Cancun Vacation


We’re not writers, but we do love reading erotic stories and connecting with writers we really enjoy to share thoughts and exhibitionist experiences and even share personal photos. We love to share our experiences of which we have had several fun ones over the last little while as we have grown braver in exposing ourselves in special situations. We were encouraged to write our story by several authors who found our experience “interesting, kinky, and fun”. Please don’t judge our editing too harshly. As we said, we are not English majors.

This experience really happened to us.

A few months ago, Amber and I went to an all-inclusive Resort in Cancun. We like to get away to someplace warm each Winter. We chose an adult only “boutique resort” with a nice room that featured an oversized patio in addition to the normal balcony. It cost more, but it added a lot of extra space with a large hot tub, and 2 full size lounging beds (one towards the front and the other behind the hot tub. This bonus area was adjacent to our room, which we accessed via a sliding glass door.

The arrangement put us at the end of our floor with our “patio” area off to the side which overlooked the next Resort. We were separated by a good size garden area between the resorts so we found we had some privacy since the neighboring resort faced away from our room with only small bathroom windows and stairs facing our side. However all their top floor rooms did have roof patios. The same layout repeated itself for the last room on the floor above ours so their patio was on top of our hotel room which looked out over our patio. Then the next floor up repeated itself overlooking the floor below.

After a couple of days, our routine ended up being we’d spend the day at the beach or at the pool and then head to our room. We’d then strip out of our suits and go out on our patio and climb into our hot tub. Occasionally we’d catch someone in the other resort looking our way, but we were far enough away that it wasn’t uncomfortable, they’d watch us for a bit and then get about their vacations again.

We’d play around in the hot tub for a while. Amber found the hot water jet was quite powerful and without her suit on and if she situated herself denizli escort just right, she got a power pulse against her clit which helped get her very aroused, When we tired of the hot tub, we moved over to the nearby lounge bed and continued our foreplay. We’d kiss and touch each other enjoying the fact that we were out in the open with possible voyeurs. Eventually, we’d go back inside and finish making love in the shower or on the bed.

The most likely source of actually being seen was from someone on the patio above us. All they had to do was come over to the edge and they could look right down on us. It was kind of exciting to know that we could be caught naked by our neighbors above us.

We noticed someone above us once as we were coming back to our building to change into our suits after breakfast. We looked up and saw a woman sunbathing on the front patio lounge bed on the patio just above ours. We noticed her when she sat up to get a drink from her water bottle. She was young and quite attractive. She was topless and when she turned over to lay on her stomach, we noticed she wasn’t wearing a bottom suit either. We got to our room just as the maid arrived wanting to clean our room so we said we’d wait out on our patio while she cleaned. We got outside and went over to our front lounge, stripped down to our underwear (me in my boxer briefs and Amber only in her panties) and laid out. We noticed the neighbor above watching us, but then she laid down again.

I reached over and caressed Amber’s breasts imagining our neighbor or perhaps the maid watching and then moved my hand down under her panties. We played for a few minutes then got up and got our suits on and headed to the beach.

On the day before we returned home, we spent the afternoon taking shots of Tequila at the pool and both of us were pretty intoxicated. We went back to our room and we enjoyed a couple more shots of Tequila, stripped out of our suits, and walked out onto the patio. We noticed that there was a couple on the top patio above their room at the other resort looking in our direction. It was obvious they were looking at us, but we didn’t care, the alcohol had the effect diyarbakır escort of removing any inhibitions so we took our time before we got in the hot tub.

As was usual for us, we got more aroused playing in the hot tub, Amber positioning herself over the jet to stimulate her clit. I loved to watch her turn her self on so I was enjoying her show. We then laid out on the lounge bed to the rear of our patio. Amber feeling the effects of the alcohol, kissed me on the chest and stroked my cock making it hard very quickly. I told her how much I enjoyed watching her touch herself so she layed on her back and began to lightly rub her fingers over her clit. She could tell by the look on my face that I was enjoying her show so she took it to the next level and inserted first one and then two fingers inside herself.

When I couldn’t stand any more, I rolled on top of her squeezing her breast and sucking on her hardened nipples. I replaced my fingers with hers and started to slide my fingers in and out of her pussy. I leaned over her body and began tickling her clitoris with my tongue as I changed the tempo with my two fingers and began to tap rapidly inside her pussy on her g-spot. It only took a few minutes before she was moaning loudly and then she experienced a powerful orgasm. She then rolled over on top of me and stroking my erect penis, took me in her mouth and sucked and rubbed my member with her tongue.

I began to move on top of her so I could enter her and enjoy my finish, but she stopped me and said she wanted me from behind. She stood up and walked forward towards the front of our patio and over to the edge. Now many of the rooms in our own resort were closer and visible to our patio. I joined her and slowly entered her from behind. I scanned the other resort, but didn’t see anyone looking at us so I relaxed and enjoyed myself.

I did happen to look at the buildings in our resort and that’s when I noticed a couple out on their balcony facing our direction. It was pretty obvious they were looking at us, but in my current inebriated state, I wasn’t too concerned, and it actually turned me on knowing we had an audience as we made love.

I closed antalya escort my eyes and continued to enjoy the sensation of sliding in and out of Amber and then when I looked right again there were now 2 couples on the same balcony. The couple must have had another couple with them in their room who then joined them on the balcony.

As I watched them point and look at us, the new girl pulled out her cell phone raised it in front of her and started to video our love making. Knowing she had a zoom on her camera made it obvious that she would be able to video our faces and our bodies close up. I became so aroused knowing that we were totally exposed and being filmed making love in the open that I lost control.

I imagined that girl looking on her screen watching my penis slide in and out of Amber. I even shifted my position a little to give her a better view and then slowed my thrusts down so she could watch my erect cock moistened by Amber’s juices slide in and out. I pulled out completely to give her a good long look, before I entered Amber again. It didn’t take much longer for me to finish, and again knowing I had an audience, I exhibited my climax for all I was worth, which only made it more intense.

As I pulled out, I mentioned to Amber that we had an audience. She looked over in that direction and instead of being embarrassed and wanting to go back inside our room, she stood up, faced the two couples allowing them a full frontal look at her body. It was obvious she too was enjoying the fact that she was being watched and the girl was video recording every inch of her naked flesh. I reached around Amber, cupped a breast and played with her nipple and my other finger went between her legs.

We stood kissing and holding each other for a bit longer before we turned to re-enter our room. We knew there was nothing we could do about the video and we were leaving tomorrow morning anyway, but we’d always know some girl somewhere with an explicit porn video of Amber and I showing it to anyone she chose.

Once inside, I mentioned to Amber that it could have been the neighbor above filming us. I asked her what if she was the one who had been watching us, what if she’d spoke to us and ordered us to come to her room. Amber answered, she said she was so aroused that she would have done anything and everything we were asked to do without question. She said it was a total turn on for her to be watched.

Later that night we went out and made love one more time on the balcony without any mishap and then flew home the next morning.

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