Hi my name is … Trebor. This story is not real, but if it were real…

* * * * *

Chapter One: Aunt

I was coming back from a soccer practice with a third-division soccer team and thinking about my programming project for my (other) part-time job when my mom welcomed me with an expected, but still astonishing news. My cousin and his brother-in-law were arrested for insurance fraud. One of their ‘mistreated’ employees happened to have friends ‘up-high.’ They were going to spend at least five years in prison a piece. My cousin’s mother and sister were coming back from the West coast to the East coast where I live. After I inquired where they were going to live, my mom told me that they were going to stay at my house because other relatives either lived in houses with extended families or at old age returned to their children in Slovakia.

I always wanted to fuck shit out of my cousin, and believe me I can delay ejaculation for dozens of minutes, and come six or more times a night. I would not dislike fucking her old mom either, she still had nice big tits. My cousin is not a big titted whore, but a whore she is. She was a do all go-go dancer in her youth, and then lived with a man who loved to fuck her without love on a kitchen table. She has a nice butt, however, and wears pumps that I like a lot (a little fetish).

After she came to my house she was at my mercy. I could get her a job at the office at my computer programming job, but I wanted to do her for it. First, however, I approached her mother. I told her about the job I could get for her daughter. My aunt was happy. I drunk a little with her. Then, I asked her, “May we drink to ‘brotherhood’?”

We did with a big kiss on lips. Next, I told her, “This job, it may be certain…” and kissed her forcing my tongue inside and laying one hand on her tit. At first she tried to pull away, but then gave kartal escort in to a little harassment for her daughter’s sake.

I continued, “This is a 50,000 dollar a year job for a beginner, with benefits. It cannot be sold that cheaply.”

She understood faster then I said it. She took off her shirt and pulled down the bra exposing her tits, but left enough of it to hold them up a little. I started to kiss her mouth and move my hand a few inches from her nipples. As I was closing on her nipples with my hands, my kisses went down to her neck, lower and lower. I delicately played with her cunt for a while. Afterwards, I stuck my finger in. Eventually I put my whole cock at once in a wet old cunt. She came twice within twenty minutes of fucking – I did not.

I told her, “You an old nasty slut to fuck your Godson. Repeat: ‘I am slut’, come on, repeat: ‘I am a slut old bitch’.”

Eventually she said, “I am a slut.”

“‘I will suck you now like a whore’, repeat.”

Now, quicker, she repeated, “I will suck you now like a whore.”

So she sucked. I told her to suck my balls first, then go along the shaft, after that play with the tip, and she finished with a forced deep throat. She was choking a little, but showed some experience. Finally, I took my dick out and poured some cum on her face. I told her, “It would be wise if you continued to be nice to me until she will get a job and will become a real employee…”

She looked at me with a mix of hate and pleasure.

“You can start by showing-off more cleavage, not wearing panties, and wearing pumps…”

Chapter 2: Cousin

I woke up at six, got dressed-ready to run usual 5 to 10 k with my two friends, and put the coffee-maker on. My cousin came down. She asked me, “Will, I get the job? Mom told me that you will get me a good job.”

I wanted both to check what she knew and prepare cumhuriyet mahallesi escort the grounds for my next move.

“Did she tell what must be done for you to get the job?”

“No,” was the answer.

“You have to have sex with me… it is 50 000 dollars job. I think that it is worth it.”

“OK,” she answered calmly. She came to me and we kissed. She wanted to make out, but I pushed her away.

“However, first you have to dance.”

“Dance for you?”

“No, not for me.”


“For many men in sleazy go-go bar and let them do what I will do to you.”



I came to the bar after 1 am, an hour before its closing time. She had been dancing already for an hour. I chose this time because I like half-empty small go-go bars, plus by this time the dancers are usually quite drunk and let the men do more than usual.

I walked in and saw… my sister. I ordered a bottle of Heineken and sat down. My cousin came to me with a triumphant smile, but her happiness was ended soon when I told her, “If she will not be as submissive to my and other men’s advances as you are – no job.”

On the one hand, I could not believe that my sister was doing it. On the other, I knew that there was trouble in her marriage and later I found that there was a financial trouble as well.

My cousin was drunk and talked my sister into submission by sending her off to me and telling her not to let on that I am her brother. She came slowly to me. She had nice large, but not giant, breasts. She danced for a while showing me her pussy and tits. She, eventually, came for a dollar. I motioned her, with my hand, to pull the bra down. She did submissively. I started to suck on her nipples. She wanted to pull away, but stayed when I held her back a little. I gave her five in such a way that others saw yunus escort that I was giving five. She went away.

My cousin came next in black stilettos with the bra already pulled down off her small breasts and pretty much drunk. I kissed her deeply, and fucked to orgasm with my finger. At the same time I made her whack me off and also gave her ten in such a way that every one saw it. The remaining five men, encouraged by my example, started giving them more money and asking for more. I kept on buying all seven people (my two relatives and five men) light drinks. Eventually, I got my sister and cousin sitting on my sides. I made them do a double blow job. The action was noticed by other men; I waved at them to come closer. So, they did. I asked them hundred a piece, but get many fifties and forties. The young lady bartender was shocked. To make her even more scared I asked her if she wants a part of it. She nodded not. The security was outside taking care of our cars.

My girls had not even started the blow job when they were laid at the bar table. I spread-eagled my sister, and shuffled my cock in one move into her sloppy pussy. I loved to see her white stilettos by my head. Two other men getting to her took off her bra and started touching and sucking her breasts and kissing her. I pushed her legs to her chest and started banging shit out of her. The guys were getting simultaneous blow jobs.

My cousin let the other three use her anus, and now two guys were fucking her pussy and ass, and one was getting a deep throat. I wanted to do the same with my sister.

I asked her, “Have you ever been ass-fucked?”

“Kind of,” she answered.

“There’s no time like now,” I said, sliding under her and forcibly sticking my cock in her butt.

She screamed, “It’s painful, please!”

I ignored her pleading. The two other guys took their positions and later switched. All five guys were almost done when I forced my sister to give me a deep throat. She was choking. This pleased me a lot. Her wide eyes made her look more sexy and the contractions of her throat were milking my dick. Finally, I got my sister and cousin together and we all came on them.

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