Cuckold in the Family Ch. 12


After a fun filled night at the BDSM club in Detroit, as promised I prepared our little trio for a trip to Chicago to an underground sex club that a Dom had turned me on to. After researching the club on it’s website, I registered us and paid the stiff fees that the club required.

I had a meeting with Kayla and Cassie to let them know what to expect. They both agreed that they would do whatever was asked of them by me. I wanted to test them first though.

“Strip.” I commanded them both.

They looked shocked but did as told.

“Kiss each other, deep wet kisses, NOW!” I demanded. Both my ex and daughter are straight but they also know that if they don’t do as directed the punishment will be quick and severe.

I made them get on the bed, Cassie on her back and her mother on all fours facing Cassie so that the kiss would have to be upside down. I would make them work their way towards each other’s snatches slowly working their way down. Making them suckle each other’s’ breasts and licking each other’s stomachs before forcing them to go into a 69 pose as they ate each other to multiple orgasms.

“You do realize that we don’t like eating pussy right?” Kayla quipped.

“Smack” came my hand almost knocking her out as the hand landed across her cheek. “You dare question me?” I screamed at her!

Tears streamed down her face as she tried to apologize to me. “I’m so sorry Master,” she cried.

“Yes you will be sorry you disobedient little cunt!” I snarled.

Dropping my pants I climbed on the bed and force fed my semi hard cock into Kayla’s mouth. She knew better than to fight me.

“So you don’t like eating pussy?” I mocked her.

“Well try this for your liking,” I scowled.

I pulled out of Kayla’s mouth and proceeded to mount Cassie’s ass, shoving my now stiff cock all the way into her ass without warning. Cassie winced but did not cry out. I fucker her ass for a bit then pulled out and shoved my cock back into Kayla’s mouth. Kayla gagged but did not fight me.

I spent the next half hour alternating between Cassie’s puckered asshole and Kayla’s mouth until I finished in my daughter’s hot ass and forced her mother to clean it out with her tongue.

“Lesson learned?” I asked Kayla.

“Yes Master,” was her reply.

I set my ex free until Friday and the trip to Chicago. Cassie and I retired to bed and made tender love. Although Cassie was my daughter and my slave, our love was blossoming and she was hooked. She wanted only me and would do anything for me.

Friday finally arrived and Cassie and I picked her mother up and headed to Chicago for a night to remember.

We discussed what the night would hold for us and that unlike the Detroit club, this was an anything goes club and all were expected to participate. We agreed to do whatever came our way and agreed upon a safe word that would be used in the event things got too rough.

We arrived at the club and registered at the desk.

It was an old health club that had been converted to a fetish club. We were sent to the locker room to disrobe as part of the night required that all participants would be nude. The only wardrobe consisted of the arm band that held our locker key Kurtköy Anal Escort and their collars which I held with a dog chain to lead them around. Also, each participant was handed a goodie bag which included six condoms, lube, lip balm and a bottle of water. We each had a “schedule” which told us where to report to at the top of each hour.

The night was to be broken down into five hour long periods which included several “events” that I had signed us up for online. The first hour was free time where we were able to walk the venue and see what there was to see.

The main hallway had several glory holes along the wall, some at crotch level forcing the giver to kneel and suck the anonymous cock on the other side and others were at a level where you could stand to suck. I found out later that a staircase was on the other side raising the level of the recipients. Cassie, Kayla and myself each took a turn sucking stranger’s cock thru the hole. We each were rewarded with a fresh load of sperm and swallowed it down.

We walked past the perimeter which was sectioned off into different bdsm scenes and implements of pain. A few Doms and Dommes were in full leather garb as they “worked here” and would be the ones supplying the pain and pleasure. Sex swings and other machines that involved sex toys were lined up as well.

A few tents were set up on the other wall and they had beds and couches inside. There was a wall of stockades in the middle and on the stage there was a large mat with a large circle painted on it. There were also tables and chairs set along the middle set in a circle. These were for couples/trio’s to sit at during breaks.

A full bar and food buffet were at one end of the venue. We found a table to claim as our own and sat for awhile, enjoying a drink and some fruit.

As the top of hour two approached I asked the girls if they were ready and they nodded.

The master of ceremonies made a welcome statement and explained the rules. The same safe word would be used by all to keep it simple. Condoms would be worn during penetration and all cum collected in the used condoms would be put into “cum buckets” that would be spread out around the location. I would find out later that this rule was a bit loose. Then the warning bell rang and we had five minutes to report to our first event.

I walked Cassie and Kayla over to the stockades. This would be their first event. The stockades were side by side but set opposite each other. This would allow their asses and pussies to be left open to be used at will and their mouths to be used as well. Cassie was locked into her stocks and I made sure that her mother was next to her facing the opposite way. The next hour they would have strangers fucking their pussies and asses then pulling out and fucking their “neighbor” in the mouth. I am a bastard for signing them up for this, I know.

I got to my first event. It was in a tent. Five guys and five trannies lined up. Each of us knelt before the tranny in front of us and proceeded to suck shemale cock. We had ten minutes per tranny then moved down one. Five tranny cocks to suck and we all tried our best to get the jism out of our perspective T-gurl. I was successful Kurtköy Yaşlı Escort at sucking one of them dry and swallowed the load and craved more.

Before long the hour was up. We had five minutes to move on to our next event. I collected the girls who looked like they had been rode extremely hard. Neither of them fans of ass to mouth but they took it like the sluts they are and did not tap out with their safe words.

Their next stop was to the mat with the circle. They would spend the next hour daisy chained with ten other women. Another non favorite for these submissive whores to engage in because their Master is evil and a master of degradation.

Meanwhile I was headed to the tent which housed a group of women spread out on the beds with sexy legs and feet on display for this and nine other foot fetishists. Again we had a time limit, five minutes per perfect pair of feet to rub, smell, suck and lick. When we got to the last two sets of feet, we were commanded to jack off onto the feet in front of us. This was great and I did as told. Soon I was shooting my load over a sexy pair of feet. I figured the last five minutes we’d spend licking them clean. Almost. We had to move down a set of feet and clean the load that the man to the right of us had just left. I had to clean a huge load of cum off of my set of feet which I did with gusto.

Now it was half time. We had a break to enjoy some libations and grub. Second half was to start with several contests which would determine what the “losers” would do for the final hour.

I was part of a group of about a dozen guys who were instructed to stand up around a table. On the table sat a plate with a large biscuit on it. We were about to play sticky biscuit. We all had to jack off on the biscuit and the last one to cum had to eat the biscuit and all the sperm on the biscuit and plate.

I was the last one to cum and the entire room watched as I ate the biscuit and about three billion sperm, licking the plate clean. I lost my contest. Kayla and Cassie did not fair much better in their contests.

Cassie was in a group the had to blow sperm bubbles. Some of the others in the group had obviously participated in this contest before and were bubble blowing experts. Each had a used condom with which they would put in their mouths and try to blow bubbles. Cassie failed miserably and was declared the loser. There was an audible “oooooohhhh” that fell over the crowd. We’d later find out what that meant.

Kayla’s contest was to guzzle a beer bong. She should own this one I thought to myself. Here’s the catch, instead of beer they were guzzling piss. Yep, not so good at that we found out. Kayla gagged and spit up as she tried to choke down a funnel of warm piss. Epic fail. We all lost our contests and would serve the punishment after our last event.

Our last event pitted the girls with Doms for an hour of some whips, chains, candle wax, clothes pins and butt plugs.

I headed over to a Domme who used my ass by stuffing all kinds of items up it. Plugs, dildos, cucumbers, carrots, actual cocks and finally her fist. Ouch. The bell finally rang and I stumbled back to my table but was not able to sit down. Cassie and Kurtköy Zenci Escort Kayla couldn’t help but smile a bit seeing my discomfort. I let them have their fun.

Finally the last hour would be contest losers serving their punishment. Kayla was lead off to the mens room. Because she was not able to swallow a beer bong of piss, she would spend the last hour chained to a urinal, serving as a human urinal. She was chained, hands behind her back and attached by chain from her collar to the urinal hardware. She was kneeling in front of the urinal and a marker was used to draw PISS HOLE on her face, the “O” being her mouth.

Cassie was lead to a mattress in the center of the room, hands tied behind her back and made to lay down on the mattress. Cassie was to become the center of attention and would be the bukkake princess. All of the condoms collected from the cum buckets would be strategically dumped on her until she was completely covered in sperm.

My punishment was that I had to be the one to dump the used condoms on my bukkake daughter as well as being left to suck off all comers and spit their loads onto my daughter as well.

I lost track but there were at least 80 used condoms and about 50 more loads either jacked off on her or into my mouth and shared with her. Cassie was covered head to toe with jism. Her eyes were welded shut with sperm, mouth was full at times as she gagged it down so she could breathe. After all the cum had been deposited I was instructed to help clean her up using only my tongue. I did my best to clean the cum off of my daughter but it was too much and eventually other cum sluts joined in and assisted licking my daughter clean.

I headed to the restroom to clean up a bit and found Kayla still chained to the urinal. She was covered in piss. Her hair was matted, eye make up running down her face, eyes were swollen almost shut from the piss stinging them. There were to guys fucking her mouth and ass simultaneously. They then pulled out and were forcing her to lick the actual urinal clean. She did as she was told, gagging on the pubic hairs as she did her best to clean the urinal with her tongue. I reminded her that she could use her safe word and she said “No thank you Sir.”

The guys decided it would be fun to double penetrate her ass and while they did I took over filling her mouth with my piss. She managed to choke most of it down. She was obviously in a great deal of pain as her ass was being dual raped by two rather large cocks. I finished draining my bladder and continued to fuck her mouth until I was able to shoot a load into her whore mouth as well.

The bell rang and I undid her chain and walked her into the stall and gave her a couple clean swirlies to clean up some of the urine from her hair and eyes. Her knees were bloodied from kneeling on the tiles for so long.

Cassie also joined us in the men’s room and I did the same for her to help get some of the cum out of her hair and her eyes as well.

Before we left for the evening, I met with Dom Aaron and he agreed to take Kayla off of my hands. She agreed and seemed to be excited to be free of my evil reign.

Kayla headed off with her new Master and Cassie and I went back to our room to shower and then passed out from exhaustion.

Cassie woke me up with tender kisses. We spent the rest of the morning making normal “vanilla” love and it was heavenly. I was looking forward to moving on with our lives as lovers knowing that my step daughter would be my wife someday.

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