Fighting Turned To Fantasy


Chapter 1: the revelation

I grew up in a happy family with my mum, dad and brother. Although my older bother could be annoying, yeah, he was all right. All my mates fancied him. Tom was two years older than me, 20. He was tall, about 6ft 2in with a tanned toned body, deep blue eyes I’d grown up looking up to him. As an 8 year old, I had followed him all over the place. 10 years on, I would still go to Tom with my problems, we were very close. He’d hold me when I needed to cry. Tom would always make everything so much better.

“BECCA! Get down here.” I could hear Tom calling me. I rushed down the stairs; I would do anything for Tom. He was the best brother I could wish for.

“Yes Tom?” I asked as I entered the kitchen. Looking up I saw that Tom was topless, dirty and sweaty. “Been gardening again have you?”

“Yup” Tom replied, “and I need some help.”

Tom had studied agriculture at college & was now a full time gardener at a stately home about 10 minutes away from home. However, it was Sunday, Toms day off. I admired my brothers’ lean, tanned torso. Years of gardening had given him muscles, big ones! His stomach was taut, a well defined six pack rippled as he moved. Lifting spades of dirt had made his arm muscles grow. Today tom was wearing a pair of old ripped jeans, trainers and nothing else as far as I could see.

Our garden was spectacular; it was Toms on going project. Every spare moment he had was spent in that garden. I ran upstairs to change into something that I didn’t mind getting dirty. An old white top & some shorts. It was a hot summer day. I admired my smooth long legs in the mirror as I changed. “Ready” I called out, as I walked into the kitchen. Tom was wetting a towel under the tap & washing the dirt of his chest

“Just cooling down” he said. “Here, can you do my back for me Becs?”

“Only if you stop calling me Becs!” I smiled cheekily. Tom knew I hated being called that. I took the cold wet towel from him and wiped it over his back. I blushed slightly as I thought of how nice Tom’s skin felt, how firm his muscles were.

“Something you want to tell me sis?” I woke up from my daydream,

“What?” Your blushing, Tom told me. This made me blush even more.

“Nope, nothing” I mumbled.

“Come on then trouble, I need help taking soil from one place to another. I’m making a bank of flowers”

“Sounds nice” I responded, returning to my non-blushing self. I followed Tom out to the garden. I held the wheelbarrow as Tom filled it with soil, and then tipped kaynarca escort it out where the bank was going to be. I watched silently as Tom bent down. His peachy bottom showing through his well fitting jeans.

“So how’s Arron?” Tom asked

“Fine” I responded, Arron was my boyfriend of 1 month. He was nice, but just not nice enough. We didn’t click, and he was still trying to pressure me into having sex with him. I had decided when I was 15 that I’d wait until I found some one I really loved. I didn’t really love Arron.

“You don’t sound so sure”

“I’m not,” I said moodily

“Want to talk about it?” Tom was great at the sensitive listening thing so I decided to tell him all about the problems with Arron as we worked.

“He doesn’t sound worth the bother” Said Tom as we cleared up. We had moved all the soil necessary. “ You shouldn’t be with someone who doesn’t respect your wishes”

“No-one respects my wishes” I had had trouble with many boyfriends in the past.

“Hey! I respect you sis.” Tom put an arm round my and hugged me to him

“Ewwww!” I screamed, “you’re all sweaty and dirty, get off!” I pushed Tom away from me and ran down the garden. Tom chased me, slapping my bum playfully; he caught me up & wrapped his arms round me.

“You, little sis, need to stop getting so grossed out by your big brother!” Tom teased

“I’m not grossed out, I think you’re lovely!” For the first time saying what I really thought. Tom looked at me strangely.

“You think I’m lovely. In what way?”

I mumbled, “ well, you’re a lovely brother, you’re kind, funny, generous, sensitive and you look nice.”

“Nooooooo!” Tom said, slightly too loud for my comfort. “My little sister fancies me!” I stood in motionless as Tom teased me.

Chapter 2: A comfort movie

We had not talked about my revelation for months and the atmosphere had been tense between Tom and I. We were still close, talked and had fun but we never came back to that subject.

“It’s Arron,” I sobbed down the phone to Tom. “We’ve split up”

“It’s for the best Becca” Tom consoled me

“Yeah, I know but it still hurts.”

“Want me to come and pick you up?” Tom offered

“Yes please, thanks Tom. I really appreciate it”

“No worries sis. It’s what big brothers are for!”

Tom was singing along to the radio as we drove home. I was silent, staring out of the window.

“So what happened with Arron?” Tom enquired

“He dumped me.” I said quietly


“Because küçükyalı escort I wouldn’t sleep with him.”

“You’re kidding!” Tom exclaimed, “You still haven’t had sex?”

“No need to rub it in.” I responded moodily. Tom had been having sex for years and from what I hear was quite an expert. I was silent the rest of the journey home. I refused to talk to Tom. He had hurt me when I needed him most.

Arriving home, I rushed upstairs to my room and slammed the door. I heard Tom follow me.

“Let me in Becca” Tom knocked on the door. “ I’m sorry about what I said before”

“Ok, you can come in if you must” I called out. Tom came and sat beside me, putting an arm round me. I cried and Tom listened. He was great as this kind of thing.

“Come on Becca, cheer up eh? Start getting over him. Arron never treated you right.”

I sat up.

“I know” I smiled. Tom leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.

“What do you fancy for dinner then? Mum and dad have one out.”

“Great!” I said, “Lets have pizza and a movie”

“You said it!” Tom put a pizza in the oven and started a movie. I undressed I was slim and had a flat stomach and soft long brown hair and green eyes.

“Becca!” Tom called, “pizzas ready.” I ran down the stairs. Walking into the kitchen, Tom looked up, staring at me for a minute.

“What?” I asked.

“Nothing” Tom mumbled, “Don’t you think those pyjamas are a bit tight?”

“Why do you care?” I liked my pyjamas and there was no way I was giving them up yet. I walked over to the table where Tom was slicing the pizza. Picking up a plate and walking back into the front room, my breasts brushed against Tom’s chest.

I looked up as Tom came and sat on the sofa next to me. I couldn’t help noticing the bulge in his shorts.

“What bought that on?” I asked, nodding towards Toms cock.

“I don’t know,” Tom replied quickly. “Lets watch the movie”

I snuggled up to Tom & ate my pizza watching the TV. Half way through the movie I leaned over to put my plate on the floor, I couldn’t help noticing that the bulge in Toms shorts was bigger.

“You don’t even know what this movie is about do you Tom.”

“What do you mean?” Tom gave me a puzzled look.

“Well, it’s obviously not what you’re thinking about” Tom blushed

“Go on then, who is it?”

“Who’s who?” Tom asked trying to act innocent

“I know you’re thinking about someone, who is it?” Tom blushed some more

“Well,” I sancaktepe escort reasoned. “You can’t watch a movie with me, get a hard on & expect me not to be curious!” It was then that I realised. “It’s me isn’t it? After all that fuss over me fancying you, you fancy me too.”

“So?” Tom looked away

“Come on Tom, it’s ok. It is just you and me here. There’s nothing wrong with fancying me” I smiled up at Tom, Lifting his chin and looking at him. He smiled. Suddenly Tom kissed me, I looked up taken back.

“It’s ok isn’t it?” he asked. I kissed tom back. This was what I had been waiting for since I was 14! I straddled Tom as he ran his hands down my back and over my ass. I could feel his cock twitching against me. We kissed deeply, getting what we had both wanted for so long. Tom helped me slip my top off over my head, throwing it aside, he started licking, nibbling and sucking my breasts, Kissing every bit of my skin that he could reach. I reached my hand down Toms shorts, running my fingers along his thick shaft. Tom gasped as I gripped his cock firmly I began to run my hand up and down his cock. Kneeling on the floor, I kissed his lower stomach, following the soft trail of hair down to his cock. Tom was stroking my hair, watching as I began to kiss his cock, sucking lightly on the tip. I ran my tongue down to his balls, smiling as Tom moaned out as I sucked gently.

“I need you now” I heard tom say. I looked up; Tom was already taking his shorts off. Standing by the sofa where Tom was sitting he reached over. Slipping my pyjama bottoms down my legs, Tom smiled as he saw my neatly shaven pussy.

“Lay on the floor” Tom said. I did as I was told. Tom moved in between my legs, brushing the head of his cock over my inner thighs. I moaned softly as Tom teased my pussy. I could feel juices escaping from my tight pussy.

“Please,” I begged my brother. “Take me now.” Tom slowly slid his hard cock into my pussy. I moaned loudly. Having my own brother’s cock sliding in and out of my pussy was the best feeling. Tom started to thrust into me hard, checking I was ok, he moved faster. Leaning down, he kissed me, moving his lips down over my breasts and stomach. I was shaking, and groaning as Tom thrust his cock inside me. Grunting he kissed my skin.

“Make me cum.” I told Tom. He slipped his fingers over my clit as he thrust, pressing down gently. I screamed, feeling so much pleasure. Tom was groaning loudly, I could tell he was about to cum as my pussy gripped his cock. I felt Tom spurt his hot load into my pussy. Loving the feel of it as he came inside me, he was rubbing my clit, still pushing his cock deep inside me. I came, I came for my own brother and I loved it. Tom lay beside me with his arm round me.

“That was amazing sis, I love you” I smiled. I loved him too.

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