Curious WM 30 Ch. 05


Disclaimer: If you are offended by gay sex or curious old men or dominant women skip this story. Reading the earlier installments is necessary to make any sense of the story. If you can offer help improving my writing or this story please comment, any constructive criticism is appreciated!

I sat in my car trembling with excitement. I wanted to stroke myself but Angela had ordered me not to cum. She wanted me to save my cum for tomorrow! Tomorrow would be one week since I met Phil; one week since I first sucked his cock and started down the road to becoming their slut. I wanted to jack-off but Angela wanted me to wait.

My fingers idly touched my mouth and felt the cum that was still on my lips and chin. Angela had let me leave their office with Phil’s cum on my face! I looked for a tissue but I didn’t have any so I tried to remove it with my fingers. I looked at it. It was creamy white and as large as a dime. How could I not have felt it? I wasn’t really in a cum eating mode but I licked it off my fingers anyway.

As I licked I remembered the look the two women in the lobby had given me as I got off the elevator. Their words echoed in my mind. “Did you see what I saw?” One snickered.

My face was turning beet red. “I saw it but I don’t believe it!” The other laughed in reply.

I was embarrassed but excited. My cock was throbbing and I knew that if I touched it I might cum. There were others in the lobby and a man who seemed to do a double take as he passed me. Angela had set me up! She could have wiped the cum from my chin but she let me leave looking like a well used whore.

Now my cock was hard again; it was like I had exposed myself and in a way I guess I did! I finally started the engine and went home to wait. I could only dream about tomorrow or daydream about the things I had learned to do. Either way I would only frustrate myself.

The hours dragged by; it was all I could do not to masturbate. I took a cold shower and still my thoughts returned to sucking Phil’s cock or eating Angela’s pussy. I tried to read but couldn’t concentrate. I mowed the grass; I paid bills, anything to distract me. Nothing worked; all I wanted was to be their sex slave.

I woke up as usual, with an erection. I went immediately to take another cold shower. When my penis and testicles were no longer tender and excited I lathered them and shaved; being careful to remove all traces of stubble. Next I carefully shaved my legs from my knees to my waist and lastly I shaved my butt crack. I was smooth and clean as a newborn babe and excitedly anxious for Angela to ‘inspect’ me. When I was finally satisfied that I would pass her inspection I applied liberal amounts of my wife’s moisturizing lotion.

I still had an hour to wait before I could leave. The anticipation of serving Phil and Angela was sweet torture and I was loving every minute!

“Good morning, Angela!” I greeted her enthusiastically as I almost floated by her desk.

“I hope you’re well rested,” I said. I stood facing her as we exchanged pleasantries and started to strip.

“You’re not shy anymore, are you Karl.”

“I haven’t felt so good in ages, Angela. You and Phil have opened up a part of my life that has been neglected forever. I feel twenty years younger!”

“I’m glad you feel that way, Karl. Do you still like ‘cream pies’? Phil made one last night and I saved it just for you.” She raised her skirt and showed me her cum encrusted pussy.

I dropped to my knees and asked, “Will you let me eat you now or do I have to wait?”

“I think now is best so I’ll be nice and clean for later.”

She settled into her chair, scooting her hips forward and spread her legs. I crawled between her legs and began licking her thighs. I carefully cleaned her sticky legs of their combined love juices. When I reached her pussy lips she laid her legs on my shoulders and guided my efforts with both hands on the back of my head. Phil’s cum mixed with Angela’s cunt liquor was coating my face. I licked and sucked and tried to recover every last drop from her vagina.

As I did my best to please Angela I became aware of a hand massaging my balls. I spread my legs and let my benefactor have their way.

Angela’s legs covered my ears but I heard her say, “Karl makes a pretty good pussy slave, don’t you think, Kate?”

Now I knew that Kate was the one responsible for making my balls feel so good. She made a collar of her thumb and index finger and pulled on my testicles. I moaned into Angela’s cunt and licked her from just above her asshole to her clit. When my balls were nice and loose Kate placed a small leather collar around them and cinched it up tight. “Is it on?” Angela asked.

“He’s not going anywhere.” Kate replied.

Angela tightened her leg lock on my head, “Put your hands behind your back, Karl. Do it now!” She ordered insistently. I felt a quick tug on the leash attached to the collar on my balls.

I obeyed instantly; mostly because I wanted to but also because she had me by the balls, literally. Kate snapped hand cuffs on my wrists like she did it for a living.

Angela istanbul escort released me from the viselike grip that held my head. “Stand up, slave.” She ordered.

“This isn’t necessary.” I protested.

I felt the leash tug again. “Speak only when spoken to, slave.” Angela ordered. “Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress.” I answered meekly, with my head bowed.

Angela stood up and removed her blouse and skirt; she was wearing the royal blue teddy that just barely contained her breasts and matching heels. Kate was wearing her black teddy that contrasted nicely with her milky white skin and once again she wore bright red heels that matched her nails and lipstick. “Black must be her signature color.” I thought. Their neatly trimmed love nests were suspended above their long legs. We presented quite a picture standing in the open office; a naked, handcuffed man and two sexy women dressed in teddies and stockings. They seemed unconcerned that anyone might see us.

Kate took a tube of her lipstick and applied it to my lips. Next she used the lipstick to add color to my tits making them stand out against the bland whiteness of my skin. Lastly she colored the head of my pecker. “Now you look like the slut you are.” She proclaimed.

Angela reprimanded Kate, “Aren’t you forgetting something.”

“You’re right, as usual, Angela dear.” Kate said as she lubed the butt plug. “Bend over slave.”

Her finger found my freshly shaved butt crack and after a bit of teasing she plugged my ‘pussy’.

I bowed my head as Kate handed Angela the leash and followed her with my hands behind my back into Phil’s office. She tugged dramatically on the leash causing my swollen but not quite hard cock to flop around. Angela led me to the center of the room, directly in front of Phil’s desk and between the two easy chairs where Phil was seated with another man!

“Gentlemen,” Angela announced, “May I present for your amusement our slut, Karl.”

“This is the slave we told you about, Richard.” Phil announced proudly. “And he is wearing my cum on his face just like I said he would!”

“Where in the world does Angela find sluts like this, Phil. I don’t know how she does it.”

“First you find someone who is a little curious about kinky sex and then you lead them as far as they want to go. Karl has come quite a ways, haven’t you Karl?” Angela asked pointedly.

“Yes.” I answered meekly.

Angela tugged and snapped at me, “Yes, what?”

“Yes, Mistress.” I corrected myself.

“But Karl has one more thing he wants to try, don’t you Karl?” Phil prompted.

“I don’t know, Master.”

“Sure you do, Karl, you told us about it yesterday. Don’t you remember?”

“I’m sorry, Master, I can’t think, I don’t remember what I said.”

“You told us you wanted to be fucked at both ends. You said you wanted a cock in your ass and one in your throat. You want to be a fuck toy for two men, don’t you Karl?”

“Yes, Master, I want to be a fuck toy for two men.” I answered meekly, unsure now that I would like what seemed to be inevitable.

“Then maybe you should ask Richard if he will let you suck his cock. I’ll bet if you ask him nicely he will let you do it!”

I dropped to my knees and bowed my head, “It would please me very much if you would allow me to suck your cock, sir.”

“Phil tells me that you think you would like to have a cock in your throat, what makes you think you can do that?” Richard questioned.

“I don’t know, sir. But I would like to try. We won’t know if your beautiful cock will even fit until it is nice and hard. Please let me lick your balls and your cock until it is nice and hard.”

“I think we should try, don’t you Kate?”

“Oh, yes dear! You know I want to see Karl suck you off.”

“Karl is useless in handcuffs.” Angela giggled. I think you should help Richard take his cloths off while I help Phil.”

“Why don’t we trade, Angela, it’ll be more fun for me to strip your husband and I’ll bet that Dickie would like you to strip him. Wouldn’t you, Dickie?”

“I think that sounds like fun, Sweetie.” Richard agreed.

Angela and Kate positioned their husbands to my right and left and then traded spouses. Angela groped Richard’s crotch and teased, “Wouldn’t you like to see what Richard has hiding in his pants, Karl?”

“Please, Angela, let me see Richard’s package.” I pleaded as I licked my lips.

Kate mounted Phil’s hip and ground her pussy on his thigh while rubbing his crotch with an open hand. “Phil feels like he’s ready for a blow job, Karl. Are you ready to blow him too?”

“It’s not nice to tease, Kate, you know how much I like giving Phil head.” I complained.

Angela and Kate were taking their time, enjoying themselves and teasing me. Neither man’s crotch was more than a foot from my face. After about a minute (it seemed to take forever) both men had lost their shirts and were bare chested; allowing the women to squeeze their hairy chests and pinch their tits. I was still handcuffed and unable to join in the fun but watching them play with the men escort bayan was making my cock throb.

Angela noticed my brazenly sluttish behavior, “Look at Karl’s cock, Kate, its keeping time for you!”

“That’s so cute, Angela, maybe we should give him a little hint of what’s to come.” With that she pushed Phil’s crotch into my face. “Is this what you want, are you waiting for a nice hard cock to suck?”

I nuzzled his crotch, feeling his growing prick on my cheek. “Yes, Mistress, I need a cock to fill my mouth and make me happy.”

“What if I want to fuck you?”

“I would be honored if you fucked me with your pretty cock while I service Master Phil.”

By this time both men were out of their slacks and dressed in just their boxers, shoes and socks.

Angela pushed Richard up close to my face and the two men humped on opposite sides. For the first time I could feel both of their cocks; and it felt wonderful. I turned my face first one way then the other feeling their heat. “I think it’s time for Karl to lick some balls, don’t you Angela?”

“I don’t know, Kate. It looks like Karl likes the massage he’s getting form the boys cocks; his pecker is just about standing straight out!”

“Why so it is! I’ve never seen anyone so excited about giving head but I’m glad he likes it ’cause it’s so much fun to watch.”

“Maybe you’re right though, Kate. Let’s ask him if he would like to lick some balls. Would you Karl, would you like to lick some balls?”

“Oh, please Mistress Angela, I thought you would never ask. Please let me lick Master Richard’s balls.”

“Not just yet, you little slut, first you need to assume the T.L.P. and then I will let you will lick Phil’s balls.”

“I don’t understand, what is the ‘T.L.P.’?”

“‘T.L.P.’ is short for Testicle Licking Position and is designed so that you can lick testicles or pussies, for that matter, for extended periods of time. We don’t want you to get too tired now, do we?”

Kate turned one of the chairs so that the morning sun was streaming in on it. She took the cushion from the other chair and placed it so that the seat was built up level with the arms. “Now be a good little slut and sit on this arm.” She guided me to the chair and using my penis as a leash positioned me so that my ass was on the arm of the chair. “Wait here.” She instructed.

Kate moved to the far side of the chair and placed her hands on my shoulders. “Lean back, Karl and I’ll guide you into your T.L.P.” Kate ordered. She guided my shoulders so that they rested on one arm and my hips were on the other with my hands trapped under my back. My legs were dangling over the edge with my cock and balls fully exposed. She straddled my face ground her pussy on my nose and mouth while she reached across my belly to gave my package a gentle squeeze and asked, “Are you ready for Phil’s balls, slut?”

“Please, Mistress Kate, let me lick Master Phil’s balls.” I mumbled into her moist slit.

Mistress Kate dismounted and backed Phil over my face. “You may kiss his balls, you may suck his balls, you may even lick his balls, but you must not touch his cock, do you understand, slave?”

“Yes, Mistress.” I mumbled as his balls covered my mouth putting his cock just a fraction of an inch from my nose.

I went to work on Phil, giving his entire crotch a tongue bath, my moans of pleasure added to the pure sensations of raw sexual lust. I became aware of someone manipulating the butt plug. My face was buried in Phil’s crotch so I couldn’t see who was doing what. All I knew was that someone was fucking my ass with the butt plug and someone was holding Phil’s cock, squeezing and stroking as I sucked his balls. I drew my legs up over my belly and spread them.

Angela relieved my curiosity when she told Kate, “I’m not sure what is more fun: playing with my husband’s tool while Karl sucks his nuts or playing with your husband’s tool while my husband watches. What do you think, Phil?

“I love these little scenes you create, Angela! Karl’s mouth is so warm and soft and wet and he sucks like a dream; my balls feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven and watching Kate get Karl’s butt ready is making my prick jealous!”

“I’m glad you are enjoying yourself but I’m thinking your balls have had enough. Turn around and let our slut lick your jealous prick!”

“No sucking just yet, slave. You may lick Phil’s prick but no kissing and no sucking.” With Phil’s cock laying on my mouth it was easy to lick but I had difficulty doing more than just the underside. My nose was a convenient resting place for his balls.

Angela was still stroking Richard’s cock as she watched Kate working the plug in and out of my butt. “Is Karl ready, Kate?”

“He’s still a little tense, Angela. But his butt will be nice and loose very soon.”

“Then it’s time for you to suck Phil, Karl. Get him as wet as you can so he slide into your pussy.” I tilted my head back and Phil pulled back enough so that I had the tip of his cock on my lips. I kissed it and licked it; enjoying the velvety feel of his cock head. My tongue found Kurtköy escort his piss slit and tried to get inside. As I concentrated on Phil’s cock head I forgot about Kate.

“He’s ready, Angela. Karl’s butt is really loose. I think it needs something long and smooth to ream it out!”

“Then get your cock wet, Phil.” Angela urged as she pushed Phil closer. Phil’s cock slid into my mouth and rubbed the roof of my mouth. I sucked gently and massaged the veins on the bottom of his cock with my tongue as he slid in and out. “That’s enough; take Kate’s place, its Richard’s turn to fuck Karl’s face. Sorry, Phil.” Angela said as she guided Richard’s cock between my lips. “Maybe you can suck his balls latter but right now it’s time for you to get both of your fuck holes filled. It’s time to see just how much cock you can take.”

Kate let the plug slip out as Phil stepped up to my gapping hole. She guided his cock as it slipped easily past my sphincter muscle. “Not too deep yet, Phil.”

I was examining the tip of Richard’s cock with my tongue and lips. Comparing my second cock to Phil’s and I was a little disappointed. It didn’t seem to be quite as big but it was just as velvety smooth. I licked his piss slit just like I licked Phil’s. “Give him a little more.” Angela ordered.

Phil began slowly pumping in and out as Richard let me have more of his cock. The tip was now rubbing the roof of my mouth and my lips could seal nicely around his shaft. Richard pumped in and out in time with Phil, making his cock head ride on the roof of my mouth. I could see his balls bouncing above my face as he fucked my mouth and I realized that he had more to give me!

Kate released my balls and massaged them while Angela rubbed my chest and neck. “Relax, Karl. Let the boys do all the work. Just feel them fucking you. Let your ass and your mouth be fuck holes for the boys to use.”

My legs were resting on Phil’s chest as he gripped my knees and very slowly pulled his cock out of my ass and then just as slowly pushed it back in. “Just feel the cock filling your pussy. Feel him work to make himself cum in your ass. Don’t help him, don’t squeeze until he looses control and deposits his cum deep in your bowels. Let him use your pussy to make himself cum.” Angela whispered hoarsely.

It was all I could do not to squeeze his cock; it felt so good sliding in and out. I could feel his cock head slipping just outside my ass and then popping back in. When he drove his cock completely into my rectum I could feel his balls pressing against my ass and as Kate massaged my balls my prick was waving back and forth like a flag declaring my utter submission.

All the while Richard was fucking my mouth; his cock head tickling my tonsils. Angela continued to pinch my nipples and squeeze my tits. “Give him a little more, Richard.” She ordered. I opened my eyes and watched as his balls moved closer to my nose and felt his cock slip just past my tonsils. He still had more cock to give and he was almost in my throat! I swallowed involuntarily as he pulled back. The grunting noise I made startled Angela. “I think Karl likes being fucked by you boys; maybe it’s time to pick up the pace. What do you think, Karl, can you take more?”

I grunted again.

“That’s a yes!” Kate decreed.

Phil and Richard picked up the tempo and Angela started to stroke my throat. “I want to feel Richard’s dick in your throat Karl. Just lean beck and say ‘Ah’ and your throat will open enough for Richard’s dick to slide in. Then it’s just a matter of timing your ‘ahs’ to let him use your throat like a cunt. You want him to cum in your throat, don’t you?”

I grunted again.

“Another yes!” Kate nearly cheered.

“I can’t wait!” Phil almost apologized. “I’m cuming!” He moaned as he drove his cock deep into my pussy; filling me with his hot load. “I’m sorry, Angela!”

“Kate, take his place, I want two hard dicks in my cum slut. Phil, you rub Karl’s balls and keep him loose so he won’t cum till I say he’s ready or you’ll be sucking him off!”

Phil gently massaged my balls and was careful not to stimulate my penis. I wondered if he would be worried if he knew how close I was to cuming spontaneously.

Kate’s dildo was twice as long as Phil’s penis and maybe bigger around; I knew it would take her a few careful strokes to get it all the way in.

“Don’t slow down, Richard. See if you and Kate can touch cocks in the middle.” She joked.

“Now where were we, Karl? Oh yes! We were just about to see if Richard’s cock was going to go down your throat when poor Phil lost control and suffered from … What’s that called Kate?”

“That would be premature ejaculation, Angela.” Kate stated clinically as she drove the dildo deeper and deeper into my ass. Phil is usually very good about controlling his orgasms but I think watching Richard ‘train’ Karl’s throat was too much. Actually, it’s making my pussy tingle too!”

“Would you like to see what is causing all the fuss, Karl? Well, I think you should because when you see Richard’s dick you might get excited too!” Richard pulled out of my mouth and turned sideways. Angela’s fist was around his cock at the base and there was still five or more inches sticking out. I gasped at the sight; he seemed twice as long as Phil and almost as thick. Angela pumped his cock and teased, “Are you going to take

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