Club sandwich


Club sandwichI’d gone on the pull to this club up town with a few single mates to see if we could get some girls . A few beers later and ogling some sexy young sluts on the dance floor i needed a piss, so i told a mate i was going the loo and walked off .I walked into the toilets and chose a urinal, unzipped myself got my cock out and started to have a piss. Looking round there was no one else in there as the club wasn’t exactly rocking i was finishing my piss when a young lad crashed through the door dragging a fit young bird with him ! We exchanged glances and i said fair play mate give her one from me ! He grinned back and pulled her into a cubicle. I decided to hang on a few moments before washing my hands when just as i was drying my hands the cubicle door anadolu yakası escort opened and the lad called me over and asked me to join them ! Fuck i thought i’m not passing this oppurtunity up ! So i quickly checked no one else had seen us and entered the small cubicle . I closed the door and my jeans were already being tugged down by both the lad and this fit little slut he’d pulled ! Get em off she said clearly drunk but that wasn’t going to stop me, so both myself and the other lad who said his name was luke quickly got our pants down and our cocks out ! She sat on the toilet lid and took our cocks in hand and began sucking them ! Luke was also clearly a bit worse for wear as he swayed a bit using my ataşehir escort shoulder for support. The girl now had both cocks hard and was rubbing the ends together and licking them before popping them in her hungry mouth ! We heard the doors open and close a few times but by now i wanted some pussy luke agreed, so i sat on the seat and she climbed on top .Wow this girl was hot for it ! She rode me for all she was worth , luke was next to me face fucking her . I want some luke gestured , so she climbed off and we changed positions and she didn’t need any invite to start sucking she was like a hoover ! I reached around her and felt her hot arsehole she groaned as i eased a finger into her pooper! What you doing asked ümraniye escort luke so i told him where my finger was, let me taste it please he said. I pulled my finger out of her arse and luke grabbed it sucking my finger clean . That was it i grunted and the cum rushed from my nut sack and into her waiting mouth, she never even stopped sucking and the sensation was amazing . When my cum stopped flowing she finally released my softening prick. I got dressed and watched as she climbed of luke got on her knees and pumped the cum out of his swollen balls and into her mouth ! There was too much and some oozed out of her mouth on down her chin , not for long though luke scooped it up and fed her the remaining cum. I waited for the right moment to leave and thanked them , before returning to my mates and telling them what had happened, they didn’t believe me until they saw the two of them stumble out of the club toilets and walk past us , luke winking !Never spotted them again that night but pulled a hottie on the dance floor and took her home to fuck her brains out ! Another story !

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