Sibling Love

Ass Up

Sibling LoveBeing a Fiction story, I have had a wider use of sexual expresion than my true story’s. i hope you enjoy.From playing with play doe in my early years, I have been interested in sculpting, I would make silly little things that after a few years would end up in the bin, reaching 13 years of age, and my hormones running wild, I actually made a cast of my cock and balls, fully erect, of course, from there i moved to bigger things. Then I moved onto using candle wax to sculpt, this would be encased in clay and the wax melted out, then plaster-of-paris poured in, this way I could get fine detail into my work, this was especially good when I was casting a****ls. Growing in skills I started using plaster bandage, silicon rubber, resin and even a type of dental gel, and polystyrene, each having it’s own unique advantage for some projects.At 16, I started making my own chess set, needing 16 pawns and two each of the other pieces it was a mould I made to use over and over again. I had now started doing commissions for family and friends, one request I had was to make a cast of a breast, he wanted this for a door bell push. I managed this by using a shop mannequin, I had to embellish the nipple and aureole a little but it came out right.Six months passed and he asked me to make a full body cast for him, the effect he wanted was of a female half out of a wall, he used the Star Wars scene of Hans Sole image of him froze in the silicon as an example, the mannequin I had was only the torso, so this wouldn’t do, I did try getting a full body one but they were too expensive, I tried polystyrene sheets but the cast didn’t come out. I was thinking of all ways to get what he wanted when he came to the rescue, “Use my wife” I was unsure of this but she came on the phone saying she would be ok with me using her for the cast. So it was arranged I went over on the Saturday to make the cast, needing some help I talked my 12 year old sister, Jenny into going with me, the twenty pounds I would pay her helped.Getting to John’s, Helen answered the door, she was wearing a long dress with buttons up the front, her long light brown hair d****d over her shoulders, she looked stunning. “Sorry Phil, but John has had to go to work a machine has broken down, but we can still carry on” she showed us into the lounge, she had towels and a sheet on the table, was a little uncomfortable but she seemed so calm I was soon relaxed, “John has told me what he wants” at that she started unfastening the button on her dress, she saw my confused expression, “It’s alright, John want’s me nude, this way all my bumps and skin texture will be captured” unfastening the last button she slipped the dress off her shoulders, she was totally naked underneath, I was immediately rock hard, I looked at Jenny, by her expression I could see she was surprised that a woman who we both hardly knew was naked in front of us.I had Helen lay on the floor and I told her I would have to cover her with baby oil to stop the casting material from sticking to her, Jenny had to help my put this on, she was as nervous as I was as we rubbed the oil over Helen, when it came to her vagina Helen just told Jenny to carry on, I think touching Helens vagina was turning her on as much as I was.With Helen prepared I set to applying the silicon rubber, as I was doing this Jenny asked to use the bathroom, I gave it no thought and work fast so I could cover Helen before the rubber started curing. It would take up to an hour for it to fully go off so all we could do was sit around talking; my erection had eased, but not by much. When it was time I carefully peeled the rubber off Helen, seeing her tits once more sent my cock shooting to full blow again. Bit by bit I eased the rubber from her and finally she was free, she lay there for a few minutes shivering, she then started rubbing herself with a towel to clean off the grease, I had packed my things up and was ready to return home to finish the casting in my work shop. Helen asked if I was alright, “Yeah, why shouldn’t I be”? she moved to me and dropped her hand to the front of my trousers, “I don’t think you are” taking a sharp breath and raising my pitch a little I told her I was fine “”Believe me, your not” without further ado she slipped the zip down and eased her hand into my trousers, I froze, I couldn’t believe what she was doing, her fingers closed around my cock and she squeezed it gently, “I can’t let you go home like this” her other hand was now unfastening the belt and top clasp, as my trousers drop I heard Jenny gasp, I looked back, “Don’t worry about Jenny, I bet yours isn’t the first cock see seen” at that she dropped to her knees and kissed my cock, then slowly closed her mouth over the head, she bobbed back and forth taking more of my length into her mouth each time, until I hit the back of her throat, not once did she gag, I was just stood there looking down at Helen, I heard a whimper from Jenny and turned to look at her, she was leaning against the wall, one hand down the front of her panties, her fingers obviously working frantically on her pussy.I didn’t know where to look now, at Jenny or Helen bobbing on my cock, so my head moved one way then the other looking at each of them, it wasn’t long before I felt the tingling and my cock swelled in Helens mouth, she looked up and gave a little nod, this was all I needed and I blew my load, she pulled back a little to make room for my seed before she swallowed every last drop, I looked at Jenny, she was in the after glow of her orgasm. My cock stopped twitching and Helen pulled back, standing she asked how long before the cast would be ready, “About two week” “Ok, I need a shower, you can see yourselves out” at anadolu yakası escort that she left the room, I pulled my trousers up and loaded the things in my car, on the ride home Jenny was quiet, usually she’s chatting away and I can’t get a word in edgewise. Back home she went to her room and went down the work shop, I knew if I made a start on the cast now I would make a mistake, so I put it aside and worked on something else. Jenny came down with a drink for me and hung around, I knew she wanted to ask me something but wasn’t sure how to ask, so I made it easy for her by asking what she wanted, “Its what happened at Helen’s, I can’t stop thinking about it” “What’s the problem”? “It’s when she was sucking your cock and I was touching myself, you wont tell mom or dad will you” “I chuckled, “Why would I tell them, it’s your body and besides, if I told you could tell on me” I don’t think she had thought about this because she smiled and seemed to relax.She came over to me and hugged me, “You’re the best brother in the world” “Oh I wouldn’t say that” “I would” she looked at what I was working n and asked when I was going to finish the cast for John and Helen, “Maybe tomorrow, I need to relax so I don’t mess it up” “Is this the first one you’ve done”? “Yeah and I need to check things before finishing it” she rested her head on my shoulder, “You know what you need” “No” “You need to work on another one to practice on” “Do I now, and where am I going to get another body cast from for that”? “You can use me” I turned my head to look at her, she wasn’t joking, I could see this in her eyes, “You would do that for me” “Of course I would, I’ve told you, you’re the best brother any girls could wish for” “When do you suggest we do this”? “How about when mom and dad go down the club tonight” I remembered they were going for a meeting to protest against a new industrial incinerator being built up the road, and this could take some time. “Ok then, after they gone” she hugged me again and left, I watched her skip up the path to the house.We had our evening meal and I went back to my work shop and started sorting out some silicon rubber, I wasn’t sure if Jenny would actually come down, but if she did I wanted to be ready. Half an hour passed and Jenny walked in, “They’ve gone and Sarah has gone to Michele’s, Sarah being our 19 year old sister, I had a couple of work benches and scaffolding boards, I set these up as a table for Jenny to lay on, she had brought towels down with her, “Ready”? she asked, “I am if you are” she smiled and giggled as she started undressing, I couldn’t believe she was so calm, down the her bra and panties she looked down at my crutch, I was supporting an erection.Reaching behind her back so unfastened her bra, shaking her arms forwards she let it slip from her shoulders, I gasped as the mounds of her tits came into view, they were beautifully round and firm pointing towards me, her nipples were a pinkish brown and were beginning to swell into little nuggets right before my eyes. She took a deep breath before she hooked her thumbs into the top of her panties and bent forwards, sliding them down to the floor. She stepped out of them and stood up, her pubic mound exposed to me, I let my eyes roam over her sex, fascinated by the crop of fine light brown hair that covered the covered the long darker slit that disappeared between her long slender legs. I lay the towels on the boards and she hopped up on them, she sat on the edge for a few seconds, her legs open to me, laying back I started covering in baby oil, with each touch of my hand her nipple hardened, and she trembled a little, moving down to her hips she parted her legs, I looked up at her she was smiling and seemed so relaxed, as I put the oil across her pubic mound she pushed her hips up a little, I let my middle finger stiffen and slide into the folds of her skin, she gasped as I tenderly worked on her little clitoris, which grew ever harder.Her legs slowly opened wider, I ran my hand up her mound, finger deep into her, her hips bucked, she let out a whimper and moaned as my finger moved in and out of her body, I felt her muscles tense slightly, she was going to cum, I stopped short and pulled my finger from her body, I looked up to her face, her eyes were closed and she had a look of contentment on her face. She continued to twitch and move on the boards as if I was still inside her.I needed more, so lifting her a little I turned her so she was on the edge of the boards, her legs hanging over the side, with out warning I opened her labia with two fingers and dived in, clasping my mouth over her pussy, inserting my tongue where my fingers had just vacated, her hands automatically came down and rested on my head, “Oh b*o” I lapped at the opening to her vagina, like a dog lapping water.She cried out as I caressed her clitoris with my tongue, louder and louder as my tongue delivered her pleasure she had never before known. I could feel her juices flowing freely around my nose and into my mouth, I pressed hard into her, her body was moving with more urgency now, matching the movements of my tongue. Her body stiffened, her back arched and her hips press hard into my face, she lets out a moan as I feel the ripple of her orgasm surge through her body. I stand and unfasten my trousers, as they hit the floor I kick them off, Jenny sits up and hugs me, looking down she sees my cock, smiling she reaches out and tentatively and with some trepidation takes it in her hand, she feels the involuntary jerks as she touched it, she moved her hand up and down my shaft a few times before she sank to her knees and taking a deep breath, she took the ataşehir escort first couple of inches into her mouth, it was obvious she hadn’t done this before, but having seen Helen do it she knew what had to be done. Her lips pushed backwards and forwards across the head of my cock, gradually more and more disappeared into her small mouth, this inexperience made this act all the more exciting. She stopped for a second as the tip probed the back of her throat almost making her gag. She pulled away then started to kiss and lick its length. My hips started bucking as hers had done, the waves of pleasure started rushing through my body and down into my scrotum, I felt them tighten, “I’m gonna cum” with that my cock twitched and the first spurt shot from the head and coated the roof of her mouth, a second and third filled her mouth, she was both surprised and frightened as she felt my cream wash around her mouth, she moved back and swallowed, the final few drops of cum dripped onto her tongue, she ran this around her mouth before swallowing this.Standing I pulled her close and locked our lips together in a lovers kiss, our tongues searching the others mouth, breaking our kiss she brought me back down to Earth saying “I think we should finish the body cast before mom and dad get home” she saw the disappointment in my face, kissing my nose she said “Don’t worry we have all day Monday” I gave her a puzzled look, then I remembered the School and college were closed for polling day.She hopped up on the table and covered her in the silicon rubber, an hour passed and it was set, I was peeling it from her when mom came down, she was worried at us not being in the house, seeing Jenny stretched out covered in the rubber she just asked if this was to help me with John’s piece, “Yes mom, I needed to try it out first so I didn’t mess it up and Jenny offered her help” as far as mom knew Jenny had a bathing costume on so she wasn’t concerned. Before leaving she asked how long we would be, “About half an hour” with her gone I finished peeling the rubber from Jenny, she cleaned herself down with the towels and dressed, it was too late to do any work so we went in and turned in for the night. I had a job getting to sleep, thinking over the days event’s, Helen had been great, but Jenny, that was mind blowing, I never thought my little sister would do anything like that, and then saying there was more to come Monday. Bright and early I was up Sunday, and was in the work shop mixing the plaster for the cast of Jenny, when Sarah came down, she passed a few minutes in general chit chat then said she had a big favour to ask me, I asked what it was, “You know I’ve not had a boyfriend for some time now, daddy seems to scare then off” I nodded wondering where this was going, “Well as you might guess I’m not getting any pleasure either, if you know what I mean” she looked into my eyes and knew I knew what she was referring to “Well I need something to help pleasure myself” “Can’t you visit a adult shop”? “I did, but all those things need batteries and they make too much noise and being plastic they just don’t feel real” “So what do you want me to do”? “Is there any way you could make me something” I told her to leave it with me and I would see what I could do, she hugged me and left me to get on with the task in hand.The cast turned out really good, I was thankful in a way as dad saw it, that there was no face to it and he wouldn’t know what his daughter looked like naked, or at least I hoped he wouldn’t. Monday morning I was still in bed when mom and dad went off to work, Sarah came up to see if I had done anything for her, “Sorry, I’ll see what I can do today” with that she was off to work, ten minutes later Jenny entered my room, jumping on the bed she asked how I was “Good thank, how are you” “I’m good too and ready to fuck” talk about being forwards, “Well then what are you doing dressed”? I pushed the sheets back to revel I was already naked, Jenny pulled her night dress up and dropped it on the floor, she was now naked, laying beside me we kissed and I slipped my hand between her legs, she dropped her hand to my growing cock, “You know I’m still a virgin, will it hurt when you fuck me”? “It might hurt a little at first, but then it will ease and be pleasurable” we lay together kissing and touching each other for a few minutes, then I slipped down the bed, she opened her legs immediately for me, as I tongue fucked her she ran her finger threw my hair, moaning “Oh b*o, Oh b*o, I like that and could let you do it fore ever” her back arched and she shook as she had a tremendous orgasm, I wanted to get in her, now, I kissed her thigh and licked up to her navel, then inch by inch I kissed each part of her, stopping to give her nipples a nip, as I kissed her my cock probed her slit, I knew from her orgasm she was wet enough for me to enter her.I pushed a little, I saw her eyes open wide in surprise, she pulled me tighter to kiss me harder, her pussy tightened around my cock for a few seconds, was this trying to keep me out or just testing the water, so to speak, I eased a little more into her, I felt the walls of her small pussy tense and I thrust one last powerful thrust and felt my cock ram up against her cervix. She let out a cry and came with a force much greater than before. I too tensed as her climax gripped me inside of her and felt a stream of liquid rush through into her body, a few more strokes emptied me completely, I was annoyed with myself for not lasting longer, but Jenny didn’t seem bothered. Her muscles contracted around me a few more times then relaxed, she looked into my eyes, “Wow b*o, what an orgasm and you fill my little cunt” ümraniye escort I kissed her “there’s more if you want” she pulled my head down and kissed me hard as she let me go she said “Do I want’ you ask me that, I want all you can give me” remaining buried deep in her I pulled back a little and thrust back into her, with a steady rhythm I made love to the most beautiful girl in the world, my little sister, her hips bucked beneath me to meet my probing cock, “Fuck me b*o, Please fuck me” she moaned into my ear, picking up my pace the bed was bouncing under us, the head board was banging against the wall, it was a good job no one was home.She went wild bucking against my cock, “Don’t stop, don’t stop I need to cum” her little pussy clamped tight and I went over the top, my cock shot what felt like a gallon of cum into her, she was sweating and grunting, trying to tell me how much she loved me but just garbled words came out, her soft satin like vagina caressed my cock and she had a ground shattering climax, we turned onto our sides facing each other looking lovingly into each others eyes, my cock slowly slipping from her, we were too exhausted to talk, but what was there to say, we lay there for half an hour recovering then she slipped out of bed, “Coming for a shower”? I was one step behind her, we showered and dried off, not bothering to get dressed we went down for breakfast, we sat on the settee cuddling watching the TV for a while then she slipped between my legs, kissing my cock she nodded her head, I replied with a nod, her tongue danced over my cock head and peeling the foreskin back opened my pee hole, I want some and slipped beside her, getting into the 69 we devoured each other for half an hour before fucking again.We rested again then I said I should get to work on the cast, Jenny went with me and between kissing and grouping I managed to get Helens cast done.Stopping for lunch Jenny was all over my again, with a raging erection I remembered Sarah’s request, I had some new rubbed moulding and thought this would make a good cock for Sarah, Jenny covered my cock with the moulding solution and giggled when I told her it was to make Sarah a cock so she could fuck herself with it, she said through tears of laughter, “I wonder what she would do if she knew it was a model of your cock she would be fucking herself with” I made the cast and while this was setting Jenny and I fucked again, it was nearing time for our parents to get home so we cleaned up and dressed, later I made the rubber solution and poured it into the cast of my cock.Seeing Sarah later she gave me a questioning look, I nodded and told her later, after our evening meal I went to see how the cast had come out, I was amazed myself at how good it looked, thinking about it we are a little like women in that we don’t really look at our own sexual organs, they are there and we know what they are for, we touch them but don’t look.Later that night I slipped Sarah a box, she smiled and mouthed to me “Thank you” half an hour later she went to bed, Jenny jumped on the settee beside me, “Want to come and play the new video game with me”? as we crossed the landing we could hear soft groans from Sarah, holding my arm she giggled, “looks like she putting your cock to good use” in her room jenny slipped her hand into my trousers and said, “She might be enjoying the toy, but I have the real thing” we did manage to play the game before turning in.For a month when we could Jenny and I had sex, and each night I could hear Sarah grunting and groaning, If only she knew. Our parents were having a long week end away, taking in a show and meal, when they had left Sarah came into my room, Jenny was already with me, I was making a cast of her hands, to make a stand for her jewellery, sitting on “I guess you’ve hear me most night’s having fun” we nodded “Well I just cant get enough of that cock you made me, it’s so big and life like” she looked at us both, “I wish I had meet him before now, I would have fucked him to a stand still” Jenny giggled, “What you giggling for” Jenny looked at me and looking Sarah in the eyes said “You have, if only you knew” “What. Come on tell me” “You have met him, but you don’t know” “Tell me, who is it” Jenny shuffled over to me and slipped her hand into my trousers, Sarah looked shocked, “b*o her was the model for the cast and I should know as I helped him and I’ve been getting it in my pussy for months” “NO, you joking” I stood at Jenny’s gentle nudge. She unfastened my trousers and helped me out of them, my cock stood to attention immediately, Sarah sat there her eyes fixed on my cock.Turning to Jenny she asked “Months”? “Yes, months and I’ll tell you, you know you’ve been fucked when he’s done” Sarah stood up, I thought she was leaving but she stripped off, “Come on and show me” having one sister was good, but two was totally mind blowing, we slept together that night, well sleep didn’t come into it. When the girls finally went for a shower, I was dry, not one drop of cum was in me, but on their return from the shower they wanted my tongue dancing over their clit’s. I was thankful our parents were due home so I could recover.I finished Helens cast and John thought it was fantastic, so much so he wanted one of Helens vagina, this was the start of my collection, Sarah and Jenny would help me groom girls and I would get a cast of their pussy’s, some I would have to pay for, other I would fuck, to date I have about a hundred casts, my last was John’s 7 year old daughter, she wanted a cast of her hands, feet and legs, for something she was doing at school, when she was over here I left a few pussy casts out and she asked about them, when I told her what I was doing she asked if I wanted a cast of her pussy. As long as she is living near she has agreed to come about every two years so I can make another cast, this will show how she is developing. I can’t wait for the next one. In the mean time I will continue casting as much pussy’s as I can, with help from Sarah and Jenny of course.

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