Photo fuck session part 1 and 2


Photo fuck session part 1 and 2(everything I post is a true story)I’m a photographer and have my own studio. I meet a lot of sexy women but stay very professional and do not even flirt. The other day out of the blue, I hear from a sexy BBW I dated a while ago. She is asking for a photo session, maybe some boudoir. I was hesitant, but me and her were always on the same freaky wavelength: Get together, have fun, respect each others private lives. It’s because of this that I said yes and set up a time to meet at my studio.In the days leading up to the shoot she would send me pics of what she might be wearing or what she might want as far as photos were concerned . Well, she’s a character and the stuff she was sending was not tame. Then things heated up, we started hinting at what we wanted to do to each other. We hadn’t seen each other in a couple of years, but we still remember the fun times.The evening came to meet at the studio for the photo shoot. It was really great seeing her again thats for sure. Big smile, big personality, big tits. We chatted then she layer out what she brought to wear for the shoot. One item was like a sheer body suit… I voted that we start with that.We did some boudoir shoots on the bed in the studio that has white satin sheets.. she looked great and was loving it. Then we moved to outfit #2 , a very cool faux fur jacket with nothing underneath. Great pics….dick getting hard.After about an hour she looks at me and says I think we got some good pics don’t you. I said yes then put canlı bahis my arm around her naked body that was under the fur jacket, pulled her close and kissed the shit out of her. Forgot what a good kisser she was!Put down my camera, peeled off the jacket and started sucking those fantastic fucking tits. Damn! I grab her and lead her towards a chair. I sit down and she sits on my lap while I suck her tits. I reach between her legs and feel she’s wet, hell yeah. I wisper in her ear “want your pussy licked?”. She agrees and we move over to the black leather sofa. I toss her legs back and start to go to town on her pussy with my mouth. DELICIOUS!!!!After sucking her twat my cock is rock hard, I stand up and she takes off my pants and starts sucking me. Damn she can suck a cock! I felt like I was close to cumin so I ask if she wants me to cum in her mouth. Most women will give a “uh huh” or “no” with a mouth full of cock, but she actually gives me a thumbs up. That was great! But I think it threw me off, I pulled out of her mouth only to hear her say “well are you going to stick that in me?”.I roll her over to fuck her from behind, stick my dick in her, and grab on to her hips. I start fucking the shit out of her and she is loving it!It didn’t take long for me to cum inside her, she pushed me away and sucked the cum off my cock. Whew! That was so fucking fun!PART 2:A couple of weeks ago I made a post about the photo shoot that ended up with a fuck finale.Well, I scheduled a shoot with the same hottie and we bahis siteleri both knew we were going to fuck again.She wanted some vintage pin-up pics and I have to admit that is my favorite kind of shoot. Usually ‘implied’ nudity but still sexy stuff. She’s a big girl and vintage pin-up is usually tricky to do with big girls, but I am always confident that there will be some good pics after it is all said and done.She laid out some outfits and she asked what which one I wanted to start with. I simply said “lets go with naked”, she answered ‘no problem’. But we both agreed that the look we are going for should at least be panties, and maybe this cool fuzzy jacket she brought. Damn, first few shots…we nailed the look! So Vargas.We shot a few more and then went with naked boudoir style. Good stuff, she is so much fun to work with.After a while I asked what she wanted to try next, she said ‘ making that fucking cock cum’. Strangely enough I had no problem with that ;-)We went outside to smoke some weed, a couple of hits for me, four big hits for her. The fun thing about smoking weed is that when you see someone going for it, you know they want to get fucked up and fuck.Went back inside and turned up the music. Clothes flew off and we crashed on the leather sofa in the studio. She sat me down and got on her knees in front of me and started sucking me………like fucking fantastic! Then I push her off and start sucking her big titties and kissing her, stood her up and sat her on the sofa with me in front. bahis şirketleri I got down and started eating her pussy, then got impatient and rammed my cock into her. When I’m high I’m usually a mad man, and so I grabbed hold of her tits hard and kept fucking the shit out of her as hard as I could. She shouted “that’s hot as fuck!!’. Well I can’t keep up that crazy pace long so I slowed it down and really got into kissing her.Whew, Scott needs a break, so pushed off of her and went over to grab the bottle of wine we openned earlier. Standing there she said I looked sexy as fuck with my hard cock and just the light from the two small lamps on.I went back over to the leather sofa and she threw me back down in the sitting position and said she wanted to suck that fucking cock. By now she was really high! I have had my cock sucked plenty of times but I have never had someone just go crazy and devour it. I mean she was on fire! sucking my balls, licking my dick, sucking it, kind of all in one fluid dance with her mouth. I have to admit it was like crazy fun watching her go to town on me.Then she went all the way down and started gagging. I could tell she liked it so after she came up for air, I asked if she was ready to go all the way down again. She nodded yes so I pushed her head all the way down and help it there. Then let her come up for air then shoved it down on me again holding her head there. Hott!!!Well I felt myself about to come at that point so I started fucking her mouth until I shot my wad in her mouth. She sucked it all out of my, stood up and let the cum drip out of her mouth onto her tits and said ‘there’s your fucking picture baby’, we both laughed and both agreed :-)The next shoot with her should be a doozy folks.

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