Bad Girl

Big Tits

The only thing my mind seems to register is the steady pounding of my own heart.

He’s wearing my favorite suit. The navy blue one, with chestnut brown cap toe shoes, and a crisp white button down. He has unbuttoned the top three buttons on his shirt and my fingers are itching to run through the dark hair peeking out.

The intensity of his stare frightens me.

I’m in trouble.

It’s not really my fault. I was standing in the living room completely naked when he got home. Usually, that wouldn’t be a big ordeal, but I had forgotten to draw the shades before taking my shower.

I was talking to my BFF about her loser boyfriend and inadvertently placed myself directly in front of the floor to ceiling windows. Anyone in eyeshot could have easily seen me there.

He grabs my chin with his left hand and forces me to look directly into his eyes.

“Since you carelessly flaunted this perky ass for everyone walking by this condo to see, it looks like I’m going to have to show them it’s mine.”

My ass is cold against the glass, and the contrast of his warm body against my chest is causing my pulse to race even faster.

He moves his hand down my belly and dips one finger into my sopping wet pussy. He removes his finger and brings it Pendik Grup Escort to his mouth, sucking off the juices left there.

“So sweet” He whispers as he shoves two fingers into my slick heat this time.

I need more. I start to move my pelvis over his hand, but he removes his fingers. I whimper in frustration.

“Uh-uh princess, not yet, you’ve been naughty remember?”

There’s no doubt he’s going to torture me for my mistake.

I begin to protest, but he shoves his fingers into my mouth as soon as I part my lips. The sweetness of my pussy mixed with the saltiness of his skin is intoxicating. He’s pushing his fingers down my throat now, and I try not to gag.

“Suck it off princess, see how good you taste”

I oblige him and close my lips around his two fingers as he pulls them out of my mouth.

He grabs my hips and spins me around. I’m now facing the window and I can see people walking on the street below. I send up a silent prayer that none of them look up.

He forces my chest down so that my ass is nestled against his hard cock. My face and tits are pressed against the glass, and I hear him unzip his pants.

My whole body aches for his cock in anticipation but pushes his index finger in instead. Pendik Manken Escort Moving in and out slowly.

I know he is being greeted with wetness and I’m a little embarrassed by how aroused I am knowing someone could be watching us.

“Do you want more?” He asks.

“Yes, sir”

“Then ask for it!”

“More, please!” I’m almost screaming “add another finger” I beg.

“Just one?”

“Or two” I breathe.

Without further ado, he slides two more fingers in, stretching me. It hurts, but just enough to still be enjoyable.

He reaches around with his other hand to rub my clit, skillfully as always. My pulse is racing and just before I reach my climax he ends his assault.

I groan in frustration, but then he moves his soaked finger up to my back entrance.

Every muscle in my body tenses when I realize his intention. I’ve never done any anal play before and I don’t know what to expect.

“Shhhh, relax princess, we will take it easy”

He circles his index finger around my asshole before he pushes it inside. It is an awkward feeling that soon turns to pleasure, but I’m afraid to ask for more.

He removes his finger to retrieve something from the couch, then slides something cold and Pendik Masöz Escort metallic down my back. I want to see what it is, but I’m afraid if I move this punishment will be even worse.

He begins slowly massaging my clit as he presses the object against my asshole. I’m surprised by its girth. It’s much bigger than its tip suggested. It’s stretching my ass way more than his finger did.

I try not to tense up, but it hurts. It seems to be shaped like a drop, with the widest part now stretching my ass to its limit. My breath is erratic, and I can feel the sweat drip from my forehead.

“Almost there” he croons as the object enters with a strange ache.

I thought I couldn’t feel any fuller, but his cock is teasing my entrance. I look out at the people walking down the street and wonder what they would think about me, here on display, some cold object stretching my ass, and his cock stretching my pussy.

I’m ashamed of how close I am to orgasm. I’ve never felt anything like this before. When he begins to pound my pussy with his cock fireworks erupt behind my eyes and I lose my footing.

Luckily he catches me, but he continues his brutal thrusting as I ride wave after wave of exquisite pleasure.

He pulls out and spins me around in time to shove his cock in my mouth. I feel his salty liquid coat my throat and I swallow like a good girl.

“What do you say?” He says as he helps me up off of my knees.

“Thank You, sir”

“Thank you for what?”

“Thank you for letting me swallow your cum, sir”

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