slave wife


slave wifeI always dreamed of watching my wife being fucked by a well hung guy. We role play in bed and one of our favorite “plays” is when she’s ****d by a man with a very large cock. I decided to set up the real thing without her knowledge because I know her and she would never agree to it.Our anniversary was coming up and we decided to go out to dinner and then get a honeymoon suite for some fun. Without her knowledge I found a man on Craigslist who was interested. I met him and told him that I wanted him to fuck my wife but she would pretend to fight him. He was ok with this but he wanted assurances and made me sign a paper saying this was a fantasy being play acted by the three of us. I signed the paper and then asked him to show me his cock. I wanted to make sure it was big enough. He showed me and I was impressed, it was at least 8″ long when it was flaccid. He said it grew to 10″ long and was very thick. It would be more than twice the size of my cock and I wondered if Kathy would be able to take it. We left to meet again tomorrow night at the hotel.The next night we went out to dinner and had a great time. I tried to get her to drink but she only wanted water. We went to our room and I ordered champagne and we each had a glass. I had to do something because James was going to be at our door in 15 minutes. I didn’t know what to do so I told her I wanted to tie her to the bed and pretend to **** her. She said ok and got naked and then I got a towel and tied her hands over her head. I then gagged her with a wash cloth. I just finished when I looked at my watch and saw it was time. I checked to make sure she couldn’t get loose and then went to the door. James was waiting outside and I let him in. I went back to my wife and told her I had a surprise for her. James walked in and her eyes got very big and she started to shake her head and try to get loose. I held her down and told her that our fantasy was going to come true no matter what. I told her if she calmed down I would pull the gag from her mouth. She calmed down and I pulled the gag out.”WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU THINKING; I DON’T WANT THIS YOU ASSHOLE! GET HIM OUT OF HERE NOW!””Honey, just this one time for me please. I’ve always dreamed about this and I know you did to. We play act this so I know you’ve thought about it.””THAT WAS FUCKING PLAY ACTING YOU ASS!””OK, I’ll put the gag back in.””NO! I can’t breathe with it in.””Then your ok with James?””NO FUCKING WAY!””Yes fucking way! James, show her what she’s going to get.”James took off clothes and finally pulled off his boxers and his soft 8″ cock was on display.”What do you think honey? Do you want some of that? Honey? Hello? Anybody home? KATHY?””Oh my god, it’s so big. Mark, I can’t do this. I don’t want this, please make him go away. It’s too big for me. I can’t believe you really want to watch me being fucked by another man.””I’m not only going to watch you being fucked by James but I’m also going to film it. James, come over here, it’s time to start.””NO! NO! NO! I’ll scream if you come one step closer!””NO YOU WON’T!” I grabbed the gag and started to put it in her mouth. “Do you want the gag? If you promise not to scream for help I won’t gag you.”She shook her head up and down and I took the gag out. “I can’t breathe you asshole. I won’t scream for help but this is fucked up. I don’t want this.”James got on the bed with my wife. They were both naked. Kathy is a beautiful Italian woman of 42 years. She is 5’2″ 135lbs and has firm 36B tits and has curves in all the right places. She is a brunette and her pussy is shaved. James is a large black man who is around 25 and must be 6’2” 220lbs and is all muscle.James finally says “Kathy, I want you to enjoy this. Please let me make you feel good. I promise I’ll be gentle and you’ll enjoy this more than anything you’ve ever experienced. Your husband Mark must really love you to set this up and try and please you.””He’s a selfish canlı bahis bastard! He’s a sick pervert for wanting this. I don’t want your cock, I only want his.””Kathy, you’re a beautiful woman, I going to start now.”I started the camera as James started licking her tits and then sucked on her nipples.”Mark, please, please stop this. I’m begging you. James don’t touch me, leave my tits alone, please don’t suck my nipples.””Honey, I’ll untie your hands if you promise to behave.””FUCK YOU BOTH!””That can be arranged before the night is over.”His cock was hard now and she was mesmerized by its size and kept staring at it while it grew to its full length and girth.”Kathy, I need to get you ready for my cock. It won’t hurt but I have to get your juices flowing.”I told James “there’s some KY on the dresser.”James got the KY and put it on his cock and stroked it until it was completely covered.”No guys, I don’t want this, please stop. I don’t want his cock in me. Mark, it will destroy my pussy.””Honey, you had three k**s come out of there, it will tighten up with time.”James then forced Kathy to spread her legs by putting his body between them and applied some KY on his fingers and stuck them up her pussy.”TAKE YOUR FINGERS OUT OF MY PUSSY YOU BLACK BASTARD! NOOOOO! OH, OH, OH!”James had pushed 3 fingers deep in her pussy and was moving them around getting the KY deep as possible.”Kathy, I’m going to stick my cock in your cunt now.””NOOOOO! Please no, I’ll do anything but this; I’ll suck your cock and swallow but don’t do this. It is ****, my husband never told me about this. Mark, tell him, PLEASE, I’m begging you.””Kathy honey, this is now between you and me. I’ll go easy and you’ll love it.”Kathy started to try and kick James but he just spread her legs and lifted her knees up and got between her legs and I got behind and underneath them so I could film the initial penetration. James placed his head against her pussy lips and pushed and his cock slowly entered her pussy. “NOOOOOOO! OH MY GOD IT HURTS! YOU’RE SPLITTING ME OPEN! STOP! I CAN’T TAKE IT. IT’S TOO BIG. PULL IT OUT!”I watched her pussy lips spread until his head was all the way in. It looked like a tight fit and her pussy looked like it was about to tear from the tightness.”JAMES, STOP, WAIT, OH, TIGHT, TOO BIG, OHHHHHH, OH MY GOD, NO, WAIT, STOP, DON’T GO DEEPER PLEASE NO, I DON’T WANT THIS, TAKE IT OUT. MARK, PLEASEEEEE HELP ME, HELP ME, MAKE HIM STOP, IT’S KILLING ME. OH, OH OH HELP ME SOMEBODY I’M BEING ****D!”I said, “SHUT THE FUCK UP KATHY! I’LL FUCKING GAG YOU IF YOU SAY THAT AGAIN! James, don’t move until she tells you and listen to her if she wants you to go slow but don’t listen if she tells you to pull out.” I then noticed that James forgot to put on a rubber. “JAMES! YOU FORGOT TO PUT ON A RUBBER! WHAT THE FUCK!””Mark, I forgot with all this excitement, I’ll fuck her for a while and then put a rubber on.””MARK!!!! I’LL GET PREGNANT! I’M AT THE PERFECT TIME TO GET PREGNANT! OH GOD NO! TAKE IT OUT NOW!”I didn’t think it would be a problem if he fucked her for a little while before putting a rubber on so I said “James, you can fuck her for little while bareback but don’t come in her.””OK Mark.””THIS IS CRAZY! I’LL GET PREGNANT YOU IDIOTS!””Kathy, just let me get my cock all the way in and fuck you for a few minutes and then I’ll put a rubber on.”We all got quiet waiting for Kathy to give James the go ahead to go deeper. I had a close up of her pussy with the cock head in it and her asshole. I suddenly saw her asshole start to spasm and I knew she was cumming. “OH MY GOD I’M CUMMING! FUCK! FUCK! IT’S SO BIG! AHHHHHHHHHH!”My wife has a special quality and it’s an explosive orgasm. She shoots cum out like she’s peeing. I got a great close up of it spraying all over James cock and groin. “Kathy, that was special, I love it when a woman cums on my cock but that was the first time I ever saw and felt that. I love it.””FUCK bahis siteleri YOU!””James, I don’t think Kathy was being very nice to you and is ever going to tell you to go deeper so you can go deeper if she cums on your cock. I think that’s a sign that she’s ready for more.””FUCK YOU BOTH!”James started to push in deeper.”OH! OH! OH MY GOD! FUCK! FUCK! TOO BIG! OH SHIT! AHHHHH! IT’S TOO BIG! AHHHHHH! PLEASE NO MORE, NO MORE, take it out, please.”James stopped again with half of his cock in her..”Kathy honey, I’ll stop again. You’re doing good honey, relax, it will go in easier.”I had a great shot of the penetration. His cock was now half way in, farther than I could go but it was the girth that was giving her the problem. Her cunt was stretched around the cock as tight as possible. They were quiet again and lay still for a few minutes until I saw her asshole start to wink again. She was cumming again and she never did this me, just holding still and cumming while I needed to fuck her long and hard for this to happen.”OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! OH MY GOD! CUMMING AGAIN! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! FUCKING HUGE COCK, TIGHT CUNT, MY CUNT TIGHT, OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! OH MY GOD!”She ejaculated again shooting cum all over the both of them.James pushed in deeper again.”OH! OH MY GOD! HOLY SHIT! Slow, go slow, it’s big, ohhhhhh, it’s getting better now.”James kept on pushing and finally was all the way in. It was unbelievable that my wife had taken this cock all the way in. It had taken 15 minutes to get it all the way in.”Kathy, do you like my cock yet?””It feels better now but I wish you’d pull it out. I never wanted this.”James now started to pull all the way out and her cunt lips pulled out with his cock. It almost looked like he was going to pull her pussy out of her body. His cock was almost completely out and then he started to push it back in and her pussy lips rolled back in.”OH! OH! OH! Untie my hands, please, I’ll behave.”James untied her hand while he fucked her long and slow. Her hands immediately went to her crotch and spread her pussy for him.”OH YEAH! That’s it. Oh my God that’s it. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! CUMMING AGAIN!She screamed and squirted again. The bed was a mess from all her cum but they just kept on fucking. The pace had picked up now and Kathy was fucking back hard. Her hands were on his ass pulling him in hard. Kathy started to kiss James now, frenching him while lifting her pelvis to allow him maximum penetration. I was a little worried that they were going too far without protection.”Kathy, James, maybe you should stop for a moment so James can put a rubber on.”James whispered into Kathy’s ear and they both started laughing.”No honey, I think we’re ok like this.”They both started giggling and then got back to a****l fucking. They were locked together with their lips and at the groin. James was deep inside her when I suddenly saw his cock twitch.”OH KATHY! OH KATHY! I’M CUMMING HONEY! I’M CUMMING IN YOUR SWEET TIGHT CUNT.”He jammed his cock in and shot load after load in my wife’s pussy while she pulled on him to get in deeper.”OH James, that’s it baby, give me your sperm, shoot it in me and knock me up.””NOOOOO! PULL IT OUT! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TWO DOING?””You wanted him to **** me so I let him cum in me to teach you a lesson. r****t don’t wear condoms so maybe you should have thought about letting him **** me. James, stay in me so none of your sperm leaks out.”They stayed coupled whispering and giggling to each other.”Mark, he’s bigger than you when he’s limp, it’s unbelievable. Did you see how many times I came; I’ve never done that with you. I wonder if you cock is too small for me.”They both really laughed at that..They kept on kissing and touching each other and finally James started moving his hips again. Shit, he was already hard again. My wife and James started to fuck again. They fucked for about 30 minutes with Kathy cumming many times and James finally dumping bahis şirketleri another load in her. They fucked all night long with James never having to pull out because his cock was so big even when it was flaccid. James must have dumped 5+ loads of cum in my wife’s pussy before they feel asleep with his cock still in her. I finally got tired of filming them so I went to sleep in the chair. I woke up to find them fucking again. They finally finished and James pulled his cock out of my wife’s pussy. His cock had been in her pussy for lord knows how many hours straight. Her pussy looked like raw meat; it was wide open, raw and red. It was completely filled with cum and she was careful not to spill any.”Mark, do you see what James has done to me? I’m his slut now. I’m going to wait until all his cum drains into my womb before I get up. Do you want to lick my pussy and taste his cum? Come on, just give it a taste.””FUCK YOU SLUT!””HEY! THAT’S NO WAY TO TALK TO MY LADY!””YOUR LADY! SHE’S MY WIFE!””She going to leave with me and we’re going to fuck for the rest of the weekend. I’ll bring her back home Sunday night.””WHAT!””That’s right honey, James is taking me to his house and we’re going to fuck until Sunday night and there’s nothing you can do about it. You should have thought this through, letting a big cock like that fuck me has opened my eyes. I don’t want your puny dick anymore. I’ll live with you for your money but James is now my lover.”I went towards Kathy but James stopped me, “Mark, I don’t want to hurt you but I will.” He grabbed my arm and almost twisted it off. I screamed in pain and they both laughed. “James, make him lick my pussy and eat your cum.””Mark, do it or I’ll tear your arm off.” He pulled me up by my arm and pushed me over to her pussy and pushed my head in there. “Lick it! NOW!”I started to lick her pussy; it was disgusting. It was wide open and his cum was everywhere. I could taste his cum and it was horrible.”James, make him suck the cum up and swallow it.”My wife was crazy, why was she doing this to me.James twisted my arm and I screamed again. “Suck the cum from her pussy and swallow it. I don’t want any of my cum to spill out from your mouth or her pussy, UNDERSTAND!”I started sucking the cum out of her pussy like I was sucking on a straw. It was the worst experience of my life. I finally got most of the cum out and I sat up. They both laughed at me as I wiped the cum off my face and they started to get dressed and they left.I went home and was in a daze until my wife came home the next night. She looked like she been fucking non stop since she left me.”Mark, I hope you learned your lesson. I let him have me and forced you to suck his cum from my pussy so you would know how I felt. How dare you let anybody have me. You don’t own my pussy.. I own it and I’ll decide when, where and who gets to put their cock in me..””Kathy, I’m sorry, it was a mistake.””Fucking right it was a mistake.””You let him cum in your pussy, now you’re going to be pregnant.””No I’m not, he told me he was fixed.””You stupid slut! I got medical tests from him to prove he was disease free and it also said he had a very high sperm count.””OH MY GOD! THAT ASSHOLE! I let him fuck me at least 20 times, shit, I’m going to be pregnant! YOU ASSHOLE, IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT!””Where do we go from here?””I’m going to fuck James all the time and you can watch whenever you want. I can’t even describe to you how great a big cock feels. I can’t stop even if I tried. You can fuck me when James isn’t around but he’ll probably be fucking me 3-4 nights a week. If I get pregnant by him then so be it. If you want to stop me from getting pregnant, maybe you should suck the cum from my pussy all the time.”She pulled her pants and panties off and spread her legs to show me her pussy. She pulled her pussy lips apart and his cum started to drip from her pussy.”Come on Mark; suck his cum from my pussy.” She stuck two fingers up her cunt and pulled a bunch of cum and put it in her mouth and sucked the cum off.”MMMMMMM, sure you don’t want some? It’s good and I know you liked it before.””FUCK YOU SLUT BITCH!”Oh my God! What have I done?

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