The WhirlWind

Alex Tanner

Maple leaves announced the arrival of spring. Their vivid colors made me want to run naked through the streets in celebration of summer’s end. But I contained myself, barely. I watched the leaves fall rustle on the tree, threatening to all fall down at once. That would cause mass demoralization of the surrounding trees. How could they compete with such a show?

Sitting on the park bench at noon was a rather amusing novelty to me. Usually I had my lunch in the office, but I was tired of seeing the same walls and ventured out. I tried to count the sparkles that danced across the water of the fountain that I was sitting by, but I kept losing count after 19 winks.

I was sipping the last of my coffee, when the wind suddenly whirled a bunch of leaves and debris into a mini tornado that died at my feet. A torn photograph caught my eye. The wind must have unearthed the picture, hidden under the weight of the leaves.

It was a sepia toned print. The smiling WWII soldier dated the picture. Someone had lost a memory. I flipped the photo over and tried to read a faded name scribbled in pencil. But I couldn’t make out all the letters.

“What have you got, Miss?” A voice from behind asked.

“Oh, you startled me,” I said, clutching the photo to my breast.

A young man, barely out of his teens was peeping over my shoulder. A shock of blonde highlighted hair fell across one eye. “Sorry,” he apologized, sheepishly. A sparkle caught my eye as he spoke, “I saw the whirlwind dump its crap all over you. What a bummer! Then when you picked up that picture, I noticed it zapped your attention and I had to come peep it out.”

He had a pierced tongue. The silver ball flashed with every syllable. To cover my silence, he continued, “Wow, do you mind if xhamster porno I look at it? Isn’t that a soldier? He looks ancient, like my great-grandpa.”

“I think it was taken sometime during WWII. Someone probably lost it somewhere and the wind’s been tossing it from here to there.”

“You’re new. This your first visit to the park?” He asked.

“I work in gray building a block away and decided to have lunch in the park.”

“I came to skateboard, but none of my dawgs showed. Do you mind if I sit with you for a while? I’m going to give them a few more minutes before going back to my dorm. My name’s Brad, by the way. I’m a freshman at the university.”

“Sure, I could use some company. I’m Christy.” I smiled, feeling a tingle in my panties. This guy was a hot looking piece of tenderloin. I was 15 years older than him. I crossed my legs, giving him a lot of leg to view, as my skirt rode up.

He didn’t disappoint me. With my peripheral vision, I watched him examine my legs, lingering on the one thigh that was exposed.

“I noticed you have your tongue pierced.”

“Uh, yeah! I want to do my eyebrow next or my dick head. Which would you suggest?” He surprised me with his boldness. I decided to remove the kid gloves, as well.

“Actually, I suggest a tongue piercing something very warm and wet.”

He let out a howl of glee, “Woo hoo, you’re chillin’ and to the point. Damn, you just got me hard as a pipe. I’m game.”

“One second, while I call the office.” I hit the speed dial. “Helen, I forgot a meeting that I’m supposed to be at in 15 minutes. I’ll be back at the office in an hour or so. Please reschedule my appointments for the afternoon. Thanks.”

“That’s tight.” He said with approval.

“My erotik porno apartment isn’t far. Want to…cum over?” I asked, making sure my voice dripped honey when I said `cum.’

“I don’t mind chillin’ at your pad.”

I tossed away the remains of my lunch. Not sure what to do with the photograph, I decided to put it in my purse for the time being. He followed me to the street and let me hail the taxi. As we climbed in, he copped a feel of my ass.

After giving the cabbie my apartment address, I began to make out with Brad. His pierced tongue felt strange in my mouth. I shivered thinking of it on my clit. His hands moved under my skirt, massaging my thighs. The cabbie had to clear his throat several times, before we came to our senses long enough for me to pay him and exit the cab.

We hurried up to my apartment, both of us ready to get naked. I unzipped my skirt and stepped out of it, showing him my ass clad in a thong. He pulled his t-shirt off to reveal a ripped hairless chest. My tongue planned to get lost on his washboard stomach. I unbuttoned my blouse and unhooked my bra, so he could worship my 36 C’s.

I stopped him from undoing his pants. I wanted that pleasure, as I pulled him into the bedroom. On my knees, I unzipped his pants, to release his young cock. It bounced towards me when I pulled his boxer briefs down. I caught the head between my lips, letting my tongue run over it, as I pulled his pants all the way down for him to step out of. I then slid my mouth over his cock, engulfing it to his pubic bone. The hairs there tickled my nose. I held him in my mouth and began to massage him with my tongue. I held him steady as I began to pull with suction up to the head of his cock. When I reached milf porno the end, I let it pop out and hit my face for a moment, before reclaiming it. I sucked him until all the precum was gone. But I stopped when he began to hump my mouth, because I didn’t want him cumming yet.

I lay back on the bed, spreading my legs apart. “Are you going to tongue pierce me?” I asked.

“Damn straight,” he said. He licked up my wet slit until he found my clit. I expected the piercing stud to be cold, but it was warm from his hot breath. He rolled it around my clit and I came right away—the fastest I had ever cum with a partner. He continued to flick my clit until I came again. I expected him to stop licking me, but he didn’t. He spread my legs further apart and began to tongue fuck me. I came again, screaming out his name.

He let me gain my composure, while he sucked my nipples. “Can I fuck you now?” He asked. I didn’t have any condoms, so I went a different route.

“You can face fuck me.” I moved until my head was hanging off the bed. He positioned his hard cock over my lips. I snaked my tongue out, flickering the head. Moaning, he rubbed it across my lips. I opened my mouth and he slipped it in.

He began to stroke in and out of my mouth. I made cooing noises and suctions sounds, as he started to really rock against my face. My tongue rubbed hard against the back of his cock as he moved in and out. It didn’t take long for him to give me a face full of cum.

“Wow that was rad! I gotta jam out of here. Thanks for the hot time.” He quickly dressed and left. I didn’t mind. I glanced at the clock to see how much time was left before I needed to get back to the office. I smiled, happy to see I had a good 30 minutes.

I lay back on the bed, looking up at the light overhead. Smiling for the camera that was hidden in the fixture, I smiled. Tonight, my voyeur husband and I would enjoy the next 10 minutes of tape, as I dipped my fingers in Brad’s cum on my face and licked them clean. I really loved lunch away from the office.

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