Daddy’s Princess


At the age of eighteen You had took me in when i had no where else to go, You was like the dad i had never had. Over the past six years id drifted from place to place and when the job at the local store working at night came available i didn’t think id get it but tried and to my surprise i did get it. Working the late shift was when we met, You came in for some groceries and we got chatting. You came in regularly from then on and i did not hesitate to say yes when You offered to take me out for a coffee.

From the beginning i told You everything, my age and my upbringing, You were so easy to talk to and You asked where i lived. Blushing and lowering my eyes i told You of the room i had in a house that was full of drunks and junkies. You offered me the spare room in Your house rent free but i would be more like Your house keeper than a lodger and i had to promise to enrol back in school. You let me have time to think it over and although i wanted to jump at the offer straight away i let You know a month later.

Once we had moved in my things You took me to the local school and enrolled me, we then went shopping and You brought me my uniform and some other items of clothing and i promised to pay You back with my wages from the store. You just smiled and we headed home, once there i raced upstairs to try on my uniform. Standing in front of the mirror i giggled as the skirt barely covered my thighs and the shirt and jumper were very figure hugging.

That was six months ago, things were going great id stopped working at the store as it did not fit in well with my house chores and school work. None of my friends from school ever asked about You and i never really spoke a lot about You at school. So when this afternoon i brought Suzie my best friend home i did not expect You to be home till later. Suzie and i were in the kitchen getting a drink when You pull up in Your truck and enter the kitchen.

“Good afternoon Ladies.” You smile.

” Hi Dave i was not expecting You home till later so i asked Suzie to come round to revise.” i quickly explained.

“That’s ok princess your friends are always welcome to come over.” You walk over to the fridge and retrieve a bottle of beer and smile at Suzie and i as You leave.

“Omg you call your Daddy by his first name?” Suzie gasps.

“Well erm He’s erm…” i splutter, turning away i blush and change the subject.

Half an hour later Suzie departs and i go down to start dinner, as i prepare the meal i drift of into a world of my own. If Suzie thought You was my Daddy did everyone else?

“Princess?” Your hand touches my shoulder and i jump bringing myself back to reality.

“Oh sorry Dave was just thinking. Did You want anything?”

“What was you thinking about you were very deep in thought princess.”

“It was something Suzie said, she thinks You are my Daddy.” i look at You.

“Come sit with me in the living room princess and we can discuss this. It seems to be bothering you.” You take my hand and we go to the living room.

Once inside You sit in Your chair and pat Your Kurtköy Öğrenci Escort knee for me to sit and without hesitation i sit.

“Does it bother you that people think I’m your Daddy?”

“Well erm i’ve not thought about it till now but well…no it doesn’t but does it bother You?”

“No princess it doesn’t, makes me proud to think people think you are Mine. If you wish to you could always call me Daddy if that makes you feel any better.”

“Ohh well…” i stutter “Id like that very much Daddy.” i giggle as i say it.

“Ok princess Daddy it is.” You stroke the hair from of my face.

Lifting my head i kiss Your cheek but You have moved Your head and our lips connect. You dart Your tongue against my lips and i open my mouth and our tongues tangle. Your hands run over my bare thighs and up to the hem of my short skirt, letting out a whimper i pull away from You and look into Your eyes.


“I’m sorry princess.” You push me aside and head for Your room.

Watching You leave i feel a weird sensation in the pit of my stomach, between my legs feels so wet against my white panties. Hearing Your bedroom door slam i sit briefly in Your chair wondering what to do, wondering if i had upset You. Heading for Your door i pause and knock, no reply so i open the door and poke my head round to find You naked on Your bed stroking Your hard cock.

You look up and our eyes met, i walk over to Your bed and You stop and release Your cock. Looking down at it hard and erect i reach out and encircle my fingers around it, feeling it jump slightly at my touch. You cover my fingers with Yours and our eyes meet again as our fingers start to move up and down on Your cock.

“Ohh princess,” You moan “are you sure?”

“Yes Daddy.” i reply.

You remove Your fingers and watch as my fingers slowly move over Your cock, Your moans more frequent and breathe rasped.

“Princess have you done this before?”

“No Daddy im still a virgin.” i say proudly as i know most of my friends are not.

You reach down and move my hand from Your cock, You pat the bed next to You and i scamper up next to You. Slowly You move Your hands up and down over my thighs and i let out a whimper as that feeling forms in my stomach again. Running Your fingers up to my panties and over the front and between my thighs, we both moan. You remove Your fingers and start to unbutton my blouse, dipping Your head You run Your tongue over the exposed flesh and down to the top of my white lace bra.

Reaching behind me You unclip my bra and dispose of both my bra and shirt, goose bumps appearing on my flesh with excitement and anticipation. Dipping Your head You trail Your tongue all over my nipple and breast, with Your other hand You cup my other breast and start to stroke and pinch it and my nipple. Whimpering and arching into Your hand and mouth that feeling in my stomach seems to of moved a little lower inside me. As Your tongue and teeth tease my nipple You slide Your other hand down to my panty covered pussy, running Your finger Kurtköy Çıtır Escort over and then along the waistband. Writhing against You i moan as Your fingers slip inside and move over my pussy lips.

“Ohh baby girl..” You gasp as Your fingers trace over my pussy lips.

Instinctively i part my thighs for You and this brings a growl from Your lips, You slide Your finger along my wet pussy lips up to my clit. As Your finger slides over it i let out a loud whimper and my body jerks.

“Ohhh Daddy ohh..that makes a strange feeling in me.” i splutter.

“That’s ok princess I promise that whatever I do you will enjoy it and beg for more.”

With that You slowly and teasingly move Your finger over my clit, my body writhing and bucking under You. You lick Your tongue down to my waist and remove Your hand from my panties, lifting Your fingers to Your mouth You suckle on them.

“Mmmm princess you taste good, now lift your hips and let Daddy see His baby girl.”

Lifting my hips up You unzip and remove my skirt and slowly almost teasing Yourself as You pull down my panties to expose my hairless pussy.

“My my baby girl where’s the hair gone?” You growl as You lower Your head and kiss my pussy lips.

“Ohhh Daddy pussy’s are shaved hairless these days.” i giggle.

Growling You dart Your tongue over my hairless pussy, arching and moaning as Your tongue teases me. Your tongue tip runs over my clit and my hips jerk forward against You, You do this a few times and my moans get louder as the sensation inside heightens. You lick down to the opening of my pussy and start to dart Your tongue in and out, gripping hold of Your shoulders as my body trembles and rocks.

“That’s it princess cum for Daddy ohhhh yesss mmmm.”

Pushing my hips down my pussy spasms on Your tongue and i cum, the sensation deep within washing over my body leaving me gasping for breathe. You lap Your tongue at my pussy and lick my cum into Your mouth.

“OHHH Daddy ohhhh what was that Daddy ohh it felt sooo good Daddy ohm.”

“That my princess was your body reacting to Me, its called cumming and I plan to have you doing it a few times today.”

“Ohh yes please Daddy it feels sooo good Daddy. Does Daddy cum?”

“Yes Daddies cum baby girl. You never cum before or seen a man cum?” You ask as You lick and suck on my clit.

“N n n no Daddy today was first time i’ve seen a mans cock.” i reply innocently.

Growling You suck harder on my clit taking it between Your teeth and running Your tongue tip over it, my body spasming again as i cum.

“OHHHH DADDYYYY” i cry out lifting my hips up.

“That’s it baby girl ohhh yess that’s it let the feeling wash over your sweet body.”

You remove Your mouth and smile down at me, Your hard cock rubbing against my leg. You start to stroke Your cock again and i watch as some pre cum forms on the tip, wanting to know how it tastes i dip my head and flick my tongue over the tip and we both moan. Closing my mouth over the tip i start to suck it like a lollypop, swirling Kurtköy Elit Escort my tongue over Your cock.

“Stop baby girl ohhh God stop or I’m gonna cum.” You gasp.

Moving my head of Your cock i look at You with quizzical eyes, licking my lips tasting You on them.

“D did i do it wrong Daddy?” i ask.

“No princess ohh no you did it wonderfully but Daddy wants His princess to cum on His cock. Do you understand what I’m wanting baby?”

“Yyes Daddy i think so. Daddy will it hurt?” i ask with a look of fear in my eyes.

“Princess yes it will at first but Daddy promises to go slowly and I promise that it will only hurt briefly.”

“Ok Daddy.”

You move between my thighs and position Your cock against my wet pussy, slowly You push Your hard cock into me.

“ohh Daddy that hurts ohh Daddyyyyy please Daddy.” i beg as You push further into me.

“Shhhh baby girl it’s ok, not much now. Relax and it will be all over soon.”

Biting my bottom lip i try to relax as You push fully into me, You kiss me as You start to slowly move Your cock in and out of my pussy. Each thrust pushing Your cock deeper into me, Your breathe getting rasped as You quicken Your thrusts.

“Ohhh yesss ohhh God baby your sooo tight ohhhh yess ohhhh princess ohhh.”

“Daddy im cumming Daddy ohh Daddy it feels soo good ohhh don’t stop Daddy please.”

Lifting my ass and hips up to meet You as i cum on Your cock, my pussy spasming on Your cock sends Your cock into spasms as You shoot Your cum deep inside me.

“OHHHH YESSSSS BABY GIRL YESSSSSS.” You thrust deeply into me and collapse on top of me.

Our lips find each others and kiss deeply, You shift of me and lay next to me taking me in Your arms. Snuggling up close i stroke Your body feeling Your heart beat getting back to normal we both fall asleep.

After a short nap i awake to find You gone, was it all a dream? Moving slightly i let out a whimper as my body aches, moving of Your bed i go looking for You. i find You in Your study. Walking in naked i look at You and we both smile.

” Ok baby girl?” You ask as i stand at Your side.

” Yes Daddy thank You Daddy.” i beam.

“Good go fetch me another beer princess please.”

Padding out to the kitchen i wonder if it was just a one of or if it will happen again, retrieving the beer and heading back i hear You on the phone so i quietly enter. You pat Your lap for me to sit and i do, snuggling into You as You finish Your call. You reposition me so my legs are on top of Yours, and spread Your legs and mine. Wriggling against You as You start to play with my pussy, whimpering and resting back against You enjoying Your touch.

Jerking against You i look down as You push the empty beer bottle neck into my pussy, slowly You push it in and out. Grinding against You as my orgasm builds again i start to whimper and moan.

“Ohh Daddy ohhh yes Daddy ohhh yess.”

You thrust it in harder and faster rubbing Your thumb against my clit, my hips bucking as my orgasm explodes on the inserted bottle.


“That’s it baby girl. Let it all out.” You pull out the bottle and flick Your tongue over it.

Sitting on Your lap with Your arms wrapped around me holding me safely i know that tonight was the beginning of a new and exciting future.

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