Stepdaughters Visit Ch. 04


It was seven thirty Sunday evening when I picked my wife up from the railway station.

“So how was your weekend? How’s Mary?” I asked Jane, Mary being her friend’s name.

“Mary’s fine, we had a really nice time, so good to have a catch up,” Jane replied as she fastened her seat belt.

“Glad you enjoyed it. You should do it more often,” I said and set off for the short drive home.

“Well I did suggest that she should stay with us next time. Anyway how was your weekend? Did Danni come round?” She asked.

“Well, yes she did, how did you know that?” I asked with surprise.

“I have to confess I did suggest that she should. I knew Sam wasn’t about and as I was away, well, I just thought it was a good idea,” Jane explained.

“You realise I feel really guilty about all this don’t you, it just doesn’t seem right!” I said.

“Don’t you realise how bad I feel that I can’t satisfy my own husbands needs any more. I don’t want you to feel guilty about anything. And remember I was the one who instigated the whole thing anyway!” Jane said and patted my thigh.

“Yeah I suppose, but even so, it still feels like cheating,” I said, still unconvinced.

“Well I honestly haven’t got a problem with it. If you had gone looking else where for it that would be different,” she said.

“You know I’d never do that,” I said.

“Yeah I know you wouldn’t love. Anyway you should enjoy it while you can, after all if Danni sorts things out with Sam that could be the end of it,” she said.

“Yeah I know and I really do hope they sort themselves out eventually. I would hate to see them split up. Sam would be a fool to let a girl like Danni to slip through his fingers,” I said.

“My thoughts exactly,” Jane agreed.

Arriving home we were both soon sitting in the lounge having a cuppa.

“I’m looking forward to my own bed tonight. Oh yeah by the way I was talking to Mary about this menopause thing and I think you’ll be pleased to hear that there could be light at the end of the tunnel,” she said.

“How do you mean?” I asked, not really sure what she meant.

“Well Mary hit the menopause before me and has come out the other side. She was telling me that she lost the urge the same as me, but now she says it’s come back with a vengeance!” Jane explained.

“Really!” I exclaimed, my interest growing.

“She quite shocked me actually. I mean she’s gone from shy retiring widow to, well I don’t know what you’d call it. She seems to be playing the field like she was a teenager again,” Jane said.

“That’s good to hear, good for her I say,” I said.

I didn’t really know Mary, I had met her at our wedding but I hadn’t seen her since. She had come across as very pleasant caring woman which was backed up by what Jane had told me of her. Tragically she’d lost her husband soon after that so I was genuinely pleased that she was enjoying life again.

“At least I’ve learnt there’s still hope that things will change, it might just take some time. In the meantime I’ll do my best to make sure you don’t miss out,” Jane said.

Those last words were to stick in my mind…

Before I knew it another week had passed and with another weekend approaching my mind turned to Danni. I realised that this was going to be the problem now, would or wouldn’t I be seeing her!

It dawned on me that our previous encounters had really come down to chance. Of course it had been helped by Jane but the rest had been decided by circumstance. The fact was that it was beyond my control. All I could do is wait and hope.

As it happened that weekend I was left disappointed. No Danni! But at least me and Jane* could enjoy a quiet weekend to ourselves. And we did but there was moments when I looked at my wife and wished we could finish our days like we used to, more often than not…

We were half way through the next week before Danni had came up in conversation. I hadn’t enquired after her, I would have felt awkward doing so but I was more than interested when it happened.

“I had a chat with Danni last night,” Jane said out of the blue.

“Oh yes! how is she?” I asked, playing down my interest.

“She’s okay but she’s still not happy,” she answered.

“So they haven’t sorted things out between them I take it?” I enquired.

“No it doesn’t sound like it. They spent the weekend together which makes a change, as you know Sam often works, so Danni was hopeful that they would have the chance for a proper talk,” Jane said.

“I take it it didn’t go well,” I said.

“No it didn’t. Danni said that Sam is so stressed and tired from work he just wanted a quiet weekend. To rub salt in to the wound Sam is away this weekend, something to do with work again!” she said.

“It’s not looking good is it!” I remarked.

“No it isn’t. They’re not talking at all now let alone having a serious heart to heart,” Jane said with concern.

I was genuinely concerned myself that the young couple were having a hard time but hearing Sam was away for the weekend I couldn’t help having purely selfish thoughts. canlı bahis Although I berated myself for thinking in such a way, the thought still survived.

It was Friday evening when Jane sat down beside me in the lounge. I had heard her talking on her mobile phone but she had been in the kitchen so I couldn’t hear the conversation.

“That was Danni, apparently she’s got a power cut and she asked whether you could help,” Jane said.

I looked at her suspiciously, “Oh yes!” I said.

“No it’s got nothing to do with me, she actually sounded scared. She’s always been afraid of the dark ever since she was a kid,” Jane said.

“Well there’s not much I can do if its a general power cut, has she looked to see if her neighbours lights are on?” I asked.

“Yeah she says it’s just her house. Honestly I know no more than you, all I know is she sounded genuinely worried,” she said.

“Lets see, what’s the time? Well I suppose I could take a drive, the traffic should be light this time of night,” I said. It was ten past eight.

“I could come with you!” Jane offered but didn’t sound too keen.

“No it’s okay love, by the time I get there, fixed the problem and driven home it will be past your bedtime. And I know what you’re like come ten o’clock, you’ll be out for the count wherever you are,” I said.

“You’re right of course. Well just make sure you drive carefully,” Jane said…

On the way to Danni’s I weighed up the facts. Of course what I really hoped was that Danni wanted me for another sexual encounter but I was reluctant to raise my hopes. Considering Jane knew nothing about it made me think maybe this wasn’t what I hoped it would be.

I arrived at Danni’s just before nine. The house was indeed in darkness while the rest of the street showed no sign of a problem. When Danni opened the door answering my knock I saw nothing but a beam of light from the torch Danni shone in to my face.

“Thanks so much for coming,” Danni said as I stepped inside.

“So what happened, did the power just suddenly go off or was you switching something on or plugging something in when it went?” I asked, in to the light from the torch that was still trained on my face.

“It just suddenly went off didn’t it Talia,” Danni said.

I hadn’t considered that anyone else would be there. I knew Sam was away so I was somewhat disheartened to find Danni wasn’t alone.

“Oh! you have company,” I said, trying not to show my disappointment.

“Yeah, I’ve told you about Talia haven’t I,” Danni said, still shinning the light at my face.

“Yes of course, Hello Talia,” I called out, unaware of where she was.

“Hello!” A small voice called back.

“Right so where is your fuse box?” I asked.

I now just wanted to get the problem fixed and get home. The fuse box was in the cupboard under the stairs. Danni opened the door and handed me the torch. It was no surprise that the main switch was off, but what had caused it to trip?

Checking the individual circuit breakers and finding none had tripped gave me no clue to the fault. All I could do is throw the main switch and see what happens. To my relief the lights came on, and stayed on.

“Well I don’t know why it tripped but… ,” I turned expecting to see Danni behind me but no one was there.

“We’re in here,” Danni called.

“I was just saying I don’t… ,” I walked in to the room where Danni’s voice had drawn me and was suddenly struck dumb.

There, sitting next to each other on a small two seater sofa was Danni and Talia. Not that that was what had left me speechless it was what they were wearing. They were both dressed in identical school uniforms.

“You were saying?” Danni said, a broad smile on her face.

“Err… oh yes, I don’t know why the electric tripped, perhaps it was a surge or something. Lets hope it stays on,” I said.

The two girls had certainly gone to some trouble. Dressed in white blouses, grey pleated skirts and knee high white socks they certainly looked the part. They even had grey and red striped ties tied loosely around their necks. The only thing missing were shoes.

“Thank you so much, can I get you a drink? We’ve just opened another bottle of wine,” Danni said.

“I’d better not, I’m driving,” I said.

“Oh yeah of course, I’ve got some coke!” Danni offered.

“Yeah okay,” I said.

I was still standing and couldn’t help notice Talia’s eyes darting between my face and crotch. Of course I’d seen pictures of the girl but now I studied her in the flesh. Her chest looked even bigger than I had noticed from her pictures and I soon realised why, she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Please, sit down,” Danni said as she arose from the sofa.

I sat down in the single armchair that faced side on to the sofa and watched Danni leave the room.

“Danni tells me you live close by Talia, do you live alone?” I asked.

“I share a flat and yeah it’s only a ten minute walk,” Talia answered.

“Here you go,” Danni said, returning with my drink.

“You live with your boyfriend?” bahis siteleri I enquired further.

“No I don’t have a boyfriend, I live with two other girls at the moment, can’t afford the rent by myself,” Talia explained.

I was having trouble keeping my eyes off of Talia’s chest. The top few buttons of her blouse were undone and although obscured my her tie I still caught a tantalising view. I tried not to stare but with the slightest movement her loose breasts would wobble around.

As I sipped at my coke I saw Danni nudge Talia with her elbow and mouth the word ‘ready’. They both then stood up and took up a position facing me side by side four or five feet in front of me with their hands behind their backs.

“Sir, the headmaster has sent us for our extra lesson, he said you had told him we were falling behind and needed help to catch up,” Danni said.

In my surprise I sat open mouthed while my brain tried to process what was happening.

“Sorry sir but we just can’t seem to grasp human biology by drawings and diagrams, perhaps a practical demonstration would help!” Talia said.

I’m not sure whether I smiled physically but I was certainly smiling inside. The girls had obviously rehearsed this whole scenario and within a few seconds my brain caught up.

“Well yes of course girls, I think that is an excellent suggestion. Now let me think!” I said.

Looking from Danni to Talia they both smiled, waiting for my instruction. I looked over my shoulder when I remembered seeing a small dining table before I had sat down, the room being a lounge-diner.

“Ah yes, now I think if one of you could sit up on the table we can start with the female anatomy,” I said.

Both girls rushed passed me giggling with excitement, their only hesitation was deciding which of them would sit on the table. By the time I had joined them Talia was lifting herself up, the decision had been made.

“Okay, so Tania, if you could just lay back on your elbows and Danni, come closer and we can start,” I said.

Watching Talia’s breasts bounce around while she got in to position coupled with the knowledge of what we were about to do was causing a bulge to grow in my jeans. I grabbed the hem of Talia’s grey skirt.

“Now the first thing to note is… Ah… Err… well the first thing to note of course is that Talia isn’t wearing any knickers!” I said, lifting the skirt. Both girls giggled.

“I think we need to have a talk about this later Tania,” I said, really getting in to my role now.

“Now, if you can slide forward a little and open your legs Talia, pull that chair closer Danni so she can rest her foot on it. I’ll support her other leg,” I said.

I felt my penis twitch as I stared between Talia’s spread legs. A small neat patch of dark hair adorned her slightly protruding pussy lips.

“Like this sir?” Talia asked, a dirty grin on her face, “Sir?” she repeated when I didn’t answer.

“Err, yes sorry, now come closer Danni,” I said.

Danni’s chin was almost touching Talia’s right knee as she stooped for a closer view. The conversation I’d had with Danni about her curiosity of being intimate with another girl sprang in to my mind and I saw an opportunity.

“This whole area is known as the Vulva and this of course is the pubic hair. And here you can see the outer lips of the labia,” I explained, as best I could.

“Sir, why are the labia lips all wet? Did she forget to wipe after peeing?” Danni asked with a cheeky grin. Talia laughed.

“Err well, it could be that,” I said, suppressing a laugh.

“Oh Talia you dirty bitch!” Danni said laughing, Talia laughed along with her causing her loose breasts to jump around under her white blouse.

“But it’s more likely due to arousal,” I said.

“Ooh really! Talia you dirty bitch!” Danni said making us all laugh.

It took a minute to compose ourselves…

“So sir, if they are called the outer lips does it mean that there are inner lips?”

Danni asked.

“Absolutely right Danni, well done. If Talia doesn’t mind we could take a look,” I said.

“I don’t mind,” Talia very eagerly agreed.

“Good, if you could lay right back Talia… that’s it now Danni if you gently open Talia’s outer lips up,” I directed.

Talia groaned as soon as Danni’s fingers touched her wet pussy lips. Supporting Talia’s left leg with one hand I played with her foot and toes through her white socks with the other.

“Oh Wow, it’s really wet inside sir, is that normal?” Danni asked.

“Yes quite normal. What you’ll have to do to see the inner lips is to clear some of that fluid out of the way,” I said.

“How should I do that sir?” Danni asked.

“Well the best way I think would be to use your tongue,” I suggested.

My penis was now straining against my jeans as I watched Danni kiss her friends fleshy inner thighs. Making herself comfortable Danni kneeled on the floor before running her tongue up Talia’s pussy lips.

Talia’s moans grew louder as Danni tongue delved deeper in to her friends wet hole. It bahis şirketleri was difficult to believe she had never done it before.

“I don’t seem to be clearing it sir, the more I lick the more their seems to be!” Danni said licking her friends juices from around her mouth.

“Well never mind perhaps we can come back to the inner lips later. Now before we move on I should point out the clitoris,” I said.

“Where is that sir?” Danni asked and then turning to face me she said in barely a whisper so Talia wouldn’t hear, “She tastes so good.”

“The clitoris is this little thing here,” I said, gently touching Talia’s bud with a fingertip.

“Oh God!” Talia murmured.

“Can I touch it sir?” Danni asked.

“Yes of course but be very gentle, it’s very sensitive,” I answered.

“Oh God!” Talia responded louder as Danni lightly ran her thumb over her friends clit.

“It’s often a good idea to moisten it first. Try using some of that juice from Talia’s vagina Danni, use your tongue to smear it over the clitoris,” I said, thoroughly enjoying my role as teacher.

“Oh my God, Mmmm,” Talia cried as Danni’s tongue licked between her pussy lips and then flicked her clit.

“So you can see how the clitoris is used for arousal. There is a couple of other points that many women, with the right manipulation, find helpful for arousal, so I suggest we move on to those,” I said, surprising myself at my inventiveness.

“Where are they sir?” Danni asked, looking up at me and smiling.

“Lets have a look shall we. If you both sit on the edge of the table next to one another… …that’s it, now unbutton your blouses… …good now pull them open,” I instructed.

My cock throbbed in it’s confines. I stood directly in front of the two young girls now sitting on the edge of the table with their bare breasts on display. I had thought Danni’s areolae were large but Talia’s were much bigger as of course were her breasts.

“Good, now these here are the nipples,” I said, flicking first Danni’s then Talia’s nipples with my fingertip, one by one.

“The darker skin here is called the areola,” I said, tracing a finger around the brown disk of Talia’s left breast, then the right.

Still wearing their stripey school ties that now hung down between their bare breasts, both girls studied each others chests while I gave my lecture.

“I think a good way to demonstrate the arousal I mentioned is for you to rub your nipples together, but first, as with the clitoris, it’s good to have a little lubrication,” I said.

They both turned their heads and looked at me wondering what I had in mind. Lowering my head I took Danni’s right nipple between my lips and coated it in saliva with my tongue.

Repeating the process on Danni’s left nipple I moved to Talia and gave her the same treatment.

“That should do, now if you stand up and take your blouses off,” I said.

Holding their own breasts they directed their nipples together and I watched my saliva being spread all around their areolae and beyond. Although Talia was an inch taller than Danni, Talia’s tits, because of their weight hung lower which meant she had to lift them so their stiff little teats could meet.

“So there you are girls, that’s the female anatomy. Perhaps we should leave the male anatomy until next lesson!” I teased.

“Oh no sir! Please, can we do it now, please sir,” Danni said playing along.

“Yes, please sir can we do it now?” Talia agreed.

“Very well. Okay help me off with my clothes,” I said as I undid my jeans.

The girls were already undoing the laces of my trainers and by the time I had pulled the zip down on my jeans they had removed my shoes and socks. When they saw my jeans were undone they both pulled on a leg each, Danni to my left and Talia to my right.

While they helped me step out of my jeans I pulled my T-shirt over my head.

“Oh sir, your pants are wet,” Talia said.

“Err, yes well that sometimes happens,” I said.

I looked down to see the two topless girls kneeling at my feet, examining the wet patch of pre cum that had soaked through my pants. Talia wiped a fingertip across the wet material and held it under her nose and then offered it to Danni.

Danni sniffed and then sucked on Talia’s finger. They both then took turns licking at the wet spot and in turn rubbed their faces against the bulge of my hard shaft under the cotton.

“I can’t wait any longer I’ve just got to see it,” Talia said and pulled my pants down.

“Oh Wow! Oh God you were right Dan, it does look even nicer than the pics,” Talia said.

Talia sat twiddling her nipples while she examined my erection from all angles.

“Told you didn’t I? and have a look at his balls, see how smooth they are,” Danni said, enjoying her friends reaction.

“Oh yeah they’re so soft,” Talia said, gently caressing my sack.

“Could you lay on the floor for us sir so we can get a better look?” Danni asked smiling up at me.

“Yes of course,” I said only too happy to oblige.

I moved over by the sofa and laid down on the thick piled carpet. As the girls joined me I glimpsed up under their grey pleated skirts and admired their bouncing breasts, or in Danni’s case jiggling breasts, as they took up position.

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