Paul’s Lucky Day

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Chapter One:Naughty, Naughty boy.

Paul awoke to the sound of traffic coming through his window in the morning rush hour. Although the curtains were pulled it was obvious that it was a lovely sunny day. He had to smile to himself, despite having just woken, as Paul loved the summer weather for lots of reasons but, top of the list, the clothes, or lack of them, which the pretty young girls would wear.

After pulling himself out of bed and showering Paul made himself a coffee and tried to decide what to do with his day. He was unemployed and actually quite enjoying it. His parents were supporting him whilst he went after a new career in the lucrative computing industry. They only really gave him enough to live on but, with a little creative accounting, there was enough to enjoy the odd night out with his friends. He decided that today would be one of the rare occasions he have an all day session in the pub.

After checking he was presentable Paul left the flat to go visit the park and look at all of the lovely young girls there in their various states of undress whilst he phoned around to find out who was available for a good drinking session. Paul had a great sense of humor and an inbuilt honesty that endeared him to most people he met and so he had a large circle of good friends that always wanted to be around him. Don’t get me wrong, he wasn’t a sex god or even that good looking but he had lots of friends and that made him happy.

Once in the park he settled down to take a good look about him. There were plenty of luscious girls sunbathing or talking to friends around him. One in particular grabbed his attention. She was sitting with her legs crossed about 20 feet in front of him. Beautiful china doll face surrounded with shoulder length blond curly hair and the bluest of eyes. She looked to have a little puppy fat on her but it was all in the right places and her legs were, well, spectacular to say the least in a very short, pleated miniskirt. Every now and again she would shift position allowing the briefest glimpse of her panties. He couldn’t see the colour exactly but he could tell they were white or cream. He had to shift his position slightly to cover the ever more obvious bulge that was rapidly appearing in his jeans.

Feeling like all his birthdays had come at once Paul decided to try and get some video footage of this girl on his mobile phone. He’d done this a couple of times before without a lot of success but he hoped that with the good light and the closeness of the girl he might be able get something he could enjoy later.

Taking out his phone he pretended to compose a text message whilst avoiding the suns glare on the screen, this allowed him to hold the phone at what would appear to be a funny angle, directly at the girl in front instead of the normal facing down position, without arousing too much suspicion. After a few minutes of this he decided it would strange if he continued any longer so having got what he hoped would be usable footage he closed the phone up and got ready to put it back in his pocket but was distracted a shadow falling over him. Paul was in for the shock of his life.

Standing directly behind him was a carbon copy of the pretty girl in front of him! She had the same beautiful hair, blue eyes, puppy fat and long, lovely legs. A twin no less.

Now what Paul hadn’t noticed was that she had been behind him for a minute or more watching what he had been doing and only when Paul attempted to put the phone away had she allowed her shadow to alert him to her presence. So it came as a bit of a shock when she plumped herself down beside him and grabbed his phone.

“Laura, come over here will you” she called to her double.

“I think she’d like to see this herself.” She whispered to Paul.

He could feel himself shrinking in front of this stunning girl who had just caught him videoing her sister. All he wanted right then was for the ground to open up and swallow him whole. Could there be anything more embarrassing that could happen to a guy than being caught, in public, videoing a girl innocently revealing her underwear by her twin sister? He didn’t think so.

Laura, the twin he had been videoing looked up and started to rise. Paul had a moment of sheer panic at this point and scanned the park for an escape route. Obviously there were none as he was kartal escort surrounded by people and nothing but open space. That’s when something happened that would completely change what was happening to him.

As he scanned the park he caught the eyes of the girl beside him. Transfixed in her eyes he was stunned to watch as one of her eyes closed whilst the other stayed open. Was that a wink? Could she possibly have winked at him? And then she smiled at him and the world suddenly became a much, much, much better place.

He was disturbed from this revelation by arrival of the twin called Laura.

“Who’s this Danni?” she said to the other girl.

“I really don’t know but he’s cute eh?” said Danni.

“Guess what I just caught him doing then, bet you can’t”

Paul was mortified again at hearing this last sentence. Here it was. Jail, court, fines or just maybe, if he was lucky, a good beating from some huge guy that was related to these two instead. Yeah, that would be a let off he thought.

“You’ve been flashing your knickers at strangers again you naughty girl! What have I told you about doing that in public?”

Laura looked at the ground and blushed vigorously. Paul couldn’t remember ever seeing a girl look more attractive. Then, as his brain once more started to process thoughts, he realized that the girl, Danni, was chastising her sister for allowing him to see her panties.

“I didn’t do anything you bitch, you can’t prove a thing” said Laura.

A wide smile started to spread across Danni’s face at this outburst and the bubble suddenly popped in Paul’s head. He had managed to obtain crucial evidence in the case against Laura by her sister. That’s what the wink was for.

“I can prove it this time you silly cow, my new friend here was so interested in your dirty little panties he videoed it for me. Isn’t that right my new friend?” she said to Paul.

“Eaghhhhh, yup” was all Paul could muster at that unexpected question from Danni. He quickly cleared his throat to ensure that the next time he spoke it would sound, at least a little, more masculine and butch.

“My name’s Paul. Paul Ritchie.” Paul managed to sound a little more sure of himself this time despite feeling completely the opposite.

“Well I’m Danni, and this little slut here that was teasing you is my twin sister Laura”

Paul turned to the beautifully red face of Laura and nodded a greeting to her. “Hi”

“This is the first time I’ve actually been able to, not only catch her at it, but to prove that she’s done it Paul. Aren’t you a clever boy?”

Paul was, to say the least, a little confused by now. What exactly was going on here?

It was with this thought that Paul found that his phone was flying through the air towards him and Danni was starting to get up.

“Laura, come on, it’s time to go now. Paul I think we’ll need you and your phone for this too.” said Danni.

Danni grabbed her sisters’ arm and dragged her to her feet. Once she was up she looked down at Paul still sitting there and with a puzzled expression and said “Oh come along Paul. I need you to help me sort this all out. Don’t you want to help me?”

Paul quickly got to his feet. Actually he got to his feet a little too quickly as he nearly fell over. God, he felt like a stupid teenager again on his first real date with a pretty girl, small, inadequate and completely dumb struck. He smiled stupidly at Danni and, when she started to walk off across the park, he followed a few yards behind the girls nervously glancing around to see if he was being watched by any of the other park goers. He didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary so he let his gaze drift back to the two beautiful pairs of legs just a little way in front of him and wondered to himself “What the hell now?”

After a couple of minutes of silent walking Paul noticed that the two girls were exchanging whispers. He couldn’t quite hear what they were they saying but it was obvious that Danni was in complete control of the situation.

Just then Paul’s phone sounded in his pocket. He pulled it out and in a blind panic refused the call from his friend Steve. As soon as he had hit the button to do that he came to a crunching halt as he tumbled into the two girls who had stopped at the sound of the call.

“Why on earth did you do that?’ chirped Laura.

“I don’t know really” Paul said, feeling even more stupid than before. He was sure that his clumsy and obviously nervous actions were ruining any chance he had of impressing one of these two angels. “God” he thought “What would it be like to have one of these two beauties sitting on my cock?”

With that thought playing in his head he suddenly realized that he was standing alone in the street. Both girls had vanished without a trace. That was until Danni stuck her head around the door next to him and told him to get a move on and come inside. Another suave and sophisticated move by me thought Paul. Ego minus another two points, chances of cumhuriyet mahallesi escort seeing either of these girls in any state of undress minus infinity. It was with this thought that Paul decided to just go along with things and see where it took him. At the very least he could feast his eyes on these two lovelies whilst things took their natural course.

After following the girls up to the top floor of the building and entering the flat on the right Paul suddenly realized that things were actually not going badly at all, despite his clumsiness etc, here he was, inside the twins flat with them. Things really were getting more and more bizarre.

After being ushered to sit down on a rather soft and comfortable sofa, Paul found a can of cold beer being thrust into his hands. Danni plopped down next him on the sofa and, strangely, started to talk about the weather and how nice the park was. As she was blabbing away Paul scanned the neat and tidy little room they were in. It had lilac coloured paint on the walls and gave a very comfortable, safe feeling to anyone who cared to notice. There were lots of little ornaments and pictures around the room as well as a rather strange object on the mantle piece which for the life of him Paul could not make out. Ignoring this he turned to Danni who had stopped talking and was now opening her can of beer and taking a long pull on it.

“You not like beer Paul? Can I get you something else?”

“No this is great, it’s even my brand.” Paul said in reply. “Thanks”

“You do know why you’re here don’t you” Danni said with a curious glint in her shining blue eyes.

“I need you to punish my sister for me” The smile had now vanished from her face completely.

Paul didn’t nearly cough his beer all over the carpet, sofa and himself. He defiantly and spectacularly did so. At which Danni nearly killed herself laughing.

“What did you think I asked you here for?” she asked him as she recovered. “Did you think I just wanted the crap video you took of my sluttish little sister?”

Paul took a moment to collect his thoughts, some of which had very interesting possibilities, before answering Danni’s questions.

“I don’t know, I just thought you were playing a game to punish me or something for what I did in the park. You really want me to punish your sister? How!”

“Have you ever spanked a girl before Paul?”

Now Paul thought that spitting his beer all over everything had not been the smoothest thing he had ever done but, that statement had him in knots. Not only was his favorite fantasy to spank a pretty young ass before fucking her senseless, but here he was, being offered one of the nicest young asses he had seen in years by her twin sister.

He knew his answer had to be good. He knew what he said now would determine the realization of his favorite fantasy. He had to say the right thing.

“Yes I have actually. I’ve had a couple of girlfriends that liked a bit of a spanking every now and again.” And unbelievably, this was actually true.

Paul had one girlfriend that became incredibly aroused by a little spanking foreplay. Another had been messing around with him one morning in bed and he’d playfully put her across his lap and given her ass a couple of smacks. She’d jumped off of him and stood there looking quite shocked before jumping on top of him and fucking him to an inch of his life. They’d never repeated it in the two months before they split up but, in a drunken conversation in the pub one night, she’d admitted that she’d loved it and thanks to Paul, her new boyfriend spanked her regularly. This as you can imagine had pissed off Paul no end. Why hadn’t he done it again with her?

“Good stuff” said Danni. “First of all some ground rules ok?”

“First, if she says stop, you stop. Got it? No questions. Secondly she’ll expect a good seeing to after. It’s not fair to get Laura all worked up and then not perform your manly duties after in appreciation.”

“Next, I’m her twin sister. I don’t play around with my sis at all. It’s wrong. We’re not into that kinda thing so don’t ask us to. But, if you’re nice to my sister, I may have to see how good you are yourself, if you want?”

Paul could feel the swelling returning to his cock. “WOW!”, “Is this my lucky day or what?” he thought.

“No problem Danni, whatever you say.”

“OK Paul lets get one thing cleared up right now. I know I’ve been kinda leading this thing from the start but from now on in, you’re the boss. Got it? Not me, not Laura, not anyone but you. Act like it OK!”

After a little contemplation Paul decided she was right. He had to take charge of this situation now. He had plenty of experience of being in charge. He had spent several years as a manager of a sizable staff and knew how to act to garner respect from his colleagues.

“Got it Danni” Paul said with a new found confidence that clearly showed to Danni that a switch in the pecking order had just yunus escort taken place.

“Firstly, your first rule. I’m going to make a small adjustment to it. There is a safe word for Laura. It’s “Banana”. If she uses that word everything stops. Otherwise I want to hear her asking me to stop, begging me to not smack her ass anymore as a good little girl would. OK?”

Danni looked at Paul with a glazed expression before finally nodding her head and allowing a little smile to grace her lips.

“You have done this before!”

Paul was very pleased with himself and puffed up no end at this compliment from the beautiful young girl.

“Now where is my little plaything?” he said standing up. “I think she needs to feel sorry for teasing me like that in the park.”


Chapter Two:Laura’s Punishment and Reward.

Laura entered the room dressed as she had been before but defiantly with a new twinkle to her face and a slight spring in her step.

“You heard everything didn’t you Laura?” Danni said.

“I’ll ask the question now young lady, if you don’t mind!” Paul interrupted her. This brought a satisfying bow of the head from Danni before she looked back up at him with only her eyes and said “Yes Sir, sorry sir”

Paul realized that Danni might just be into this role playing idea too. How delicious. Both twins needed a little fatherly discipline from him. Two asses needed spanking. Two pussies need filling. Paul had to adjust himself to make things comfortable. He was really quite hard now and needed some relief but he just knew that it would be worth waiting for.

After a minute or two of arranging the furniture to a satisfactory resemblance of an office Paul sat himself in the “Boss” chair and told the two girls to go and get changed.

“Into what Sir?” asked Laura shyly?

“I want you two in your uniforms before we start this little meeting. You’ll wear short skirts, white blouses, knee socks and plain underwear. Do you understand me?”

“Yes Sir” they both chirped in unison and, turning to leave the room, looked back as they giggled on their way out holding each others arms as they went.

Paul couldn’t believe his luck. This had to be too good to be true didn’t it? Twins, spankings, school uniforms and then shagging! Wow.

After only enough time to make sure his dick was comfortable in his boxers and to check himself out in the mirror on the wall, there was a soft knock on the door.

“Come in”

The two girls sheepishly entered the room and stood in front his desk with their heads down and their hands clasped, one in front of her stomach and one with her hands behind her back.

They were a vision in loveliness to Paul’s eyes. Their hair had been pulled up into bunches on both heads, sticking straight out of the sides and all curly at the end. No make up visible on either face. No jewelry to be seen on either girl. White school blouses on both girls chests with a blue and grey school tie around both girls’ necks, not stupidly short as some girls have them but tied properly to the correct length. Pleated navy blue skirts that reached just above the knees of the two girls and, to finish off the look, White knee length socks and patent leather black shoes.

It only then that Paul realized he could no longer tell the two girls apart. So identical in appearance were they now that he had no possible way to differentiate between the two girls. He decided to test it out.

“Laura, please look at me.”

The girl on the left lifted her head to look him in the eye. He noticed that her blouse was slightly different to the other with a little upturn in the collar on one side where it had been ironed wrong.

“You know why you’re here in my office don’t you Laura? You too Danni? I want you both to tell me why you’re here. Laura first please.”

“I flashed my panties at you in the park and I got caught Sir.” Was the quiet reply from Laura’s sweet mouth. “You have to punish me now.”

“Good. And you Danni, why are you here?”

“Because I forgot myself Sir and tried to tell you what to do.”

Paul had to smile at the clever answer that both gave him permission to spank her and showed him that she was as willing as she had said her sister was.

Rising from the desk Paul walked around to the rear of the girls. He stopped right behind them and spoke straight into their ears, startling them both.

“Please bend over my desk now” he whispered “Both of you.”

They did as they were told, if slightly hesitantly, with a little exchange of eye contact between the two that Paul nearly missed. He approached the one he now knew was Laura and trembled with anticipation as he reached for the bottom of her skirt.

“Remember the safe word now girls, otherwise I’d like you to protest as much as you want”

He gingerly reached the skirts edge and took hold, fully expecting things to come to a crashing halt at any moment as he woke up, or worse, felt a hand on his shoulder from some giant thug boyfriend or two.

Neither happened. Not even when the skirt was raised to show the beautifully white and clean panties that Laura had on. Nor when he raised his hand to apply the first spank to her round, juicy ass cheeks. Nor at any time after that actually!

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