Basement Sluts Vol. 04


Nelly’s fingernails were clawing on Shawn’s back as he was pushing his massive cock to the limits in and out of her wet pussy.

“Ooooooh Shawn. Harderrrrrrr. Faster. Fuck me Hard Shawn,” cried Nelly as Shawn pounded away at her pussy. He could feel her cunt tighten around his huge dick and his balls bouncing against her wet cunt. Feeling her juices pouring out and all over his manhood.

Both Shawn and Nelly were hot under the sheets. Roll covered their bodies and soak up onto the sheets. Shawn thrust his massive dick harder and deeper into Nelly’s pussy. He couldn’t keep his eyes off Nelly’s enormous breasts bouncing and wobbling on her chest as he thrust faster and faster. Her hard thick nipples drag against Shawn’s chest that drove him over the edge and he released a massive flow of hot cum inside Nelly.

“Ooooooh yeeeeeeeeeah,” moaned Nelly as she felt Shawn explode in her cunt. She also reached her climax and came, mixing her cum with his.

Shawn fell off of Nelly and lay beside her.

“Where’s Josh? I haven’t seen him all day,” Nelly asked while calming down from the fucking.

“He’s a busy man. He’s out looking for a new client. My work is never done baby,” Shawn said to Nelly and then gave her a kiss and got up off the bed.

Nelly couldn’t keep her eyes off Shawn’s massive wet cock and his cum dripping big balls as they swung between his legs, covered in both their juices.

“Hmmmm. Let me suck that big dick dry for you,” teased Nelly.

“Go right ahead,” agreed Shawn as he turns around with his hung cock facing Nelly’s direction.

Nelly took the massive cock into her hands and started stroking it. Then she took the enormous mushroom head into her mouth and began sucking on it for dear life. Shawn just stood there rolling his eyes into the back of his head, enjoying the treatment.

Meanwhile, Josh was driving around a local college in Los Angeles. He had his window rolled down to get a better look at some of the women on campus. Somewhat he felt like a female predator, looking for a victim to stalk and rape. As he stop at a stop light, an odd looking girl with black make-up on and her hair totally dark black, walk in front of the car, wearing a heavy black sweater in the middle of summer. Josh figured she was gothic by the way he was dress but his eyes immediately got glance at two enormous bulges from her sweater and some slight bouncing as she walk. Josh’s eyes followed her to the park across the street. She sat down under a tree nearby and started reading a book. Josh wanted a closer look so as the green light came on; he drove in her direction but did not stop. He just kept driving at a slow pace, not taking his eyes off her.

“She either rob someone or she is packing some serious sweater meats under that sweater,” Josh thought.

So with that, he pulled his car over to the side, just far enough for her not to see him but he could still see her. He got out of the car and walked up to a nearby park bench. As he sat down, 3 guys walk up to her and from what Josh could see; they were picking on her. Kicking dirt at her and even snatch the book out of her hands and throw it into the pond. Josh has never seen this kind of violent behavior before.

Just as things couldn’t get any worse, Josh heard they calling her names like freak, gothic black, vampire whore, and perhaps his favorite, big tittied weirdo. Though Josh thought that name was kind of corny, he just focus on the big tittied part proving that he was right about her having some big tits.

Josh quickly rushes to his car to receive his baseball bat and then ran over to her and started yelling at the 3 bullies.

“Hey you motherfuckers. Get away from her before I use this baseball bat to knock some heads,” shouted Josh, swinging his baseball bat around in the air.

The 3 bullies took off, still shouting names as they ran off. Josh looked at the Gothic girl as she produced a few tears. Her dark eye shadow started running down her face.

“Are you all right?” Asked Josh.

“Yes. Thank you,” said the Gothic girl, wiping her eyes off, smearing her make-up over her face.

“Damn,” she said upset. “I don’t see why they pick on me for. So what I have a different lifestyle you know. I just wish assholes like that would just leave me alone.”

“Yeah. I can see that. Even with all the make-up on, I still see a pretty face,” said Josh trying to flirt.

The Gothic girl cracks a smile and put out her pale white hand with black fingernail.

“Hi. I’m Casey,” she said, shaking Josh’s hand.

“I’m Josh. I hate to see a girl like you here and being picked on. Lucky I had just drove up or who knows what would have happen.”

“I don’t think they would have done anything to harsh. I would have bit off some ears and perhaps some dicks,” Casey said smiling.

“Dicks huh? What do you like to do more? Bite or suck?” Josh said laughing.

“Truthfully. I love to suck. The bigger. The better,” teased Casey staring into Josh’s eyes, licking her black lipstick coated Pendik Escort lips and playing with her lip ring with her long pink tongue, exposing her tongue ring.

“Oh god. You have a tongue ring,” said Josh with excitement.

“Oh yeah but I have a few more surprises that I would like to show you since you saved my day. I want to make your day if you don’t mind,” said Casey in a sweet voice.

Josh has never really been attracted to Gothic girls. Simply because they freak him out. But Casey was different then the ones he always heard about. She wasn’t that bad looking for a Goth. She wasn’t a beauty queen but Josh figured she had her fair share of a boyfriend or two. He knew she had some big titties and he wanted to see what other tricks she could do.

“Let’s go back to my place and you can show me what you got ok?” Asked Josh.

“Sure thing big boy,” said Casey, grabbing Josh’s crotch and winking at him.

“Seems that someone wants to get free,” she teased by rubbing his crotch some more. Josh couldn’t do anything but moan and love the feel of her hand rubbing his crotch.

As they got in the car, Josh saw the seatbelt separate her massive breasts, sticking them out like giant torpedoes. She caught Josh glancing at her chest.

“You like big tits?” She asked.

“Oh yes. The bigger. The better. But only natural breasts though. I hate silicone. Just doesn’t feel right like natural large breasts,” Josh responded.

“Don’t wear. Mines are all natural. It’s even hard to believe I was so bless and blew up the way I did. Most guys only want me because of my breasts and after I give them what they want, I get kick to the curve,” Casey said.

“What size are your breasts if you don’t mind me asking?” Josh said curiously, yet excited to hear her answer.

“I’m a 36FF and…” Casey said as she was about to tell him something, Josh accidentally stop the car in full force with a look of shock on his face.

“Are you all right?” Asked Casey.

“Yeah. Just never knew breasts could be that big. I mean. Jesus,” Josh said in disbelief.

“Yeah. Most guys have a hard time swallowing that. Only a few lucky guys have actually gotten to give these babies a test drive,” Casey said. “And you could be one of them,” she teased and moved her hands to Josh’s crotch and started to unzip his pants. Josh wasn’t going to turn her down and just kept on driving.

Casey pulled out his long hard 7 1/2-inch dick and started stroking it.

“Hmmmm,” moaned Josh.

“I had bigger but I like this size too,” she said, moving her hands all over his dick and balls. Bouncing his balls in the palm of her left hand and stroking his long dick in her right hand.

Josh kept driving; trying not to be distracted by her fondling his cock but it was hard. As they stop at a stop light, Casey unfasten her seatbelt and bend her head down to take his entire cock down her throat.

“Oooooh fuck,” moaned Josh as Casey began to suck on his dick. Feeling her wet mouth and her hard cold tongue ring trail up and down his cock, made Josh feel like he was on cloud 9.

The light switch to green and it took Josh a few seconds to go as he was enjoying the dick sucking.

Casey took the saliva-coated cock out of her mouth and started beating it against her tongue. Then she drags her tongue ring against the mushroom head and inside the pee hole. Then she engulfs his cock back into her mouth and started bobbing her head up and down. Sucking and making slurping noises on his cock.

“Ooooh my god,” cried Josh, trying not to crash or speed as Casey kept sliding his dick out from between her black lipstick coated lips.

“Hmmmm. Cum for me baby,” moaned Casey in between sucking. She buried her face into his pubic hairs, stuffing her mouth with his entire dick to the base. Sucking and savoring his cock in her mouth. Her chin started to rub against his balls causing pre-cum to ooze from his cockhead and down her throat.

In between sucking his dick, Casey was chanting some gothic stuff that Josh really didn’t understand. All he cared about was finally cuming in her mouth. And after a few minutes of sucking his cock, she took it out and started jerking it. Harder and faster, trying to get him to explode.

“I’m cummming,” cried Josh as his cock busted a long trail of hot gooey cum into Casey’s mouth. She engulfed his cockhead and started to drink up his cum. Swallowing every drip of cum that blasted out of his cock. She didn’t let a single drip fall from between her lips. She gave his cock a few kisses and stuff it back into his underwear as Josh pulled up to the apartment.

“How was that?” Asked Casey, smiling at Josh.

Josh just sat still with surprise expression on his face.

“I’ll take that as a good thing,” Casey said.

Josh finally came too and got out of the car and helped Casey out. He opens the apartment building door for her and led her down to the basement. Once down there, they saw the new secretary Nelly, sitting at her new desk outside Anadolu Yakası Escort their bachelor pad door.

“Good evening Mr. Josh,” said Nelly, standing up and showing off her very tight button up blouse which threaten to explode her massive bra-covered breasts and a very short blue skirt that showed off her huge ass and thick thighs. Josh’s cock immediately hardens again.

“Hello Nelly. Where is Shawn?” Josh asked.

“He is inside waiting for your arrival Sir with your new friend,” Nelly said, smiling at Casey.

“What is going on here?” Casey asked Josh.

“Don’t worry girl. You’ll be given the ride of your life,” said Nelly.

Josh opens the door for Casey and let her inside their headquarters. Shawn was sitting on the couch, waiting patiently in his famous black robe.

“Who’s your friend?” Asked Casey.

“That’s my business partner Shawn. Shawn. This is Casey.”

“How you doing baby? Looking good,” teased Shawn.

“What do you guys do here anyways?” Asked Casey.

“Well Casey. Girls like you who are not happy with themselves. We made you feel good and make you feel wanted. We don’t hate because of race, sex, religion, or anything of that nature except for breasts,” Josh explained.

“Breasts?” Said Casey in a mellow tone.

“Yes. We don’t like silicone like I was telling you about earlier. We know how to be happy with what god gave girls like you. We want those girls who are naturally blessed with huge gifts to be happy with what they have. God couldn’t create all females like that and the females who don’t have what you got. Want them by plastic surgery. We want you to fit in and be important to us. We’re like your second home,” lectured Josh.

“That was beautiful man,” said in a teary voice Shawn acting like he is about to cry.

“So really you guys just want to see some natural large breasts and have your way with them,” said Casey looking at both Shawn and Josh.

“Pretty much. If you wouldn’t mind. We would love to see those bad boys. They might need to breathe,” said Josh flexing his eyes on Casey’s mammoth chest.

“I’m kind of shy about my body after the shit I have been through and all but after you saved me. I’m willing to show the both of you a good time,” said Casey. “Now why don’t you guys sit back and enjoy the show.”

Casey started lifting her shirt up over her head. Shawn and Josh’s eyes were right at her massive breasts as they were threatening to spill over her black tank top and bra. Then she removed the tank top, freeing her bra, which had her pale breasts nearly spilling over. They were treated to a nice tattoo of a bat just above her right breasts and her bra was visible so both Josh and Shawn saw a little bit of her massive areolas and which looked to be rings on the ends of both nipples.

“These things are huge so be careful,” teased Casey as he unhooked her bra that had about at least 6 straps holding her heavy breasts up.

She tosses the bra off causing her pale bare breasts to sway with her movements. They were so enormous they pretty much covered her entire chest and down to her belly. Though they sag a little, they were in the shape of massive teardrops top with areolas the size of the bottom of a soda can and pencil erase size pink nipples. Each nipple had a ring attach to them. Her breasts along with the rest of her skin were white as a dove.

“Holy shit,” said Shawn as his massive cock started to stand up from his robe. Casey quickly spotted it and was amaze at the size of it, hidden under his robe.

Casey started squeezing her pale breasts with her small hands. Trying to grip them as much as possible but they kept over flowing her hands. She knead her breasts like dough and even spread them out far apart to opposite sides of her, letting them get a good long look at how long they stretch from her sides.

“Oh god. My cock is so hard,” moaned Josh as he started rubbing his crotch.

Casey let her breasts go and they wobbled and jiggled across her chest. Smacking into each other and making loud thunderous slaps that really got Shawn’s dick to grow out even further.

Casey stood in front of them and folder her arms under her breasts, causing them to bulge out and over them. Then she lay her arms to her side and started moving them in the center, causing her already gigantic breasts to balloon out towards the guys. Her nipples started to grow an inch further from her breasts. Then she started jumping up and down a few inches off the floor, causing her breasts to bounce uncontrollable between her arms. They came close to smacking her face as they flop out from her chest and started to bang against each other, making more loud noises.

“I like to tease my men and give them a little show before I start the finale,” teased Casey, taking hold of her huge tits and squeezing them again. Tugging on her nipple rings to stretch her nipples out. Then cause both breasts to stretch out forwards at the guys. She started jiggling her pale breasts by the nipple rings.

“Oh İstanbul Escort yessss,” moaned Casey, sending herself into an orgasmic state toying with her own breasts.

“I love playing with these things. They turn me on and I would never trade my big tits for anything,” moan Casey still jiggling her breasts by the nipple rings.

“Oooooh. I’m CUMMMMING. CUMING,” cried Casey as she let her breasts flop backs down to her chest and came in her loose black jeans.

“Hmmmm. That was fun. Just playing with my breasts will make me cum,” said Casey, catching her breath.

“I’m sure this well make you cum too,” said Shawn, standing up and taking off his robe. His massive cock was standing at attention with the massive cockhead ballooning out and very purple.

“Oh my god,” said a shock Casey. “I never have seen a dick so enormous. Never seen a black cock period.”

“There is a first for everything. I never had seen a Gothic girl with such enormous titties,” said Shawn. Shawn sat back on the couch with his huge dick pointing straight up to the ceiling, reaching pass his belly button. His enormous balls hung down on the couch waiting for Casey’s attention.

“Go head Casey. Don’t be shy. Shawn won’t hurt you that much,” teased Josh as he was getting his computer set up for another installment of Basement Sluts. He had the camcorder ready to film all the action for the crowd on the Internet.

Before Casey got down on her knees, she kicks off her shoes and pulled down her large loose jeans. She stood before Shawn in a black spider thong and black socks. Josh got some close ups on Casey’s pale ass which wasn’t that bad looking. He mainly kept his focus on Casey’s 36FF titties that sway with her movements as she got down on her knees, face to face with Shawn’s oversize dick.

She took Shawn’s monster into both of her hands and started stroking it. Feeling it throb non-stop in her hands.

“Oh god. This is so big. Feels like its alive,” said Casey in surprise.

She slowly took the massive cockhead in between her dark lips and started sucking on it. Slowly taking the whole head into her mouth and savoring the taste. She pops the cockhead out of her mouth and started kissing it. Then rubbing the head against her cheeks and lips. Flicking her tongue out a few times to lick at the head. Her massive breasts were resting on Shawn’s thighs and partly between his legs.

Shawn could feel Casey’s hot mouth running up and down his massive dick. Covering it from top to bottom in her saliva. Then she took 4 inches into her mouth immediately and started sucking. Slowly inserting more inches into her mouth. By now, Casey had a good 9 inches deep down her throat and was determent to get the whole 11 1/2 inches down deep, straight to the core of his cock.

Josh got up close, slowly filming Casey taking more and more of Shawn’s huge cock into her wide mouth and finally reach the base of his dick. Inserting the entire 11 1/2 inches deep down her throat. Casey started choking so she pulled her mouth off his cock. His enormous dick was covered with saliva that was dripping to his balls and the tops of her breasts.

Casey drag her cold steel tongue ring up and down Shawn’s dick and then started tickling his massive cockhead with it.

“Hmmm. Feeeeels so good,” moaned Shawn as her tongue ring work magic around his cockhead. Rubbing the steel bar end of the ring across his cockhead rapidly.

“Oh fuck. I’m going to cum. Keep going. Oh yessss,” moaned Shawn sweating hard and ready to cum from the assault of Casey’s tongue ring on his cockhead.

Casey stops and moved her tongue down to his heavy balls. Licking them one at a time. Then slowly swirling her tongue around his right ball and suck it into her mouth. Letting her tongue flick at it with the ring. Shawn’s got started throbbing red and his cockhead was ready to explode. She repeated the same process on his left ball. Then took both giant balls into her mouth. They were at least she sizes of plums. Sucking one on each part of her mouth. Chewing his balls up nice and harder.

“Oooooh fuck!” Cried Shawn, feeling the intensity of Casey’s sucking his balls dry. She let his heavy wet balls drop from her mouth and started bobbing her head up and down his cock again. Sucking rapidly inch by inch of his cock down her throat again.

The dick sucking made Josh remember Casey sucking his a while ago in the car. He just wanted to have her suck his dick again.

Shawn stood up with Casey’s mouth still on his cock and he started thrusting his massive dick in and out of her mouth. Stuffing her mouth with his entire cock and then pulling it out faster and harder. His big wet balls beat against her chin as saliva leak out from her mouth and off his giant cock.

Casey’s hands gripped Shawn’s ass and her fingers started to probe his anus. Shawn never had his anus toy with before but was loving Casey’s magic fingers going in and out of it while he pounds her mouth with his gigantic dick.

After a few minutes of sucking, slurping, and gagging on Shawn’s dick, Casey took it out of her mouth and lifted it up massive right breasts and started rubbing her nipple into Shawn’s dick. Dragging the nipple ring over his cockhead and down to the base of his dick. She even tickles his balls with her nipple.

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