Searching for that Spark Ch. 01


Chapter 1- Ashton finds what he never knew he was looking for.

DISCLAIMER: This story is a pure work of fiction. All characters involved are over the age of 18. This is my first time writing anything of this nature, so I appreciate any and all feedback (positive or negative). If the story is well-received, I will post more chapters later.

Ashton never knew what it would be like to be so deeply drawn to somebody. So deep that he was barely alive; gasping for air and treading water as fast as he could. It had always been a simple crush; it would start so humbly with a smile or a glance and would end in a few weeks, few months tops. But this was more than any of that; there was a desire that came with it. Tell him that he would be this entangled to someone weeks ago and he would say that you’re crazy. Boy, would he be wrong.

Ashton had just finished unpacking and getting his new dorm room in order. Just then it finally hit him: he was, for the most part, on his own. He was thousands of miles away from the place he called home, and it was for good reason. He loved the small town he came to know like the back of his hand, but something inside was telling him that he needed to get away. He needed a spark to light up his complacent soul; and maybe moving to a big city in another state would provide the matches. With a sigh, he sat down for a minute an examined his progress. Living in a single room would provide him would a privacy that he never had, but with that privacy came a feeling of emptiness. He couldn’t focus on that, so he stripped to his boxers, wrapping a towel around his waist and headed for the shower room.

The hallway was pretty quiet; at about 7:30 the only noise around was coming from the sound of people talking in their rooms and the faint sound of people still unpacking. He walked into the bathrooms and heard the sound of a running shower head from the corner stall. He knew he wasn’t alone. He continued walking, entering one of the middle stalls. The cheap shower curtains weren’t long enough to cover the entire stall, but Ashton didn’t care that much. The hot water felt good on his skin, and slowly the room began to fill with even more steam. He had been under the water for a couple minutes when, out of the corner of his eye, he saw a figure in the other stalls. He never intended to look, but he was standing right across him, barely covered by the shabby curtain. Ashton didn’t know why he continued to stare or why he found himself so intrigued by the man across the room. Water poured down the stranger’s chest, making streams along his light skin. His eyes were closed as he caressed his body with soap. He couldn’t make out a face through the steam, just the perfect outline of his tall body. Ashton found himself following the same motion, mimicking the stranger. He unknowingly started to close his eyes, still lathering up his body under the warm water. He slowly moved downward, running his fingers through his shaved pubes, dying to grab his growing member and provide the relief he so desperately wanted. Suddenly, he heard the water stop along with the sound of the curtain being pulled along the shower rod. He quickly stopped what he was doing and rinsed the remaining soap off of his body. He quickly wrapped the towel around his waist and stepped out of the stall in hopes to see the face of his newfound lust. He looked and only saw the image of the back of a foot walking out of the shower accompanied by the closing of the door. He dried off and headed back to his room, a bit disappointed that he may never see the stranger again.

He got to his room and took off his towel. For a few seconds, he stood there beside his bed, completely naked. The breeze coming in from his open window felt cool on his moist skin. He went to his dresser and grabbed a soft pair of boxers to put on. Before he bent over, he began to recall the stranger in the shower. He could picture him lathering up his toned body, soap running down every muscle with fingers moving in a graceful motion. He started to bite his lower lip as he pictured the naked man in front of him. Below, Ashton saw his previously soft penis grow to its full length. He had never been this turned on in a long time. And it was all because of this guy; this person he had only seen for 10 minutes had become his new object of lust. But something told him that he wouldn’t be a mere fantasy for long; this “crush” of sorts wasn’t going away anytime soon. He threw the boxers aside and lied down on his newly made bed. With his right hand, he slowly placed his fingers around the shaft of his cock. Ashton watched as it stood upright. Even in the partially dark room, he could see the single stream of pre-cum oozing out the head and dripping down the shaft. Ashton took his index finger, running it from the base to the head, sopping up every drop and rubbed it on his tongue. He closed his mouth as if to suck his finger and as he pulled it out of his mouth; he couldn’t believe what he fikirtepe escort was doing. Something just felt right and he channeled it. He shook off the idea and went back to his, now throbbing cock. He grabbed it, and with a steady motion, began to pleasure himself. He was no stranger to masturbation, but something seemed different this time. His dick felt bigger in his hand and the images of that man started to send him over the edge. His balls tightened and his toes curled as streams of his cum sprayed out of his cock. The force of his ejaculation sent beads of cum along his chest, collecting in a pool over his abs. One stream even landed on the side of his mouth, just below his cheek. He managed to finally take a deep breath. His cock had shrunk down while keeping a reasonable size. Pools of cum had collected all over his body, moving with every breath he took.

Suddenly, he heard a knock at the door. He quickly jumped out of bed and grabbed his still damp towel.

“Just a minute!” he shouted as he wiped the remnants of his jerk off session from his torso. He slid on a pair of running shorts and answered the door. He saw a tall, athletic-looking guy in front of him with blonde hair that barely touched his eyes. He was a surfer-type: lean but muscular.

Ashton managed to speak, “Sorry man, I just got out of the shower and was throwing on some clothes.”

The cute blonde extended his arm and met Ashton’s with a firm handshake, “No problem at all. You must be Ashton. I’m Riley and I’m your RA.”

Ashton replied, “Oh cool, nice to meet you.”

Riley continued, “You too. I’m just making my rounds, introducing myself to all the guys on our floor. I’d just like to welcome you to our building again, and say that if you have any problems what so ever, come see me. I live right down the hall and I’m in my room most of the time.”

Ashton replied, “Well thanks for everything so far man. I appreciate it!”

“It’s no trouble. Well you have a great night and get some rest, orientation activities are tomorrow! Oh and Ashton, you’ve got a little something on your face.”

Ashton quickly wiped off the remaining cum along with his embarrassment and thanked Riley as he walked off with a “See you around…”

He closed the door and sank into his sheets, quickly falling asleep.

Ashton awoke the next morning and glanced over at his alarm clock. He yelled aloud, “SHIT” as he jumped out of his bed and slipped on a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt. The alarm read 8:45 and he had to meet with his advisor at 9 on the other side of campus. He shuffled his dick inside his tight jeans; morning wood just wasn’t his friend today. “I don’t have time for this”, he thought to himself as he shut the door and turned, ready to make a run for the Fine Arts building. Just as he turned his head, he bumped into some guy, knocking over his books and papers.

“Shit. I am so sorry dude. I didn’t see you there.” He spoke as he tried to grab the dude’s stuff.

The other guy relied, “Don’t worry about it man, it was my fault too. My name’s Nate, I guess we’re neighbors.”

“Nice to meet you Nate, I’m Ashton.” Ashton was so focused on picking up his stuff, he didn’t look up to see his face. And when he did, he literally stopped in his tracks. The first thing that caught Ashton’s attention was Nate’s warm brown eyes. Match that with his cute boy-ish smile, Ashton was hooked…once again.

Ashton snapped out of his daydream, “Well Nate, I’d really love to sit and chat, but I’m about to be late for a meeting. So, I gotta run!”

Nate smiled and replied, “Nice meeting you man, I’m sure we’ll meet up again soon.” With that, Ashton ran off and out of sight. Nate muttered under his voice “real soon…”

Ashton came back to the dorm around 6, having spent the entire day around campus attending meetings, workshops and activities. He was really liking everything so far and felt that the school was a great fit for him. Despite all of that, he couldn’t shake everything that has happened. A couple days ago he was straight and now images of men had been cluttering his mind. He couldn’t explain this epiphany he had; he just knew that since then, no man was safe from his mind. He had begun picturing these guys as objects of pure lust; something he never even considered before. Even just thinking about the situation began to make his dick swell; he just couldn’t take the confusion any more. So he felt that a nice warm shower would help clear his thoughts.

Ashton walked into the shower room and saw that he was alone. “Perfect”, he thought, now he could take as long as he wanted. The water felt nice on his muscles that had been running around all day. He let the water drip down his face, and started rinsing the day away. He was only in there for about 10 minutes when he heard the bathroom door close. He peeked over and saw that someone had entered the corner stall. Starting from the feet, gebze escort he worked his way up the silhouette, trying to determine if it was the same person. He recognized those chiseled features and he felt his cock grow harder with the more he looked. He pushed his curtain back slightly to see better and found himself starting for about 5 minutes. It was as if time was moving in slow motion as he carefully stared at the naked man in front of him. Starting again, he worked his way up, but instead found the stranger’s eyes open; looking directly at him. He gasped, not knowing what the stranger would do. But instead of reacting, he just stared right back at him.

As they looked into each other’s eyes, Ashton saw one thing: desire. Seconds later, he heard the water turn off, followed by the sound of the curtain. The stranger started walking over to Ashton’s stall, keeping eye contact. Ashton nervously stood there, not knowing what he was about to do. He just continued to look, seeing his long dick flop to the side with every step he took. He hadn’t seen one, other than his own, in a long time and certainly not one as big. He picked his head up as the stranger pulled the curtain, exposing themselves to each other. The stranger confidently stepped in and leaned close to Ashton, almost nose to nose. He slowly inhaled and took in everything; the steam, the heat and the warm body standing right in front of him. He lifted his hands and placed them on Ashton’s lower jaw, and keeping eye contact, he leaned in for a kiss. Slowly, Ashton rotated his face, gaining better access to the stranger. He felt his soft lips on his, followed by his tongue trying to enter into his mouth. The stranger moved his hands from Ashton’s face to the back of his head, slowly leaning Ashton back to the shower wall. Ashton leaned back carefully as to not break their kiss. The stranger was forceful but gentle and Ashton let down every guard he had, only wanting more. Without control, he placed his palms on the stranger’s ass. He cupped them and gently squeezed, causing the stranger to let out a chuckle. He then moved down to Ashton’s neck, finding just the right spot. Ashton continued to grope the stranger’s ass under the running water.

They had been making out for 10 minutes when they heard the bathroom door open. The stranger quickly picked up Ashton and rested him on the wall. They couldn’t risk the sight of two people in the shower stalls.

He looked at Ashton and whispered a “Shhh”, telling him to keep quiet. The stranger held Ashton up for a few minutes with no difficulty. He finally put him down after they heard the sound of the faucet turn off and the door

He stepped out of the stall and looked around, “You can come out, the coast is clear.” Ashton was surprised that the man who he thought had so much intensity and passion could be so light-hearted.

The stranger grabbed Ashton by the hips and gave him a soft and gentle kiss. “My name’s Calvin.” And with that, his stranger finally had a name.

Ashton nervously responded, “My name’s Ashton.” The stranger kissed him again, and they both stood their stark naked and dripping wet.

He finally broke the kiss and spoke, “We better go before someone catches us.” Confused, Ashton asked, “Wait, where are we going?”

Calvin leaned in to Ashton’s ear and proceeded to grab his cock answered,

“To your room…where I’m going to fuck you.”

Ashton nervously led Calvin back to his room, resounding the words he just heard. He didn’t know if he wanted this to move so quickly, he just knew that he wasn’t ready to stop. That kiss did nothing to feed this desire, it only made him want more and more. He opened the door, let Calvin in, and took a glance outside. He was glad that no one saw them; they rushed out of the bathroom so quickly that their towels barely covered their boners.

He shut the door and saw Calvin lying on his bed, he motioned to Ashton, “come here.” Ashton made his way over to his bed, knelt on the mattress and sunk down into Calvin. They made out for a few minutes, this time without restraint. Ashton could feel their warm bodies rubbing against each other, still a little wet. The heat from Calvin was enough to keep him warm through the breeze coming on beside them. The feeling of their dicks rubbing against each other and their bare skin added to the passion of the moment. Ashton lost all hesitance and subtlety; he began hissing his lover vigorously, slipping his tongue into Calvin’s mouth and breathing him in.

Calvin broke off for a few seconds to catch his breath; enough time to instruct his partner, “Suck my cock.” Ashton heard those words with eagerness, but also with fear. He had never given a blowjob before, but he knew that he wanted that dick inside his mouth. He slowly started to lick along Calvin’s chest, making his way to his nipple. He flicked It in his tongue, while Calvin let out a wince. He then moved down along his abs, feeling içerenköy escort every one of them with his tongue; finding every crevice on the man’s chiseled body. He finally made it to his crotch, and amidst a short patch of pubic hair, Calvin’s cock stood straight up. Pre-cum oozed out of the tip and shined in the partially dark room, much like his did last night. His mouth started to water as he looked at the huge cock in front of him. He was ready; he gently grabbed Calvin’s ball sack and fondled it in his left hand. He then leaned closer, and with one motion, licked Calvin’s cock from the base to the head. He savored the slight saltiness of the pre-cum as he continued to flick his tongue along the head. He looked up and saw Calvin intently watching him. Without fear, he shoved his head down Calvin’s dick, getting it as far as he could without gagging. Calvin nearly sprang up as he felt the head of his cock hit the back of Ashton’s mouth.

Ashton continued to deep throat for a few more seconds before he let up and caught his breath, “Fuck. Your cock is so big.”

Calvin let out a smirk, “And it’s all yours.” Ashton smiled, and licked his lips as he went down on Calvin’s dick. He went down halfway and started sucking in. He could feel it against his cheeks, and licked every inch of it with his tongue. Every few seconds or so, he could take it all in, driving Calvin crazy.

Ashton was now ready for more. He stopped what he was doing and look over at Calvin, “I want you to fuck my mouth.” They both stood up, and after a quick kiss, Ashton got down on his knees. He placed Calvin’s cock back in his mouth, and Calvin started to thrust towards his face. Ashton opened wide, letting out his tongue. Calvin pumped his hips back and forth, letting his cock go all the way in an out of Ashton’s eager mouth. Ashton gagged with the first few strokes, but started to feel the rhythm. He leaned his head back a little, allowing the cock to go deeper inside. Streams of spit started to drip down Ashton’s mouth, and the sight of it turned Calvin on more. Calvin started thrusting faster, making Ashton’s spit fly all over the floor. He then placed his hands at the back of Ashton’s head, and using it to brace himself, started fucking his mouth even harder. Ashton closed his eyes as Calvin thrust harder and harder. Ashton felt Calvin’s ball tighten and knew that he was close. Just when he thought his lover was going to cum, Calvin quickly pulled out. His dick throbbed between his legs, wanting release.

Ashton caught his breath, “Why’d you stop?”

Calvin lifted him to his feet, “Because I want to fuck you.” Ashton let out a mischievous grin as Calvin pushed him on the bed. Ashton laid back with his knees pointed and spread, making room for Calvin. He knelt on the bed and slowly lifted Ashton’s knees. Calvin slowly lifted Ashton’s ass up so that it was right up against his lips. He looked at Ashton who had a slight nervousness on his face, then licked the interior of his ass from below his ball sack to the other end. Calvin could taste a slight saltiness and most of all, he could taste Ashton’s skin. He stuck his tongue out more and started to go a little deeper.

Ashton let out a quiver when he felt Calvin’s warm tongue inside his asshole, “Fuck.” Not wanting to break away, Calvin pushed the tip of his tongue inside the small opening of Ashton’s ass. He then starting licking all over, lubricating Ashton’s crack with his spit. He did so while looking up at Ashton who had closed his eyes and leaned his head back. He could tell by the swelling boner just above his forehead that his lover was being satisfied. Wanting more, he lifted his finger and stuck it in his mouth, coating it with fresh spit. Watching Ashton’s reacting, he slowly stuck it all the way in his hole.

Ashton let out a sigh “Damn. That feels so good” Ashton confidently responded, “Just wait ’til you feel me inside you.” He then starting fingering Ashton’s hole, going as far as he could then pulling all the way out. He saw that Ashton’s pink little hole grew darker from the fingering. Calvin went back to licking Ashton’s hole, seeing how good his tongue made him feel. Ashton’s was the fire ass he had ever eaten, and he could very well go on for hours. There was something about the taste that he couldn’t describe; he just knew that he loved it and he wanted to savor it with every lick. Ashton was getting wild on the other end, not being able to handle the feeling of a wet tongue on his most sensitive area. With Ashton’s hole slightly bigger, Calvin knew that he was ready. He stood up to his knees and gently placed Ashton’s ankles on his shoulders. He lifted his ass so that it was just touching the head of his dick. He teasingly ran the tip along his ass.

Ashton surprisingly grabbed Calvin’s wrist and demanded, “I’m ready. Fuck me now.” Knowing that this was Ashton’s first time and the he, himself had never been with anyone, he was ready to fuck him bareback. He lifted his hand and spat in his mouth, then spread it all over his dick which had turned red from throbbing. Keeping eye contact, he slowly inserted his penis into Ashton’s virgin hole. Ashton breathed harder as he felt the slight pain rush all over his body.

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