Mass effect omega mission


Mass effect omega missionthis is a commission I did for someone. I was given permission to post.Warning- Fem/Fem Domination. Gunplay action scenes, and d**g useOmegaCaptain Drax Shepherd was on a mission for a friend tonight. She went with 2 of her trusted friends, Ashley, and Miranda. They arrived in a small ship in a secret the hidden sectors,The place they were at was Omega. It was a space station minded out of asteroid…deep in the far ass crack of space. Ounce a rich minding facility for the rare element called element zero, it was later abandon for centuries. Later it was reacted by outlaws, prostitutes, tradesmen, deviants and people trying to hide out. It had all sorts of alien’s races and factions there. It now had a population of 7.8 millions people. To fit them the base was expanded haphazardly making apartments, streets, cargo bay, shopping area and other various comforts of home. What it didn’t have was law or government. You entered omega at your own risk. A lot of i*****l items were trades here, d**gs, guns, sex slaves.The only semblance of order was mercenaries groups that ruled with an iron fist. The main ruler was Asarai called Aria T’Loak. She was a purple skin beauty was a love of wearing leather and buying d**gs. Her body was curvy, and athletic. She had juicy red lips that could give the best blow job with lights years. She kept in shape back when she was a stripper. She seduces her way into the gang, and then took it over with v******e. She broke the pass leader down. He was an ounce proud Krogan that was now her pussy eaten slave, that would be an example to those who cross her. Sometime she would whipped in the club and make him dance for her amusement. She now ran club Afterlife. She spent most of her days fucking one of lovers till they couldn’t, get drunk on wine, getting her pussy and ass eating and getting high on red sand.She was a woman that Sheppard sometime enjoyed working with but she crosses the line. A while Drax went on a mission with her old friend/lover Liara to take down the Shadow Broker. Long story short they took the Broker down and Liara became the new Shadow Broker. This was a good person to have in power for Drax. This gave Drax access to some pretty shady mercendise and a lot of power. Liara and Drax was of like minds when it comes to how they wanted to travel in the universe or who the enemies to their people were. They ran into problem when Aria thought she could make things hard for Liara by black mailing her and trying to take her down, Aria thought she could manipulate Aria.Liara asked Drax to make an example out of her and make her their bitch. She wanted Aria humiliated and sexual dominated. It was a type of mission Drax liked. Aria was fun but she never did like Aria tough girl attitude and high and might away about her. To Drax area always thought she could play someone. Well Drax wasn’t going to be played. It wasn’t going to be easy, Drax was well guarded. But being friends to a shadow broker had it perks, she had blue prints of Omega, and secret passageways.The team was in civilian clothing’s walking in the base. They wanted to blend as they made an approach to Aria department. Luckily space was dark…the blackness was cover. The lights of the ship in the apartment’s area were fient and would flicker on and off. They could hear droplets of water from some of the rustier pipes in the facility. The music from the dance club was losing it strength as they walk deeper down the alley ways away from the club. It was later…2 am over in the area of space they were in. They were armed to the teeth expecting anything. There footsteps muffled by the sounds of the base Omega was old. It would beep and creek as various harsh space debris would hit the ship Drax came into the club dress in skin tight clothing. Her pants were tight leather, shaping as ass. She wore it well. Tall and athletic, she looked like a supermodel. Drax decided to keep her blond hair short and wear red lipstick and put on some eye shadow. She wanted to look good. Drax needed to mixed seduction with fear to for her plan to work tonightShe wore a tight T shirt and no Bra showing off her breast. Her nipples would poke through the shirt as they walked to the cold part of space. She carried a backpack to keep her equipment and wore a long coat. Ashley wore black latex pants hugging to her ass and zipped up leather Jacket…black also. Her dark hair worn straightShe had on combat boots. Her body was fit and tone from growing up as an army. She used to hate aliens but grew close to them and even took some as a lover thanks to Shepherd. Miranda had on a pair of tight jeans. She had the nicest ass of all the 3 of them. She wore leather jackets, No Bra or shirt. All 3 had backpacked filled with extra items for that night.The alley made a turn. Miranda took a peak around the Alley and saw 5 guards. On the ground and 2 on the on the rafter across from each other.“Ready Girls” Drax“As Always Captain” Ashley SaidAshley gave Drax a long kiss, swapping spit and pushing her tongue deep into her mouth. They charge their weapons and got ready. Drax cupped Ashley ass. Drax hand had a tight squeezed of her ass as the two women breast pressed together.“Don’t drain your energy to many girls” Miranda Said“Let’s get it done” Drax SaidAshley and Miranda both got into sniper position behind the wall across a couple of feet from each other. Ready to take down the snipers on either side. Drax took out a grenade and tossed it down the street. The 5 men rolled out of the way. The guards on the ground yelled grenade. The snipers looked down. Ashley and Miranda fired at the same time. The bullets whisk through the air hitting the two snipers in the head bursa escort at the same time. It happen faster then the guards on the ground could turn around and runThe Grenade took out one of the ground level guards before the other went for cover. Drax came on firing her weapons as they ran for cover. She had a laser pistol in her hand firing as smoke was still coming out of the barrel of Miranda and Ashley guns.These attacks were happen with in seconds of each other and expert precisions. Time seem to slow down for Drax. She smirked as her guns laser, tore through a back of one of the invading men armor as the grenade debree was still flying through the air. Another one got a laser to the back of the head.The 3 remaining men turn around…firing. A Laser blast hit her shield knocking Drax back a bit. At that time, Miranda and Ashley were out of Sniper position. The three women now were walking down the alley confidently with determination in there eyes. The fired their weapons calmly as the guard panic firing wildly. The guards were taken out by the hell of blaster fire. Drax shield flicker as it started to recharge.“Going to be more where that came from…they should be alerted now” Drax Said“Getting ready” Ashley SaidThey ran down the alley way. Some well armed Mercenaries came out of the corner of the Alley. Shepherd ducked and hit the floor as laser whisked over her head. She aimed a Vindicator Battle Rifle at them. It was a b**st of a weapon firing 5 round burst. Her weapons cut through one of the Mercenaries legs making him fall down. Another blast burn thought Mercenaries ankles. More started to come. Miranda climb up on the rafters with help of Ashley boosting her up. Ashley got behind the garbage can. The Alley way was narrow and solider were swarming in. Laser fire was raining down on them as the mercenaries started to get together after the surprise attack“Where losing cover Captain..Where being swarm” Ashley Said“Cover me” Drax SaidDrax ran toward the Mercenaries as Laser fired behind them. She saw one Burley guy reach for his gun. The Mercenaries fired. Drax Ducked and held her Rifle with both hands. She slammed the head of the gun into the man’s nose. She spun him around and used him as a human shield. She fired her M3 Predator Heavy pistol at them with her free hand. Drax focused her aimed taking out anyone who got close to her. Her human shield wouldn’t last long because it was now be filled up with laser fire. Ashley saw some mercenaries coming from the other part of the alley. She leaped over the dumpster to avoid fire.“They coming from ever end Captain” Ashley Said “Where Boxed inOne of them aimed for Drax head getting a clear shot. He was taking out by rifle fire from Miranda up on top of the rafters. Drax squeezed off a few rounds into some mercenaries head Drax dropped her human shield. Miranda grabbed her second weapon. It was a huge gun…a particle beam…That she got when they fought the collector. It made a loud sound as it powered up. A huge particle beam shot out and cut through the mercenaries like knife through butter“Thanks for watching my back” Drax Said“Pleasure all mind. It’s a good back to watch” Miranda Smirked“Where close to the Apartment let’s go”They arrived at the apartment building. Miranda had their backs firing the particle gun at anyone who would come up behind them the women were reloading their weapons… Drax went into her bag and pulled out some C4. She timed it and step back.The doors exploded opening. Drax came in firing at the guards she assumed were waiting Mercenaries’ bodies.“Take out everyone” Drax Said tossing a GrenadeThe Mercenaries were being taken out with expert precession. Their bodies were being sent flying over furniture over the couch. Miranda particle gun clicked empty. She tossed it aside. Drax went into her bag and tossed her hand cannon. Miranda squeezed off some shots as she walked toward the elevator.Liara have given Drax a device to hack into the electronics. She hacked the elevator and the girls got in. Miranda gave Drax and Miranda kissed as the elevator went up.“Cant wait to use these toys….your brought the strapon” Miranda asked“But of course” Drax SaidThe Elevator open up to Aria penthouse. One of her 3 bodyguards fired but the 3 women were on the ground. They fired into the Bodyguard making his body crashed through the glass window down to the ground below. Miranda took out the remained guards with her hand cannon.“Damm…you” Aria SaidAria was naked, dripping with sweat. In front of her was a table filled with the d**g Red Sand. They were some under her nose. Aria was high. Drax could smell the scent of her pussy juices from across the room. It was a wonderful scent. One of red Sand affects was intense horniness. It also increase psiconic abilities…so Drax made sure to keep her gun trained on her. Two naked women were beside her, and 2 naked men on the other side. Pussy juiced dripped off one of the women’s mouth“See I interrupted a party” Drax Said “Get out of here…you stay”Drax took some red sand and inhaled it. She looked at the shock look on Aria face.“Don’t let me ruin your party…enjoy the Red sand…You’re going to need it. I want your hole nice and wide” Drax continued“What the meaning of this…Do you have a Death Wish” Aria Said“Liara sent me…she wanted to teach you a lesson about messing with her affairs” Drax SaidShe force Aria take a few batches of Red Sand. The affect hit her head instantly. Her eyes went wide“You not woman enough to break me” Aria SaidDrax lifted her up to her feet and gave her a long passionate kiss. Drax soft lips squeezed into her as her hands move to her breast. She squeezed it. Aria nipples were extra sensitive as Drax circles her bursa escort bayan nipples. Her hands entered between her legs fingering her cunt.Drax bit Aria lips pushing her finger deep into her cunt.“This stuff works fast girls…Aria pussy soaked” Drax SaidMiranda took some Red Sand and shared it with Ashley.“Shit..always a party with you Captain” Miranda SaidDrax went into her back and pulled out a rope. She tied Aria wrist together and pushed her over the table.“Time to pass out the toys girls” Drax SaidThe girls went into their backpacks pulling out strapon. The pressed a button on the strapon and the dildo grew and widen. Miranda had a black one that stretch to 14 inches and was about the size of a coke can. It vibrated with a loud noise. Ashley had 12 inch one with a lot of little nubs on that twist and turn. Drax had a large strapon that was pink with a large cock head that was like a mushroom. The women started to remove their clothes.Ashley body was tanned giving it a dark glow. Her pussy hair was completely shaven. Her body was tight athletic with some nice tits, and dark nipples. She had long shapely legs, Miranda pussy was nice and pink, thick lips dripping wet. Her pussy hair was shaved into a little triangle. Her ass was thick and jiggled as she walked“Who want to fuck this little bitch first” Miranda Said“Let you do the honors” Drax smiledDrax pussy hair was blond. She had a nice little patch of her. She had the best tits of the bunch. Her nipples were rock hard and stuck out 3 inches. Miranda snapped on her strapon and lubed it up. Her hand slid smoothly down the glistening rubber cock. It seems to shine under the light.She held Aria head down and parted her pussy lips. She pushed it in slow making Aria moaned. Aria was taking it inch by inch as the wide strapon stretch her pussy lips, wrapping around the giant cock.“Get Ready whore” Miranda SaidShe shoved it all the way in. Aria screamed as she was pushing it and out, feeling up her walls. She was pushing it all the way in and all the way out over and over. She did it slowly at first been then sped up, slapping her ass, leaving red marks on her ass.“Shit her pussy is soaked” Miranda Said “Who knew the that great Patriarch was such a slut”“Fuuuuuuuuuuuck” Aria ScreamedMiranda pulled her hair“Take it…you little Tart. Take the whole thing…Want to see that tight little pussy of your stretch gaping wide”“Love it when she speaks Dirty with that British Accent” Ashley smirked“Fuckkkkkk dammit…it hurts…fuck” “Aria screamed“Then why your pussy so wet…guess you’re a little pain slit” Miranda Said “Use to interrogate so called tough girls like you all the time. A few minutes alone with my little toys they always folded”A look of pain and pleasure filled her eyes. Aria even in her stripper days never been fucked so rough. She also never was fucked with such skill. Miranda was constantly zeroing in on her sweet spot. Ashley lifted her head up.“Like that SLUT…like getting you little pussy fucked” Ashley SaidShe pointed to Drax cock that now was getting lubed up“That going in your ass slut…Where going to stretch ever hole” Ashley SaidAria body started to shake and her face blushed as Miranda put her back into it thrusting deep in. Miranda smiled working up a sweat. Her breast now glistens with sweat as she fucked Aria pussy hard. Being genetically enhance Miranda didn’t use stamina that much. She could go fuelled speed for hours and hours. The friction and power of it caused Miranda to climax putting her head back.“Ohhhhhhhh FUCK…take every INCH……yessssssssssss” Miranda SaidAria screamed out as intense multiple climax hit her body. Her pussy squirted as her cunt was completely filled up to the brim. Every time the Dildo would go half way out of her pussy, pussy juice would overflow form itMiranda pushed it as she was cumming causing another climax to soon hit Aria body.“What the matter…pussy to sensitive” Miranda SaidAshley and Drax were making out on the couch watching her. Ashley tongue flicked across Drax nipples. Both girls were very high from Red sand. Drax gripped her hair shoved her tongue deep in.Drax walked over to Aria and kissed her Miranda fucked her pussy. Drax gripped Aria neck as she pushed made out with her.“Does that hurt…does her cock hurt violating your little snatch” Drax Said“Yes…please…Won’t bother Liara again” Aria Said “Stop”“Stop…Stop?” Miranda Said pretending to be confused “How rude…after I made your multiple Climax 3 times now”“Maybe you should make her cum again…maybe her be more appreciated” Drax SaidMiranda pushed her on the couch. She turn her on the back and held her down. She wrapped Aria legs around her waist and started slamming deep into her hard.“Damm she looks cute when she about to cum” Drax SaidDrax licked her face as Miranda fucked her cunt on the couch.“Let’s play some music” Ashley saidAshley went into Aria music collection and pulled on some hardcore techno metal…it blasted at full blast. Ashley went back to the couch stepping over some the bodies of the body guards“You’re staining your nice couch with your pussy juice slut” Miranda saidAshley grabbed Miranda hair and started to kiss her as she fucked Aria pussy. Drax was squeezing Miranda breast…As she sucked Aria tits. Her tongue flicked around her nipple. She softly sucked her Miranda fucked her hard.The 3 girls were enjoying each other using Aria as a sex toy. Miranda squeezed Aria neck.“You made me cum again you little tart” Miranda Said“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked” Aria SaidAria eyes rolled into the back of head as she started to cum again. Tears of pleasure rain down her eyes. Drax licked her face and got up. Miranda got up and sat on the couch escort bursa and put Aria on the dildo, pushed the strapon upward in her pussy. Drax got behind Aria and spread her ass cheeks“No…that can’t fit” Aira moaned“Ashley shut this whore up” Drax Said“With pleasure Captain” Ashley SaidAshley got on top of the couch and pushed her dildo deep into Aria mouth. Ashley grabbed her by her ears and pushed her mouth down on the strapon making it gag.“Suck it you fucking Slut” Ashley SaidDrax teased her asshole with her fingers.“Mmm think this will fit nice and sweet” Drax SaidDrax pushed it deep in, fucking her tight shit hole with her gigantic Strapon. She slapped her ass as Miranda fucked her pussy“Damm she taking it in both in and still loving it…This slut can’t get enough” Drax SaidAshley slapped Aria“Look at me when you’re sucking my dick whore…dont takes your eyes off me”Drax grabbed her hips fucking her with intense skill and strength. She was moving to the beat of the musical pressing her tits into Aria back she whispered in Aria ear“Maybe next time you won’t mess with the Shadow Broker. I can do this all Day” Drax Said“Haahahaha little tart came again Captain” Miranda SaidMiranda said“For NOW on…Your make Payments to me and the shadow Broker…got it” Drax SaidAria nodded…Scared to ever cross her again.“You’re going to be our PERSONAL whore…your going to fuck and please whoever we tell you. You’re going to be our personal cum bucket…GOT IT” Drax SaidAria nodded“Not as dumb as you look” Drax teasedDrax slammed all the way making her screaming. Ashley did it at the same time along with Ashley. She could feel the rubber cock in her throat. The 3 shipmate came, loving putting Aria through the trial.“Her ass won’t be the same…won’t be as tight” Drax Said“Don’t worry Captain…We got things that will tighten that right up so we can try again” Miranda Said“Want a cracked at this ass Ashley” Drax asked“With pleasure” Ashley SaidDrax pulled out. She was soaked in sweat looking at her handy work with a smug smile. Aria asshole now was gaping. Ashley pushed her hand deep into her ass fisting her. The 3 women laughed as Ashley pretended to get her fist stuck.“Fucking slut” Ashley SaidShe pushed her strapon fucking her asshole. Drax replace Ashley, fucking Aria mouth.“Back up on my cock…Your lazy bitch” Ashley scolded“Yea and Ride this dick you tart” Miranda SaidMiranda lay back enjoying the show. Ashley was playing with Aria tits as she pushed her dildo in. Ashley put her head back and her body soon shook as she started to cum.“Yea…….take it all…your bottom feeding slut” Ashley Said “Take my Thick rubber cock..whore…want that ass stretch out enough to fix a basketball you dumb whore. Going to make you cum till you can’t walk”“Suck my Dildo clean whore” Drax Said “Bet your pussy nice and sore”“Still wet as hell though Captain. Going to fuck your pussy till it black and blue bitch” Ashley Said“How does your ass taste on my rubber dick bitch” Drax SaidShe pulled out“Taste good Mistress” Aria SaidDrax Laughed and gave her a hard slap.“Think we BROKE the bitch” Drax Said “Yea…Liara going to enjoy you. I will to. I have a nice hole to feel next time I am I on Omega. You do the shipments I tell you to make whore. Your sweet ass going to make me quite a profit more ways then one”“I know a Certain Justicar..That would love r****g this tight ass” Ashley Said“Maybe will let some Krogans run a gang bang on her” Miranda AddedDrax slapped her again“And you do it…and everything else we tell you…or I wont be nice next time” Drax Said“Yes Mistress…I do anything” Aria SaidDrax looked into her eyes..and saw a girl totally whipped. A mixture of love and fear was in Aria eyes. Aria never been so humiliated..But she also never be fucked this good in her long life.Ashley slammed inside her for 10 minutes…till they switch positions. It was taken to the bed room. Ashley was getting her Strapon ridden by Aria. Miranda took her ass, slamming her large strapon inside her.Drax took her strapon off and had her pussy get eaten.“Yea….lick it …higher……lower shiiiiiiiiiiit” Drax SaidDrax started to cum soaking her face. She grabbed her ear mashing her pussy deep into her face. Her tongue was gliding up and down her pussy, making her tongue twist deep into Drax cunt.“Suck my pussy slut…suck it good”Drax came with a multiple climax. Aria face was drench as Miranda slammed her ass for a good 5 minutes. Ashley pulled out. Drax put back on her strapon. They sandwich Aria between Drax, and Miranda.Drax pushed her dildo deep into Aria cunt. Miranda was deep into Aria ass they well. They fucked her till her arms and legs went weak as she could hardly move.“Fuuuuuuuuuuck” Aria moanedDrax tits mashed into Miranda tits. Ashley went into her bag and pulled out a camera.“Say HI” Drax Said “Say…Hi…I am the slut of the Shadow Broker”“Hi…I am the slut of the Shadow broker” Aria Said“You the Shadow Broker..cum bucket whore” Drax Asked“Yes on your cum bucket slut…I love you Captain Sheppard” Aria moanedDrax laughed at that. It was working better then she expected“Good whore” Drax Said“Now go eat Ashley’s pussy” Drax SaidArai did as told. Ashley took a point of view shot watching, Aria eat her pussy while she looked up.“That it…make me cum bitch,,,make me cum you dumb bitch” Ashley Said“Yes Goddess” AriaAshley came with intensity. She wrapped her strong legs around Aria head as she started to cum“Mmmmmmmmm lick it all up” Ashley Said“Damm quick learner” Drax Said “Think this going to be fun owning her”Hours LaterAria lay on the ground bruised and knocked out. Her body was covered in the girl’s juices. The 3 women were getting dress.“Remember WHORE…your belong to me my girls and the Shadow Broker. Your Bank account mind as well. Don’t worry…leave you a little play money. You can still act like ms bad ass to the others…but you’re OUR slut” Drax Said“Toodles” Mirada smirkedThe girls walked away leaving the broke Aria in her room.

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