Mistis’ Adventures Part 104


Mistis’ Adventures Part 104Everyone in the circle of friends gathered at the hospital to visit Misti. Mike was so filled with love and the pride of having his two daughters with him, could hardly contain himself. He and Misti had waited so long for this time, that at times he had wondered if it would EVER arrive. Now that it had, he savored every second of it. Sam and Ben were almost as filled with pride as Mike was. Ben would stand outside the nursery, and point out, regardless of who it was, that these were HIS grand daughters. Sam had coerced the nurses, and Dr. Immelmann to let her stay with Misti, to “keep her company.” After all, who could do a better job than a Mother who was also a trained, and experienced, Midwife? She had, in Thailand helped numerous women to give birth, but had, on many occasions, helped the Fathers to deal with THEIR anxieties, in HER OWN SPECIAL WAY. She would take care of them one ejaculation at a time, for as many times as was needed. They ALWAYS were calm when SHE finished.They all went in, hugging and kissing the new little Mother, and telling her how beautiful her babies were. She beamed brightly at every compliment, but received them graciously. Carol kept talking about the 5 new arrivals getting to grow up together. She hoped that they would grow to be as fond of each other as the parents had become. It seemed to all that they had all known each other all their lives, instead of meeting barely a year ago. They had all grown to be like one large family, sharing the good times, which were, thankfully, many, and the bad times, also thankfully, very few in number.The families were all together in a small area, their businesses had flourished, and everyone was in good health, and, best of all, HAPPY. Others had, but in smaller numbers, joined their group, but had gone on to greener pastures. Hank had met a lady one evening, at the supermarket, and aided her in changing a flat tire. He had invited her for a cup of coffee at a fast food place, and they had talked for over 2 hours, before he invited her to dinner, and then to go dancing. They had dated for a few months, and he had finally worked up the courage to ask her to marry him. She agreed, they were married at a small ceremony, and he took a job offer in another state, and they moved. He was running a successful welding business, had acquired a reputation for excellence in his craft, and, the last time he had called Dave, they were expecting their first c***d. She had a little girl from a previous marriage, and Hank had adopted her, to make his first, and her second c***d. He worshiped the ground they walked on, and the air that they breathed. He had vowed to be faithful to her, and she to him. His wild days were over. He was a proud Father, and a loving husband.The Martins visited, on occasion, but things were never quite the same between William and Sharon, and them. He still saw and played with Heather, but didn’t spend but the occasional night together. Mrs. Martin had met another couple a short time later, after the evening at Carol and Dave’s house, and they had become involved. He provided all the jollies that Betty needed, and Mr Martin had gone bonkers over his wife. They were a very nice Black couple. They were just a bit younger than the Martins, and had no c***dren, YET! The husband was a Teacher, as was his wife. They had to keep their interests very quiet, but, had managed to have a successful relationship. He taught Phys. Ed., and she taught English and Literature. Both were very amenable, and imaginative. He had taken Betty, the first time, and made her faint with his attentiveness, and prowess, and she had taught Mr. Martin how good interracial sex COULD be. There had NEVER been any friction between them. Just immense satisfaction. Mr. Martin had, at first, been a bit envious of their friend, after all, he was nearly 3 times as big as he was, but watching his wife’s reaction to a true BBC, was so much fun. He had started slowly, to give her time to relax, and had stayed between her legs for over an hour, finally giving the slightly older woman a dose of black seed that she would remember for a VERY long time. His wife had, in turn, proved that size didn’t matter. She had taught Mr. Martin to make the most of what HE had, and been a VERY willing, and erotic partner. She and Betty had announced, on the same night, that both were pregnant. Both husbands had wondered, out loud if one or both had hit the jackpot. They would find out in a few months. Neither one worried over who was the Father of the c***dren. All they cared about was the fact that both women had conceived.Carol had been out shopping one day, and had stopped at the place where they had stopped when they went on their shopping excursion. She had been looking at messages on her I-pad, and the gentleman that she had seen that day, came in. He looked at her, as she was the only istanbul escort other grown-up there, and smiled. Carol had smiled back, recognizing who he was, and invited him to join her. Sharon was baby-sitting for Sarah, so she was alone. They had talked and became acquainted. She found out that he had lost his wife in a car accident, shortly after the first time they saw each other. It wasn’t so bad, for him, as they had filed for a divorce, and he had recovered quickly. His name had been Donald. After a bit, they had gone to his house, and made love several times. He had been good, but, nothing to write home about. She had called Sharon to let her know that she would be out a bit longer than she had expected, and would be home as soon as she could. Sharon had giggled, and, rightly, guessed at what was causing the delay. Sharon had told her to “Give him something to remember.” She had used all her womanly wiles to make him cum inside her, orally, anally, and inside her pussy, a total of 5 times. He still had his late wife’s toiletries in the bathroom, and she had cleaned up before leaving, and had made him want another shot of her. She had taken his 5th load in her mouth, and, at HIS request, had kissed him as hard as she could, giving it back to him. THAT was a 1st for her. She usually swallowed the man’s cum when they shot it into her mouth. She had shared with the others, her afternoon. It had turned Dave on so much, that he had fucked her right in front of everybody, causing a chain reaction. Misti was the only one NOT to participate, fully, as it was to turn out, less than 2 weeks before her twins came. She had received instead, Mike, Rick, AND Jerry eating her to many, MANY orgasms. Later, Ben had taken her from behind, spoon style, so he wouldn’t go so deep, and had cum inside of her 2 times, while Sam had cleaned the cream pies from her. Sam had, in the meantime, submitted to her Son-in-Law 2 more times. ALL were quite satisfied.Paula and Joe, the pool guy, had started living together, and had married. They had moved to a town upstate, and he had gone into business on his own. After a slow start, his business had taken off, and they were doing quite well. She was expecting their first c***d at any time. They knew it was a girl, and were planning on naming her Misti, because it had been Misti that had made it possible for them to meet, and fall in love. The other gentleman had moved away, and never heard from again. Paula was continuing her studies, and was taking correspondence courses, to follow her Mom into accounting. It was a good profession, and something she could do at home.Dr. Immelmann had come in to see Misti, and pronounced that the girls were doing so well, in spite of their weights, that he would decide in the next day or so whether he would allow them to go home earlier than was expected. Misti had pulled him down and kissed him, almost in tears. She was so happy. The ladies had redone the “dance room” to a nursery. The men had taken down the mirrors, storing them carefully for a later time, and had painted the walls a pastel pink, and decorating it suitably. They, when it was finished, had taken pictures, and blown them up, to show Misti. She was ecstatic. She had squealed and clapped her hands like a little girl, making them all laugh. It was plain that she loved what they had done.The Kelly siblings were going home the next day, but NOT before sharing Billy, William, Jerry and Dave. Royce and Milt had enjoyed Carol, Mary, Liz and Clara. Sharon, Misti, and Betty had promised to show off THEIR talents when they came the next time. Robbi had, the next day, spent time with Milt, and Cathy had been joined by Royce. For the last day, NOBODY had clothes on. The men had helped Pete to care for his cows, and had learned about the dairy business. David and James had made many inquiries about how the milk was handled, and the sale to a distributor. Both agreed that it was a good thing to consider. Selling horses and mules, knowing that they would, most likely, become cherished additions to any buyer, was better than selling cattle to certain death in a slaughter house. The cows could be milked and treated well over the years, and allowed to live unless something severe happened to make it necessary to put them down. Most cattle would give many years of production. They explored the cost of the equipment needed to process the milk, and where it could be purchased. Pete had also informed them that his own buyer was constantly after him to increase his herd. The dairy business was booming, and more milk was being demanded on a daily basis. The buyers would be courting their business from the start. He also advised them that, if they DID decide to go into the dairy business, to get a trained older dog, preferably a Border Collie, or a Labrador, even possibly, an Australian avcılar escort Sheppard, to gather in, and take care of the stock. He had always been partial to Border Collies. Dog, as he was known, was 14 years old, and his son was learning from Papa. Soon dog would be brought to the house, and become a family pet in his final years. Dog’s father had been with them for 18 years, and was buried next to the feed pens, where he liked to sleep. He had died in Milt’s arms.When they finally left, Mike and Ben were in such good spirits that they went to the Kelly house. Both had jokingly asked if they needed injections of vitamins, or hormones. Patti had cuddled up to him and promised that SHE could help them BOTH. Annie and June had both nodded in agreement. Royce and Milt were invited to visit with whichever family they wanted.Milt ended up going to visit Jerry and Mary. Jerry was almost worn out at the “hands” of Annie. He would need a good nights sleep. Mary had wrapped her arms around him, and purred her usual invitation. “HONEY! Just because there’s snow on the roof, don’t mean there’s not a fire in the furnace. This old gal is gonna fuck you cross eyed, and make ya stutter for a month. I got 28 years of experience that I’m a honin’ an’ a pinin’ to share. Daddy needs a break once in a while.” He, also failed to see a bit of gray in her hair. She was soft as a bag of marshmallows, and as willing as any woman he had made in his 24 years. They had been in Jerry’s panel truck. It was fairly warm outside, and Doris had suggested that they stay the night at their house. Jerry could go into any bed he wanted and sleep, and Mary would take Milt out and show him what a REAL pussy wagon looked like. June went upstairs, and they heard her scream. The ladies all went running up the stairs to see what had happened. June was in the bathroom, nearly in tears. “DAMMIT!!! I JUST STARTED MY DAMN PERIOD!!! 3 DAYS SHOT TO HELL!!!” The other ladies laughed. Cathy told her, “That’s what happened to me the other night. I was lookin’ forward to havin someone split my fuzz, and it started. Lucky it only lasted 2 days this time. I was horney as a pen full o’ billy goats. Take some Midol, and a sleepin’ pill. It’ll help. I still got mine if ya’ want ’em.” Jerry decided on who he would sleep with that night, on the spot. She was VERY attractive, and he could cuddle up with her and not worry about demands. She regretfully agreed. She loved being held while she slept. Luckily she had already made love with Jerry. She was still glowing from how he had done her. He was happy that she, like most of the women, slept in the nude. Tonight she would put a tampon inside her pussy, and a napkin outside, just in case. He could still hold those wonderful fun bags, or that smooth, soft pussy, while they slept.He had gone out and unfastened the back flap curtain so they could get in and out easily bu dropping the tail gate, he had elastic loops so they could secure it when inside, so it was ready for them. There were pads on the mattress, and sleeping bags if it got too cool.They took a shower, and Mary douched before they went outside They took a blanket apiece, just in case, and walked out the front door still naked. Why wear clothes when you were going to shed ’em right away. Everybody admired the sight of Mary in her altogether. She smiled and told them, “Daddy likes to feel a little fur when her holds my pussy at night. I promised him, long ago that I wouldn’t shave it all off, just for him. The only times it’s been shaved bald, is when I had my babies, and when they cleaned me out, just after we met Mike and Misti. I had number 4 bun in the oven, and miscarried at 2 months. Maybe it was okay. I was 46 years old, and Paula, our youngest, was nearly 21. It could have been Mike or Jerry either one who knocked me up, but it’s water under the bridge, now. The Doc fixed it so I wouldn’t get in a family way no more. Now I can have all the pecker I want, any time I want. Daddy gets a permanent fuzzy cunt to play with, so we both have the best we can get. We’re both happy. The hair on her pussy was honey blond, the same as on her head.They went out and climbed into the back of the panel truck. Milt was laying on one side, and soon after, Mary laid down next to him, putting an arm and a leg over him. She pulled him to her kissing him like a long lost lover. “I have been wanting to have you fuck me ever’ since I laid eyes on ya’. Now I’m getting my wish. Let me put ya’ in the mood.” She pulled him even closer, kissing with all the passion and want she was holding inside. She took the part of the aggressor in the mating. He wrapped his arms around her, and marveled at how soft her breasts were, stroking them and squeezing them. June’s were soft, but still had the firmness of youth. She, at 23 was a virgin when they had married. That had changed quickly. şirinevler escort She had promised to stay pure to her Father and Mother. It had been a challenge, but she had done it. The first opportunity, less than a week after she had married Milt, she had been shared with a buddy of his from work. She had asked Milt if it was okay to let him cum inside of her, and he had told her that he EXPECTED her to. He had stayed on a Friday night, and had fucked her 3 times, coming inside her every time, and she had given him 2 blow jobs, letting him cum inside her mouth, and swallowing it. A week later 4 of his friends had been invited to visit, and she had discovered how much fun it was to be gang-banged, AND take it up the ass. She had lost count how many times THEY had cum inside her. All she knew was that it was FUN!!! Milt had used a movie camera and recorded it all. She LOVED watching herself be taken in all 3 holes at once, and, for the first time, had seen, for herself, how nice it looked to watch their cum leaking out of her pussy and ass. It was almost as much fun as having them put it there. She had heard from other girls how it hurt to be fucked in the ass, but it had been a very mild discomfort at first, and she had soon started climaxing when she was fucked in the ass. She LOVED that, too. Not too much after, Royce had come to visit for the first time after the wedding. She had answered the door completely naked, and had enjoyed the look on his face when he saw her. She had pulled him inside and unzipped his pants, and sucked his dick. then she had stripped him and had him fuck her twice. He unloaded both times inside her pussy. Milt had come home a couple of hours later, and had given her 2 DPs. Switching places for the second roll. She had been anxious to have her new Father-in Law give it to her, but, until this week, he had resisted. He had been convinced by Sue, and the rest of them had enjoyed having their Father sprinkle their lilies. To make things even better she had received the attention of her future brother-in law, his brother, and 4 family friends.Milt felt Mary turning him over to his back. “Let’s have a little 69 to get things started. I love the taste and feel of a man’s cum in my mouth. THEN I’ll give ya all the pussy ya can handle, in any position ya want. I’m partial ta doggy style, myself. It allus feels so DEEP like that.” He felt her scoot back until her labia was touching his chin, and he was looking at a pussy that was MUCH nicer looking than he had expected. A pussy like hers should be between the legs of a teenager. It was fat, but not a lot. Nowhere near as puffy as Sue and Annie, but about the same as Lisa. He stuck his tongue out and it went inside of her. She was SUPER wet, and BOY!!!! Did she taste great. It was almost like honey on his tongue. He used his nose to part the folds of her Mons, and found her clit. It was a dark pink. He started sucking on it, and felt her thighs clinch his face. As she squeezed, she lowered herself to where his tongue never came close to coming out of her. She was shaking like a leaf in a windstorm. Every time she shook, the juice poured out of her hole. NO WONDER JERRY STAYED SO SLENDER!!! SHE FUCKED HIM SKINNY!!! He could imagine having her in bed on a nightly basis. He hadn’t seen too many younger girls that could fuck like her. She was scrubbing his nose with the hair on her pussy. Lucky it was so soft, or he would look like Rudolph.He felt the spasms start, and he was pouring his cum into her mouth. She was sucking him like a vacuum cleaner gone berserk. It felt like his balls were going to be pulled out and into her mouth. She rolled off of him. “Come on, Darlin’. Gimme the breedin’ I’m needin’.” She went into the ass up face down position, and he rose up behind her. She moved back far enough that he was able to go in her balls deep without moving his knees. She groaned as he hit bottom. He grabbed both hands full of that soft ass and held on. She was moving on her own to keep him going. He saw in the window reflection her full breasts swaying in the light of the floodlight. He reached out and grasped both of them. She hissed, and whispered, “OH YEAH, HONEY!!! Play with Mama’s tits. It make me even more horney and hot. Next time I’ll ride ya, and ya’ can suck my nipples. THAT REALLY gets me goin’.” He was surprised. He was fighting NOT to cum for the second time. She sensed or felt him trying not to cum. “BLAST ME FULL O’ YOUR CUM. MY PUSSIES BEGGIN’ FOR IT. THIS FEELS LIKE A WHOPPER COMIN’ TO THE GATE.GIMME IT!!!” He released and, as she wanted it filled her to overflowing. She felt his shudders stop and turned around to suck him clean, licking his entire length. She pulled a bottle of water from under the edge of the mattress, and swished it around in her mouth. She pushed out the curtain and spit it out, and pulled a baby wipe out and wiped her face THEN she kissed him, breathing as if she had run a race. “Thank ya’, Sweetheart. I needed that. You done wiped me out fore a little while. Rest a bit and we’ll go to work on the next shot o’ leg for ya.They cuddled up, a blanket over them. This was great, he decided. He wondered what tricks she would pull out of her hat, next.

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