played with her clit while sucking her pretty perky breasts. Marsha’s head raised, she moaned uncontrollably, her body started shaking and her moans were turning into cries of ecstasy. Jessica knew that if she stuck her fingers deep inside of Marsha it would take her there. Marsha said “I want to cum,please let me cum, don’t stop”. Jessica stuck her two fingers deep inside of her. She screamed as Jessica got faster and faster with her fingers. She came so hard that her friends Amber and Harmony joined in on the fun. Harmony told Marsha that they were going to give her an experience that she would never forget. Everyone got out ümraniye escort of their clothes and took it to the bedroom. Amber laid Marsha down on the bed kissing her ever so slowly, Harmony sucked on her wet but hot pussy. She licked her clit so slowly, while Jessica sucked her breasts. Amber began sucking her breasts and playing with her clit Harmony licked her love hole and making it even wetter. She took two fingers and put them slowly inside her. She moaned and wiggled,tugged at the sheets grabbing Amber’s breasts and sucking them. Marsha began eating Amber while Jessica lays under Harmony and devours Harmony’s wet hot pink pussy. She sucks it hard making Harmony suck Marsha’s clit even harder and Marsha sucks Amber harder until she cums all over Marsha’s face. Marsha cums and screams that this feels so good. Harmony and Jessica finish eating each other out until they both scream with pleasure. Marsha thought to herself that this feels so good to have three women taking turns showing her how it feels to get ate out by women. As they took turns licking each other and giving each other multiple orgasms. They finally went to sleep with smiles on their faces. And Marsha finally got the experience that she wanted and to have her fantasy come true.

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