My Secret Lover Ch. 02


I had had my shower and I put on a pair of small sexy panties and loosely covered myself with my bathrobe. I opened my window, not too obviously, and stood away from it so as not to allow others to see me. At last, the blinds were pulled up and he swung the window open — he looked straight across at my bedroom window and I could feel my heart quicken in expectation. Then he disappeared and my phone rang.

“Good Morning.” he said, returning to the window.

“Hi, how are you today?” as I edged closer to the window so that he could see me better.

“Oh, much better for seeing you. Have you been for your run and had your shower?”

I sat on the edge of the bed. “Yes, I just stepped out of the shower. I was hoping to see you this morning ‘cos I have something to show you. I have been thinking about yesterday.”


I stood up holding my bathrobe to cover my breasts. I could believe I was doing this but I was feeling an odd sense of enjoyment; this experience was new and exciting.

“Wait!” he said. “Are you wearing bra and panties under your robe? ‘cos I’d love to see them again.”

“Yes, but no bra.”

“Let me guess — I think they are… ” he paused a little before he said “…pale yellow.”

How on earth did he know?

I slowly parted my robe to reveal my silky yellow panties. They were small, barely covering my pubic hair. I modeled for him, showing the back by lifting my bathrobe. Little did he know, I was getting wetter, by nipples were becoming harder and this was so exciting — blood seemed to be rushing to my head and I was feeling a little light-headed with the excitement.

“They are lovely, very pretty. I wish I could be there to touch you and feel them. I cannot see very well because you are so far away but, are you shaved?”

“No… ” as my hand went down to cover the front of my panties. I slipped my thumb under the waistband antalya escort and pulled my panties down an inch or two to reveal my pubes. My robes fell open revealing my breasts and I stepped back into the shadows of my bedroom out of his sight. I let my bathrobe fall to the bed and there I stood in front of my mirror dressed only in my little yellow panties. I noticed my nipples stood hard and erect, I felt the wetness of my pussy lips and notices a little damp spot on my panties … I could not believe how turned on I was. I slowly turned to the window once again with one hand covering my nipples, the other holding the phone to my ear, wearing only my little yellow panties.

He was still at the window and I loved the feeling of his eyes bathing my body and I could get used to this. He smiled at me and said something like how he loved my panties, loved my body and what a wonderful way to start a working day, that my image would stay with him for the rest of the day. His words were so complimentary that my head was swimming; it had been so long since I hear anyone say such things to me. He turned away from the window and in my delirium I fell to the bed out of sight from his window. I was so turned on, so wet that my fingers slid down my body under my panties and into the warm wetness of my pussy. I gently massaged by clit as he apologized for having to end this call — someone had just come into his office. I hung up saying something like I’d see him tomorrow, closed my eyes and brought myself to a climax with the sound of his voice in my head.

And so for a few minutes each morning, after my shower, I modeled my collection of sexy panties for him, one pair a day. If we missed seeing each other, he’d call during the day and I’d listen to his soft voice as he asked me about what I was wearing and how he was imagining himself with me, his hands caressing my body. As I would listen to his sexy voice on the phone, my free hand would instinctively reach down and stroke my thighs, the way he would describe, the way he did in the car on the day of our first kiss. With my eyes closed, I’d imaging him being there with me — such wonderful thoughts.

We had exchanged e-mail addresses sometime earlier and as well as the phone calls, each day he would write message sometime including a short story of his fantasy or relate erotic thoughts or dreams that he had had. I came to understand that panties were central to many of his erotic imaginings. He appeared to be quite experienced and perhaps very daring particularly in comparison to the very limited sexual adventures that I had had. I wanted to involve myself more and experience what he often described in his words. Often times, during my solitary moments at work I would read and reread his fantasies, knowing that he was the author and that I was the girl in the stories; I was finding them intensely erotic.

Up until now, I had never shaved my pubes and when I mentioned it, in passing, to my husband, he was enthusiastic and I told him that maybe next time he saw me, I’d be different. With that thought planted in his mind I saw him off on one of his business trips.

And so, one morning, I surprised my secret lover by heeding to one of his fantasies. I now wore a pair of transparent mauve panties and my pussy was bald. It was the first time I had done this and whilst removing my pubes I became so highly aroused that I climaxed three times! It must have been because I was thinking about him, about showing him the next morning, the anticipation of showing him something that he had admitted he loved; those thoughts, my wet lips and my fingers playing all contributed to my pleasures that evening and the next morning. The freedom and coolness during my morning rum felt so good that I felt that I was running on air. I couldn’t wait to see him and show him.

I could only see him from the waist up as he admired me from his office window and his soft sexy voice sounded so close I could almost feel his breath.

“I have something to show you, a surprise. Can you see me ok?” I asked as I aligned myself up with him and the window.


I let my towel drop, revealing my matching mauve bra and panties.

I did not have to ask him if he liked what he saw. “They are pretty and you look so lovely standing there. I wish I was there with you.”

“Wait, that is not all” as I struggled to hold onto the phone and remove my panties with one hand. I straightened up, panty-less, and stroked my bald pussy in front of him.

“Now I want to be with you, to touch you and kiss you all over — it’s so beautiful. You have no idea, I am so turned on now. How do you like it?”

“It’s good. I like it and I am so pleased you like it too.”

He then did something entirely unexpected. He disappeared but told me he’d be back in a second. I cautiously hid myself and when he reappeared, he was standing on something and I could see below his waist — he quickly unbuckled his belt, dropped his jeans and his erection sprang out. He held his dick for me to see.

“You’re strong.” I said, never taking my eyes off his dick as his hand held it out. I wanted it, I wanted to touch it, I wanted to kiss it but didn’t have the courage to voice these private thoughts.

“This is what you have done to me today!” he admonished me.

“Careful, someone might see you.”

“I want you to see me.” He stepped down and I could see him struggling to contain his dick. “You showed me yours, I thought it only fair that I showed you mine.”

I smiled. I knew he wanted me.

“Thank you.” I said, and then added “can I meet you after work?” I was feeling very horny.

“I’d love to.”

We arranged to meet in the car park down the road and I would take him to the train station, the long way round.

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