MORNING SINS part 3Those intervening days since the mysterious caller were disturbing.Natalie remained in the dark that we were performing for our next door neighbor. But she sensed that I was becoming more and distracted during sex. I continued stealing glances out the window on the second floor—deducing that this was the only possible vantage spot where someone could have a clear view of Natalie and myself.The moment I went over to draw the curtain I heard the downstairs phone ring and abruptly stop when I opened them again. Natalie liked fucking with the window open and the sun shining in. Despite the circumstances that she was still ignorant of Natalie was blossoming into wonderful and self confident lover. Her body issues seems to be gradually fading away and danced happily around the room in the nude.Whst a lovely arrangement this would be without our mysterious audience.I began getting phone calls and instructions on how he (or so I assumed the caller to be) wanted to see me fuck Natalie. “Does she have a tight pussy?” asked the caller.”Yes,” I responded after a breif pause. “Very tight. The tightest I’ve ever had.””It must be a challenge not to shoot your load to soon if her pussy is that tight. I love watching you fuck her. You are just as beautiful as she is.”The strange whispering tone of his voice sent chills up my spine and imagined him sitting that room stroking his cock as he watched Nathalie and I and the problems he could cause were he ever inclined to share his discovery with our parents. I believ Natalie would kill herself.On some occasions I instructed to sit on the edge of the bed and jerk myself off while facing the open window. At first it was difficult to sustain an erection let alone having an orgasm which became a feat unto itself. I sat there pumping my cock vigorously . It was quite sore and red by the time I finally ejaculated. I could see the heavy curtains rustke as I cleaned myself off.I tried to keep all of this away for Natalie as long as I possibly could, but I knew a moment would soon arrive when we were going to have to face this situation pendik escort together.I knew little about our neighbor other than his name was Rutherford and was perhaps in his seventies and had a live-in nurse. She was a young Japanese woman who was as mysterious as her employer and was seldom seen outside other than to run some errands in a large hearse-like car which made her diminutive proportions seem even more minute. She manuvered the hot water on wheels out of the garage and out onto the streets. We caught onlt flleeting glimpses of her and she never acknowledged our existance, looking right through us. We still could not help be mesmerized by her strikingly feline beauty.I decided to meet my audience one afternoon. The perimeters of the yard was bordered by a white picket that was in dire need of repair and repainting. For a long while I loitered in the shadow of a large tree growing in the front yard that seemed to be dead regardless of the season–it’s bare limbs hung mournfully low and seemed aneyesore in comparison the rest of the healthy trees on the block.I leaned up against the thick trunk and scanned my eyes of the long neglected facade of the house. It was probably one of the first houses to be build on the street and still had a strange charm to it.I just had the strange sense that I was being watched from one or perhaps several of the windows that were all either shuttered or covered by very heavy looking black curtains. It seemed to sap the bravery out of me, until I saw the front open and the Japanese nurse standing in the threshold. She beckoned me forward. I headed slowly up the walk and climbed the creaky porch.”I want to speak to the owner of the house,” I said firmly, attempting to camoflage the slightest bit of fear.”Yes, he has been expecting you to visit,” she said showed me inside.She led me into the front living room and was told to sit on the sofa. I could help myself from stealing glimpses at this very exotic looking woman who still had yet to identify herself. Although dressed in a traditional nurse’s uniform kartal escort it seemed to have tailored to accentuate her petite figure. There was an odd androgenous quality about her that made even more light headed. Her her was but quite short and her figure was boyishly slim.She departed from the living room. I was offered a drink but I politely declined and settled into the very old sofa, sinking into the cushions as if I were being slowly digested. I gripped the arm rest. Despite its age the house from what I could see from my vantage point was kept very clean. The absense of a television was almost immediate. Most of the walls were dominated by large bookcases. Curiousity got the better me and I rose and scanned the titles. The subjects they covered were multitude and made my head spin, but the predominent subject was sex. I found one book filled with ancient painting from India or perhaps Asia of people twisted in the most extremes of sexual configurations. All the men had absurdly enormous cock partially impaling women whose faces were singularly illuminated with passion.”A magnificent primer for a young couple,” said a familar voice behinf me.I was so engrossed in the book even though the text was in some foreign language the images were so vivid in their artistry that I nearly let the book slip out of my hands, recovering myself in the nick of time.I turned and faced the man whom I assumed was Mr. Rutherford. He was dressed in black satin pajamas which shimmered in the light. He appeared to be in his sixties, but it was difficult to read someone’s age and I exceptionally bad at it. There was a strange youthful quality to him. He approached anf gently took the book from my hands and replaced it in its rightful spot on the shelf.He looked proudly over his collection of books but remained silent. Nearby the nurse stood staring affactionately at her employer. Her tiny hands tugged at the hem of her uniform which just barely covered her ass and the mere gesture of bending over would leave little to imagination. I silently prayed maltepe escort for such a moment would occur before my departure.Rutherford’s gaze now fell upon me with a pair of pale blue eyes which were hypnotic. He extended a hand and I shook it cautiously. I tried to bare in mind that this man was blackmailing me into performing sex acts with my sister for his amusement and wanted this matter to end by some means.”Let me say that I have no intention of creating a problem for you and your lovely sister,” he said, still holding my hand.”My name is Xavier Rutherford and this is my nurse Yukio.”Yukio bowed slightly forward with a vague smile on her face.”Have you told your sister about what has been going on?””No. Natalie doesn’t know a thing and I’d rather keep it that way. I’ll do anything to save her from the knowledge that anyone knows about about us.””I guess there is no need to upset her. It is unfortunate that she cannot be involved. Yukio has not been with another woman for a long time.”We both looked over at Yukio for a brief moment.”She can be quite exhausting,” Rutherford whispered into my ear.He nodde silently to Yukio who reached around and pulled down the zipper that ran down the back of the uniform and peeled it off as if it were a secondary skin, then quickly dispatching her bra and panties. Her ink black pubic hair was trimmed to form a perefect triangle.She came over to me and began undressing me as Rutherford settled himself down into the maneatting sofa. Yukio moved with all the grace of a ballet dancer as she removed one articlew of clothing after another until I was standing in the middle of that spacious living room stark naked. What initial timidity I had at this arrangement soon passed and I barely even acknowledged Rutherford sitting there watching us, stroking his cock in slow measured motion.I sank onto my knees and started to suck Yukio’s pussy. I had to brush aside the dense growth of pubic hair as if clearing a jungle path, but I found those lovely salmon pink lips and bestowed uopn them the sweetest kisses, flicking the swelling clit with the tip of my tongue. She groaned and reached out to find support on the back of the nearest chair. Her legs tremored as if she was about to collapse.I pulled her down onto the rug and opened her legs. She held my swollen cock and poised it toward her cunt. One precise thrust and I sank slowly into her.

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