Dark Secrets Ch. 03


Chapter Twelve – Naomi

When I woke up next to Megan, we were both naked. Her arms laid across my breasts. It was comforting. I thought back to last night, to Marcus, and all the things that happened. It was a lot for one night but as I was remembering, I could feel my body respond. I rolled over and kissed Megan. We ended up making love. Things were certainly different now between us and I was liking it. I felt unrestricted. It’s amazing how giving up your freedom can do that. After she left, I texted Bubba to find out when he thought he’d be home. He responded pretty quick back that he thought he’d be home this evening.

I went about my normal day except that I remained naked. Only wearing my training collar. I texted Marcus and thanked him again. I told him that my husband was expected back home tonight and I would do as he had instructed. He texted back telling me that I was a natural submissive and the pleasure was his. He reminded me of my rules while away from him. I was to service my husband as if it were him, submissively, and not use my ‘cunt’ just my mouth and ass. I was also to report back to him about how things go. He reminded me to arrange a get together soon. I promised to do that. We texted back and forth for a few minutes, then he sent me to prepare for my first meeting with my husband as a submissive.

After he let me go, I busied myself in my preparation. I took a long sensual bath. I removed all evidence of body hair. Even though I had done it the day before, I didn’t want any stubble. I also made an appointment for later in the week to get a Brazilian wax. Megan had suggested it, saying that after a few treatments the hair wouldn’t come back so quickly. I also prepared my ass by cleaning it completely. When I was finished, I applied some lube in case Bubba wanted to take me there. I removed my collar for now, but made a promise to myself to get up the nerve to wear it in front of Bubba when I felt comfortable.

About 7:30 Bubba texted me that he was on his way home. I asked if he was hungry but he said he’d just stop on the way home and get something quick. I told him that I would be waiting for him, that I had missed him. That I wanted to make his time at home special because of that.

When I heard his truck pull into the driveway, I was kneeling inside the front door, naked. My hands were behind my back, my knees spread wide, and my head down. The pose that Megan had taught me as a presentation pose. When he walked through the door he stopped and looked at me. His hands ran through my hair. I moaned and reached for his belt. I undid it and then his pants too. I reached inside his boxers and found his growing cock. I licked my lips and took it into my warm mouth. I put my hands back behind my back and looked up into his eyes. His cock grew in my inviting mouth. I took him deep and laved my tongue on the underside of his shaft while it grew in my mouth.

Once he was fully erect, I started to move up and down his thick shaft. He said nothing, just enjoyed his sexy wife giving him head. I loved the feeling of his stiff cock in my mouth. I thought about Marcus, but it was my husband’s cock I was sucking. I loved him and wanted us to get back to how we had been when we were first married. We couldn’t get enough of each other then. Reading all those steaming erotic novels had started to make me feel ignored. Marcus had set me straight. He told me that it’s not about my pleasure, but my servitude to my dominant. His plan was to make Bubba want to be my dominant. As I kneeling in front of him sucking my husband’s cock, it seemed like I was on the right path again. It didn’t take long before Bubba’s cock erupted and he shot a thick load of his cum down my throat. I swallowed every drop and licked my lips when I finished like a good little girl.

I removed the rest of Bubba’s oily clothes and put them into the washer. I started him a bath and knelt next to him, washing him seductively. He asked what had gotten into me. I told him that I had been feeling ignored and left out and this was my way of making things better. I told him that I was here to do anything for him. ANYTHING. When he was clean again, I left him drying off with a towel. I told him I would be waiting for him in bed. His cock was already getting hard again. He snapped my ass with his wet towel and I scampered off with a fresh red spot on my ass. Little did he know that simple act of playfulness had my pussy soaking wet with need.

When he had brushed his teeth and ready for bed, he came into the bedroom. I was on the bed in the ‘ass up” position that Marcus had taught me. This position had me on all fours, with my legs spread, my head resting on the bed. My back was arched, with my arms at my shoulders, and my ass up. This presented my pussy and ass for Bubba. This also presented the channel of my ass or pussy at the most pleasurable angle from my master. It was a very submissive position and my pussy was wet and leaking when I felt the weight of Bubba come onto the bed. He groaned at the sight of my splayed Kurtköy Grup Escort sex. I could feel him behind me, his hands on my ass.

This is where I had been worried about all day. I took a deep breath. “Please Daddy. Fuck my ass.” We’d played some age play before. Bubba was only three years older than me but because I was naïve when we started dating, I’ve always thought of him as older and more experienced.

“MMmm girl. I’d love to. Let me get the lube first.” He said.

“You don’t need Daddy. I’m already prepared. I’ve been thinking about you hard cock in my ass all day.”

He took my words as fact and pressed the bulbous head of his cock to tight hole. It burned a little when he entered. I pushed back and his cock slipped in easily. I was so thankful for my anal training. He allowed my ass to accept his girth, but before long I was eagerly pushing back against him. He grabbed my ass cheeks with his hands and started to fuck me with a steady rhythm. His cock felt so good. I thought about Marcus and how proud he would be of me submitting to my husband. The thought sent a chill down my spine that went straight to my pussy. Bubba was increasing his thrusts. I moaned loudly. His grunts only added to my desire.

Before long he was caught up in the moment and giving my tight ass a good pounding. My breasts were wobbling with every stroke as my hard nipples abraded on the sateen duvet. The soft fabric teased my nipples and sent me very close to my orgasm. But my pleasure was not what this was about. I held off and squeezed my Kegel muscles. I also kept my ass high and my back arched. Megan had mentioned that these add to the man’s pleasure. The effects were instantaneous. Bubba groaned from the added friction and his cock erupted deep inside my ass. His body slumped over me. I kept milking his cock inside my ass. When he finally was sated and rolled over, I got up and brought back a warm wash cloth and cleaned him thoroughly. Then I got in bed next to him and we both feel asleep. I hadn’t orgasmed but it didn’t matter. This was about pleasing my husband. The pleasure I received was in my submission and it was enough for now.

Chapter Thirteen – Bubba

To say that I was surprised to find Naomi waiting for me naked and on her knees, would be the understatement of the year. When I asked her what had come over her, she just giggled and said it was the books she’d been reading, and the new exercise class she was taking. All I can say is she has my complete encouragement to keep doing what she’s doing. I know that I’ve been neglectful with her lately. Really it’s been more than lately, like a few years. Work has been really demanding and I spend more time away than at home. That must be hard on her. But this change in behavior has me thinking more about being home than work.

Take for instance the anal sex. Usually when it’s ‘her time of the month’ we never do anything sexually. I know not to bother asking. But for the past few days that I’ve been home, she’s let me fuck her tight ass every day. Not to mention all of the blowjobs. Like the other morning. I was sitting in my chair watching TV. She had just finished washing the dishes from lunch and she came and sat at my feet. She leaned in and laid her head on my thigh. I ran my fingers through her hair and she moaned. I didn’t think much of it, but before long her hand came up and started playing with my cock.

Even though I had fucked her tight ass before lunch she was wanting more. I mean that just blew my mind. It didn’t take much for my cock to get hard. When she looked up with those pleading eyes, my dick twitched. She didn’t say a word, just reached in my jeans and pulled my cock out and started sucking. I don’t mean just sucking me off. I mean making love to my dick, like she was worshiping it or something. The slurping sounds, the teasing the crown with her tongue, man I couldn’t get enough of that. But the kicker was when she took me down her throat. Naomi has always been good with giving head. It’s probably because when we were dating she didn’t want to go all the way, so she would give me a blowjob. But this was something wholly different. I could feel the crown of my cock slip into the channel of her throat. Her tongue was lapping at my ball sack. But it was the muscles of her throat that was massaging my cock that blew me away. I don’t know what she read in those books but I was ready to take her to the library for more of them. The pulsing action of her throat had me coming in no time. She never pulled back and took my whole load down her throat again.

I was out of breath and reeling from the powerful orgasm I just had. I looked down. She still was softly sucking the last of drops of my cum. She broke the suction with a ‘pop’ and said, “thank you Daddy.” She sat there on her knees smiling up at me. She knows how calling me daddy gets me every time. I had started calling her my baby girl when we were dating but for the life of me, I don’t remember why I stopped. But at that moment, something Kurtköy Manken Escort changed in me.

“Baby girl, why don’t I take you out someplace special to eat tonight?”

“Oh thank you daddy. I have a new dress that I’m dying to show you.”

Later that evening we showered together. Again, she was very attentive to me. The feel of her soaping my body, making sure that I was squeaky clean had my cock ‘full on’ hard. While she was toweling me off, she knelt down and took my cock in her mouth. She didn’t stop until I shot my load down her throat. I left to get dressed while she stayed in the bathroom getting ready. When she came out it took my breath away. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always thought Naomi had a smoking hot body. I mean her tits and ass go on for days, but this dress left little to the imagination. It was tight and form fitting. It only went halfway down her thighs. The top was almost sheer and her tits were loose underneath. She was wearing a pair of heels that were way higher than anything I’d seen her in. When she walked towards me I could see how they accentuated they sway of her hips. Her tits wobbled with every sexy step she took. I wanted to fuck her silly right then and there, but I had broken a lot of promises lately and I had promised her a good meal.

I took Naomi to the fancy Italian restaurant she loves. It was a romantic meal, if you’re into that kind of thing. There was the candle in the Chianti bottle. We drank wine, when I would have preferred a beer. Oh, and I had the violin guy come play for her. She really enjoyed the meal. I loved that she loved it. The sparkle in her eyes was enough for me. It was on the drive back home when it got interesting. She was leaning over the console with her arm looped in mine. I noticed her dress had ridden up and she was sitting with it pulled up. I reached down between her thighs.

“You’re not wearing panties?”

“No sir.”

“Why not?”

“I wanted to be sexy for you, daddy.”

“Well I think my baby girl needs a spanking.”

“Have I been bad daddy?” She said coyly.

Now I wasn’t mad at all. The thought of her being naked under her dress the whole night actually turned me on to no end. But these were the kind of things she used to do to get me to spank her. Again, it goes back the daddy/baby girl thing we used to do. If she wanted to play rough, I was all for it.

“Yes, you’ve been bad and I plan to make sure that you behave. Now take off that dress, since you want to show off that smoking hot body of yours.”

She removed it without hesitation. I looked across the truck and saw a beautiful woman who seemed to only want to please me. I pulled off the road and got some cable ties and an old t-shirt from the toolbox of my truck. I got back inside the cab and place the cable ties around her wrists, then locked them together with another cable tie in front of her. Then I ripped a long strip of the t-shirt and used to blindfold her. I buckled her seat belt and we were headed home again. The restaurant was in another town so we had about 30 miles of ride left.

I could see her erect nipples. The air was cool at night but they were crinkled from arousal. My kinky baby girl was loving this. It was dark out so there wasn’t much chance of her being seen unless we passed another vehicle. I made sure to do that but with us being in a truck there still wasn’t much chance of exposure. But you couldn’t tell that from Naomi’s reaction. Her breathing was getting ragged. I detected a few soft moans from her. When I say a big rig up ahead, I saw my opportunity to show my baby girl off. I sped up a little and slowly passed him. She could tell by the increase in speed and the whine of the big diesel’s tires, that we were passing it. To her credit, she didn’t flinch. She held her position, even thrust her tits out even more. I slowed when we were right beside him. When he blew his horn a few times, I heard an audible gasp escape her lips. She was turned on by exposing herself.

“You liked that didn’t you baby girl?”

“Oh yes daddy!”

“Now I think my baby girl is acting like a slut. You think about that spanking you’re going to get when we get home.”

“Yes Sir.”

We only had about 10 more miles to go, but I caught her fingering her pussy while we were driving. This was some kind of night. I didn’t want it to end.

When we got home. I went around and opened her door for her. Then, instead of taking her inside the house, I led her to the barn. I’d been thinking about what I could do that would be fun and I had come up with something I thought would be exciting. She looked so sexy blindfolded, naked with her hands cuffed with the cable ties. I pulled her bound wrists into the barn and pushed her over a saddle. We use sawhorses to hold them. I secured her wrists to one side of the sawhorse and then spread her legs wide and secured each to a leg on the other side. Her pussy and ass were open and displayed well. Her pussy was wet and oozing copious amounts of her fluids. Kurtköy Masöz Escort She was really turned on by this.

I walked around her slowly, touching her body as it laid there restrained for me. We had done some simple bondage before, but mainly it was using scarfs and such in the bed. This was something very new to both of us. I went over to the wall and pulled one of the riding crops that we have to train our horses. I’d never used anything but my hands or a belt from time to time. But this was a special night and I wanted something new for both of us. I rubbed the leather flap across her body. She tensed but let out a gasp. I teased her hanging tits and rubbed the tip across her nipple. It puckered even more with the touch. Finally, I trailed it down her hips to her ass. She pushed back as much as the position would let her. She was ready.

“Now baby girl. I think that four hard ones to each cheek will be enough.”

“Yes daddy. Whip your bad girl.”

I alternated between each whip. Her pale skin reddened quickly. She whimpered but never indicated for me to stop. In fact, I could see her body shudder as if she were having an orgasm from it. Her pussy juices were flowing like a leaky faucet. With four more to go, I ran the crop through her wet pussy lips, getting the tip wet with her juices. This would add to the sting. When I brought it down, she leapt with its contact.

“Are you alright?”

“Oh yes daddy. Harder!”

The final three were very hard and in rapid succession. It left her convulsing is the throes of an orgasm. I’d never seen anything like this, especially not from my wife. But it turned me on to no end. I unzipped my fly and pulled my hard cock out. I was about to bury myself in her soppy wet pussy when she called out.

“Please daddy. Fuck my ass! I need it.”

“But I don’t have lube with me.” I said worriedly.

“Use my mouth. I will get your cock wet. I still need to be punished daddy.”

I don’t know what for, but I let her take my cock in her mouth. She bobbed on it like she was hungry for it. I put my hand on her head and pushed deep down her throat. She gagged a bit but fought it off. It served to cause her mouth to drool and when I pulled my throbbing cock out, a long string of her slick saliva connected my cock with her wet lips. I moved around and used her saliva to wet my fingers.

Two of them went in with little resistance. After a few minutes I pressed my saliva slick cock against her tight hole. It didn’t take much for me to slip in easily. I hesitated to let her body adjust but she started to push back, so I just rammed it home. She cried out ‘thank you, daddy’ and it was on. I pounded her tight ass with abandon. With every thrust of my cock she thanked me. With all that had gone on tonight it didn’t take long for me to cum. When I was spilling my seed, I grabbed her reddened ass cheeks. I could feel her muscles clinch around me, milking me, as she came with me. We were both breathless. After we both had caught our breaths, I helped out of the restraints and I carried her back to the house and put her to bed. I held her all night, her ass pressing back against me. I loved the change in my wife.

Chapter Fourteen – Naomi

It was certainly a night to remember. We had done more in that one night than any other time before. I felt like Bubba was starting to take control of me and I wanted that, I needed that. I texted Marcus the details and he congratulated me on my success but still mentioned that he’d like for the four of us to get together soon. So when Bubba got up, I asked him if we could invite Megan and her new boyfriend over for the afternoon, he agreed. I thanked him by sucking his cock and letting him fuck my ass again. It was sore from all the use it had gotten over the past few days but that soreness made it easy for me to cum again. Thinking about the possibilities the day might bring didn’t hurt either.

Before everyone arrived, I got dressed. I wore a spaghetti strap blouse that Megan had purchased last weekend with me and some very short shorts. Bubba gave me a lustful look and convinced me it was the perfect attire for the day. Bubba was the perfect host. He BBQ’d some steaks for everyone. I made a nice cob salad, with roasted potatoes and fresh snapped green beans. Bubba seem to take to Marcus straight away. They were off on their own for quite a while. That left me and Megan to catch up on the events since I last saw her. She was proud of how I had brought Bubba into the scene. She stole a quick kiss from me that left me breathless.

When the guys came back, Bubba suggested we all go for a ride. I love riding. I usually prefer to ride alone but today was extra special because of our guest so I didn’t mind at all. Marcus impressed me with complete comfort on a horse. It’s like he was born on one. He took command of it just like he had done with me. We made a leisurely ride along the ridge, then down into the canyon. I could tell by the glances I was getting from both Megan and Marcus; they were both loving my sexy attire for riding. My breasts easily swayed with each step of the horse. My nipples were abrading on the fabric and had me wet from the moment we left the barn. I could only imagine what they would look like when I got off. Megan and I had decided to ride bareback again.

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