Finding Our Way Pt. 04


You mumbled something incoherent, your face still pressed against the mattress.

“I’m sorry…Sir? I couldn’t make that out.” The weight of you was beginning to feel suffocating, and I squirmed a bit trying to find a better position to breathe. It was no use—you were a dead weight atop of me.

You lifted your head to look down on me, “Squishing you, am I?

“Only a little, Sir,” I managed to say.

You rolled off me with more than a little effort, and pulled me to lie against your chest. Taking one of my hands, you brought it to your lips. “I said, ‘Dammit, I wanted to see how that nail color looked wrapped around my cock.'”

“Oh.” I ducked my head against you, grinning like a fool. “Well, next time, Sir. We do aim to please.”

You rolled off the bed, and tugged me along with you by the hand. “C’mon, my love, we need to shower.”

This was something that I had always been shy about before. I don’t really know why, but showering together had always seemed more intimate than sex and that level of intimacy frightened me. But I pushed all those thoughts away and followed you into our bathroom. I was determined to follow through in my submission to you.

You turned the water on in our tiled shower stall to give it time to warm up. One of your hands went to my cheek to smooth back my hair.

I peeked up at you shyly through my lashes. “I must look a mess right now. I refuse to look in the mirror, Sir!”

“You refuse, do you?” Up quirked that brow, and there was that smirk. You brought your hands to my hips and turned me to the mirror. You then pulled me back against you, your chin resting on top of my head.

“Do you know what I see,” you asked, your hands tracing lazy circles across my torso. “I see a beautiful woman—MY woman, in that mirror. Look how your skin glows, my Love. You look lit up from the inside. I haven’t seen you look this happy in a long time.”

“Oh, but my hair,” I protested.

“Your hair looks like you’ve just rolled out of bed after a good fucking. Trust me, my Love; nothing is sexier than your hair right now.” Your hands circle their way to my breasts, and you cupped them gently in your palms, “Except maybe for these.” You squeezed my breasts together gently, massaging them. I began to feel the anticipation build up in my body.

“Oh Sir, I love when you do that. It’s just…I’m so sore. I don’t think I can again.” I meet your eyes in the mirror, silently begging for your understanding.

Your eyes mocked my pleading expression. “Oh, my girl, it’s so cute that you think you have a say in this.” One of your hands continued its attention to my breasts; the other began to slide downward.

I squirmed in anticipation and agitation. Did I want you to stop or continue? It was both…

“Please, Sir…I really can’t…”

“Oh, my girl,” you sighed. “You can. You will. What’s more—you’ll watch.”

You held me trapped in your embrace, as I squirmed against your hands. I let out a soundless giggle as you began to tickle my sides lightly. “Oh no. No tickling! Unfair!!” I giggled helplessly and wriggled against you some more. You pinched and tickled and teased me until I saw myself in the mirror.

I watched my body move against yours, my breasts bouncing, my hips swaying, the joy on my face—and everything changed.

My breath hitched in a small gasp, as full arousal hit me. You felt the change in me Betturkey and instantly stopped the playful teasing. Your hands became sensual once more, arousing me with the lightest of touches. Your eyes help mine in the mirror. “Keep watching,” you encouraged me. “Watch how beautiful you are.”

Your hand had found my clit, and you rubbed your fingers there, building on my need. I turned my face to your neck and closed my eyes, ready to lose myself in the sensations.

“No,” you tell me, your palm resting on my throat with your fingers cupping my jaw. “I want you to watch. Open your eyes and watch yourself cum.”

I opened my eyes and saw a woman teetering on the edge of orgasm. She moaned and writhed to the rhythm set by the man behind her. I watched his thick fingers pinch her clit before slipping inside her pussy. I moaned with her as he picked up the pace. I fell as she fell, giving myself to the powerful wave. I looked into her eyes as that last wave took her over the edge, and she shook in her lovers arms. I leaned back against you, panting heavily. “Oh my fucking god,” I managed to say.

You grinned at me over my head in the mirror. “You’re pretty damn hot, don’t you agree?”

I smiled back at you in astonishment, “Maybe I am, Sir.”

“No maybe’s about it my Love. Now come on, into the shower with you. Hopefully we have some hot water left.”

“Well, Sir, maybe you shouldn’t have left it running all this while,” I teased.

You looked down at me, a mock frown on your face as you considered my statement. “Maybe not, girl,” you conceded. “But if I have to take a cold shower, it’s your ass that will pay for it.”

I grinned at you feeling very cheeky and loved. “Promise,” I asked as I stepped into the steamy shower stall.

You stepped in behind me, pulling the glass door shut. One of your fingers tilted my face to yours, concern in your deep blue eyes. “What’s wrong, my darling? You look so sad.”

I tried to turn from you, mildly embarrassed that you had read my face so well. “It’s nothing Sir, I’m fine.”

You kept a hand on my cheek to prevent me from turning away. “No Love, no secrets anymore. You are to share your thoughts with me. All of them.”

I closed my eyes as I became even more embarrassed. “Really, Sir, it’s nothing– Silly even.”

You stepped closer to wrap an arm around my waist. “Open your eyes and tell me, girl.”

I opened my eyes, took a deep breath and burst out, “I was just disappointed that the water was still warm, Sir.”

You looked down at me, face blank as you processed that. Then a huge grin spread over your mouth. “Because I said I’d spank you if the water was cold?” I nodded once as a blush covered my body.

You wrapped your arms tighter around me, hugging me close, and rocking us together as laughter shook through your body. “Oh, sweet girl, all you ever have to do is ask. I will be happy to take care of that need.”

I bit my cheek to keep my grin at bay; I struggled to keep a prim look on my face. “Thank you, Sir. I will keep that under advisement.”

“You do that, girl,” you told me between chuckles. “Now pass me your shampoo.”

You lathered up my hair, massaging my scalp with your strong fingers. I let myself relax into the soothing sensations of the warm water and your fingers in my hair.

I took your bottle of body wash, squeezed a good amount into my hands, Betturkey Giriş and worked it into a lather. I began washing your back, smoothing my sudsy hands across the broad muscles of your back. Slowly, I washed you, making my way down your ass, down your thighs.

You turned so that I could wash your front. I applied more soap to my hands before running them over your chest, loving the feel of your strength beneath my fingers. I washed your muscled arms, down to your hands, taking an extra minute to massage your palms.

I then knelt at your feet, washing then carefully as the warm water poured over your body, washing the suds away. I massaged my way up your calves, up your rock hard thighs before coming head to head with your cock. I put a little more soap in my hands, and slid them around your already pulsing member. You glided with ease through my hands, slick from the water and soap.

I stare at it, transfixed. I had never really looked this closely at your naked form before. You are wonderfully made—thick and strong throughout your body; your cock was no exception.

“Hm…well, what do you know, Sir,” I teased, giving your cock a slow squeeze. “This nail color does look pretty damn hot wrapped around you.”

You looked down at me through your long lashes. “You are right, girl. Now stand up, I’m not done with you yet.”

I reluctantly release your manhood, and stand beneath the shower head, rinsing the last of your soap from my body. You stand back and watched as the water ran over my breasts, one of your hands stroking your cock slowly.

You take my body wash and indicate that I should turn my back to you. You gave me the same treatment I had just given you—you wash my body slowly, thoroughly, drawing out your motions.

You pulled me back against you, my ass nestled against your cock, and you reached around to wash my front. Your hands ran over me, slick with the soap, massaging my breasts. My hips began to sway against you, your cock sliding between my ass cheeks.

“Oh, my girl,” you groan as you grabbed my hips and rubbed your cock against me. I loved the feel of you as you spread my cheeks—I gasped and tried to pull away when you pressed the head of your cock against my back end.

“Um, Sir, I don’t…”

“Shh, I know,” you reassured me. “You’re not ready for this yet. But know this, my girl– I WILL claim your ass as my own.” You went back to rubbing against me, sliding yourself between my round cheeks, squeezing them together against your cock.

“Take one of your hands and play with your sweet spot, my girl.”

I bend forward slightly, gasping when I feel the head of your shaft press once more against the entrance to my back end. I paused for a moment, unsure of what you were going to do. I was mildly disappointed when you didn’t try to posses me there, but instead slid between my cheeks once more.

I brought a hand to the slit of my pussy, sliding my fingers between the lips to play with my clit. I rubbed myself gently, slowly, teasing myself as my breath became heavy and the need built up inside me.

You grabbed my hair, pulling me back as you pumped your hips. “Faster, my girl. Harder.”

I groaned as I picked up the pace, feeling my wet juices as they dripped from my pussy. I pushed my hips back to you, grinding against your cock, and my hand. “Please, Sir. Please, fuck me,” I begged, moaning in Betturkey Güncel Giriş the sudden need to have you fill me.

“My girl, I thought you were sore,” you mocked, continuing to slide your thickness between my cheeks. “Are you sure you want me to fuck you?”

“Yes, Please, Sir,” I begged. “I need you inside me.”

“Alright my girl, but I will not cum inside you again tonight. You have not earned that yet.”

“Yes Sir, please Sir,” I panted.

You held my hips steady and filled me from behind in one sure, hard stroke. You pumped into me roughly, grinding my hips into you as I continued to rub my clit. I moaned loud and long when one hand reached up to pull at my hair again. Your other hand reached around to pull at one nipple; I screamed your name as my orgasm took me, sending my body into convulsions.

“Oh, Love,” you groaned as you pumped into me one more time before pulling out to rub between the cheeks of my ass once more. Soon, I felt the warmth of your seed spread over my ass as you found your own release. I had to lean forward against the shower wall to stay upright.

After a moment or two had passed, I felt another liquid being squirted onto my ass, this one cold, as you washed away the last of your cum from my body.

I gasped as the water suddenly turned cold, and jumped out of the spray. You grinned as you caught me from slipping. “Careful there, my girl; I’d hate to have to explain this in the ER.”

I grinned back at you. “It would be totally worth it, Sir…besides, the water went cold…” I trailed off, giving you my best hopeful big eyed expression.

You turned me to face the wall, and gave me one good, solid, stinging smack to my ass. “Take that on account, my girl. I’m exhausted. Let’s get to bed.”

I hid my disappointment as we towel off and climb into bed, naked. You nestled me against your chest, and I am content to lie in your arms.

“My Love, are you still awake,” you whisper into the darkness.

“Yes Sir.” Hmm, maybe after all…?

“I just wanted to thank you for this, my girl,” you say as you squeezed me closer in a hug.

I looked up at you, trying to see your expression, “For what, Sir?”

You kissed my forehead before saying, “Playing…you haven’t been playful in a long time. I missed this. I’ve missed you. Thank you for this gift.”

“Oh. You’re welcome, Sir.” I lay against you, quietly thinking to myself. “Sir,” I questioned after a few moments had passed, hopeful that you hadn’t fallen asleep just yet.

“Yes, my girl. What is it?”

“I was surprised, Sir…at the shift in mood. I wasn’t expecting it. I liked it Sir… I liked not knowing what to expect from you. I think….” I paused, trying to phrase my thoughts just right. “I think I can do this, Sir. Really, I can, if we can be both. If we can be serious, with some fun mixed in.”

“Mm, good,” you tell me, clumsily patting my head in your exhaustion. “That’s one thing you can expect from me in this—the Unexpected.” You rolled over so we lay nose to nose, and kissed me there. “I’m glad you want some of the fun too, because I’m not going to be able to be Master all the time. That guy’s going to be a hard ass, and I don’t want you to get sick of him right off the bat.”

You swatted my ass one last time for the night. “Just don’t expect to be getting away with anything,” you continued, your voice going stern. “Bending you over my knee when you get out of line will be plenty of ‘fun’ for me. Now, go to sleep, girl. Tomorrow will be a busy day.”

“Yes Sir. Good night. I do love you so.”

I fell asleep, tangled in your arms, dreaming of being bent over your knee.

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