Ashlee and JD Ch. 01


It all started because of one blonde hair.

When Ashlee broke up with the boyfriend she’d had for most of the first three years of college, she decided she needed to make a change. Bill cheated on her at the start of senior year, although she’d felt herself losing interest in him for some time. She could only remember them having sex once that summer, and she hadn’t really been into it that time.

So he slipped up with a drunk underclassmen girl and Ashlee refused to take him back. Then, to get a new start, she decided to bleach her long black hair. It was so blonde it was nearly white, and she enjoyed the attention that her new look attracted. Her large chest and round ass also probably helped in the attention-getting department.

One person who started paying more attention was her Bio lab partner, J.D.

J.D. had been in her introductory Bio class over the summer semester, which is how they paired up as lab partners when they ended up in the same intermediate class in the fall. He was cute, and Ashlee enjoyed flirting with him, even when she was still dating Bill, but she’d assumed nothing would come of it, because he wasn’t her type.

First of all, he was short…about her height, and she’d always dated tall guys.

Second, he was black, and she couldn’t imagine what her parents would think. They never said anything to her, but she remembered when her older sister Susan went off to college, one of the things they told her was “don’t bring home a black guy!”

Still, when she went blonde, J.D.’s flirting became more serious.

“Damn, girl!” he said when she walked in that first day. “You’ve got to warn a guy before you walk in looking like that.”

She enjoyed the attention and also noticed that even though he was short, he was obviously well built, judging from the way his t-shirts clung to the muscles in chest and back.

So she wasn’t entirely surprised when he hung around by the lab door after class one day until she’d finished collecting her books.

She was surprised at his serious manner. All the laughing and joking was gone as he looked deep into her eyes.

“So, you single now, right?” he asked.

“Yes,” she said, meeting his gaze.

“You want to do something tonight? Dinner and a movie, maybe? I’ll take you out.”

She had a hard time tearing away from the intensity in his chocolate brown eyes.

“Sure,” she said. “That sounds great.”

Her friends teased her mercilessly that afternoon. “Move over Bill, now there’s someone bigger,” said Kelly.

“Oh, come on,” Ashlee argued. “Bill was at least half a foot taller than J.D.”

“There’s height, and then there’s length,” her Kelly said.

Ashlee blushed. “Oh, that’s just a stereotype,” she said.

Her friends just looked at her.

“Isn’t it?” she asked.

“You’re in your fourth year of college , and you’re just now going out with your first black guy?”

Ashlee nodded.

“Well you let us know what you find out.”

“Well, I won’t find anything out for awhile,” Ashlee said. “It’s our tuzla escort first date tonight.”

Kelly nodded knowingly. “Your curiosity will get you. You watch.”

Meanwhile, across campus, J.D. was getting the same treatment.

“That girl just got blonde, and now she’s gonna get her first brother,” said Tyrell.

“Come on, man,” J.D. said. “It’s not like that. She’s a friend. We’re just going to have a night out.”

“Wait a minute,” said Tyrell. “It sounds a lot like brother is still waiting to have his first blonde girl!”

J.D. didn’t answer and Tyrell cackled a laugh.

“You watch, she’s a friend now, but she’ll be all over you once she decides she needs a look to see if it’s true.”

“She’s not going to be looking at anything.”

“One little sideways glance,” Tyrell said knowingly. “That’s how you’ll know it’s about to go down. She just take one little peek down…and it’s about to be on.”

J.D. picked her up at her apartment. He was wearing black slacks and a nicer shirt than his usual tees. She still admired the way it fit his torso, though.

He held the passenger door for her. She breathed deeply as she got in. He always smelled nice…she wasn’t sure if it was cologne or skin lotion, but tonight, he also had a musky smell, like he’d taken time to choose something she’d like.

They made light conversation as he drove away. He asked why she went blonde, and she explained she’d just needed a new look.

“Well, it’s a good look,” J.D. said with a laugh.

“Thank you,” Ashlee said quietly. Then she noticed that one of her blonde hairs had gotten on the leg of his slacks.

“Oh,” she said. “My hair is always getting all over everything. I’m sorry. Let me get that.”

She brushed at his right thigh, but the hair clung to the material. So she tried to pick it up. That’s when she felt his rock solid leg muscle.

“Wow,” she said. “I knew you must work out your upper body, but I never noticed how cut your legs were.”

“Yeah,” J.D. said. “I spend a lot of time in the gym.”

He squirmed uncomfortably in the drivers seat.

He liked the feel of her hand on his leg. She was squeezing his thigh muscle now. In fact, he liked it a little too much and felt himself sprouting an erection. He could hear Tyrell cackling in his mind.

Ashlee couldn’t believe where she was. Not only was she on a date with a guy other than Bill, but she was in the car with a black guy, and she had her hand on his upper leg. And she was starting to think that he might have been sculpted, not born.

She thought about what Kelly had said earlier that day. Before she could think about it, she darted a quick glance at his crotch.

She blushed, but she also couldn’t believe what she saw. “That can’t all be him,” she thought.

“It must just be the way the material of the pants is creased or something.”

It was quick, but J.D. saw the look. He also saw her eyes widen ever so slightly. He was silently kicking himself for getting aroused a couple minutes after getting this white girl göztepe escort in the car.

Ashlee continued rubbing his thigh. Then she reached to feel his left thigh, the one by the driver’s side door.

“I’ll just brush against his pants and prove it’s just an illusion,” she thought.

“Is the other one just as solid?” she started to ask, but the sentence stopped midway through the word “just”.

As she reached across his lap, she felt something jabbing into her forearm. It was all him.

As impossible as it seemed, she was sitting there with her arm resting against her black friend’s penis.

“Penis,” she thought to herself with a chuckle. “Anything that big’s got to be a cock.”

She rubbed her hand back and forth on his thigh, moving her arm as she did. Neither she nor J.D. were aware of the feel of her palm on his leg though. Their attentions were elsewhere.

J.D. couldn’t believe it. Tyrell had been right. It was about to be on. He shifted again in his seat, this time to press himself against her a little more.

Ashlee slid her hand a few inches to the right, then a few more, until it cupped his crotch…well, at least some of it. J.D. seemed to spill out above and below her hand.

J.D. looked away from the road to glance at her.

She looked at him.

“Damn,” she said.

He laughed.

She ran her hand all the way up J.D.’s cock and all the way down. It took a long time.

“My friends told me this would happen,” she said.

“Mine too,” he said.

“Damn,” she said again.

She wrapped her thumb and fingers around it to feel its girth. It was like holding the handle of a baseball bat.

“I’m not usually like this on a first date,” she said, “but…”

“Damn,” he finished. She laughed.

“I’m not either,” he said.

“You’re not?” she asked. “Usually like this?”

She gave him a squeeze.

Before he could answer, she decided there was no point holding back now.

“I need to see it,” she said.


She opened the buttons to his slacks and slid down the zipper. She immediately felt its bulbous head pressing against her hand, through the thin material of his boxers.

A million thoughts went through her mind. What would her parents think? Her sister Susan? Kelly? Bill?

He lifted his hips and helped her slide down his boxers. His cock popped out and bounced a little as it saw the light of day. She inhaled sharply.

It looked even bigger than it had felt. It was nine or ten inches long at least. It looked like he could easily use it to honk the horn on the steering wheel.

She wasn’t sure if she could wrap her hand all the way around it. Underneath were two massive balls in a black sack. Just like the rest of him, his package looked like it had been sculpted by an artist.

She cupped his balls and felt the warm weight of them in her hand. Then she ran her fingers up and down the smooth black skin on his cock.

She held her palm against him, admiring her white skin and red painted nails against üsküdar escort his dark skin.

J.D. marveled at her touch, feeling himself grow as she felt him.

He struggled to keep his attention on the road.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw he slide her arm out of the shoulder harness of her seat belt. Then she leaned over to his side of the car.

She leaned forward until her face was a few inches from his cock. He could feel her warm breath on him.

Then she turned and looked up at him with a sparkle in her blue eyes. He almost came right then.

“Don’t crash,” she said.

He started to say “I won’t,” but the words never made it out. She was on him, running her tongue up and down his cock. He slouched in his seat to give her more room to work.

She took him in her mouth and bobbed her head up and down. The car swerved slightly, at first, but he was able to get it under control.

They were approaching the restaurant, but there was no way he was stopping this car right now. He drove past the parking lot and continued down the block.

Ashlee couldn’t believe herself. She’d have bet anything that she would never do something like this, but here she was.

All she could think about was rewarding this man for having such a huge black cock and sculpted body. She squeezed his thigh with one hand while she continued to bob up and down, sucking on him.

He stopped at a red light. A car pulled up in the lane to his left. The girl in the passenger seat glanced over, then did a double take when she saw the mop of blonde hair bouncing up and down in J.D.’s lap. The man driving her craned his neck to get a better look.

J.D. suddenly didn’t care. He leaned back and took it all in. The light turned and he sped off. The car next to him tried to keep up, but he quickly lost them.

Ashlee stopped suddenly and looked up at him.

“I don’t know what’s gotten into me. I’m not usually like this,” she said.

“Baby,” JD said, looking down into her blue eyes. “I don’t care.”

She laughed and he placed a hand on her head, guiding her back onto his cock.

She cupped his balls with one hand and continued to suck. She felt them tighten and knew he must be close.

She swirled her tongue around the head of his cock, then dropped down onto him as far as she could take him into her mouth and throat, then slowly slid back up, inch by inch.

As she prepared to drop again, he let go with a groan.

“Aw fuck,” he said as the first spurt of cum hit the back of her mouth. It was hot and salty and she swallowed it down just as the next jet hit.

She swallowed that down too, as well as the next two or three.

She could hear him breathing heavy, but he seemed to have kept the car on the road.

She continued to rub his balls lightly as she lay with her head in his lap. After about ten seconds, it spurted again, sending a small jet of cum across her cheek.

She carefully wiped it with one finger and put it into her mouth.

She took him in her hand and gently kissed the head of his cock, then she leaned down and kissed the shaft.

Slowly she pulled herself upright. He was looking at her with shock, but also that same intensity she saw when he first asked her out.

“I think you missed your turn,” she said.

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