All-inclusive with Benefits Ch. 01


We arrived Friday in the beginning of the afternoon at El Balneario Sabroso. My boss had sent me with my wife Emily to this posh resort on an tiny bounty island just of the coast of Florida. I’m an executive assistant to my boss, who’s a member of the board of directors of our company.

“Just consider it as a well-earned long weekend off, all expenses paid. After the deals we’ve pulled off together, the long days you’ve been working, you deserve to wind down a bit with that adorable wife of yours. Hell, you could even consider this trip as fieldwork…”

“I’ve been there myself a few times and I’m considering throwing a party there next fall for the entire company, when our enterprise exists ten years. That’s including spouses off course. I would be glad to hear your opinion. We would have the entire complex to ourselves, but I’m not sure whether we could pull this off. It might be just a little bit too much for some. For it would surely stretch boundaries that might be a step too far for one or two employees. Anyway, just enjoy the ride and let me know…”

The last note was addressed with a wide grin. I still had no idea what to expect. Off course I tried to find out more on the internet, but this mystic resort appeared to be just too exclusive to find any more details.

A few days later we had received an invitation by mail. Included were two business class flight tickets, and directions on where to present ourselves. With the invitation came a list of items we were supposed to bring. It was a short welcoming note from the Sabroso resort which basically said to leave anything at home we would normally bring for a trip; all would be taken care of. Just bring as little as possible, but including good humour and a liberated mind….

The check-in procedure didn’t take much time. “Welcome to our resort,” the receptionist said. “Wow girlie, you might become a big hit around here. But now, first your check-inn. As this is your first visit here, you could find things other than you might expect. The best way to enjoy your stay with us is to keep an open mind. Don’t judge what you see, hear or experience. Just taste everything that will come your way. Everything is taken care for. Your benefactor has met all the preliminary requirements. The obligatory medical qualifications and questionnaires have been sent in.”

“You will have suite number five. Everything else you might want to know will be filled in by Sam. She is the personal assistant that is appointed to you for this weekend.”

With that said a very adorable creature appeared, wearing a big smile and a tight fitting white bikini. Her olive coloured skin radiated warmth and fell smooth to the touch, as I would find out very soon.

“Hi, you must be Emily and Maurice,” she said with a firm handshake. A thick sweet fragrance danced around this angel. “My name is Samantha. Please follow me to your suite and we will settle you in.” The girl was of medium length, had fairly small hips, smallish tits and her face had a strong bone structure. Her chin pointed straight out, and she had a long neck.

The suite was very spacious. The centre piece was a supersized bed big enough for at least four people. On the other side was a big tub sunk in the floor. On a side table stood a cooler with a bottle of champagne and three glasses. Sam poured out the glasses and proposed a toast: “Here’s to a lovely hot weekend!”

“Wow, Sam, could I just get myself wet in that tub?” my Emily asked. “Yeah, sure Em, that’s exactly the point.”

Emily just dropped her small summer dress to the floor and stepped out of her small black knickers. Now there were two things unlike my Em. Normally she would never behave so directly uninhibited around a stranger. Secondly, she had shaven her pubic hair. She was completely bald between her legs displaying her sex very openly.

I must have been looking quizzically at her, for she said grinning: “Lori tuzla escort sent me a letter explaining what to expect and how to prepare myself.” That was my boss Lori, always an eye for details, thinking ahead and never failing to consider anyone’s feelings.

“Maurice, you do not worry about your hard-on,” Sam said directly to me. “We will take care of that very soon. And besides, you will notice the men around here wear their boners with pride. You better join Em now in the whirlpool.”

As I dropped my pants my cock pointed straight forward into the world. “Ah, you do have a nice big dick, mister!” Sam said. I sat down next to Em. She smiled at me and gave my cock a quick squeeze. Sam stepped down into the pool as well and sat at the other side of Em.

“Why do you keep on your bikini?” Em asked her.

“Well, that’s a good question. Let me explain. I’m your personal assistant. It is my duty to serve the two of you. To make sure you enjoy yourselves. I show you your way around this place. I will stay with you as long as you stay here. We will share this suite together, this pool, the showers, the bed. You will be stuck with me your entire stay.”

My already stiff member grew at least another inch anticipating the prospects this heavenly creature just laid down.

“This weekend will be filled with wild action, with fun, with games and little contests. You are invited to participate and do anything you feel like. But there is nothing you will have to do if you don’t want to. If you will be obliged to do anything you really don’t want, you can ask me to take your place. And you can ask me to participate in any action. Those are the main rules.”

“So you will take of your bathing suit if I ask you to,” Em said.

“You are a quick learner, handsome,” Sam replied.

“Would you than be so kind as to sit in between us and rub my slit for a while,” my Em said bluntly. I simply couldn’t believe what I heard. Did the atmosphere of this place do this to my modest girl, or had Lori given full detailed instructions in her letter.

As Sam had stood up and now sat down between Em and me, I found my fingers creeping up this beautiful leg. Slowly my hand moved upwards until I was brushing the crotch of Sam’s bikini bottom with my fingertips. My fingers smoothed over that heavenly bulge between her legs. My middle finger nudged itself between her outer lips, pushing the fabric of the gusset slightly into her slit.

“Ah, your hubby is picking up as well,” Sam cooed. “You’re doing a good job. I like the way you caress my pussy. Nice and easy. “

“It is good the two of you show no inhibitions. That’s the way to be around here. You can have a perfectly good time here, as long as you let yourself go and enjoy what comes around.

“Now tonight the festivities will begin in the restaurant with a little game of musical chairs. The winners, that is the man and woman who will be left as last, will be asked to perform together on the centre stage. If you should happen to win the game but do not want to perform, you could ask me to take your place. Otherwise you better make sure you don’t win,” Sam explained.

Meanwhile she must have been rubbing my wife’s pussy for Em had started to breath more heavily. Now she made panting sounds indicating a higher state of arousal. Gradually my baby worked to an orgasm. After another five minutes she came with high pitched shrieks.

“Now I will give Maurice his welcome treatment. I suggest a head massage. Please get your butt out of the water and sit on the edge of the pool, mister.”

Sam got out of the water herself, but only to give Em and me our champagne glasses after refilling them. And she grabbed a bottle of some oily substance. Back in the water she applied a generous amount of fluid on her hand and she rubbed her hands together. With both hands she gave my rock-hard cock some rigorous pulls. She pulled my foreskin göztepe escort back and rubbed with her fingertips over the head of my dick. Then she started massaging my crown with only her fingertips. She held her fingers in a circle as if lifting an object. With her five fingers surrounding my glans she moved her right hand up and down, stimulating my sex.

As I was about to shoot my load Sam grabbed the base of my cock with her left hand, and held it in a very strong grasp. She increased the pressure of her fingertips. The movement of her right hand became very rapid now. The pressure in my balls and dick surged up high very fast and within just a few seconds I had a massive orgasm. My sperm blasted out forcefully into the palm of Sam’s hand. She used my spunk as an added lubricant and massaged the creamy substance into my cock and balls.

As a thank-you gesture I pulled her face to my lips and gave her a tender kiss. Her smile became really radiant as my right hand found her crotch again and gave her some more slow rubs. As I reached the crack of her ass I found another hand there. Obviously my Emily was stimulating the buttocks and asshole of our assistant. What a thrill!

“Well well, do we have two fast students here,” Sam smiled. “Considering the two of you were in the blind as to what you’ve gotten yourselves into… I better explain a little. As you have probably figured out this resort is dedicated to sex. More precisely: to group sex. Most people come here regularly as a way of living. Others come to live out a dream.”

“As I’ve been told you were sent here by your boss. And you are here to find out if our resort is the place to celebrate with all your employees. Sounds interesting. To my knowledge we’ve never done that.”

“Tonight we start with a cocktail hour at 18.00. By then all guests will have arrived and settled in. Then there is a diner buffet at 20.00, followed by some games, and a beauty contest. There can be all sorts of frivolous little games people come up with, you know, these night can be quiet awesome. The dress code is free, which means preferably swimwear.”

— — —

The cocktail hour was really nice. There were in total 18 couples, totalling including PA’s to some 50 people. Most PA’s were nice young women between say 20 and 35, sporting tight bodies and fresh faces. Some of the guests apparently knew each other already, but most couples looked to be here for the first time.

During conversations I found out that assistants were only assigned to new guests. The others were extra’s, including some well hung studs. All staff wore white swim wear, most guests summer dresses, or other lightweight and open clothes. I got quit some peaks in and under those dresses, as well as an occasional feel. Most female guests apparently liked lingerie and sexy swimwear. Emily’s small black thong wasn’t out of place here.

The extra’s did spice up the atmosphere during dinner. And the veterans were eager to join in. For a dinner at a posh resort there was a lot of touching and semi-intimate contact. At the end a lot of smoothing and petting went on. The newbies grouped more or less together with their assistants, and mainly took in the sights. We wondered what the evening had in store.

One of the extra’s announced: “Dinner’s over folks, it’s party time! We will commence with a few games in about an hour. Now there is time to freshen up a bit.”

We left the restaurant with Sam and the couple from suite 6, Jennifer and Daniel. Their assistant Melanie suggested we should wear black swimwear. The resort offered a full range of clothes. The wardrobes in our suites was filled with mostly swimsuits, shorts and short dresses and skirts. We took a quick shower and had an amusing fitting session. It was incredible how completely at ease we all fell around each other in the nude.

Back in the restaurant the tables were cleared away, and 17 üsküdar escort chairs were put in a circle facing outwards. All the other chairs formed a large circle on the outside facing in for the audience. Within a matter of minutes all couples and assistants arrived back. Almost all the guests had changed into swimwear. Most wore small bikini’s, some wore exotic high cut one-piece suits. All of them were tight and didn’t leave much to the imagination. The men wore shorts and T’s.

“Welcome back, beloved guests,” one of the male assistants addressed the room. “First we will play a little game to break the ice. Our opening game tonight is musical chairs. With this game you can get more acquainted to each other, and familiarize a little bit in a physically way as well.”

“In the middle you see a circle of 17 chairs. All male guests are invited to start walking along the chairs. You take a chair as soon as the music stops playing. One person will be dispelled from the game and can take a seat in the outer circle. And off course enjoy a drink and the view. Then the women will march along the sitting men, and claim a lap when the music stops again. One woman will fall out. Then we will repeat the proceedings with one chair less, and so on until one man and one woman will be left out in the middle.”

“The winners will be asked to perform together for our benefit, and their own off course, on the stage right here. You’ve probably already been told, but I want to make sure you all understand this: a winner may ask an assistant to perform on his or her behalf, if you might not feel up to your task.”

The game itself wasn’t your ordinary children’s play. Since the price was totally different the game was loaded with tension. As much as the drive to win was undoubtedly there, falling out didn’t feel like losing either. When I was left with no chair, it even felt a little bit like a relieve somehow. Besides, this it was a game between consenting adults, knowing this was only the ante to probably a lot more. The weekend was still young, and this game offered a lot of opportunity for physical contact.

The last chick happened to be Aniston, a veteran to the resort. Even if she didn’t want to perform she didn’t have an assistant to take her place. But since she had been there and had done that there was no question whether she would fulfil her duties. Her opposite was Marc, a newbie. A nicely hung young hunk, very eager to collect his earnings. As the chairs were put aside, a stage was rolled from the back to the middle of the room.

The winning girl took off her clothes and took her position on all fours. After tasting Marc’s weapon, she turned around and offered him her behind. Spreading her knees a little, she lowered her hips slightly to line her sex with the spear of her mate. After stepping out of his trunk and tugging his member for a few seconds Marc sloshed his fat dick up and down through Aniston’s wet slit. He grabbed her hips and shoved his member into her waiting pussy. With one push he penetrated her to the hilt and started to fuck her with long deliberate strokes. She pushed back to meet his strokes. Their combined motions filled us onlookers with awe and the room with the smell of sex. As no one dared to speak one could only hear the sopping sounds their fucking produced and the heavy breathing of the two lucky winners.

— — —

“We will take a break now. In thirty minutes we will have our beauty contest. Tonight there will be four categories. We will elect a miss Terrific Tits, a miss Perfect Pussy and a miss Blissful Butt. And we will have a Mister Cock contest as well. I will explain in half an hour,” Chris announced. Chris was the veteran male assistant who played the role of master of ceremonies. “But first, get a drink at the bar, and probable most of you can do with a quick shower. We see you all back here in half an hour.”

“And one more thing: make sure you all wear swimwear provided by the resort. You’ll find a wide selection in your wardrobe, if you hadn’t noticed already. For the rest of tonight you should all wear bikinis or trunks marked with your suite number. So please check this!”

To be continued …

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