Bookstore Bound


My Master, ever the gentleman, held the car door open for me. I smiled at him as I turned to get out of the car. I made sure to spread my legs in a very unladylike manner, giving him a good peek up my short dress. He simply shook his head and took my arm. We made our way over to the entrance to the adult bookstore.

A small bell jingled as we came in, making sure that everyone turned to look at us as we came in. The clicking of my high heels making me feel even more self-conscious. I tottered along on my 6″ heels, feeling like everyone knew why I was there. Of course, it was pretty obvious what I was there for. I was dressed like a complete vinyl slut, in my black PVC mini dress and black patent thigh high boots. Fishnets stockings peeked out the tops of the boots, while the dress was so short, the garter tabs from my black PVC garter belt were quite visible. Not as visible were the red PVC corset and red PVC panties I had on.

“Red, the color of a harlot,” Master told me when laying out my outfit. When I began to blush, he simply commented that its good to match.

My make-up was done to accent the vinyl slut look, with my eyes done in bright blue, with lots of mascara and ultra-bright red lipstick. Master seemed quite pleased with the finished results, simply stating that I was ready. I knew better than to ask for what. When he handed me my purse, but told me not to open it, I had a feeling. When I felt the unusual weight, I was pretty sure. When we pulled up to the bookstore I knew. Master had long threatened (or promised, if you like!) to take me here and bring one of my biggest fantasies to life. He also warned me when I told him about my fantasy, “Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it!”

All the men looking at me with lust made my heart race, and my stomach drop. I could feel my clitty trying to swell, but the plastic prison of my chastity cage made that impossible. We made our way through the front of the store, browsing through some of the videos and magazines. Master asked me several times to get him things that were on low shelves. Knowing fully well, what was expected, I made a big show of bending over, giving everyone a good view of my red panties. I wondered if any could see the butt plug I was wearing too? Thinking of that, made my clitty test its prison again. I was already getting crazy with lust, and we hadn’t even really started yet!

Finally, Master pulled me close in front of a magazine with a tranny bound and gagged, surrounded by men, who looked quite eager to use her. “Are you ready, girl?” Master simply asked. I nodded, unsure of my voice.

He looked at me sternly. I lowered my eyes, and steeled my will. “Yes, Sir. Please?” I begged in my best femme voice.

“Come, girl,” and he turned leading me into the back with the video booths.

We made our way down the dark hallway, the lights from the videos in the booth flickering, making weird shadows. I could also hear lots of moaning and groaning. Most of it was the porn stars, but there were other guttural grunts, making me even more cock crazy than I already was.

Master led the way into a booth. I followed eagerly, pressing myself fully against him. He closed the door, but didn’t secure it. He then pulled me into him, kissing me passionately, running his hands over me, caressing my back and squeezing my ass. I leaned, in rubbing my hand over his bulge. “Please Sir? Please let me suck your cock.”

“No,” was the quick reply as he reached into his pocket and pulled out some money. He handed it to me and I put it in the video machine. He scrolled through the videos, as I pushed against him, begging more. “Please Sir? Please take me? I’m so horny.”

“No,” he shook his head as he settled on a video with a tranny sucking on a giant cock. “Bet you like this one.” He looked at me.

I nodded and licked my lips. “Please?” I tried again.

“You know why we’re here, girl,” he stated.

“Yes, Sir, but…”

“No, buts, well one butt anyway,” he said squeezing my ass again. I wiggled against his hand. “Now, turn,” he ordered.

My heart raced. Was he really going to do it? My clitty strained against its plastic prison. I turned and faced away from him. He took my purse and opened it. Pulling out, several bands of leather with wide buckles and D rings. He took his time fastening one to my wrist, then the other. The click of the padlocks holding everything together made my heart leap into my throat. Feeling his hands on my thighs got me breathing heavy again. He fastened the other leather cuffs around my thighs and ankles, again taking his time, letting his hands roam all over me.

“Kneel,” he said simply. I sank to my knees, momentarily glad for the extra cushion the thigh boots provided for my knees. Master adjusted the cuffs on my thighs and ankles, before more clicks of locks told me I was staying for a while. My heart raced more, as I felt him touch my head. I felt the soft cool leather of the blindfold slip around my head. Master adjusted my long black hair so it covered the band in the back. The soft leather slid over my eyes, plunging me into darkness, and I became fikirtepe escort more aware of my other senses. Most notably the beating of my heart, but the constant throbbing of my clit in its prison and my hungry ass, tugging at the plug in me were all steady companions, too.

“Ready, girl?” his voice sounded louder now. I nodded again, too nervous to speak. He waited, before adding, “Well?”

I stammered for a moment, “Yes Sir, please… please… please gag me, Sir.”

He leaned in close, I could feel the heat from his body. He wrapped the thick material of the collar around my neck, buckling and locking that, too. Before I felt the push at my mouth. I opened my mouth wide and the hard rubber ring settled in behind my teeth. This was no regular gag, it was an extra wide ring gag attached to a posture collar.

I squirmed for a moment, testing the completeness of my bondage. My hands were cuffed behind my back, my ankles were cuffed to my thighs keeping me in a kneeling position, my clitty was pulsing in my chastity cage, my ass was plugged with a large black butt plug, I was blindfolded, wearing a posture collar with an extra large ring gag holding my mouth wide open, while I was dressed like a complete slut in PVC, and kneeling on the floor of an adult theater.

The first drop of drool, spilled past my lips and dripped onto my tits. I could hear Master rummaging, doing something. Then he turned me to face where he was sitting at the video controls. I felt his hands on my face, then I felt something cold and a little wet. I realized he was writing on my face in lipstick. I wondered briefly what he was writing.

“I’m not going to tell you what I’m writing, girl,” he chuckled evilly. I heard a few faint clicks and realized he was taking pictures. “But I will let you see later.” I didn’t know he was going to take pictures. I was at once glad, and also a bit scared of the idea.

“Well, enjoy, girl,” he patted my head, like an obedient dog. “You’ll have to tell me all about it.”

I heard his footsteps quietly pace away and the door swung open. I tried to breathe and relax a bit, but it was tough. I was so incredibly nervous, and so incredibly turned on. I both hoped and dreaded someone finding me!

I sat back on my heels, trying to rest a bit, I was in a tough position to rest much, but I knew if this went how I hoped, I’d need my energy.

I tried to listen to the video playing, hearing all the sucking and slurping. I also heard several footsteps go past the door. Did anyone look in? Were they unsure about what was going on? How far did Master go? Would he come back and use me to get the ball rolling, so to speak? Did he really go away? Was I going to be at the mercy of those here…

So many questions ran through my head, I almost missed the quiet footsteps coming into the booth. I sat up a bit and tried to look towards my guest.

“Well, what have we here?” a strange voice asked quietly. I ‘mmmph’ quietly through my gag. I could hear him walk slowly around, checking me out. “Looks like you’re all set-up for a while. Not going anywhere?” He leaned in close, trailing his hand over my shoulder. I got goose bumps.

“Oh? You like that?” he asked, rubbing both hands over me, feeling my skintight dress, rubbing my tits, feeling my thighs. He ran his hand up my neck and felt along the gag. Teasing his finger around the edge. I slid my tongue out, softly licking his finger. He put his finger into the gag and I licked it as best I could. “Eager little bitch, aren’t you?” I nodded, both loving and dreading where this was going. As he started fingering the ring gag, he ran his other hand down my body and up the bottom of my dress.

“Oh my,” he smiled feeling my chastity cage. “So, you’re just a pleasure toy then?”

I nodded, still licking his finger. He reached further back, finding the base of the plug. He began to tease it, which got me moaning and gyrating.

“So, which hole should I use?” he stood as he asked loudly. I slid my tongue out the ring gag, not really caring which way he used me. I just wanted cock at that point. “Can’t pass up an invite like that, can I?”

I heard him undo his pants and felt him step forward, grabbing onto my head. “Let’s see that tongue again, slut. Get it nice and wet for me.”

I ran my tongue along, feeling his cock swell and get fully hard. I ran my tongue over it as best I could using lots of spit to make sure everything was nice and wet. He was grunting and making soft encouragements. He steered me down so I was licking his balls. He really started getting vocal then.

“Oh yeah, lick it bitch. I can’t wait to shove my cock down your throat. I bet you’ll gag a lot, and I bet you love gagging on it. Don’t you??” I nodded as I tongued his nutsack.

He pulled my head back and I felt him steer his cock to the entrance of the gag. He pushed forward, driving his cock deep into my mouth on the first try. He hit the back of my throat, and sure enough I gagged. I made a retching sound and he pulled back.

“Oh yeah, gag on it bitch. I’m gonna make you choke on it,” he grabbed gebze escort my head with both hands and pushed me onto his rock hard cock as he pushed with his hips. He slid into my throat and I gagged a bit again. He pulled out, but was quite persistent. His cock slid in again, and I gagged a bit, but kept it under control. He grunted and growled, “Oh yeah, I’m gonna skull fuck you now.”

He slid back out, and leaned in, “You like being used like a piece of meat, don’t you?” I nodded as best I could in the collar. “Yeah, you like being mouth fucked and used a cum dump, right?” I nodded again, sliding my tongue out. He drove his cock into my mouth then, all the way to the hilt, my nose buried in his pubic hair. He held there for a moment, grinding against my mouth, the sliding back out, so just his head was in the ring. He then worked out a nice steady rhythm, driving far enough out for me to catch a breath before quickly sliding deep in my throat. Holding onto my head and calling me all sorts of dirty names.

I knew he was getting close when he really sped up. He confirmed it by saying, “Oh yeah, I’m gonna jizz straight down your fucking throat you useless slut.” He slammed into me hard several times before shoving my head deeper and driving his cock all the way in, holding it in my throat. He grunted and bucked his hips. I could feel his cock pulsing in my mouth and throat as he came right into my stomach. Unfortunately, I also couldn’t breathe. At first, I tried to wait, but he seemed to want to catch his breath for a moment. I began to squirm and pulled back. His grip relaxed and he pulled back.

“Sorry, but fuck, that was awesome,” I breathed deeply for a moment, before putting my tongue out and trying to find his cock. “Good girl,” he said he guided himself back to my mouth and I licked him clean. I managed to get a few small drops of cum, but just enough to give me a tease. I wanted a full load in my mouth now.

He patted me on the head, as pulled his pants back up. “Damn that was fucking hot, I am going to have to tell all my friends to come here and use you.” I heard a few clicks and realized he was taking pictures, too. “I’ll bet these will get a ton of responses, bitch.”

I ran my tongue around the inside of the gag. “Hell, maybe if you’re a real good girl, I’ll come back and use your ass, too.” I wiggled my ass as best I could in my kneeling position.

I could hear a few murmurs at the door, and realized our little show had drawn some attention. As his footsteps faded away, they were replaced by more.

“Goddamn,” was all I heard. A few responses from the door made me realize we had an audience, too. The exhibitionist in me turned fully on, and I began running my tongue along the ring gag, and shaking my ass and tits. This guy didn’t seems as interested in checking out the merchandise. He just unzipped and flopped his cock in my face. I was pretty worked up, so I didn’t really care, and even kind of wanted it that way!

“Can everyone come play?” someone asked from the hall. I nodded as best I could and gyrated some more. I heard several footsteps as I ran my tongue over this guy’s rapidly hardening cock. I felt hands running all over me. There were at least three guys all total. The one behind me began inspecting everything, running his hands over my back and my ass. He found my toy, just as the guy in front slid into my gag. I moaned as his cock slid into my hungry mouth.

“This slut not only has a butt plug, but her cock’s locked in a cage, too.” He played with the plug as he teased my caged clitty. I moaned and groaned around the cock sliding faster and faster in my mouth. This guy had a hold on the D ring on the front of the collar, and just kept pulling me back onto his cock every time I pulled back. We got a nice rhythm going, him driving just deep enough in my throat to make me gag a little now and then.

“I want to fuck you,” the guy behind me whispered. My head was in use, so I shook my ass in response. “Oh yeah,” came the enthusiastic reply, “maybe I’ll finish in your mouth. Let you taste your filthy whore ass all over my cock before I pull out and cream your face.” I pushed my ass back against him, trying to beg him with my body. The guy in front was picking up speed, while the third was content to play with my tits and mutter, “Fuckin’ hot,” over and over.

I felt my second guest pull up behind me, he slid the skirt part of my dress up. “Damn that’s a nice ass,” he said giving it a little smack. I jumped then shuddered. I must have clenched my throat because the guy in front said, “Do that again.”

The guy behind me smacked my ass again, harder this time. He smacked me several more times before the guy in front started to grunt. He pulled back at one point so just his cock head was in mouth, and started stroking. In just a few strokes he groaned and shot his load in my mouth, coating my tongue with his sticky cum. “Oh yeah,” he muttered, “That was fucking awesome. Let me see.” I slid my tongue out showing him the gooey load. “Good little cum slut, now swallow like a true slut,” he ordered. I tilted my head back and tried to swallow. içerenköy escort Not easy with the ring gag, but I managed. “Fuckin’ hot,” said the third guy again.

My second guest then reached down and pulled out my butt plug. I moaned loudly, shaking my ass, begging to be filled again. He obliged and I felt him pushing against my ass. Since I was well opened and lubed, he slid right into me. I groaned in relief as I felt another pair of hands on my head. I guess my third guest had decided to take his turn. He was the biggest so far, taking lots of delight in slowly sliding his cock a little deeper in me each time.

The guy in my ass, had settled into a nice rhythm, holding my hips with one hand, and grabbing a fistful of my hair with his other hand. My head was already tilted up from the posture collar, this just pulled me back more. Probably a good thing since the guy in my mouth was really getting into it and was going as deep as he could. Once my head titled back, his 10 inches were going all the way down my throat, his balls smacking me hard in the face. He was truly giving me a face fucking, and he must have been enjoying it, because only a moment later he started groaning and I felt his cock pulse several times, shooting jet after jet of cum in my mouth, some right down my throat.

The guy behind me must have liked this show, since he started whispering to me, telling me all the nasty things he wanted to do to me. As the guy in mouth finished and pulled out, I starting catching my breath. My ass man, then pulled out and stood up, pulling me around by my hair. He then drove his cock straight down my throat. My gag reflex appeared to have given up, as I hardly choked at all. He then pulled back, telling me, “Lick my cock, you stupid cunt. Taste your filthy hole on my dick. Don’t worry bitch, after I fucking cum in your cock hole, I’m gonna wash it all down.”

He then started stroking and quickly shot his load in my mouth. He pumped into me a few more times, using my mouth to milk out the last of his cum. He panted a moment or two, before asking, “Ready, bitch?”

I knew what was coming, but in my state couldn’t go anywhere. I tried to shake my head, but to no avail, I felt the first warm splash of his piss hit my mouth and I knew with his cock in the way, my choices were drink or drown. That made it no choice, and I began swallowing the bitter flow. The taste wasn’t terrible, but it was certainly strong. And he must have needed to go, because he pissed in my mouth for what seemed an eternity. Finally, he finished, and commanded me to lick the last drops off him. I dutifully stuck out my tongue, collecting the last few acrid drops and drinking them down, too. He then zipped up and headed out.

I could hear more footsteps and felt more hands on me. I knew this was going to be a long night and I was both dreading and loving every moment of it! I began to lose count of how many cocks had used both my holes, and how many loads of piss and cum I swallowed, or had been sprayed on my face, tits and ass. I had several loads leaking out my ass, too. I could feel the cum running down the inside of my legs, getting my stocking tops all sticky. This just made me feel like an even bigger slut!

Towards the end of the evening, something new happened. I was being taken at both ends again, and was getting so incredibly frustrated and worked up. Between the pounding in my ass, the rubbing of my prostate, the cock buried in my throat and the overall humiliation of being used as a complete cum dump, I was getting incredibly turned on. So much that even though my clitty was locked away, I could feel it swelling, and I could feel a strange pressure building deep in me. The pressure built, and had my mouth not been filled with cock, I probably would have started screaming. As it was, I was moaning so hard the guy using my mouth knew something. Then the pressure peaked and crested, taking me on a wild rush of sensation that felt something like an orgasm, but much longer and more intense. I had my first female orgasm, and while I didn’t cum, my clit did leak like crazy, and I was bucking like a bronco. That must have driven the two guys using me crazy, since they both came within moments of me getting off.

As they finished up, I heard the door close and the lock was put on. I then heard more footsteps. They moved around slowly, I looked about, unsure what was happening. I thought it might be Master, but I wasn’t sure. Then I felt a hand on my ass, I heard a zipper and felt another cock pressing against my rosebud. I was wide open and well-lubed, so this one just slid right in, too. He began pounding away at me, and my ass was really starting to get sore. He fucked me for quite some time, before pulling out and stepping around and sliding his cock into my gag. He just put it a bit in and I ran my tongue around, tasting the strange mix of flavors. The familiar sensation of hands on my head took over and the cock started sliding into my mouth. This one was much gentler, but also much more insistent, driving deeper with each stroke. I felt one hand let go of my head to slide down and grip my nipple. He began pinching, twisting and pulling, driving me even crazier with lust. Finally he pulled down hard, shooting another load into my coated mouth. He then patted me on the head, and I heard the familiar voice of my Master, “Very good, girl. Did you enjoy yourself?”

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