A Stranger Visits


It had gotten dark rather quickly is seemed, the night air was chilly with a hint of fall coming and a hint of burning wood in the air. Nancy was keeping busy with household chores as her husband had gone out of town that morning and wouldn’t be back for a few days. Her old chocolate lab was lying lazily in front of the crackling fire as the grandfather clock stuck ten o’clock. Tiredly she checked her email messages, her inbox read (1), as she opened the message she realized she didn’t recognize the address. The email was titled “The Rules for Tonight”, her heart sped up as she read the email. The message read, “I will be in your driveway in about a minute. I understand you have things to deal with, that’s fine.

When you are ready, come outside. Do not look at me or speak to me. Walk up to me and bend over and offer me your ass. I will fuck you until I cum. We will then go inside and you will wash my cock. After an appropriate time I will fuck you in your bed and if all goes well we will cum together. You will not change the sheets. Is this clear?

Terror and excitement both stuck her instantly. She sucked in a deep breath and unknowingly held it for several seconds without moving just staring at the screen. After regaining some ability to think straight she hit reply with shaking hands and typed her response, “what if I don’t want to” and hit send.

Waiting suadiye escort seemed like an eternity, but just seconds later the mailbox once again read (1). She once again opened the message not knowing what to expect, it simply read, “I am in charge, I decide”. Another email popped almost instantly into her inbox, “Do you trust me completely?, I am outside waiting for you”.

Her terror and excitement were quickly turning to confusion, who was this person? Was it someone she trusted completely, maybe even someone she loved more than anything? As her mind was racing with a multitude of thoughts another message appeared, the subject read, “I am sitting on your front porch”. It read, “My pants down and my dick is very hard. Do not look at me or speak to me. The only reason I am here is to fuck your ass. I will wait”.

She stepped back and nervously looked at all of the doors and windows around her, should I call the police she wondered? What would happen if I walked outside, what would this person do to me? Nancy nervously paced the floor debating what to do, while she was terrified the excitement was overwhelming, her pussy was wet and wanting.

Her mind was beyond reason, excitement had overcome her senses, she wanted him and was willing to accept the consequences of her actions whatever they might be. She zipped up a fleece coat yakacık escort over her bra, pulled on some pajama bottoms and slipped into a pair of flip flops. She stood in front of the glass door in foyer, took a deep breath and unlocked the door.

As she opened the door the chilly night air, and the brightness of the full moon hit her all at once and overcame what little sense she had left. The door shut and as her eyes adjusted to the darkness she looked over and saw him sitting in a chair near the railing on her front porch, at first she had no clue what to do, run? scream? Hide?

Instead of obeying her instincts she walked over to him, without looking at him, she stood with her back to him. He yanked her pants down and ran his hands over her ass snagging her panties with his fingers and pulling them down, she obediently stepped out of them and spread her legs.

His hands roughly grabbed her and felt for the wetness of her pussy and pushed his fingers into her to feel how hot and wet she was for him….she did want him there was no denying it. She could sense him standing up, he pushed on her back so she would bend over onto the railing fully exposing her wet pussy and tight ass in the moonlight to his hard cock that was impatiently standing at attention.

He rubbed the head of his cock against her wet pussy, then slowly slid the şerifali escort head of his cock into her tight ass. She gasped at the feeling, closing her eyes until she became acclimated to the feeling of his big cock. Slowly he started fucking her ass, groaning in pleasure. The feeling was amazing, she couldn’t help herself she unzipped her jacket, as it fell to the ground he undid her bra and the cold night air hit her breasts and nipples increasing her pleasure and excitement.

After a few minutes he stopped fucking her ass and took her to the front lawn a few yards away and demanded she get on all fours and offer her ass to him once again. Obediently, she obeyed the stranger. As she got down on the lawn she could feel the fall breeze caressing her exposed wet pussy and hard nipples, further intoxicating her senses. She could feel his hard cock slide into her ass easily this time as she started rubbing her clit.

He could feel her pussy start to tighten and knew she was close as he spoke to telling her “Do you feel my cock in your ass? I am fucking you on your front lawn, you are mine”.

Nancy cried out as her orgasm started to overcome her and her muscles tightened and contracted on his cock. Her muscle spasms and moans of pleasure made the stranger fuck her even harder as he began to come in her tight ass. They both collapsed on the cold damp grass in a heap, satiated and overcome with pleasure.

After a few minutes had passed laying there in the moonlight Nancy looked over at the stranger, she kissed him passionately, got up and without a word followed him into the house completely trusting him…

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