Enticed and Humiliated Ch. 05


Part 5 – Becoming a Slut

When I came out of the shower Glen had a pair of satiny lacy panties, a bra and inserts, a garter belt, and stockings laid out for me on the couch. All of them were a deep shade of purple with black lacy trimming. I knew that they would look good on my light skin. Just looking at them gave me a boner.

Glen said, “I know that you can’t wax your hair off without raising Sandy’s suspicion but you can still dress the part.” I put them on as quickly as I could. The satin fabric felt so smooth sexy on my skin. I looked in the mirror and could and could not believe how feminine I looked! Deep inside I felt a sense of complete satisfaction.

Glen told me, “In order to feel like a real woman and to give me the time to recuperate from that amazing blowjob, I want you to do the dishes and tidy up the place.”

Glen then went to his desk and started studying. I cleared and washed the dishes, wiped the table top, swept the kitchen floor and vacuumed the living room rug. By the time I was done with all this I was almost in a sexual frenzy. The air felt cool on my exposed skin and all of the satin would continuously rub and excite me with every little movement. I felt like such a housewife. A housewife with dirty filthy thoughts on her mind! I now put the dried dishes away and pranced over to Glen.

Glen looked up from his notes and smiled. He reached over and fondled my ass like he owned me. He told me to remove just my panties, which was easily done, because I had put them on over the garters and stockings. Glen now led me to the bathroom where he had an enema ready. He explained to me that this afternoon’s lesson would be all about my anal desires so he wanted my bowels clean.

I went down on my knees and put my head and chest on the floor with my ass up in the air. I thought to myself that if I was not dressed with all this satin and lace I would look just like a Moslem at prayer. Glen lubed my ass and inserted the bulbous nozzle. I took the quart of cold water quickly and loved the feeling of initial cold and pressure that it exerted on my inner bowels. I took the enema three times expelling the contents of my bowels in the toilet each time. By the last time the water came out clear.

I was now led to the bedroom and told to lie on the bed facedown with a pillow under my hips. The pillow raised my ass in the air making me totally conscious of the slutty position I was now in. Once again Glen reached under me and tightly antalya escort tied the ribbon around the base of my shaft and nuts.

Glen now playfully fondled and slapped my ass a few times. I could not believe how slutty this made me feel. I said out loud, “I am a cheating housewife, I have been so naughty I deserve a good spanking.” At this Glen started slapping me much harder and with a faster rhythm. I would raise my ass in anticipation of each slap. After about thirty or forty slaps my ass was beet red and radiating heat.

The heat felt great and made me so much more aware of the cold lube that was now being applied to my anus. Glen started working his finger in and out of my hole. It felt small so I told him, “This slut can take much bigger things!” With that he produced a dildo that was a little more than an inch in diameter. He gave it to me to smell and I easily recognized the silicon scent along with a more earthy one. I reached my head forward and took the dildo into my mouth.

Glen laughed and said, “Do you know how many filthy asses that has been inserted into, including my own and you put it into your mouth!” “You are a dirty slut!”

I felt dirty and excited then but it was nothing compared to when I was again offered the dildo after it had been worked into my asshole. I hungrily sucked off all the “supposedly” cherry flavored lube. It was much more bitter and earthy than just the cherry flavored lube. I knew that it was mixed with the filthy essence of my bowls. As I licked all the filthy lube off the dildo Glen produced a much larger black dildo about 2 inches in diameter.

Glen gave me the larger dildo to suck on. I had to really open my mouth wide to get it in. As I was sucking on it he said that he was going to stretch my fuckhole for two reasons. One, he did not have the patience to enter me slowly like he did yesterday. Second, in the future I would be exposed to new men whose dicks would be much larger, than his own!

He then proceeded to lube it up. I felt it at my opening. It almost felt flat. I pushed out on it, like I was taking a shit and the tip went it. It hurt like hell but I held it there for about half a minute before allowing Glen to push it in further. The pain subsided and I felt the most amazing satisfaction of being full.

Now that this large dildo was lodged in my ass, Glen moved over on the bed so that he was in front of me with his crotch at my antalya escort bayan face. He grabbed my ears and positioned my mouth in front of his dick. I happily opened up and took his soft dick in. I liked the spongy softness and felt a growing urge as it stiffened up. After a few minutes his dick was hard as a rock. He removed the large black dildo from my ass and moved behind me.

Glen gave me the lube covered dildo and told me to clean it in order to keep busy while he fucked my ass. I guess that he waited for me to put it in my mouth, for as soon as I did, he pushed in to the hilt with one fluid motion! It did not hurt, because my ass had become accommodated to the larger dildo that was now in my mouth. However it came as a surprise and I almost choked on the large black dildo.

Glen now proceeded to fuck my ass with fast long strokes. He would pull out until just the head was in and in one fluid motion would quickly plunge back in until his pelvic bone slammed into my ass. It was a much more violent assfucking than the one I received yesterday and it made me feel like an object of desire.

I could feel the garter belt, garter straps and stocking tops sliding around over my skin during the thrusts. This reminded me of my feminized status as I sucked on the big black dildo. It was so big that I could not get more than two inches of it into my mouth so I took it out and started licking the slimy lube off of it. Despite the previous enemas I still saw brown and red streaks in the lube! I was consuming my own shit and blood along with the lube! I felt so nasty and loved it!

Meanwhile Glen grabbed onto my hips tightly and growled. With that he jerked and started releasing his seed into my ass! Could feel the hot spurts and loved it. After he was done he plopped out and collapsed on his back on the bed. He looked exhausted after his workout. I could see his slimy cock lying in his pubes and across his lower abdomen.

The slime covering it was clear with a brownish tint to it. I quickly grabbed his shaft, lifted it from his stomach and inserted the whole thing into my mouth. I could taste the cherry flavored lube and the metallic taste of cum but the dominant flavor was of shit. This was not just a hint of shit flavor like on the dildos but a dominant heavy flavor. I was surprised that I was not revolted by it and I worked my tongue around his shaft. Glen however was surprised. He bolted up and escort antalya shouted, “What the hell are you doing?”

I leisurely pulled my head off his knob, slowly swallowed and replied, “Being the filthy slut that you need.” With that I started licking up the slime that was on his abdomen enjoying every drop.

Glen was still in shock and told me that he couldn’t believe that I just cleaned all that ass slime off his prick.

I told him that I loved it, that I was not revolted. That it made me feel nasty and worthy. He told me that he had read stories about A2M but never imagined hat it would happen to him. He told me that I better shit out the load that he had deposited in my ass because he had to study.

I told him that I had a better idea. I squatted down and cupped my right had under my asshole and began to squeeze out the contents. After a series of wet farts I felt the sticky mess in my palm. I wiped up the extra that was still clinging to my rosebud with the fingertips of my cupped hand. I brought my hand to my face and studied the nasty mess that was in my palm and all over my fingers. I could easily tell that it was

It was composed mostly of cum with lube and a few small pieces of fecal matter. I sucked up the biggest splotch of goo and swished it around my mouth. It was sticky, bitter and nasty. I had butterflies in my stomach and felt so dirty and excited! Soon it lost its stickiness as it mixed with my saliva and I swallowed it down. I then proceeded to suck each one of my fingers clean and lick up the remaining stickiness in my palm. I just couldn’t seem to get enough.

I told Glen that I knew that he had to study but that I was so excited and horny that I needed another cum. He said, “You are such a dirty whore I should spank your ass!”

I quickly agreed and said, “Just release me from this ribbon so I can cum!” With that Glen pushed me over a dresser by his bead and untied the ribbon from around my shaft and balls. He then proceeded to spank my ass much harder than he had before. I was pulling on my pud and after only a few hard slaps I came hard and it flew all over the front of the dresser.

Glen told me to clean up the mess and get out of his apartment. I quickly dropped to my knees and licked my cum off the dresser drawers. It was good but not as good as the ass slime that I had just gobbled up before. I sadly removed the lingerie and went into the bathroom to wipe my ass and wash off the two dildos.

When I came out Glen said that the bottom dresser drawer would be mine. He told me to put the lingerie into it. While doing so he said that he wanted me to purchase a French Maid’s uniform in my size before coming back for the next session.

With that I left feeling happy and a lot looser in the ass!

To be continued . . . .

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