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Surrender?I don’t understand why your husband would have wanted this for you. Well, maybe I do, because I’m the one who first mentioned it to him. But I don’t understand why he gave you to me in the first place. Not really. When I saw your pictures on-line, I knew that you were special. Yes, you’re beautiful…but you’re also intelligent, you’re sophisticated, you’re elegant. Why you and your husband posted pictures, is another thing I don’t understand, but I’m glad you did. And I’m glad he (or was it you?) wrote to me when I made favorable comments on your first series of posted pictures. And if I were a religious man, I’d be thanking every deity I could that you – or he – and I connected so quickly and completely. Your husband wanted me to challenge you. He agreed readily to my plan. We both knew that you would probably agree, that you trusted me, maybe even loved me. While I would never say this to your husband, I knew I loved you – not quite as a protege, not quite as a lover, not quite as a daughter, some strange melange of emotions. So I agreed to challenge you. You arrived at the hotel room with your husband. He helped you with your coat, revealing your beautiful body, nude except for your Louboutin heels. So perfect. My heart ached a little, seeing you stand there. Dark hair, dark eyes, beautiful soft lips, thin, elegant, small breasts, firm abs, perfectly smooth pussy, perfectly shaped, long legs. So very, very perfect. I love you, my perfect little angel.I stroked your cheek gently, touched your lips – they were so soft, I had to kiss you – chastely, softly, on your lips – you parted your lips, licked them quickly then you kissed me back, harder, your tongue pushed itself into my mouth, hard, hot, probing. My hands started exploring your body – teasing you, touching your breasts, twisting your nipples, pinching them. They were firm – hard little protrusions on your beautifully shaped, delicious little mounds. You willingly surrendered control to me. I blind-folded you, and tied you to the bed, spread-eagled. I laid my hand on your belly izmir escort and rubbed you gently. I slid my hand down to your pussy, not at all surprised to find you moist.”Are you ready?” I whispered into your ear. You were breathing so hard, so excited, you couldn’t really answer…but nodded your head instead.I kissed you again, deeply, passionately, as you felt someone climbing between your legs. You felt cold wetness as a hand caressed your pussy, slipping easily into you. You realized someone was putting lube in you, that he was going to penetrate you. This was your last chance to stop things, but you don’t want to stop, you have surrendered yourself. You felt the cock sliding into you. You knew it wasn’t Bill, it wasn’t me, this cock filling you. You knew that this man knew you…but you didn’t know who he was. You would never know. Your lover-cock was moving hard, withdrawing almost completely, thrusting deeply, repeating again and again. Your excitement mounted. You couldn’t stop it now. You didn’t want to stop, not ever. It’s slid into and out of you easily – the lubricant supplemented by your own juices now. “That’s it, my lovely little slut,” I whispered in your ear. You realized I had been holding your hand throughout. You were dimly aware of my kisses on your hand, your shoulder, of me saying “I love you, sweetheart,” all the while feeling this unknown man’s cock pushing you closer and closer to cumming. You wanted to wrap your legs around your unknown lover, but you couldn’t. You wanted to hold him, but you couldn’t. All control, all participation on your part was gone, surrendered. You felt his cock twitch, heard your lover groan, realized he had cum. Breathing hard, you said, “I’m so close…don’t stop yet…no…”You raised your hips in a vain attempt to keep his cock inside you. “Oh, no. Please, not yet. I’m so close!” You pleaded, you realized, for the fucking to continue.Then you realized that, even as one man was getting off you, another was taking his place. You knew you were going to be used. Just as I promised. escort izmir You were going to be fucked by “lots of men, for a long time.” This cock was thicker than your first. It slid in easily, the slimy mixture of lube, pussy juice, and cum enabling you to accommodate the thick rod. This cock-lover pushed slowly in. Much thicker. You surrendered to the feeling, knowing that your orgasm was very, very close.”Let yourself cum, lover.” I squeezed your hand and you realized I had stayed close, watching you pleasure the men I solicited to fuck you, that I liked watching you cum, no matter with whom. You surrendered again, this time to the wave of pleasure, the intense joy, the thick cock stretching you, the feel of him spurting inside you, my warm breath in your ear. Unable to prevent it, you heard yourself moan, “Oh yesssss. I want you! Use me, pleeeeease!”Another man took his place. You knew that many of these men knew you. You knew that you would never know who fucked you. After tonight, each man you meet…at work, in the supermarket, in restaurants, even on the streets…might be a man who had fucked you, used your warm, soft, wet pussy for his own pleasure. Another orgasm washed over you, another wave of pleasure. You welcomed this one, surrendered to it completely. This cock fucking you was longer than its predecessors, but not so thick. The owner of the cock tried to probe your ass with his fingers, but being tied as you were made that difficult. You tried to raise your hips, to make it easier for him. You heard moaning noises and realized they were coming from you. His fingers found your ass, pushed in deeply. You felt his finger push against his own cock. Writhing and screaming, you were filled with cum and pleasure.You remember that your next lover pounded you fiercely, your cum-filled pussy made obscene squishing sounds. He didn’t last too long, but brought you to the edge of a third orgasm. You remember the one after that wore too much cologne, too strong a musk, and brought you to the strongest orgasm yet with his fingers, before izmir escort bayan he entered you. You don’t remember any other details. You don’t know how many men you served, only that they enjoyed you, that you came with many of them and that you enjoyed serving each of them. Very much.You don’t remember me untying you, but you do remember me holding you. You remember me gently touching your lips again, gently kissing you. stroking your hair, then softly caressing your wet, swollen pussy. You realize I’m hard, and you bend forward to kiss the head of my cock sweetly, then took it in your mouth.”Please don’t make me cum, love. I want to be inside you.”You smile and nod gently, then release me. “Be gentle. I’m a little sore,” you say, smiling.I pull you to straddle me and guide my cock into you. Even hard and fully erect, I am smaller than many of your lovers this evening. Your pussy is still well lubricated and I slide in easily. I pull you to my chest, smiling at your smiling face. We are as nearly one as is possible. You ride me, then lean forward, giving me a long, long kiss while rocking, moving my cock very gently in and out. You know from experience I can’t last long inside you but you don’t want me to cum too fast.You feel a hand on your back, hear Bill’s voice. “Honey, are you OK? It was so sexy, watching you. Aren’t you sore?”“Go away, Bill. Wait in the lobby. I’ll send her down when we’re finished.” You smile at the annoyance in my voice, but are secretly glad that I had admonished him, so that you didn’t have to. You smile at me and tighten your PC muscle, then smile more as I moan and cum in you. Your hands are all over my chest, my throat, my face, and you cover my face with kisses. “Oh, my god, you are so incredible, sweetheart. Thank you.” I kiss you, now chastely. It is time to give you back to Bill, for you to be the elegant, proper wife again. I know that you will ride home, perhaps making a little small talk, that you will make love with him, that the closeness you share is different, more intimate than that we share. At least, until the next time. You dress, then turn to me as you hold the door. “I don’t suppose you’ll tell me how many men there were?”“There were just enough, sweetheart. I got you just enough.”You smile, blow me a kiss, and leave.

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