Date Night Ch. 03

Non Nude

We ate in companionable silence, his eyes feasting on my bare skin as I quickly shoveled chicken fried rice into my mouth. He finished his food much faster than I did, refilled his water, and proceeded to sit back in his chair, watching me.

“What?” I asked, chopsticks halfway to my mouth. Rice fell off the sticks onto my plate as I looked at him nervously.

“Just enjoying the view.”

I snorted. “Thanks. I’m hungry. That took a lot out of me.” He nodded, smiling. “So… you said something about boundaries? You’ve been lax? I mean, I don’t think you have.”

He laughed, a low, slow sound. “I’ve been lax. I’m correcting that mistake. Finish up.” My eyes held his for another second, then I continued eating, faster than before.

After the container was empty, I threw everything in the trash and he led me to my large, plush bathroom. This was probably my favorite place in the house, all white and blue, and the whirlpool tub under the skylight was my favorite place to spend an evening. He turned me around to face him and turned the lights on against the setting sun.

He pulled the strap of my bra down my shoulder slowly, replacing it with his mouth. My hands reached up to toy with his nipples through his shirt, enjoying his sharp intake of breath. He caught my hand and pulled it behind my back, thrusting my chest out. Slowly he traced a finger between my breasts, using his nail to raise a red welt on my soft flesh. I sighed.

He released my hands suddenly, using the piece of fabric between my breasts to pull me towards the tub and hold me there while he turned the water on. His hands traced up my curves to my back, undoing my bra. My breasts spilled out, six purple bruises ringing the pale pink skin, and I got a satisfied purr from him. He ducked his head to pull one into his mouth and my head fell back with a moan, the bruises smarting with Kurtköy Fetiş Escort the pressure of his sucking.

As he turned his attention to my other breast, his hands traveled down to toy with the waist of my skirt. I sucked in air as that ball of pleasure began to settle in my stomach again. His hands pulled down the skirt and it fluttered into a pool of fabric on the bathroom floor. He stepped back, turning me in a full circle, letting his hands trace lightly over my body. “Your body is exquisite. Made for pleasure and pain.” His voice grew low, and I felt that ball in my stomach tighten. “Kneel at my feet.”

I dropped to my knees, hitting the floor with a deep thud and wincing. He smiled darkly at my enthusiasm. “I love how much you want to serve me. I love that you don’t worry about your own safety in your rush to serve me. Your enthusiasm is admirable.” He rubbed himself through his pants. “I want to shove this cock in your mouth right now, but there is something erotic about having you naked in front of me while I’m fully clothed.” I grew wet as he leaned over to pinch my nipple, hard. “I can do anything to you, you see.”

He pulled me forward by a chunk of my hair, rubbing my face against the front of his pants. I could feel him hard and ready through the denim as his zipper scraped my nose. I whimpered. He pulled back on my hair sharply, forcing me to meet his eyes. “You have grown increasingly defiant lately, and far too independent for your own good. Tonight, you do nothing without my permission. You don’t speak or stand out of turn or punishment will come swiftly.”

My mouth went dry and my thoughts went from frantic to still. I let out a breath I didn’t realize I had been holding and averted my eyes, studying the silver swirls in the bright white tile. “Good girl,” he breathed. I kept my eyes on the tile, stilling the part Kurtköy Gecelik Escort of my mind that screamed You idiot! You’re a fully grown woman! Just get up and walk out. I didn’t want to walk out. I didn’t want to get up. He didn’t want me to get up, and I loved pleasing him. I loved the exquisite torture that only he could provide. Everyone else was too gentle, too worried about hurting me.

I felt my hair pulled back, this time gently. He raked his fingers through it, massaging my scalp, and I purred happily. He twisted my hair lightly and clipped it up on my head so that it only reached to my shoulders and spent some time arranging it just so. I knew he loved my hair long, loved the texture and feel of it, and I loved the way it felt on my bare back, or the intimate canopy it made when I leaned over him, about to kiss him.

His hands were lightly feathering over my shouders and my skin was sending electric shocks up and down my body. I moaned happily and relaxed. Steam came up from the hot tub, and he added some scented oil. The smell of lemons exploded in my nostrils and I smiled. “Turn around.” I turned to face the tub, my mind on the lovely smell of the oil. “Bend over. Show me your ass.”

I leaned over and put my hands on the edge of the tub, offering my back and ass to him. I knew he loved my backside, the curved paleness of it. I knew he loved watching the red welts spring up when he took his hands to it. Right now, I felt his hand caressing it, coaxing the blood to it so that the color would spring up immediately. My breathing slowed, relaxing into the strokes of his hand, when *whack*, his hand landed a hard, flat-palmed smack on the curve of my ass. “You will thank me for anything I give you tonight. Count.”

I gasped and the scent of lemon screamed into my lungs. “One. Thank you, Sir,” I gasped. He began spanking Kurtköy Genç Escort me at a steady pace, the air grunting out of his chest with each stroke, being careful not to hit the same place more than twice. I lost count at twenty and went limp around the edge of the tub, tears welling in my eyes and my pussy throbbing with desire. “I don’t remember… but thank you, Sir.”

He laughed, deep and hearty. “Oh, good girl.” I heard his belt buckle jingle, but was too dropped to brace myself. I felt something push against me, rub against my clitoris, and before I could rustle myself out of subspace, he grabbed my hips and I was pulled onto his throbbing cock. Both of us took a sharp breath as he held me there and I moaned against the edge of the tub.

Slowly, he pushed himself into me, in and out, holding my hips tightly so that I had no choice but to move with him. The pace was just too fast for what I would have chosen, and things were building too quickly for comfort. “Stop,” I intoned firmly. “Oh god, stop.” His pace only quickened. “Stop, please, stop.” My voice was getting ragged as the pleasure turned to pain and fear. What if he didn’t stop? What if he kept going? What then? “Please, oh god, please, stop. Please.” The last word was drawn out in a ragged scream as he came, hard, slamming me onto him as he moaned his release into my shoulders.

“Thank you, Sir,” I managed to get out.

He pulled himself out of me too soon, but put his softening cock into my mouth as I lapped up our juices. I could feel him trying to grow hard again, but it was too soon. After he was clean, he lifted my face to his and tasted me, sweetly. It could have been a first kiss, but for the taste of our flesh and the small cry I gave when he reached between my legs to rub at my swollen and dripping wet clit. It begged for release, but he just smiled against my lips.

“In the tub, lovely.” He helped lift me over the edge into the hot, scented water. My muscles and pussy screamed against the heat that first burned and then soothed. “Let’s get washed up.” He poured a cup of water over my breasts and I sighed. “Enjoy, pet. You’ve done well so far tonight.”

So far?

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