Michele’s Mistake Pt. 07


Chapter One

Daddy leads me into a larger area of The Pit, a lifestyle club he has taken me to celebrate my “coming out and Birthday.” We have just finished my birthday dinner, where I was my own birthday cake. I also just received my birthday day spanking while the audience watched and applauded. When we enter the room I see tables set out and decorated. They’re submissive serving drinks. Their arms are secured behind them. Trays are hanging from their collars and secured around their waists. The thought of doing that one day for Daddy, stirs something deep inside me. He reaches down and cups my reddened ass with his hand. It’s still very tender, and I whimper with his touch. Daddy tells me that there will be games starting soon. That I might enjoy participating in them. I bounce with excitement and ask what kinds of games. He tells me they are submissive games, Pin the Tail on the Subbie, Naked Jenga, Pass the Clothespin, and many others. My mind is reeling with what they all are about.

We sit at a table in front and are served drinks from a submissive serving girl. Her tray is hung from her pierced nipples. She whimpers as we take our drinks. Daddy catches me eyeing her nipples and tweaks mine. An electric shock heads straight to my clitty.

“Do you like those rings babygirl?”

“Yes Daddy, I’ve always thought about getting mine done. But mine are too sensitive and I’m afraid.”

He runs his hands through my hair, and kisses me on the cheek. His smile is electrifying. We aren’t sitting long before they call for the first game, it’s Pass the Clothespin. I look up at Daddy, and he nods. I squeal and head over to the sign up table. There are eight submissives there, including me. We are divided up into to two teams of four. The rules are explained to us. Each team member will have ten clothespins placed on their body by another sub, only using their mouth. Then the sub that’s pinned, must run over to the other side of the room, where another sub will remove them with her mouth and place them on the other sub. Then that sub will run to the other end of the room. The team that gets every sub pinned and to the other side of room wins. For any dropped pin during transport, the sub who placed the pin and one who lost it, each get a swat with the paddle. The team that loses must pleasure the team that wins. Terri is on my team but ann is with the other team. I’m so excited.

We get in position. I am going to be the one who puts pins on Terri. Master Marcos, the owner of the club, takes a wooden paddle and whacks a service sub on her ass. This starts the game. I bend and take a clothespin from a plate with my mouth. I squeeze it open and place it on her breast. Then another is placed on her stomach. I quickly get them all on and Terri rushes over to the other side. The sub there, I think her name is Mary, pulls the pins off and places them on the other sub. I don’t remember her name. When they’re done, she runs over to my side again. I take them off her and place them back on the plate. When I’m done, she puts them on me. The sharp pinch of the pin stirs my juices but has a fierce bite. When she has them all on, I run over to the other side. On my way, two of them fall off. I bend and pick them up and rush to the Terri, where she takes the rest off and puts them on the Mary. When Mary is pinned, she runs very fast over to the finish line. I had been trying to keep an eye on the other team. They had a few more lost pins than we did, so we crossed the finish line first.

My team is jumping up and down, hugging each other. We are very excited. Then we’re all called to the front table. Those of us who had pins fall off, are lined up at the end of the table. The two girls from the other team are first. One girl received one swat, while ann received two. The sound of the wooden paddle is resounding, and leaves a very red mark on their asses. The sting of my recent birthday spanking is tingling, as I step up to the table. Master Marcos has me bend over. When the paddle comes down, fire burns on each cheek of my ass. I’m rubbing it as I head over to the other end of the table. Our team is already started receiving their “pleasure” from the losing team. I lay on the table next to Terri, who has a female enthusiastically lapping at her sex. When I am in position, ann is there to service me. She starts with gentle kisses on my inner thighs. I put my hands on her head, as she moves closer to my wet folds. She leaves a trail of kisses until she reaches my labia. Her lips suck out outer labia into her warm mouth. My fingers run through her hair. Then she takes the other lip in her mouth. Her fingers run through my sopping folds, as her tongue moves to my erect clitty. She pushes a finger inside me. Her lips take my engorged clit into her mouth. After my recent paddling, it doesn’t take long for me to near my orgasm, and ann has a very skilled tongue. I would imagine that her Mistress has her training all the time. As I break over the edge, she curls her finger up and rubs my G-spot. Wave after wave of spasms crash over me. My breath is ragged, but I calming breaths It takes me a while to come back down to earth. Sahabet When I do, I head back to Daddy. His smile, eases the pain from my paddling a bit. He kisses me as I sit back down, very gingerly. I am able to chat with our table before the call for the next game.

This game is Red Light, Green Light. Again, I look over to him for permission. He smiles and I scurry off to the sign in table. This game is individual play. There are about eleven subs, both male and female in this one. We are all given clover clamps and one ball weight. After we line up at the starting line, they give the rules of the game. Basically, it’s just like the child’s game where you move when the caller yells out “green light” and you stop when you hear “red light.” If you’re caught moving during a red light, you have to go back to the starting line. The only difference is that we are going to have the clamps on our genitals. Females with have them attached to their labia, while the males will have them on their penis. I’m not sure who is getting the worst of the deal. The winner of this game gets to chose their pleasure, the losers get two lashes from a triple tail. I don’t even know what that is, but I am determine to win!

We are all lined up with the first green light is called. We all move up and stop when the red light comes. The next green light, two subs make a break for it. Both are caught when the red light is called. They move back to the beginning. When most of us are half way, I make my move, I’m almost caught, but I’m not and have a good lead. on the rest. The weights are what really hinder your movement. It’s difficult to run with any speed, and stopping is where they pull the most. I find that if you stop too quick, they pull very severely. I try to push back the pain and focus on the prize. On the next run, a male sub gets close to me. We are only steps away from the finish. I look back and give him a smile, but the next green light is called and he zooms past me and wins the contest. I am taking my clamps off when they call the losers to the punishment table again. I step up in line, the others are in front of me. Each take their lashes from the rather severe whip. The sound of the whip striking them has my stomach churning. Their sounds, as it strikes them is scary too. But when it is my turn, I move into position to receive my punishment. The first strike hits me right below my corset. It felt like fire, but I use my breathing to calm me. I step back in position and the last one comes. The tail must have wrapped around, because it struck me on my right breast. I yelp, as the sting radiates to my core. I am holding my breast as I head back to our table. I sit quietly, as Daddy rubs my shoulder. He leans in to kill me and offer me comfort. There is a small tear in my eyes. That whip hurt like fire.

Chapter Two

When the next game is called, I decide to just watch and sit this one out. I nurse my drink, trying anything to distract myself from my flaming breast. This game is Master Says. It’s like Simon Says, except there is punishment when you are eliminated not following “Master’s” orders. I see that several more subs are entered in this game. I feel kind of sorry I didn’t enter, but I sit there and watch out of curiosity. Master Ken is calling the game. He is very tricky and has several subs out on the first few commands. As the game progress, I find myself laughing at the ones that are caught not following commands. At one point he had them all fingering or rubbing themselves. This went on for a several minutes. Quite a few of them were obviously close to cumming. When he shouted “Cum,” at least five of them came on command, but were taken out because he didn’t say “Master Says.” I thought it was a very sneaky trick, as we are all conditioned to cum on command. They are escorted off the game stage just the same. Finally, they are down to two subs, one a male and the other a female. They go on for a few more minutes, when the female sub finally won. I was kinda happy about that because it was the same male sub who beat me before.

The losers all lined up for their punishment. They are placed on a spanking machine and received 10 slaps each. The machine is a bench that you are strapped to or just lean across. The apparatus itself is a cane or paddle, in this case a cane, that is remotely controlled. The controller uses servos to flick the cane towards the person on the bench. I watch as the losers receive their punishment. The cane seems very severe, judging their reactions. Several had to be given time to recover before the next one was inflicted. While this was going on, the female sub was being pounded by another male sub. He was a black man with a very large penis. He was also wearing a cock ring. I found myself torn between watching him and the ones being punished. The female sub didn’t last very long before she came. He kept pounding her over and over the edge. I stopped counting her orgasms. The losers finally had all of their punishments meted out and everyone took a break.

After a rather long break, the games started again. This time I was determined to get back in the spirit of the Sahabet Giriş party. This game was Submissive Jenga. I love the regular Jenga and thought this would be right up my alley, but when they brought the game pieces out, I was amazed at the size. They were made out of large boards. Each one had a command to do once you pulled it from the stack. No one had any idea what their board would say. There were only seven of us playing, all female. The object of the game as we were told, was to remove the pieces and perform the command. If you happened to topple the stack, you had to perform the rest of the night minus your clothes. I didn’t think that was such a bad punishment as we were almost naked already. What I found out later, that being naked was not all of the punishment.

Someone started the game and each took a piece out. The first command was to perform a strip tease for another Master. That seemed easy enough. The next block removed was to pick the largest breasts in the room and lavish with their mouth and hands. While it was very close, my breast were determined to be the largest, so the submissive came to me and started fondling my breasts. I blushed full red, as she took great pleasure in teasing me until I was breathing and moaning. When she took my nipples in between her fingers and thumbs, I was begging to cum. My sensitive nipples were my downfall, as I came without being given permission. I thought that was unfair, but took Daddy’s spanking without too much fanfare. My ass was very tender after all it’s been through tonight. It finally was my turn and I was successful in pulling the block out without it tumbling, although it was teetering precariously. My command was to take the Master of the Game in my ass. I was not prepared for this, but presented myself to Master Ken.

I knelt in Daddy’s favorite position, Ass Up. I was on all fours, with both of my holes open and waiting. My head was on the floor, and my back was arched to be in the most pleasurable position for Master Ken. He lubed up his fingers and entered me with one finger first. Then as I opened up to him, he inserted the second finger. He took his time, to let me adjust to him. Once he felt I was ready, he pressed his lubed cock against my entrance. I was very nervous, as I hadn’t had much experience. But he was quite gentle and let me adjust to him before starting to move with ernest. I was a whimpering slut by the time he loosed his cum deep into my bowels. I had cum twice by that time, of course he had given me permission to cum as much as I wanted. As I got back to my feet, I looked at Daddy and he had a proud smile on his face. I moved back in line and the game restarted. It only last a few more turns before a winner was determined. Sadly, it was not me.

Chapter Three

The final game of the night was Hide and Seek. All submissives were signed up automatically for this one. The object of the game was to hide somewhere in the club, while the Masters tried to find you. Who ever found you, got to ravish you in any way they saw fit. The only way you could be saved was to make it back to the punishment table before you were caught. What’s the fun in that? I was pleased to see that Daddy was playing. Although I was attracted to most of the Doms and Dommes, I secretly wanted him to catch me. No matter how many times I’d been with him, he never ceased to bring me to a resounding orgasm. Since I didn’t know much about the club, I teamed up with Terri and ann. They promised to find me a good place to hide.

As the game commenced, we all took off in various direction. I stayed close to Terri and ann. We went up several flights of stairs, and ended up hiding in a storage closet. I wasn’t sure that this was the best place because it left us no means of escape should someone look here. But it was quiet for the first several minutes. You could hear some of the subs being caught. The sounds of their moans and cries for permission to cum were getting me stimulated. Terri and ann felt like this was the time to make our break for the punishment table. I still was a little afraid of getting caught, so I stayed behind. They left, but it wasn’t long before I could hear ann in the clutches of someone, but later the sounds of being in the throes of an orgasm. I guess that Terri must have gotten past them. I still waited in the storage closet for a long time. My heart was pounding with excitement.

All at once, I heard the door of the closet open. I could hear footsteps moving around the room. I stayed low, behind the stack of boxes. I felt my heart was beating so loud, that I would be discovered. I found myself holding my breath. But after the sounds of my pursuer stopped, the door opened again and they left. I waited for a few more minutes, to let them clear out. Then made my way to the door. I listened for any sounds from the other side, but heard none. I quietly opened the door and peeked outside. It seemed like no one was around, so I slipped out. I headed back towards the stairwell. As I stepped inside the door, I could hear footsteps above me. I started to make my way down the stairs as quietly as I could. It seemed Sahabet Güncel Giriş that the footsteps were getting louder. I increased my pace but they seemed to be getting closer. I looked up the stairs but couldn’t see anyone, but yet the footfalls were becoming louder. I was one more flight from the main floor. As I turned to go down the last flight of steps, I ran into Master Marcos coming up the stairs.

“We’ve been looking for you Michele. You’re the only one left unfound.”

I screamed and turned to go back up the stairs, but as I hit the top step, I was cornered by Daddy. He stood there, looking down at me. The half smile he had on his face was intimidating. He started down the steps, as Master Marcos was coming up. They both reached me at the same time. The look in both their eyes had me melting. I could feel the wetness, warm and sticky, between my legs. I was being escorted down the stairs by two very hot Doms. When we reached the main room again, I could see that I was the last submissive to be caught. They led my to the center stage, the one with the chain hanging from the ceiling, like my dream. Master Marcos removed my corset, he ran his fingers down my back. His touch sent chills down my spine. My skin had gooseflesh. Daddy came and attached leather cuffs to my wrists and ankles. Master Marcos went to lower the chain by pushing a button on a winch. Daddy connected my wrist cuffs to the chain, and my arms were raised above my head. There was a crowd gathering around us. Many were those from my birthday party, but some were from the club itself. Master Marcos moved to my feet and attached them to O-rings mounted in the floor. This spread my legs as far as they could go. Then my arms were raised higher, stretching me, until I was on my toes. Both men stroked my body, Master Marcos in back and Daddy in front. I was totally under their control now. The final step was to attach my ponytail to my wrist cuffs, so that it was out of the way. Both men stepped back and observed their work.

When they left, I thought I was going to just be on display. But they both returned shortly with heavy floggers. Daddy came closer. His whispered in my ear.

“Babygirl, we are going to warm you up a bit. Then we’re both going to take you in front of this crowd. What are your safe words?”

“Yellow for slow, Red to stop. Sir.”

“Very good. Enjoy this.”

“Thank you Daddy.”

Master Marcos started first by striking my back with the flogger. They was just easy hits, with the tips of the tresses just touching my back. I arched into them. When Master Marcos stopped, Daddy began. His strikes were from the front. The falls were on my belly, and moving up to my breasts. He moved the targets around to warm my entire front up. I was heating up on the insides as well. A sheen of sweat was starting to form on my skin. Then they both started flogging me, in an alternating pattern. One would strike me and stop, then the other would begin. This went on for several minutes. My breath was becoming ragged. It seemed like I was being covered with the tails of the floggers. I had no break, or chance to calm myself. I was nearing the edge, when they finally stopped. Both men neared and touched my skin. The coolness of their hands on my heated body was exhaustingly stimulating. While Master Marcos was exploring between my thighs, Daddy was rubbing my breasts and teasing my nipples. He tweaked my pebbled nubs. As he pulled them away from my body, Master Marcos was plunging two fingers into my needy pussy, Daddy’s pussy. I tried to let my head fall back in ecstasy, but the cord holding my hair prevented that. It forced me to look into Daddy’s eyes, as they teased my body. My hips were bucking back against Master Marcos’s fingers, as I pushed my breasts towards Daddy.

“Please Daddy.”

They kept kept up with their relentless teasing. I was biting my lip, so as to not cum without permission. Master Marcos moved closer and pressed his hips against mine. I could feel his stiff cock through his leather pants, pressed against my hot cheeks.

“Please Daddy.”

They both step back again. Each starts to alternate their strikes. Master Marcos is again striping my back and ass, while Daddy is hitting my breasts. They bounce with every strike. My skin is soon afire again. I am lost in between pleasure and pain. This is so much more sensual than my dream ever could be. I can’t hold out much longer. I’m struggling on the ledge, waiting to fly.


The word I have been waiting for. As the spasms course through my body, the two Doms thrash my skin. They leave no place untouched. I am thrashing about, when Daddy lets the tips of the falls hit between my thighs, and I’m off again, soaring. It’s almost more than I can take. When they stop, they both surround me, touching my hot skin. The chain is let down and I’m reconnected, so that I am bent at the waist, with my arms behind me. My legs are still spread wide, but my feet are on the ground. I see Daddy unzipping his fly and removing his turgid cock. I can feel Master Marcos pressing his now naked cock against my dripping folds. The two men enter me at once, not giving me a chance to adjust to them. I so wet that Master Marcos slides in with no resistance. Daddy is taking his pleasure with my mouth. I feel consumed by both men. If this is punishment for being caught, I wouldn’t have hid at all.

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