Rising Up


“Oh my god, I cannot wait,” Nicole Aubridge gushed over the Zoom call she was on with her friends Lana and Marybeth, whom they called MB.

“I know it’s been almost two years,” Marybeth said.

“Fucking covid!” Lana added. She had always been the brash one in the group, often sprinkling curse words throughout a conversation. It was, however, a shared sentiment. The pandemic had been hard on all of them. They hadn’t seen each other in person for a long time. But now things seemed to be settling down and they were all looking forward to life returning to some semblance of normal. First thing they all wanted was to get together for an adult weekend away.

“Feels like it’s been a whole lifetime,” Marybeth gushed. Nicole froze and silence filled the virtual chat room. “Oh…. I’m sorry,” Marybeth said.

Nicole shook her head, “Don’t be. Life goes on. It’s just going to take some getting used to. I really can’t wait to see you all.”

They chatted for a few more minutes about the plans for their weekend before ending the Zoom call. Nicole sat back in her desk chair, heaved a sigh, then went into the kitchen and poured herself a big glass of wine. When she plopped onto the sofa in the living room her mind drifted back in time.

The three women were best friends since they were at nursing school at Winston-Salem State University in central North Carolina. Nicole was the “local” girl from the N.C. mountains. Lana had come from a small town in eastern Tennessee, and Marybeth from Florida. They met on their first day and almost instantly became inseparable. During their four years at together, they shared everything including an apartment, each one’s marriage, the birth of MB’s first child (how she managed a kid and nursing school was a mystery to Nicole) and of course graduation, after which each went in different directions, taking jobs in various hospitals. Nicole returned to her mountain roots and moved with her husband Chris to Asheville, NC. Lana and her husband Marc went to Knoxville, Tennessee. Marybeth stayed in Winston-Salem with Peter. Despite the distances, their friendship remained solid. They stayed in touch by phone and traveled to see each other as often as their schedules allowed.

Nicole thought more about her husband. She and Chris had met early in her second year at school when she, Lana, and Marybeth were enjoying happy hour at a local bar. His tall, dark haired good looks caught their attention as he walked in.

“Now there’s a man I’d do on a first date,” Lana said nodding toward him. Her overtly sexual statement wasn’t shocking. The first day the three friends met, Lana said that sex was a big part of her life. She. She was bisexual and would often come back to their shared apartment with men and women (sometimes both at the same time) and have loud sex in her bedroom. After Lana shooed away her partners, she’d sit with the roommates and share all the details of her encounter. Secretly Nicole found it exciting and arousing, but she never let on. It was impossible to tell how Marybeth felt about it, but she never complained.

Years later, after getting married, Lana revealed that she and Marc both enjoyed bedding other people. “We’re desperately in love and we’re soulmates meant to be together,” Lana had explained. “Nothing comes close to the sex that Marc and I share. It rocks me to my core, but we both think that fucking other people is fun, and it isn’t a wedge between us.” Lana made it sound so reasonable. But as titillating as it might be, Nicole never imagined doing anything like it herself.

“Which one of the twenty guys in here are you referring to?” Marybeth leaned over the bar and asked Lana. She was on her second drink and a little bit tipsy.

“Maybe all of them. I’ve got plenty of energy. Don’t be jealous.”

“Not jealous. I’m getting plenty.”

“I’m glad Peter is keeping you satisfied.”

“More than satisfied,” Marybeth smiled and took another sip of her drink.

Nicole hadn’t stopped looking at the handsome stranger. He was a feast for her eyes; almost six feet tall with wavy brown hair and a well-toned body. She thought that his ass looked damn near perfect in his snug jeans. There was nothing flamboyant about him, just plain good looks, and that was especially attractive to Nicole.

“Girl, you keep staring like that and your eyes are gonna pop out of your head,” Lana said breaking Nicole’s daze.

“Are those drool marks?” Marybeth teased.

Nicole polished off the dregs of her second old fashioned and turned to face her friends. “Listen, you guys may be getting your share, but I’ve been on a long dry spell. The only satisfaction that I’ve had for I don’t know how long has been from my vibrator and a stack of double A batteries. What I want is to feel the arms of a man around me as we move across the dance floor, and then to zip off in his Porsche to his penthouse condo for a night of furious, no-holds-barred sex.” Lana and Marybeth both grinned widely ankara iri göğüsleri olan escortlar as Nicole finished. Her eyes went wide when she realized they were looking past her. “He’s right behind me, isn’t he?” Her face flushed hot with embarrassment when her friends nodded.

“I don’t have a penthouse condo, it’s more of a townhome. But I do drive a 911 and I’m not a half bad dancer. As for the rest of what you want, how about we just see where the evening takes us?” The man’s voice sounded like liquid chocolate to Nicole. She practically swooned despite her mortification. “I’m Chris,” he took a half step back and stuck out his hand.

Nicole took a deep breath and turned toward him. His brown eyes sparkled with an inner light and obvious mirth at her discomfort being caught talking so crudely. “Nicole,” she choaked out and took his hand in hers. His grip was perfect, firm, not hard, definitely not weakly limp. It was like a key fitting into a lock and a bolt of electricity seemed to flow from him into her. A tiny gasp escaped past her lips. “I’m sorry for being vulgar. I hope you’ll accept my apology.”

“I don’t think being honest and direct is vulgar. I like it when people, women especially, are clear about what they want and aren’t wimps. You’ll never have to apologize to me for not being a wimp.”

“Never?” Nicole said feeling instantly at ease with him. “You make it sound as if we’ll have more than just tonight together.”

“I certainly hope so.” Chris pulled Nicole forward off the bar stool and led her to the dance floor. “And just for the record, an evening of no-holds-barred sex with you sounds awesome to me.”

They danced, and drank, and talked until very late. Lana and Marybeth left before Nicole, each kissing her lightly on the cheek and wishing her luck. After last call at the bar, Chris drove back to her apartment, gave her a very passionate kiss, and zoomed off after collecting her phone number. He never tried to push Nicole into having sex. She stood breathless at the door to her apartment as he drove away. “Holy shit, I think I’m going to fall in love with that man,” she said out loud.

Nicole did fall in love with Chris, who was a very successful stockbroker and investment advisor. They shared many nights of dinner, dancing, and furious love making. She adored everything about him, his humor, his intelligence, his looks, and of course his body. There was nothing about that that she didn’t love; his smell, his taste, the feel of him against her skin, and him in her mouth and deep inside of her vagina. The sight of his penis, whether flaccid or erect (erect was the absolute best in Nicole’s opinion) always stirred her and watching him get aroused as she played with him drove her wild. When he let loose a gush of semen in her mouth or deep in her pussy it sent bolts of pure pleasure through her. The feel of his warm, sticky seed oozing from inside her pussy after intercourse, or splashed across her skin when she brought him to orgasm with his eight-inch cock between her 34DD breasts felt fabulous to her. Chris wasn’t her first lover, but he was her absolute best. He quickly learned how to bring her to the most incredible climaxes, often multiple times in an evening. They coupled often and everywhere they could, in his home, in Nicole’s apartment (frequently when Lana and Marybeth were home) and even in the front seat of his car. More than once they frolicked outside on the roof deck atop his townhouse. There was nothing they wouldn’t do to shower pleasure on each other. They collected a wide variety of sex toys, installed a sex swing in his townhouse, tried tantric sex and conquered many of the Kama Sutra positions. Nicole told every detail to her friends, and to her delight, more than once her stories seemed to shock Lana

Nicole and Chris got married in a small ceremony after a year of intense courtship. She was thrilled to move in the townhouse with her new husband, even though she missed living with her friends. They built a beautiful life together enjoying and reveling in each other’s successes and happiness., which they shared with Lana and Marybeth, who both got married shortly after Nicole. She’d had never been so happy nor fulfilled emotionally and physically.

It all came crashing down one dark, rain-soaked night when the highway patrol searched out Nicole while she was at work in the hospital. Chris had been in a terrible accident on his way back from a client meeting, T-boned by a speeding, over-weight tractor trailer truck. His Porsche 911, the same one in which he’d swept her away, was crushed like a soda can. He didn’t stand a chance and was pronounced dead at the scene. That he died instantly and never made it to the trauma center where Nicole worked, was the smallest of blessings.

Nicole’s life was crushed as badly as the Porsche. Chris had been her soulmate, her world, her perfect lover, and she couldn’t imagine life without him. She thought that she’d elvankent götü büyük escortlar at least have her best friends at her side to help her through the searing pain of her loss. But the cruel irony was that the Covid pandemic had taken over the world. The country-wide and hospital ordained quarantine rules went into effect the day after Chris was killed. Nicole was isolated physically and emotionally. She buried Chris by herself, alone in the cemetery on a bright blue day, the kind they loved. Both of their parents had died many years earlier, and all their friends stayed away due to the strict rules their workplaces had established not to gather in any type of group. Not even the funeral director, nor cemetery workers were allowed to be close to her.

Despite the nurse shortages due to the pandemic, Nicole’s boss told her to take as much time off as she needed, without pay of course. Thank fully money wasn’t an issue for her. Chris had planned well and between his multiple life insurance policies, the very large settlement from the trucking company for their driver’s negligence, and all the investment savings he’d amassed, Nicole had more than enough money to last her several lifetimes. Once the estate was settled, Nicole quit her job. She just couldn’t care for and comfort patients when her own loss was so overwhelming. It was almost like a second death giving up the job she loved, but her heart just wasn’t in it anymore. She dropped into a deep depression

Zoom was her salvation. With it, Nicole was able to get the counseling she needed and even more importantly was able to stay connected with Lana and Marybeth. Their support and love, along with the therapy, pulled her from the very dark place she’d sunk into. Eighteen months after Chris’ death Nicole was finally able to envision a new life and it was also one with a whole lot less Covid in it. Exactly what that life would be, she didn’t know, but it was going to start with a long weekend away with her best friends. She’d be the fifth wheel among the couples, but Nicole didn’t care. She just needed to get away and be with those she loved and who loved her. She shook her head clear, finished off her wine and rose from the sofa. Time to start packing, she thought.

Chris and Nicole loved living in the N.C. mountains. They hiked, biked, kayaked, and camped throughout the many state forests and national parks in the area. Sometimes they went for long, minimalistic backpacking trips, and other times they enjoyed car camping with lots of gear. Being outdoors invigorated them and their days outside in the woods were always capped by evenings filled with energetic sex. Even if they were sweaty and smelly from carrying heavy packs up and down the hills, they would ravish each other until they both climaxed, often shattering the quiet of the woods around them with cries of passion. Nicole smiled at those memories as she sorted through their large pile of camping gear in preparation for the weekend. She pulled the over-sized, eight-person tent from the shelf. It was an instant-set style tent, and would be easy to put up by herself, even though it was way too big for just her. Heat bloomed in her groin as she remembered that Chris called it the “playroom” because the extra space allowed them to have the wildest sex in it. She put it, an oversized, extra-thick sleeping pad, a multi-burner stove, and various other equipment into a pile to pack into the car for their weekend roughing in the woods.

Roughing it! Nicole thought with a smirk. We won’t exactly be doing that. For several years each Spring Nicole and Chris had traveled to an old-fashioned kids’ sleep-away summer camp in the mountains before the facility opened for the season. Nicole had gone there as a child, and as adults she and Chris had befriended the older couple who ran the camp. They volunteered to help get it ready for the summer. It wasn’t much work, just clearing tree limbs that had fallen during the winter, getting the water and propane turned on, making sure the electricity was running, and checking to see if anything needed significant repair. In their downtime they’d enjoyed the camp’s facilities, swimming, canoeing and sailing, and cooking out at the elaborate firepit. Although they slept in a tent on the sandy lakefront, they took advantage of the hot water showers and bathrooms. Marybeth and Lana had gone with them several times and that was where they all were headed for their post-Covid reunion. It was peaceful, isolated, and picturesque. In short, a perfect place to reunite.

Nicole arrived at the camp Friday in the early afternoon, well before everyone else. She cleared winter detritus from the sand and pitched her tent. There was just enough space on the beach for the other two tents and a small strip of empty sand. Nicole smiled and remembered the nights they’d all had been there, each ravishing their partners in pretend privacy. From inside the tents, they couldn’t see etimesgut çıtır escortlar each other, but it was easy to hear the sounds of sexual gratification through the thin, nylon walls of their shelter. It was an exciting and naughty bit of voyeurism that she shared with Chris. It heightened the sensuality, and she was sure that both Lana and Marybeth enjoyed it too, although they never talked about it openly. The most that had ever been said came from Lana, “Being outdoors makes me horny as hell.”

Nicole threw her sleeping pad into the tent along with the rest of her personal gear. The camping routine she’d established with Chris came back to her quickly. As if on autopilot she set up the food prep, cooking and eating areas, and unloaded the half cord of firewood she’d brought. She set out coolers filled with water, beer, and wine, but left the boxes of food in the car until needed so that they’d be safe from any hungry wildlife The last step was getting the propane and water turned on in order that they’d have hot showers and functional plumbing. There were a few minor problems with that, but she couldn’t easily dealt with that. The camp was set up in no time and Nicole was drinking the first of what she knew would be many glasses of white wine when Lana and Marc pulled in.

“They you are!” Lana bounded out of her care and swept Nicole into a bear hug.

“I’ve missed you so much,” Nicole murmured.

“Me too, me too.” Lana gave her an extra tight squeeze then held her friend at arm’s length. “You look terrific,” she said. “I forgot how amazing your tits are.”

“Lana!” Marc exclaimed. “That’s the first thing you thought to say?”

“Hey, I already said how much I missed her. Besides, with that Zoom thing I haven’t seen below her collarbones in over a year.” She grinned and gave Nicole another heartfelt embrace. Over her shoulder she said to Marc, “Tell me you don’t think she’s got great tits.”

Nicole laughed. She knew that was exactly what Lana wanted, to hear her laugh like the old days.

“She has the second greatest tits after you my dear,” Marc said opening the rear hatch of his SUV. “It’s going to be a great weekend. Lots of amazing tits.” He began pulling camping gear from the car.

“You’ve never been so lucky in your life.”

The three friends finished unloading the gear and set up Lana and Marc’s tent. All throughout they laughed and joked with each other. It felt wonderful to Nicole despite Chris’s absence. It was indeed going to be a great weekend.

Marybeth and Peter arrived just as Nicole finished with Lana and Marc. The car had barely come to a stop before she was out and had both Nicole and Lana in her arms. None of them said a word, they just held each other tight. “I can’t tell you how glad I am to be here,” Marybeth said breaking the silent reunion.

“I am more glad to see you two.” Nicole wiped a small tear from the corner of her eye.

“I’m so sorry about everything,” Marybeth began.

“I know. I know. We are not going to dwell on the negatives. I miss Chris like crazy and there’s a huge hole in my heart without him. But this weekend is about all the wonderful things we’ve got in our lives … each other,” Nicole said.

Lana looked carefully at her. “That sounds truly genuine. That therapy shit must really work.”

Nicole laughed. “Yeah, it really does. That and two amazing people who helped me more than I can possibly say. Thank you both so much for being ‘there’ for me. Even if we couldn’t be physically together, I felt your support and love every day.” She held their hands tight. “I’ll never be able to thank you enough for getting me through such an awful time.”

“It’s an honor and joy to be your friend, especially during dark times,” Lana said quietly. The depth of her feelings was palpable.

They huddled together for several minutes then broke away to unload Marybeth’s car and help set up her tent. Marc and Peter put together a makeshift bar and began mixing drinks. By the time the sun started to set the camp was ready and ice-cold martinis were passed around. “Here’s to life, love, and incredible friends present as well as absent,” Marc said raising his glass.

“Hear, hear,” Peter answered.

“And lots of great tits,” Nicole added. Everyone laughed.

The group worked together and made a great dinner of wood grilled steaks with all the sides. More martinis were consumed, and two bottles of red wine disappeared as they told stories, caught up with each other’s lives, laughed, and rekindled their tight connection in the way that can only be done face-to-face. By the time the fire had died down to low embers everyone was yawning from their long day. “I’m beat and gotta turn in before I fall asleep right here,” Peter said standing up.

“You better not fall asleep too quickly mister,” Marybeth said. “This is the first weekend we’ve had to ourselves without the kids, and I intend to take advantage of that.”

Lana raised her eyebrows at the bold statement. “Got an urge?”

“Damn straight,” she answered and stood to join her husband. “One that you’re going to satisfy,” she poked Peter in the ribs.

He smiled and shrugged. “A guy’s gotta do what his woman demands.”

“Damn straight a second time.” Marybeth took him by the hand, and they walked off.

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