Unexpected Gym Buddy


Unexpected Gym BuddyAfter a hard days’ work and a long rail commute home, it was a bit of an effort trying to get motivated and head along to my local leisure centre to work out. Spending far too much time sat down in an office means too little exercise as it is, so the gym is an evil necessity in my book.Begrudgingly I drove to the gym and headed to the changing room to get out of my suit. I opened the door of the male locker room, the familiar smell of multiple deodorants lingering in the air and the sound of running water from the showers that were located next to the lockers.I walked over to the bench, took off my suit jacket and shirt, switching it for my synthetic running shirt, before kicking off my shoes and peeling off my work socks. Off came the suit trousers, and I stood there in my underwear.I was in my own little world, neatly folding my suit trousers and jacket, stuffing my shirt into the gym bag and unlacing my trainers when my bubble was burst “Nice pants, don’t see that every day” came the voice from the showers. It startled me, the dawning reality that I’d been stood in my jockstrap for all to see, as I turned around managing to muster a coy “Erm… sorry, thanks”. I quickly pulled on my running shorts made my excuses and left the locker room – slightly redder than when I’d entered it.Time heals all, and I was a good fifteen minutes into my running session and managing to forget about the little locker room encounter. The treadmill becoming the focus of my torture and my feet hitting the belt, each strike relieving the stress of the commute and waking me up. I love running in my jock and shorts – feeling the soft cloth of the shorts as they move against my butt. Once again, in my own little world – thinking about the minor indiscretion in the changing rooms and left wondering about the words of the poor bloke who’d stood there. He was older, late forties / early fifties and from the brief encounter he was just my scene – nice and stocky with a matt of silver hair all over his torso.Twenty minutes passed with me alone and at full pelt on the treadmill, the only guy in the cardio room. I’d heard the door open, and within moments I was joined on the treadmill by the guy from the changing rooms. He started the machine and got himself in the zone… I thought nothing of it, but wow… he had a gorgeous chunky frame, big muscular thighs and by the look of his own gym shorts was quite well hung. We ran side by side for a further five minutes, as my own time came to an end on the treadmill and I switched onto using the lat pulldown equipment. After my first set, I was joined by the man who’d made me go red… he approached me, hands on pendik escort his hips, sweating from the treadmill: “I meant it, nothing to be embarrassed about, just don’t see many guys in jocks here” I turned toward him, looking up into his steely grey eyes and captivated by the warm smile spread over his lips “Thank you Sir, appreciate the compliment” and smiled back at him. His hand came to rest on my shoulder “You gay?” I nodded. He smiled again and spoke in a soft voice “Look mate, it was a great sight for me and the reason I’m back in here is I’m kinda horny and was wondering if…” he lost his words, so I smiled. Without missing a beat, he bent himself forward, cupping my face with his sweaty palms and planted a kiss on my lips stroking his own softly over me before parting his mouth slightly… I reciprocated and was met with his moans of approval and then his tongue gently exploring inside my mouth.His kiss and touch had sent pulses of electricity though my body and it seemed a shame when he broke off from it and stood back up. I turned to face him, still sat on the lat pulldown machine and was met with the sight of his manhood, straining against the while of his nylon shorts and with a distinct wet patch appearing on the front of them. He was well hung under those shorts and I wanted him. “See you outside in a minute I hope” was all he said as he turned and left the room.My mind was racing, my heart thumping in my chest. I don’t think I’ve ever collected my belongings from the locker room so fast. I walked briskly to the car park, throwing my gym back onto the back seat of my car and looking around to try and find my mystery gym buddy.Over on the far side of the car park, backed up against the woodland than bordered the gym, came a flash of car headlights. I wandered over and he got out of the car, leaning against it as I approached. His smile was disarming, he reached out and pulled me in for another gentle kiss, holding me firm and pulling me against his body so I could feel his warmth and the growth of his manhood pressing up against me. Whilst locked in a kiss, his hand slid down my shorts and over my arse, he broke away the kiss “Hot” was all he said as his thumbs caught the edge of my gym shorts and swiftly lowered them, and my jock strap to my knees.The cool breeze now flowing over my exposed lower body made me hornier still. He stood there for a few more seconds before moving in for a kiss, his hands moving up my bare thighs, cupping my balls and then slowly working their way under my sports shirt and peeling it off over my head. I stood there, naked with my shorts around my ankles, my only warmth coming from his hands that escort pendik were now exploring my back, chest and balls. He broke off the kiss, sank to his knees and I felt the warmth of his breath as he brought his lips close to my cock. He had mischief in his eyes as he looked up once he’d swallowed my cock to the hilt – I threw my head back in pleasure, feeling the warmth of his throat as he expertly sucked my engorged tool. “You want me to cum in your mouth?” I asked…. He looked up, his eyes telling the whole story of the moment, and nodded whilst paying attention to my swollen glans and the warmth of his hands continued to explore my balls, pulling lightly and making the occasional dash between my legs to run a finger over my tight hole. It didn’t take long, as I felt my knees weaken “Fuck, I’m going to….” I didn’t even manage the sentence as I shot several lines of my cream into his mouth and watched as he swallowed everything I had.He stood back up and we kissed again, allowing me to taste my own spunk on his tongue. I reached to his groin and pulled on his shorts wanting to return the favour.“Not here…. Step out of those shorts and bring them with you”. He leant into his car grabbing something and swiftly putting it into his pockets, before putting his hand on the small of my back and walking me off into the woodland behind the gym car park.With the soft glow of the gym in the background we were alone. He put his hand up to my face, stroking my cheeks and softly kissing my lips as I stood there naked with him “Well… my wife won’t do it” he said. I needed no further encouragement, sinking to my knees and pulling down his nylon shorts to expose his erect member – it was a good 7” of pure bliss with a huge purple mushroom glans. I stroked it, pulling the foreskin back toward the head and was immediately met with a huge string of pre-cum which I dutifully took onto my tongue. His cock looked impressive and tasted great as he allowed me to work my lips over it and get used to its size hitting the back of my throat.“I want to fuck you” came his voice. I stopped sucking and looked up at him, admiring those steely grey eyes and the look of pure lust in them. “Sure thing” I replied, standing up to kiss him. He pushed me away…”No son, I really want to fuck you…Hard and without the emotional crap that my wife craves” I smiled at him and gave him the nod.He stepped in behind me, pulling my naked body tight to his and pushing me forward toward a low fence, his hands went to my shoulders as he ordered “Here and bent forward is good”.Within minutes he’d lubed my hole and was working his fingers deep into me. First one, then the second and finally pendik escort bayan a third to make sure I was good and ready to take his manhood. It was so hot as he stood behind me, one hand on my shoulder and his other hand stroking his own manhood and getting himself ready, I could hear the squelching as his palm raced along his shaft.He stood behind me, pressing down on my back to encourage me to the optimal height and lining his huge cock head up with my pussy. Within moments he’d pushed beyond my pre-worked anal muscles and in one swift movement he simultaneously pulled me onto his manhood whilst pushing it in – the pain went searing through my body as all 7” of his thick meat tore into me and his balls slammed against my butt cheeks. He held firm, knowing that in time the pain would ease and he could carry on his intentions.His cock buried deep and held inside me the pain of initial entry subsided and I relaxed into it, feeling the fullness of his meat and the firmness of his grip. Without speaking he sensed I was ready, and started to work his magic, sliding his cock in and out of my butt and making sure he took the time to vary the speed and depth of his strokes. It drove me wild, feeling his big mushroom head as it glanced over my prostate on its travels deep into me. Sensing my comfort, he picked up the pace, gripping my hips firmly and slamming himself deep and hard. The smell of stale sweat, musk and lube hanging in the air as he took his pleasure.After what seemed like an eternity, his pace changed and his strokes became more frenzied and urgent. I knew what was coming and tightened my sphincter around him to give him something to work against… he moaned feeling it, holding my hips and sinking hard and deep as his breathing quickened. “Urgh…… Urgh…. Urgh” was all he could manage during his final strokes into my tight hole as he reached the point of no return with his cock pulsing deep inside my body.As his orgasm subsided he kept his manhood buried, standing me upright, wrapping his arms around my naked body and kissing my neck gently. “You looked hot in the locker room, and you take cock well lad” he whispered into my ear. “Than…” his fingers met my lips stopping me in mid flow….“No, Thank you” he said, before cupping my cheek, kissing me gently on the lips, pulling his semi out of its resting place and dragging up his shorts and pants. With a final pat on the bum, he turned and walked away back toward his car leaving me to get dressed. I stood there. Naked, and alone, in the stillness of the woodland for a good few minutes, my arse feeling on fire and the smell of pure sex lingering in the night air. My own cock rigid from his parting kiss, I relaxed back into the grass, looking up at the stars to while having a final wank and sending beads of my own cum over my chest and neck. Clearly, a different workout makes for a better gym experience.

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