Slave to Love Ch. 02


For those of you who have been so patient in waiting for my computer to become fixed and this part of the story to finish being edited, thank you! I worked hard on this story for you guys. 🙂

Welcome to my world! As always, here comes the disclaimer. You just can’t live without those, can you? My stories are almost always fantasy based, (vampires and werewolves and angels, Oh my!) and this one is no different. This story holds strong BDSM themes as well as Slavery, polyamoury and romance. Mind you, my depiction of Slavery is *not* real life based, it is fantasy, my idea of what real slavery might be like in my fantasy world.

If you choose to get into the real world scene, do your research, make sure you have safewords and stay completely safe, sane, and consentual. That said, if none of the above bothers you, enjoy the second installment of “Slave to Love”.

Eko woke slowly, a haze of dazed bemusement clinging to his consciousness as he gently clawed his way into full wakefulness. At first, he didn’t remember where he was, where he’d been, what he’d done. He blinked sleepy eyes, and then realized suddenly that his world was cloaked in blackness. This realization brought him to full alertness at once with a gasped indrawn breath and a shake of his head.

“Sit still, little bird.” The sound of that voice, his voice, Eko recognized his new Master and sudden mixed fear and longing skittered along his spine and coiled in his belly.

Eko didn’t move, he remained perfectly still as his Master had commanded, his heart in his throat. A moment passed with nothing but silence and Eko took that time to assess his situation. He was blindfolded, some soft material covering his face but leaving his mouth and nose free. His hands were up above his head, soft fur-backed shackles encircling each delicate wrist and holding his hands up, though not so tight as to cause discomfort.

He shifted slightly, taking stock of the two shackles curling sinuously around each of his wing bases. As he fluttered them, the soft fur backing those shackles caressed that most sensitive place and he made a soft whimper before quickly stopping that particular movement. It was then that Daman made his presence known once more by the deep rumbling chuckle that sounded as Eko tried to grow accustomed to the bondage.

“You like those special shackles, don’t you, little bird?” he nearly purred his pleasure. “Flutter your wings again.” Daman commanded.

Eko gulped the lump of despair in his throat at the command. He didn’t want to, he didn’t, god no it was all to humiliating. “P-please M-master.” He stammered, begging for mercy as he stayed utterly still, trembling.

The rebuke came wordlessly and brutally swift. Eko had a moment to register that something was happening when he felt a gust of wind and hear the sound of something being flung through the air before the sharp sting of lashes landed strategically on the back of his thighs, just bellow his already sore and abused rump. He cried out, tossing his head and uttering a heart wrenching sob, his little hands curling about the chains that held him up so they didn’t yank on his arms.

“Flutter your wings.” His voice was soft, almost gentle. It was a caress that soothed the stinging of the mark on his thighs despite Eko’s desire to hate the man who had caused them to occur in the first place.

He did as he was bade, his wings moving just enough that those shackles caused electric sparks to slide and glide up and down his spine and out to the very tips of his wings. He gasped, letting out a little bit of a moan, trying to clamp his mouth shut on the traitorous sounds, only to have them bubble up past his lips despite his best efforts.

Daman watched. There was something incredible in the little creature before him doing as he was told, but what was even more stunning was the way that his head tilted back. His mouth opening in abandon as the pleasure coursed through his body. Taking away the young man’s ability to see made him more real, and less restrained despite the fact he thought he was holding back by smothering his sounds.

Stepping forward, Daman held two pieces of jewelry in one large palm. His hand kept the small bells attached to the jewelry from sounding aloud so that Eko had no idea what was coming. Daman leaned down, flicking his tongue out against the flat little nipples adorning the young man’s chest. The first immediate reaction made him smile slowly as he sucked hard and nipped to draw it to full attention. Eko arched and let out a surprised gasp of intense pleasure, and Daman moved to the next nipple to do the same, causing him to squirm against his bonds.

A moment later, Daman was attaching the two nipple clamps to Eko’s tiny nipples, the pain biting and intense, but just on the line where the pleasure still leaked through the discomfort to confuse and keep him off guard. What was really overwhelming was the humiliating chiming of the bells each and every time Eko had the bad sense to move, and soon a deep flush slid along the entire length of his tecavüz porno body.

“N-no, please!” Eko gasped, making a tortured little sound deep in his throat, his heart racing, thudding in his chest so hard he was sure that it could be heard down the street.

“Oooh, Come now, it’s not so terrible as all that, little bird.” Daman replied, kneeling in front of the young man so he could begin to trail his lips slowly along his chest. Soft licks, gentle nips and kisses caressed along that soft skin, and soon Eko was trembling with mixed hate and desire coursing through his veins.

“W-why?” Eko stammered helplessly, writhing against the tight restraints, against his Master.

“Does it matter?” Daman whispered, arching an eyebrow, and Eko gave a hoarse sob.

Daman smiled.

Anyone less tender and the vampire would be fucking his brains out on the rough coverlet of his bed, but Eko needed a tender hand, and Daman was giving it to him, though the boy didn’t realize it at this point. Soon, soon he’d realize it.

Large hands slid sensuously along the line of Eko’s legs, over his hips, around to his rear, and then he felt fingertips lightly trailing that tender crease between his two cheeks. He stiffened instantly, and fear permeated the room in roiling waves that made Daman nearly mad with need and hunger.

“So frightened?” He growled, “You already know I won’t rape you, though I should just to sate my hunger for you, despite the fact that I made you such a promise.” His voice was rough, violent, and it made Eko’s blood run cold, chilling him to the very bone.

“Please, please no, M-Master.” Eko began to repeat again and again, trembling in terror.

Daman ignored him.

Fingers went from caressing to parting those cheeks, and soon that gentle touch was brushing maddeningly over his opening. Despite himself, Eko’s head went back and he moaned deep in his throat, and then the simple fact he couldn’t quiet his lust had him sobbing pleadingly. It felt so good, so incredibly good, he wanted more but not like this, not like this.

“Did I hurt you last night?” Daman asked, chiding.

“Y-yes!” Eko replied immediately.

The answer surprised Daman so much that for a moment he stopped everything, causing Eko to wonder if he’d said something truly wrong in answering truthfully. The silence spread for only a moment though before Daman suddenly burst out in a crisp masculine laugh that rumbled throughout the room.

“Well, I suppose that was an honest answer, but I don’t think I really hurt you. You fell asleep curled in my lap, content and dare I say happy?” He purred out, glancing up in time to see Eko’s cheeks flush a brilliant scarlet.

“N-no!” Eko lied, crying out the one word like a shield, as though it would protect him from the truth of what Daman spoke.

“Don’t start lying to me now, your earlier honesty was a refreshing treat. Most don’t have the courage to tell me that I hurt them. You seem to do nothing but tell me that I hurt you.” Daman growled out, chuckling deeply and shaking his head, though Eko couldn’t see it blindfolded as he was.

“Y-you h-hurt me.” Eko stammered

“And you liked it.” Daman countered.


“Then why were you hard and throbbing with every spanking I gave you?” Daman purred out.

Eko squirmed at the question, uncomfortable because that was something he’d been uncertain about as well. Why had he been hard? Why had he needed his Master by the end of the evening as badly as he had? What twisted sort of soul was he?

“I… I don’t kn-now!” He finally cried out, whimpering softly.

Daman moved one hand up to fully engulf the length of Eko’s erection in his large palm, the young man moaned. “Because you liked it, Eko.” Daman said gently, finding his resistance to this truth more than adorable, but downright alluring.

“I… I… I don’t w-want t-to.” Eko whispered, his breath catching in his throat and making his words shudder out from between his lips unsteadily. “I’m s-scared.” He said a moment later, and Daman’s heart contorted in his chest in a manner that he was quite unaccustomed too.

“Don’t be. You’re safer with me than with any other master who could have purchased you, Eko.” Daman found himself comforting the younger man despite himself. He shouldn’t be comforting him. He should be enjoying the beautiful sounds of his terror, the scent of it, the taste of it on his tongue every time he tasted the boy.

“Y-you h-hurt me!” Eko argued, shaking his head in a manner that had his hair flying in all directions.

“Yes, and you like it.” Daman repeated, and then before the boy could deny it once more he dipped his head down and engulfed his cock in the hot confines of his mouth. Eko cried out immediately, his legs giving out beneath him so that the chains above him held his small form up.

Daman swirled his tongue around the thick head of Eko’s cock, slow lazy strokes, then drew him further into his mouth inch by painful inch while Eko made the sweetest 18 porno sounds deep in the back of his throat. Fangs lightly grazed that sensitive part of him, but Eko didn’t care, it only heightened the pleasure he was experiencing. He was on fire, and despite himself he found that he was skyrocketing towards orgasm at an alarming rate.

Never had he felt anything like this in his life. Nothing could be sweeter then the pleasure coursing through him, bar the experience he’d had the night before when Daman had bitten him. He rocked his hips forward, sliding himself between his Masters lips, trying to urge him to go quicker, but Daman put his big hands on his hips and held him still while he slowly licked and laved him like a lollipop.

Lust burned like fire in Daman’s veins, he wanted this little creature more then he’d wanted anything in his long life. He closed his eyes, savoring the sweet taste of Eko on his lips, on his tongue, and he gave a low groan deep in his chest that sent vibrations slithering along the cock in his mouth.

Eko’s breathing came quick and harsh, he shook his head again, trying to force back the orgasm that was building, but it was all for naught because it was coming no matter what he had to say on the matter. Daman could sense it, he could feel the buildup, he knew that Eko was too inexperienced to have much control and though he was loathe to stop he wasn’t ready for him to gain his release just yet. At the very last possible moment he drew back and let that glistening cock go completely.

“NO!” Eko cried, his hips rocking forward into the air, his body trembling, his breath rushing out of him like little gusts of wind on a stormy night.

“No?” It took real effort to not sound as breathy as he felt, but somehow Daman managed it well enough. “Oh well, I thought to distract you from your continued denials that you didn’t enjoy the things I did to you, I suppose you have proven to me that you will not be swayed.” Daman sighed deeply, sounding rather sad about it.

It took Eko a moment to register what he was saying, Gods above what was he talking about? And then it hit him that they had been having a conversation before Daman had done whatever magic he’d just done to him. Wits scattered, Eko tried to get his legs to work beneath him so as to take the strain off of his arms, and when he managed it with wobbly grace he turned his head in the direction he thought his Master was in.

“N-no…” he said weakly, shaking his head, but for some reason his mind wasn’t putting anything more articulate together in his head.

“Aah, there is that dreadful word again.” Once more, Daman sighed deeply, sounding terrible by Eko’s standards, though in truth he was smiling at the flustered boy. “When you decide that you do indeed wish to learn from me, and can admit that you enjoy the pain I have thus far given you, call for me and I shall come.” Daman said, and to Eko’s horror he heard the sound of receding footsteps.

He couldn’t get his mind to work fast enough, he wanted him to stay but humiliation kept his mouth shut on the matter. He couldn’t articulate that he wanted him to continue whatever he had been doing a moment ago, but not hurt him, and something told him that his Master might laugh at that request anyhow.

Eko’s heart leapt in his breast when he heard the footsteps stop, pause for a moment, and he hoped and prayed that his Master would return to finish what he’d started.

Instead, Daman spoke again and Eko’s heart sank. “I’m leaving Angel to watch and care for you while I am gone. Simply speak that you wish my company and my attentions and it will be so, little bird.” And with that the door opened, footsteps sounded, and then the door closed silently leaving Eko to let out a little sob of frustration and humiliation.

The fact that some one else was in the room didn’t register in Eko’s mind, not until soft hands began to stroke over his chest, causing him to still. Angel, his master had called her, was she allowed to touch him? Certainly not. He turned his head to the direction he heard soft breathing as those hands trailed silently to each of his aching nipples, tugging on the clamps and causing him to cry out softly, trembling and sobbing once more.

“P-please n-no!” he cried, shaking helplessly. The hands wordlessly continued their exploration, moving from his chest to slide around behind him. To his horror, he felt those hands beginning to stroke along his soft feathered wings, safely along the edges at first but slowly growing closer to the erogenous zones of his wing bases.

His breathing grew quicker, faster.

A warm naked body pressed to his, and he felt lips brushing the bend of his neck as those hands continued their torment. Eko shivered, and then dimly he realized that ‘Angel’ had no breasts. He felt a light stubble against his flesh. Angel was a man!

Just as that realization hit him, the other began to speak. “I was his favorite before you came.” He said softly, “One day, and you have taken up all of konulu porno his attention, all of his time.” He sounded young, and bitter, oh so incredibly bitter. “You don’t even understand what he is, how wonderful he is.” Angel continued, sounding love sick and wounded.

“Y-you c-can keep him.” Eko whimpered out, and the moment the words left his mouth he felt his heart clench tight in protest. No, he couldn’t feel love for his brutal master, no! But Eko had always been a tender sort, and he yearned for the touch of Daman’s hands more then he’d care to admit in such a short period of time. Lust, it couldn’t be love, no never!

“Oh, I will. He’ll tire of you, and he’ll be back to me in no time. You’re pretty, but you look too delicate to hurt. Who do you think he came to when you couldn’t satisfy him last night?” There was a smirking pride in the other boy’s voice, and Eko cringed internally. He hadn’t considered that he didn’t satisfy his Master, he had only thought of himself and his predicament. Now, said on Angel’s lips he found himself humiliated beyond words that he hadn’t been good enough to keep his Master with him the entire night.

Tears stung his eyes, caught by the blindfold for the most part though the tell tale wetness leaked from beneath the covering on his eyes and Angel laughed bitterly. “He’s mine.” He hissed softly, and then drew back from Eko’s helpless body. A few footsteps sounded as Eko strained to figure out what would come next, and the next thing he knew, he had hands on his ass again, but these weren’t nearly as gentle as Daman’s.

“Wh-what are y-you d-doing?” Eko stammered, trying to squirm out of the grip but it was no use trussed up as he was.

Angel didn’t answer, not in words at any rate, next thing he knew there were fingers slick with something cool at the tight virginal opening. Eko struggled harder.

Angel forced one finger into the tightness and then laughed at the cry of pain that brought with it. “No wonder you couldn’t satisfy him, you’re a virgin.” He whispered, forcing that finger further and further into the tight warmth of Eko’s ass as he tried hard to tighten and clench down, to keep him out, to keep him away. Unfortunately that only made all of this hurt even more and soon Eko was crying in earnest.

“P-please n-no! P-please! H-he p-promised n-no rape!” Angel paused at those words, and Eko thought that he’d stop, that it was over.

“He promised what?” Came the soft words.

“N-no rape.” Eko repeated, his ass burning fire and pain. This could not be a pleasant thing, making love or having sex. He would never willingly allow Daman to do this to him, not ever.

“He didn’t promise that.” Angel spoke harshly.

“Y-yes he d-did!” Eko wailed, brutal sobs tearing through his chest. There was a moment of silence and then the invading finger slid free.

Silence greeted Eko. Silence while Angel did the gods only knew what, and then there came one traitorous sound, a whimper. Eko strained so he could hear what was happening, he couldn’t believe that the angry young man would cry.

A sniffle came next, and then a moment later Eko’s flagging cock was taken in hand and gently stroked. Confusion raged inside of him, why was the other boy crying and why was he stroking him now with gentle touches rather then the violating touches he’d gotten moments ago?

“S-stop.” Eko pleaded, and then a soft moan escaped.

“I can’t, I have to do this. I shouldn’t even be talking to you.” Came the sullen reply, and Angel continued to dutifully stroke him with an expert touch that made Eko’s insides do flip flops as pleasure coursed along his spine.

“W-why c-cant you?” Eko managed to whisper out.

“It’s why he left me in here, you’re not allowed to go limp.” Angel replied, and Eko’s stomach dropped. “He won’t touch me for a week but to beat me if I don’t do as he says.” And something in the way that the other boy said those words made it clear that the beating was not nearly as bad as not being touched for a week.

“W-why d-do you w-want it?” Eko stammered out. Angel was quiet for a moment as if contemplating his answer.

“Cause I love him. An’ even if he doesn’t love me back, he does care about me.” Angel said softly.

“But he HURTS us!” Eko cried, his head hurting with the lack of logic this young man keeps expressing.

“Not really, Eko. He’s not so bad, he takes care of us and in return we make sure he’s happy. We love him, and he takes care of us. The master I had before him…” Angel stopped, swallowing audibly before he released Eko’s now hard length and pulled the blindfold up so the angelboy could see him. Eko gasped at what he saw.

Angel was small, only a little taller then Eko himself, and he had the most beautiful flame-red hair streaked through with copper, gold and orange. He wore it long, not as long as Eko’s but at least to mid-back. His lovely bright green eyes were ethereal, dark and yet wispy and light all at the same time as if they shifted so quickly the eye couldn’t register it but the brain did. He was almost as delicate as Eko, but he was older by a few years which took the softness from his face. His lips were full and sweet, looking at them made Eko remember what it was like to feel them against the bare skin of his neck, and he shivered unconsciously at the memory.

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