Thank you for being so patient. And thus we move further along with our wishes…



Daddy stood poised over Eva, staring down at her huffing cheeks blushing with the last orgasm that rocked her delicious body. He smiled, stroking her face gently and kissing her lips, his soft color matching the lipstick on his cock and face. She lay on her back, arms around Daddy Julian looking up, smiling and seeing his goatee, knowing that his thick, slick manliness was poised ready to enter her wet, slick pussy and drive through the smooth lips into a creamy paradise. His cock was hard, erect and pointing at the bald perfection she had spread for him with her knees on either side of his thighs, smiling and lifting her leg to hook her foot behind him back. He was breathing hard, hoping that in touching her, or sinking inside the velvety pink petals he wouldn’t cum too soon. His mind reeled as she lay with her body wanting him, needing him.

Closing the gap between them with her reaching leg and his grinding pelvis.

His fingers were sticky, his hair matted and she continued smiling at him with a devious delight. She humped up, helping his cock find the pocket of lust he sought, as he fucked his way excruciatingly slow, but deeper inside, pushing the head with a wiggle. She loved the mushroom head planted inside her velvety pink pussy lips; the gently gaping mound sucking the cock inside itself as Eva flexed her hips, keeping her Daddy inside her pussy. She groaned, shaking her head and feeling Daddy Julian pressing down inside herself, rolling her hips and fucking him with his meeting stroke, watching his face light up as he slid deeper inside her molten pussy.

“Ooooohhh baby” he murmured, “that’s soooooo good.”

“Oh Daddy. I’ve wanted you inside me for so long. I wanted you. I have you.”

Another thrust and he was buried to the root of his cock, pressing himself belly to belly, fucking her with a slow stirring motion, pushing inside, deeper thrusting as if another inch would bloom out of his tip inside the velvety flytrap. She groaned, her pussy gushing juices over the implanted cock, fucking him back as well as he was fucking her, moving slowly, savoring every inch and watching his eyes roll back as he stayed poised over her like a panther ready to strike. A whisper to his ear, and he knew she was always going to be his, no matter what: “I love you Daddy Jules. I love you so much… “

“I love you too baby,” he whispered, fucking himself deeper inside the perfect, gripping cunt. She held him and he fucked her – total Nirvana.

The cock rose and dove furiously deeper inside fucking her wet smooth slick pussy faster, his balls slapping and bouncing off her firm round ass, fucking her repeatedly, humping deeper inside. She growled, moaning aloud, her echoes bouncing off the walls of the small room, scraping the brick fireplace and resting on the chairs they sat in previously. Eva was lost in the decadence of fucking her Daddy, moaning and moving like a wildcat, her immaculate nails scratching his back and moving cutting his flesh with the rending of delight and passion. She felt herself bouncing automatically off the carpeting, hitting his stomach on the upstroke, fucking him deeper, and willing the cock almost to the root with each stroke and pumping grinding her hips like mad.

Their liplock moved with her crushed breast, the perfect naked hard nipples tipping his senses and moving Daddy faster humping himself fucking his way harder deeper inside her melting buttery pussy. He loved the amount of friction they created, sparks flying from their total loss of control, her juices splashing his cock and his dickmeat fucking deeper and faster, harder each time and ramming. Skin slapped skin loudly, the cock bursting at the tip, cum rocketing through the veins and ricocheting inside his body as he howled dying but holding back from cumming inside her sweet wet cunt. She moaned again, pumping her hips, fucking him deeper inside, needing his thick, sweet juices inside her pink, soft slick poon, moaning and thrashing like a fish out of water.

Daddy Julian could feel the corset string and the grommets hitting his taunt belly, crushing her soft, pale skin under his thick, firm brown body, moving with the speed of a jaguar on his prey. He relished the lust she poured into him, moaning and gasping, clawing and crying out, loving and taking every inch, every thrust, every motion, movement and spin of his cock and groin inside her melting wet cunt.

“You love being my sweet little cunt don’t you Eva?”

She trilled: “God yes Daddy. I love you fucking me like this.”

He hissed softly: “You need Daddy using you like this don’t you my pet? My wicked fucktoy? You love Daddy using you for all your lust and desire don’t you my Angel?”

“Ohhh yesssss Daddy… so very much.”

She continued: “I’ve needed you inside me for so long. I’ve wanted you since I was fucking others, always wishing it were you inside me. Having me. Cumming muğla escort in me. Cumming with me. Fucking me. Making me your hot little fucktoy.”

He looked straight into her eyes, the lashes fluttering in time with the total grip of pleasure he felt as he rode her deeper and faster into the ground, pressing her smooth wonderful skin into the rug stroke by stroke. Flesh pounded flesh mercilessly, his mouth agape with the emissions of his burning lust for her.

“Oh Eva. Daddy loves you too.”

A tear slipped out of her eye as she doubled her effort and continued fucking him, his cock buried and retracted as if to keep her dizzy on the edge of the pleasure. She whimpered, moaning, gasping and whispering, “Oh Daddy… yes… oh so good Daddy… always yours. I will always be your pussy… your fucktoy… do anything you want Daddy. I am yours for the taking and the giving.”

He smiled, saying softly into her ear, “Nothing held back?”

“Not ever. Not from you Daddy Julian.”

“Good girl”, he whispered softly, pressing his weight down and slowly shifting deeper inside the smooth buttery lips, fucking his way deeper inside his faux daughter, pumping his hips, pistoning and driving his shaft deeper inside as her heels dug into his back. Clenching her ankles around one another, she kept Daddy inside and her prisoner of her lust, fucking upward on his backstrokes. He was wanting… needing everything his dick-girth could give her in the explosion of her pussy’s nerves, the head of his cock swimming in her slippery juices and moving them like a ride in a amusement park: up and down, round and round. His hips moved with practiced desire, knowing his little angel, his pet, was truly his alone. All their longings had been the delights and need for their pleasure and their fantasies finally came truly in this wicked union of parts and passions. Another stroke and he was buried again to the hilt, fucking his way deeper and faster inside her, the ride lubricated with the generous spouting of her deliciousness spilling out of the smoothly shaved, velvety pussy mound and racing with her heart to meet her third brewing orgasm.

As he kept astride her body, his hand felt the need to reach back and grasp her ankle in his grip, lifting of his spine and over his shoulder. Eva watched with fascination as her booted ankle slipped up over Daddy Julian’s shoulder and was placed gently along his neck. With the motion she could feel him opening her wider and deeper than she could have hoped, his cock slipping deeper inside the slippery tunnel of love and pleasure. Her face moved with the delight of a deeper penetration, the nerves and juices spinning her body and pleasure higher above their copulation on the carpeting. She was his. Always and forever, and with the depths he plumbed her cunt she knew she’d never give up Daddy. Not for another man, or another woman, or Mommy, or any one person, because he loved her, and she loved him too much.

But maybe for two, she thought slyly as Daddy continued fucking her hot, wet, gripping, smooth pussy.

Another dig of his cockmeat deeper inside the maddeningly wet hot cunt pocket and Julian could feel himself losing all control of his delight. His prostate flexed and bounced, self-control exiting his body like the perspiration on his arms and forehead. His kisses were frantic and feral, lips locking onto soft neck and breast skin, the tongue whipping around the perfectly hardened nipples, slurping and touching the soft, fullness of the underside of the bosom of Eva, making her tingle and wiggle faster. Her smooth round rump jumped up off the floor, meeting his inflamed strokes like a pair of wild lusting creatures aching to satisfy only animal lust and needs.

A stoke later and Daddy stopped pumping, smiling down at his Eva and kissing her boots, licking the shiny patent-leather, deft fingers undoing the snaps and laces at the back of her calf. Deeper fuck-strokes rode into the jiggling, sensual body, her amazing rounded double-d breast wonderfully wobbling at the peak of his thrusting lust. Daddy Jules slipped her boot off, feeling the soft soles of her smooth toes and kissing her leg, bare skin in his mouth as his cock kept fucking her wild, wet bald cunt, needing to be stuffed as deep inside as possible. Eva winced, grunting and gritting her teeth as Daddy fucked her deeper, harder and faster. She didn’t even hear the dull THUD of her boot as he slipped it off her leg and tossed it aside, over his muscular shoulder and towards the fireplace. A fast hand and Daddy Jules now had her other ankle over this shoulder, both legs closing close each other, the back of the thighs pressed against his groin and stomach, the hard stomach and soft thighs making contact. This kept the cunt fucked well, making Daddy Jules sweat just a little more, gasping and breathing harder. Fast fingers undid the snaps and ripped off the boot, stripping her legs bare, her toes flexing reflexively, Eva losing her mind, biting her lower lip, rhodope-mugla.org and moaning as her head thrashed from side to side, the crown of her long hair waving like a banner of desire.

Daddy Julian kept fucking his cock deeper inside, the smooth balls slapping the sweet round ass, fucking sexy hot Eva just that much better, deeper and harder. His lip quivered, his breathing became shorter, and then his finger wrenched her legs apart, pushing them up and around his ribs. Eva flexed and caught her own bare ankles over one another, hooking them and drawing Daddy again, deeper inside the river of hot, wet cunt-lust. She loved fucking him as much as he loved fucking her, and neither ever wanted to stop. Arms taunt, muscles tight and veins flowing, Daddy drove deeper and deeper inside the juicy, hot, bald, dripping, cunt, fucking faster, his strokes a blur of dickmeat and slapping balls, the outlandish, obscene sound rebounding in the walls of their room.

“OH D-D-D-Daaaaaddddddyyyyyyy… goddamnit keep fucking me SO good!”

Eva was enjoying the repeated battery of her tight wet fuckhole when, suddenly, again, Daddy slowed his pace. She gritted her teeth, sensations shooting through every pore of her skin, her face contorted with pleasure and delight. Eva knew he was trying to prolong her, to make her so very happy, and she was not going to deny herself his lust. Her thick, hard nipples continued being wetted by is flicking, licking tongue, groans and delighted moans escaping her lips with his hot touch, his kisses on her cleavage, and love bites under the full, firm round breast. Hands cupped her breast closer together, and Daddy Julian was furiously licking her nipples as they closed together, sucking, kissing and alternating the tasting of the dark, firm perfection with vigor and delight.

Quick fingers found their way down around her body, undoing the snaps and removing the corset. Lacing, grommets, and vinyl all flew into the air, dropping aide the inflamed couple as they continued fucking like mad. Eva was now as naked as Daddy except for her beads of perspiration clutching her forehead and the line of her collarbone, moving with her jiggling breast and humping hips, fucking his cock with total madness and abandon. She knew his balls were brewing jism, but was unsure where it would go: in her or on her.

The latter appealed to her so very much.

Another interruption in coitus, and Eva suddenly found her pussy vacated. Daddy had whipped his cock, shiny with their juices out of her, and waved it obscenely in front of her sight, the dick wiggling of it’s own accord. She knew Daddy was bloated and super-hard, slippery with her juices, and needing relief. His hand suddenly grasped hers’, his knees bent and body at a ninety-degree angle, and lifted her from her back to her side, grasping the back of her head and ramming her forward. Her mouth instinctively opened, inhaling his cock and sucking it, her cheeks hollow and her tongue wrapped around the thick man-meat as it fucked her face furiously. She was naked, sucking their juices off his thick cock and her jaw was stretching wider than she could have imagined. His lower lip shook with contained passion, holding his senses and shaking like mad, moaning and gritting his teeth as Eva gobbled all the fuck-stick her face could swallow with his fingers tangled in her hair and his hips pumping like a piston. Daddy Jules’ cheeks tightened, holding his prostate in check, keeping him the lightest tongue-slurp from blasting his faux-daughter with the jism she so ached to consume and delight in as it would slather her taste buds and slip down her gullet, the salty drink her nourishment and reward.

Eva was beautiful before; naked now, she is perfection.

His hand reached back, touching and stroking her smooth round, ass, caressing it and groping her firm, thick cheeks, keeping his fingers dancing over her cheeks and spine. Daddy Julian found himself seeing her position his delight: naked, on all fours, her face being fucked deep and fast, her hair in his grip, his fingers all over her amazing body, tits bouncing like springs on her smooth delicious body. Then, a pleasure point. He found his finger slowly tracing the space over her anus and touching her smooth tight puckering. A fingertip dipped inside the cleft of her round tightness, the grace of her sensual nature so appealing to his thick, rough fingers.

“Do you want Daddy back in your pussy… your sweet, tight, hot bald cunt?” He queried so softly through her hair, keeping it in place as she continued swabbing the cock coated in her own pussy juices like a lollipop, then continued: “Or do you want him in this untouched, virgin ass? Do you want me riding your ass, making it mine first, my angel? Say it; tell Daddy what you want sweet Eva.”

Her eyes rolled back as she slipped the cock out of her mouth, jacking it in fast strokes, the side of her hand slapping the balls in quick strokes. She was fucking it with her fist when she suddenly a thick finger found its’ way inside of her, pushing past the anal ring and slowly into the tight, untouched passage. She groaned, losing her breath as her double-d cups mashed themselves on the carpeted floor, groaning as her every sense came MORE alive than before. Her nipples ached to be touched again, her nerves were on fire, and she whimpered in passion and perverted delight.

Her answer came out as a gentle whisper: “Fuck my ass Daddy. P-please fuck my ass.”

“Then keep drooling and sucking my cock baby. That’s your ass lube, baby. That’s how I am going to fuck that perfect opening, my angel.”

Eva redoubled her efforts, sucking deeper, slapping the underside of the cock with her tongue, lapping and wetting it like mad as quickly as possible. She loved the taste of her pussy juices on the cock and couldn’t wait to have it within her asscheeks, spreading her wide, making her open her anus. Her head bobbed back and forth, cheeks hollowed and her hair flying furiously back and forth, moving with the speed of a mad dervish. She was aching to have Daddy fuck her ass, and moaned in delight as he continued pushing his finger deeper into her asshole, opening her, fucking her slowly, having her enjoying the driving fingers and wanton desires as much as possible. She was making the best effort to lube and wet Daddy’s cock, fucking her own face like mad with slippery strokes, flying spittle hitting his legs out of the corners of her mouth. She knew his width from the tightness of her velvet passage, and wanted him inside of her, but was wary that he’d widen her anus to a gaping, hollowed hole.

And yet… it appealed to her hungry mouth. She could feel her pussy lips staying slick and wet; she was anxious and aching to make the delight of Daddy sodomizing her for his pleasure, her submitting to his dark desires. Him, and him alone.

Swiftly, Daddy Julian slipped behind Eva, face down and ass up, watching her cheeks wink as his finger dug deeper into the tight anus. She whimpered and gasped as the finger slipped in, all the way down to the knuckles of the two interceding fingers, fucking her tight ass slowly in long strokes. A flutter of her mouth expressed the delight as his finger slipped deeper, rooting the anus and fucking the tight hole further, moving her wider, and wanting her needing his cock deep inside herself. He could see the smooth pussy mound glistening, Eva’s excitement obvious to the man she lovingly called Daddy Julian. He could see the cock-stalk bouncing up, shiny with the spittle and saliva of her lusty mouth and moving of its’ own accord, needing to open her, penetrate her – fuck her.

A motion later Daddy Julian let her feel his cockhead slipping over the orifice, past her sphincter, inside the amazing ass. She moved, trying to force him inside her, knowing her anus puckered and just gaping gently, feeling his fingers exiting and the head moving over the ring and leaving a trail of saliva over the ring of her ass. With a stroke of his arms, Daddy Julian pressed the small of her back and kept her face-down on the carpet, her breast rubbing frantically shooting excitement through the nerves of her hardened, over-sized nipples. Her face sat on its’ side, her mouth open with a shiver and groaning of pleasures, moaning and whimpering as the head of Daddy’s fat cock slowly slipped a little deeper inside her ass, making her his love slave and fuck toy. The penetration sent shock waves into every part of her body, making her gasp and moan repeatedly, uttering the same phrase over and over again, hushed and delicate, but necessary for her devotion: “Oh Daddy, I love you in my ass. Fuck my ass Daddy Julian. Fuck it. Fuck me. Make me yours’ always and forever.”

Julian could feel his balls swelling with delight and desire, his breath shortening and the pulse in his ears ringing and moving like mad. He growled, pushing the cock deeper with his hips, fucking himself slowly inside her, making Eva moan louder and whimper harder, gasping and exhaling madly, the sounds of their combined passions echoing in the room. Eva moved her beautiful naked body with Daddy Julian’s strokes, fucking her hips back, wanting her anus penetrated deeper, harder, faster. Another inch and a biting of his lower lip, and Daddy Julian suddenly felt his cock sitting motionless inside her ass, the cheeks burning red with the orifice violation, his cock immobile and poised as deep as it could slip inside of her tight, wonderful asshole. He gasped, moaning with the churning his hips, keep Eva in place, rising, riding and fucking his cock inside of her tight, wonderful passage, fucking deeper, fucking faster. The stroke slid deeper, a wanton display of his ego and her excitement as Daddy Julian kept riding and fucking her with each entrance, faster… deeper… harder.

Eva began moaning like a creature in distress, aching to feel him sink his cock deeper inside her bung, moaning and thrashing madly. She moaned, gasping her eyes wide with delight and fear: Daddy’s cock was MUCH bigger than she could have ever imagined in her lubricated, slippery, hot, bald cunt. Would it hurt more when he fucked her ass faster? Should she mind? Could she love him for it?

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