Tales of a Hustler–Bases Loaded


Tales of a Hustler–Bases LoadedTales of a Hustler—Bases LoadedIt had been one of the most intense games in recent history. The Cardinals were down by one, bottom of the ninth, and the picture—my lil bro, was up. A win would give the Cardinals a forth straight state championship. A loose—well you can only imagine. I had run up to the announcer box and borrowed the mic from Coach Wallace, as I as much as anybody was going nuts. The crowd was in a constant roar.“Aight ladies and gentlemen—here we are—the moment we all been waiting for. Up at bat for the Cardinals, my lil bro—Diamond Dustin Dillion ! Cardinals down by one, bases loaded, and this is it! As Dillion’s last bat for high school, A hit will land another win , and Dillion finishes his career with a perfect .1000 batting average. Parker stares him down as Dillion takes the plate. Wait ladies and gentlemen—Dillion calls for time ! Dillion—headed for the plate ! Parker steps off and walks towards him. Dillion now extends his hand, and Parker takes it. ! What an unprecedented show of sportsmanship, and the crowd goes nuts. Back at the plate now–holy cow !! Dillion points his bat at center field !! Oh holy cow, it’s picture to picture now, for the score, and the championship, and here’s the pitch !!”The whole baseball field suddenly goes silent. Over 2000 in attendance. Three seconds of dead silence. And then, the crack of the bat, as it splinters into three pieces. The ball takes flight—just where lil bro pointed, and flies over the fence. “OH MY GAWD—OH MY GAWD—Diamond Dustin Dillion does it ! The Cardinals win, and another state record ! Dillion runs the bases with his hands on his head—runners come in one by one—1, 2, 3, and Dillion makes 4! The Cardinals have it—6-3 !!” Parker falls to his knees, along with the rest of his infield !! it’s an emotion beyond description.Lil bro had done it—his dream came true. He didn’t follow me in football, but choose baseball instead. He was a natural. Now at the end of four years, a perfect record. Zero losses, and a perfect batting average. His record was more impressive than mine—and I was so proud I was crying my own self. As I rush down to the field, me and lil bro clash, and go into a spin that looked like a tornado. Others join up, and raise him up in the air, chanting “diamond—diamond–diamond”. It takes nearly half an hour for the crowd to settle down so the announcer can start with the awards. Finally, Parker takes the mic. “You know, we gave our best to beat this so-and-so, (with a grin), but as all you know here at central, the House of Dillion is not to be taken lightly”. A roar goes up in applause. “Four straight years Dustin—that’s amazing. I just want to say on behalf of the Tigers, it’s been an honor and privilege to play the cardinals”. More applause from the stands. “So I know it’s late, and most of you are ready to hit the highway, so I’ll do this quick—cause I know also the cardinals got some celebrating to do. For outstanding player, the trophy goes to—Diamond Dustin Dillion”. More applause and cheers from the izmir escortlar stands. “For the East Texas Athletic Association player of the year—Diamond Dustin Dillion”. Even more cheers from the stand. “For achieving a perfect .1000 batting average, Diamond Dustin Dillion”. The crowd now getting more intense with applause and cheers. “Ya know dawg—Im getting tired of your name” The crown laughs and more applause. “And on behalf of the East Texas Athletic Association, The Tyler school district, and the Tigers team, this 5 foot trophy, for the state championship to the Cardinals”. The audience go wild with cheers and applause, stomping their feet on the wooden walkways of the stadium. The roar was deafening. It was rumored later that the National Earthquake Center in Memphis picked up the stomping as a 1.2 earthquake ! After about another 30 minutes of roaring, the crowd finally, once again settles down, and Dustin takes the mic. “You know, I can barely talk, so like Parker, Im going to make this quick. Thanks to all of you, the fans of baseball, cause without you guys, we would not be here. Thanks to the school district, and the athletic association. I want to thank my mom, who has worked 12 hour shifts for the last four years, and has never seen me play. I want to thank God for the wonderful life, health, talent, and opportunity that he has given me. But most of all—my big bro Matthew, the original Diamond Dawg Dillion, who supported me, pushed me, and wouldn’t allow me to settle for second best, in spite of me choosing baseball instead of football”. ” More roaring of the crowd, and Dustin continues, almost yelling into the mic. “So—that’s it, and thanks again for all of you being here tonight, and to the Tigers for making us earn our win. Were going down to the diner now where my mom works, and with permission of the school district, were taking the trophies there for permanent display, along with all my big bros trophies from football”. It was a mad house—me and Dustin, and the twins (mom wanted to meet them) all piled in the jeep and headed for the diner. Some others from the team followed with us. Most headed home with their parents and siblings to do their own celebrating. Kelso and Patrino met us at the diner. As we walked in with that big ass trophy, our mom just started crying. The patrons already there started clapping and cheering for Dustin. We all start to order—mostly burgers and fries, a few pizzas. I see that Parker and a few of his boys had come down. I went over to talk to them, telling them I was glad they came and joined us. Mom came up with a coconut pie—Dustins favorite. After a couple of hours, we finally headed for the house—we were all exhausted. As me and the twins pile into the jeep, Dustin says he’s riding with Parker. Wow, I thought, that’s odd. Maybe they planed some kind of ritual or something before the game. I guess it was kewl. We all arrive back at my moms house, and headed downstairs to my old room, grabbing some beers along the way. Dustin rolls up a joint, and after a couple of strong pulls, hands it izmir escort bayan off to Parker. Now Im thinking, what the fuck is he doing here. Kinda odd for the loosing picture to hang out with the winner after the game. Not with his parents or family, or even team mates. But I didnt say anything—maybe they were just friends. As the room swelled with Queen, and Pink Floyd, And Starship, we were all getting pretty fucked up. Finally I looked over to my lil bro and asked him “So what did you say to Parker when you walked out to the mound “? Dustin flashes a big shit eatin grin, and Parker just blushes. With that, Parker gets up from the beanbag, and walks over to the middle of the room. Dustin jumps up from my bed, and walks towards him. Nobody said anything. Parker, already barefoot and shirtless, drops to his knees and Dustin walks up to his face. Still, with no words spoken, Parker reaches up and unzips lil bros fly, and hauls out his dick. Like his big bro—he has a very impressive hang—about 7” limp. The rest of us get really quite—soaking in what’s now happening. It appears there was a bet—and we get to watch. Parker starts pulling on my lil bro’s dick. Quickly boning him up to his full 9” of thick jock meat. Dustin drops his jeans, and places his hand on the back of Parkers head, guiding him towards his huge mushroom head, and like his bro, ozzing fuck juice out of his piss slit. Without further coaxing, Parker opens his mouth, and takes in my lil bro’s cock. Dustin slings his head backwards, and groans as Parker locks his lips around bro’s head. Dustin quickly starts to pump his engorged cock in and out of Parkers throat. Fully fucked up on the dope and beer, he relentlessly plows into Parkers throat. Parker, not being a cocksucker, begins to gag and choke up on Dustins cock. But Dustin just grins, and says “suck it fag”. By now most of the guys, including myself, are rubbin our own dicks, and soon the room smelled like a jail full of horny bastards. No one had showered, as we went straight from the field to the diner, and then to here. The musky aroma of a room filled with mostly jocks, reminded me of my football days, and now myself too was sporting a huge 11” of rock hard cock. Being the brave one, I stood up and yanked my jeans off—then spread out on my bed. I had done it with everyone in the room anyway, so I wasn’t bashful. Dustin suddenly pulled out of Parkers throat, and ordered him to bend over and grab the floor. Parker does as he was ordered, and exposes a beautifull hairy crack, still moist from the sweat he had been producing all night. I wanted badly to jump over and stick my tongue in him, and lap up all his funk like a puppy. But this was Dustin’s night, so I just held back and watched.Dustin grabs Parker by the waist, and free handedly pushed the head of his dick right in Parkers hole. I was close enough to them that I could smell his hole—rich ripe ass fuck—ya, he smelled like a jock all right. While holding his cockhead on Parkers hole, Dustin reaches to the nightstand and pulls out my bottle of Slick. Holding izmir bayan escort it high in the air, he begins to drop a stream of the lube down to Parker’s ass crack, while rubbing his cock up and down it’s hairy tunnel. Dustin turns and sets the bottle down on the nightstand, then grabbing Parker by the waist again, takes one v I o l e n t plunge into Parker’s ass, burying his 9” cock to the pubes. Parker lets out a yell I was sure could be heard outside the house. I kinda laughed, and I noticed that now too the twins had both pulled their dicks out, and were pumping pretty hard. Dustin rears back, and one again plunges his rock hard jock cock into Parker’s hole. Parker lets out yet another yell. Now I see Kelso and Patrino have both pulled their cocks out as well. I look over at my little bro and hollar at him–”Tear that shit up bro—fuck the dawg outta him”. Dustin, not really needing the coaxing from me, begins to fuck Parker’s hole like a horned up convict. Slam after slam he invades Parker’s shit hole. Parker whines and whimpers like a puppy, as he begins to have difficulty holding his palms to the floor. His face begins to turn red, as all that beer and dope starts running to his head in his upside down position. Dustin exclaims that he’s getting close, and without invite or instruction, we all gather close around the two, preparing to blow our nuts on Parker. Cole and Cody went first, blasting their jizz all over Parker’s back, and some onto Dustin’s belly. Dustin now fucking Parker like a jackhammer, slams him so hard that hitting his ass sounded like two pieces of wood slapping together. With a sudden cry out, kelso unloads next, sending his own impressive spray across Dustin’s belly, and onto parker’s back and head. With one final slam, Dustin knocks Parker to the floor, and as his dick simultaneously yanks from Parker’s ass, instantly blows his load over Parker’s head, striking Kelso and Patrino, leaving an unbroken rope of jock junk across Parker’s back. Shot after shot—Dustin was coming just like his big bro. The scene was so intense, that at last I unloaded my own ocean of jock jizz, 7 ropes soaking Parker’s back, with Patrino coming with me, aiming for the back of Parker’s head, soaking his hair. I would say all in all, we probably shot a quart of jizz onto the young jocks muscled back. He looked good laying there, like a well used jail punk. At that moment, lil bro Dustin begin to piss all over Parker, further soaking him with his hot jock piss. Kelso and Patrino smiling, followed suit, adding to the stinch that now filled the room. The twins had walked around to in front of him, and with one grabbing him by his hair, yanked his head up from the floor, and they both unloaded their load of piss. When all were finally done, Dustin slammed his big sized 12 foot onto Parker’s back, and spit on him. “Who’s you daddy Parker”? Dustin yelled at him like a prison warden. “You are Dillion, I will always be your bitch”. We all just stared with our mouths open. Lil bro had pulled off one fine domination of the competition, as if the game weren’t enough. I just grinned and said “damm”. Dustin looked over at me, and grinned real big. “And I think , big bro, the other deal was the same for you” The other just hung their jaws open, as Dustin began to stroke up his cock again.

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