Nyasia’s New Home


Nyasia’s New HomeHer name is Nyasia, A well trained and broken in submissive. A young woman turned into a full-time sex toy. Her life given over to serving whomever owns her. Currently she whimpers in the dark, one knee aching, her mouth stretched and plugged, and her body bound tight in ropes. A prized new toy purchased for the pleasure of a happily married couple.While she hears the snores and breathing of her new owners behind her, she remains trapped at the foot of their matrimonial bed. Awake for hours, a constant aggravating vibration, applied to her most intimate parts, is keeping her in a state of unrelenting sexual agony.Stuck agonizingly at the edge of sexual release, hopelessly alone in the dark and unable to free herself from the horrible angst, that it may be many more hours before she gets relief. Our poor Nyasia suffers quietly….waiting….And so begins her story.……Damien rolled over on his side and reached around under the sheets to slide his fingers over his sleeping wife’s soft stomach. Then he slid them further south over her smooth mound and found the entrance to her pussy.“Anita darling, oh sweetie pie.” He murmured. “Daddy wants some fun.”“oohhh ggggow away,” Anita grumbled, “It’s fucking Saturday morning, let me sleep in. What did you think we bought the stupid slave for?” pointing haphazardly in the direction of the foot of the bed, her eyes still shut in sleep.Damien rubbed his eyes and then remembered, “Oh hell ya, we bought that beauty, Nyasia I think was her name, from your dyke friend Vicky”“Lesbian…Damien, call her a lesbian please!” shouted Anita from under her pillow.Rolling his eyes at his wife, Damien sat up in the bed. He could now see the trembling outline of the back of the young woman tied up painfully at the foot of the bed. There were almost imperceptible soft moans coming from her well gagged mouth. Her head was lolling a bit to one side, but being kept there by a choking leather collar and and its leash wrapped up high to a post attached to the foot-board.“Oh fuck, did you turn off her vibrator last night sweetie?” he asked, as he sat fully up right in bed, his ears picking up the slightest sound of buzzing mixed in with quivering bound girl’s subtle whimpers.Anita opened one eye before burying her head back under the pillow and replying, “Nope, I wanted the cunt to enjoy all of her first night here, so I left the vibrator on all night…. on low… Now let me sleep and go play with your new toy.”Anita pulled up the sheets up over her head, but then popped her head out once more. “And Damien, don’t make her scream too much. Okay darling?”“Sure thing sweetie,” he said as he bent over his wife and kissed her forehead covered in a tangle of morning hair. Then he threw back the sheets on his side and the walked around to the foot of the large wooden bed. Off the nightstand he picked up a large anal dildo, that his wife had just purchased, to help train their new toy.“Well, well , well,” he muttered, as his cock jutted straight out and struck the face of his newly acquired slave toy. A bit of precum leaking out of the tip smeared her wet cheek. Moistened by what had been an endless slow stream of tears thru the night, as her privates had been endlessly stimulated by the, set to low, vibrator.He put his hand in her thick black hair and wrenched her face up to look at his. “Should I turn of the vibrator cunt?” he asked in a deep quite voice.Nyasia eyes were puffy and rolling around in their sockets from the seven hours of constant low-level friction applied forcefully to her trapped pussy. Her sex throbbed intensely from the torment of the friction. pendik escort The dull throb enhanced by the additional deep impalement of her pussy by the wooden shaft that held the vibrator so firmly in its strategic place. The broad headed dildo mounted on the short wooden shaft, wedged deep up into her vagina, was filling her insides with never ending discomfort.Entirely lost in her predicament, she never heard Damien’s question. So when the vibrations stopped and her body shuddered as her muscles relaxed, it was only then she was aware that her new master was standing over her. His cock poking her in the eye and his hand pulling a fist full of her hair.“Morning cunt.” He grinned at her, continuing to run his wet tipped cock all around her cheeks. Tossing the anal torture instrument onto the bed, he made the decision to welcome Nyasia, to her first morning servicing him and his lovely wife, by giving her a breakfast of his cum.He dropped to one knee in front of her and began loosening the insufferable leather strap holding in her jaw stretching ball gag. With the drool covered ball hanging below her chin, Nyasia flexed her mouth and tried to talk.“Thank you sir.” She finally whispered. Her well trained obedience kicking in, even though she wanted to beg for release, both from these ropes and the built-up heated arousal throbbing thru her pussy.Damien’s grin widened into a full on beaming smile as he heard her speak. Her voice so lovely soft and timid. Still gripping her hair firmly in his left hand, he looked down directly into her dark pleading eyes and asked, “So princess, you ready to suck your new master’s cock?”Nyasia, quietly answered, “Yes sir, whatever master wants he..ummphh uuggh” her final words being cut off as he slid his long dark skinned cock thru Nyasia’s parted lips.He watched with awe as his cock just kept sliding in past her full lips, till her nose met firmly with his pubic bone and he felt her tongue quivering under the sensitive flesh of his shaft. The head of his cock now buried gloriously deep into the back of her throat.“Ohhhhh fuck me! You amazing little cock sucking slut!” he growled. As Nyasia’s throat muscles massaged the first couple inches of his cock, causing his ass muscles to flex and twitch and his whole muscular body to shudder. Pulling back his hips fully, so that his entire saliva covered cock retreated from Nyasia’s gasping mouth, he mercifully gave the poor bound girl a second to swallow some air.“Coming back in cunt,” he groaned as he pushed his hips forward again. This time he took her trapped head in both his hands and began thrusting. His wet cock travelling in and out of her slurping mouth. Her ‘gluck, gluck, gluck’ sounds soon matched by the sound ‘thud, thud, thud’ of her head banging against the wood of the heavy foot-board.Damien looked down on his slave as her arms flexed and struggled uselessly at the ropes. Deep red chaffing marks from the hours she had been bound starting to set in. He could feel her trapped groans of discomfort trying to well up around the thick head of his cock repeatedly plunging into her throat.Soon he was pulling at her hair, as if he could force himself in even deeper the more he yanked at her lush locks. But her nose was already mashing into his pubis, his balls covered in her drool and were sandwiched against her trembling chin as he shook and started to discharged his semen with a groan. Wave after wave of hot sticky cum surged thru his long rock hard shaft and into Nyasia’s moaning slobbering mouth.“Holy fuck slave. Well done, fuckin well done. Now clean me up.” He said kağıthane escort slapping her face and grasping her chin. Nyasia looked up at him with her subservient water filled eyes and nodded. Sticking out her tongue she started licking at the wetness on the tip of his cock and then proceeded to suck all the last white remnants, of drool mixed with semen, off his still erect flesh.Holding one of the bedposts for support, he stood back and caught his breath, just as pillow flew thru the air and wacked him in the head.“What the fuck.” He shouted as he looked at his wife now sitting fully upright in bed.“Well so much for being quiet and letting me sleep in Damien!” she fake pouted, with her arms crossing her ample breasts, “So how was the little cock sucker? Worth the money we paid? It certainly sounded and felt like you fucked her mouth thoroughly!”Damien grinned and patted Nyasia on her head. “This is a good one Anita, way better than that little crier we bought last time. Remind me to always buy trained ones.”Anita laughed and then threw back the covers to expose her naked glistening body. Her shaved mound glistening and her right hand rubbing her own swollen wet sex.“All that racket you made got me super horny husband. Now get that bitch up onto the bed. Mommie needs her pussy licked really good now!”“Oh ya darlin!” shouted Damien as he quickly untied Nyasia’s leg and neck ropes. Grabbing the mass of ropes binding her arms together behind her back, with one hand he lifted the squealing girl straight up. Unceremoniously pulling the eight-inch-long dildo from her suffering cunt and grabbing her between her thighs with the other hand.Two of his large fingers pushed up into her vagina as his thumb punctured her tiny tight anus. Squeezing his hand hard into her privates, Nyasia sobbed and wailed out her misery as he swung her around in the air with his massive arms, over the bed. The pull of her dangling nipple clamp sending even more searing pain thru her bound torso.“Oh gawd sir , oh gawd, please put me down…please.” She pleaded.“I thought you liked to get finger fucked? At least that’s what Vicky, your last mistress told us.” Smirked Damien, as he held the girl high up, suspended by her ropes and by her tormented sex.Nyasia let her head hang and stuttered out a “Yes.s. s s..s.sir, I like whatever sir or ma’am gives me.” A groan of relief escaping her lips when he literally tossed the young trussed up woman onto the bed. Frogtied and barely able to move a muscle, she looked up the bed. From her new vantage point the fleshy folds of Anita’s labia where now mere inches away.And with a quick tug of her ropes by her master, she found her mouth was pushed into the woman’s warm wet flesh. The smell of Anita’s sex spreading thru Nyasia’s nose and the taste of her new mistress flowing thru every one of Nyasia’s taste buds, as the well trained slave began lapping at the pussy in front of her. Not even needing to be asked. It was instinct now for Nyasia, from her years spent as Vicky’s lesbian plaything.Presented with a woman’s open flower of sex in front of her face, she mindlessly went about working her lips and tongue in just the right way, to make sure and please her dominating mistresses. No matter how trussed up she might be, Nyasia knew that her mouth alone could bring any woman to erupt.Anita now had her hands running thru Nyasia’s hair as if searching for her own orgasm. Grabbing tuffs and pushing the bound girl’s face hard into her quaking sex. When Nyasia began sucking at Anita’s nub of a clit, both women maltepe escort began to moan. A smile then coming over Anita’s face as she patted her slave girl’s dark mop of hair.“Good little girl, good…. so fucking good, That’s it. Put your tongue in Mommies hole, lick her juices up baby girl….Fuck …Yeah…Yessss” hissed out Anita as she raised her hips to meet Nyasia’s hard working mouth. Nyasia’s tongue was working overtime as she plunged it in and out amongst the wet flesh of Anita’s sex.“Damien… get the… the ….” Stammered Anita as she ground her hips up into Nyasia’s face with a renewed effort. Grasping the top of the bound girl’s hair and literally grinding Nyasia’s head in circles into her thrust up hips.Damien, standing there and stroking himself at the wonderful sight before him, cocked his head and replied, “Get what dear?”“The …the …damn buzzie thingie…” Anita moaned, her head rolling back into the pillows. “Jam it into her cunt and make her cum too…Oh Gawd this little slut is sooo goooood.” Roared out Anita, as Nyasia cupped Anita’s clit in her lips and sucked hard.Damien laughed out loud. His delirious over sexed wife was forgetting words. Hopping enthusiastically up on the bed, behind the trussed up Nyasia. He pushed her folded and intensely bound up legs apart and reinserted the dildo and vibrator contraption into the girl’s tight cunt.Switching the vibrator onto high, he began twisting and jamming the device up into Nyasia’s privates. Causing a plethora of muffled screams to come forth as Anita further ground her hips into the now sobbing girl’s face.Now both women were now screaming. Anita her head thrown back and grasping her slave girl’s hair with a death grip. Nyasia was shuddering and trying to suck and scream into Anita’s pussy at the same time as the vibrations from Damien’s hand held torment racked her sex.The last straw in holding on to her sanity broken, when he began slapping his large hand across Nyasia’s bare shivering ass cheeks. A rain of heated spanks, paired with the forced stimulation of her throbbing pussy and the wet flesh of Anita’s cunt being mashed into her mouth and face, sent Nyasia into a hot blinding white orgasm that shook her to the very core of her submissive soul.….Nyasia lay there on back, her arms still pinned and harshly tied with rope behind her but her legs were now thankfully untied and unfolded. They were splayed though wide and cuffed by her ankles to the bedposts at the foot of the large bed. A very satisfied and naked Anita lay beside her.The woman was running her nails and fingers up and down the length of Nyasia’s torso. Starting from the hollow of Nyasia’s neck and then trailing them down over her pert breasts and then down to the junction of Nyasia’s thighs. Then Anita lazily traced little circles around the girl’s spread open sex and started her way back up Nyasia’s deep brown perfect skin.Nyasia moaned and closed her eyes, letting the light soft touch of this domineering woman flow thru her. She was still getting over the mind shattering orgasm these two had forced on her and wondering if it would be like this every time.Her mistress’ current actions were almost loving. They were tender and something that a trained slave like her must appreciate. Nyasia released another pleasurable moan and rose her hips up to meet Anita’s hand as it cupped her mound, a finger from Anita’s hand now finding its way into Nyasia’s moistening pussy.And as another orgasm built in the base of her torso, Nyasia pondered her choice, this choice to submit and be a subservient thing to whoever ‘owned’ her. A choice that became clearly the right one in her submissive mind, as Anita, her mistress, her owner, slid down between Nyasia’s forced apart thighs and began to tongue her own tied up and cuffed slave. Sending the owned and submissive sex toy into back arching ecstasy.For a certain darling innocent appearing girl. A writer/artist with a lovely secret kinky side.JB

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