First Time Finding Mom Ch. 02


After the great feedback and responses from chapter 1, I decided that I must continue the story and write chapter 2.


A week had gone by since my encounter finding my mothers pictures that night. I had been waiting for this day since that moment. My parents were going away from Friday night to Sunday night. I was going to have the entire weekend alone to explore my fantasizes and look for mom’s toy.

It was about 3pm when I drove home from school that day. When I got home my parents were already packing up the car to leave for the weekend. I couldn’t wait, I was hoping they were already gone. But soon enough they would be.

Once they finished packing the car, they came inside and said their goodbyes. They treated it like they would be gone for months. They did the normal high school parent thing to do and they left me money for food that weekend knowing I was only going to order pizza anyway and rent movies. Little did they know I had other plans in mind.

After they said goodbye, I rushed to my bedroom window and watched as their car pulled out of the driveway. suadiye escort I knew I needed to be safe and I gave them 15 minutes before I decided to start my hunt for Mom’s toy. I was rock hard the entire time. I was ready. Her pictures had been on my mind all week. All I could think about as I masturbated before bed that week was seeing my mother’s shaved pussy being fucked by her dildo.

The hunt was on, I still felt the need to be quiet and secretive although I knew I was alone. I think it was because i knew it was wrong. I was wearing my comfy gym shorts and a t shirt so I could jerk off easier and be more comfortable than jeans. I slowly opened the door to my parents room.

I had only been in here a couple of times, I never really had a reason until now. I knew which dresser was my mom’s and I instantly went straight for the top drawer. I opened it and saw it filled with her glorious panties. I was running my hand through these sweet thongs, and boy shorts as I stroked my cock with the other. I had no idea she owned this much sexy underwear. But this was yakacık escort not what I was looking for. I wanted to find her toy.

I felt around but all there was were her panties and a couple of bras, fun but not the ultimate prize. Where could it be. I thought for a moment with my cock still in my hand as I looked around the room.

I noticed a night stand on the other side of the bed, I ran around quickly and opened the top drawer and there it was. It must have been 8″ long thick and white with a suction cup at the end. Wow, my mom was into some fun stuff I thought. I just looked at it for a moment before even touching it. I was excited. My dreams from the past week were coming true.

I finally decided to pick it up with both hands so I could truly feel everything that was inside my mother. My eyes lit up when I felt that it was still a little wet. Was she using this today before I got home? I was feeling my mom’s pussy juices in my hands all over her dildo. My cock felt like a rock, it was pushing to get out of my shorts. I took them off, and began to stroke şerifali escort with one hand as I held the dildo in the other.

I raised it to my face and smelled her juices still on it. I wanted to taste them, but off of a dildo? Isn’t that a little gay I thought? I didn’t care how horny I was, I wanted to know what my mother tasted like. I decided there was only one true way to find out. I used the suction cup to stick it to the wall as I sat on my knees in front of it, admiring it. My cock was in my hand and I moved my face towards my mom’s dildo, I was ready to taste her. I opened my mouth as I was stroking my cock and took it in like I was giving a blow job(something I had also never done).

Wow, I could taste my mom! I shut my eyes and pictured it inside of her. I continued to stroke as I sucked her juices clean off of it. My body shook in what felt like seconds later and I came all over the hard wood floor with the dildo still in my mouth. I had tasted my mom’s juices and it was amazing. I didn’t know what to think at this moment.

Ding Dong! The doorbell rang. I completely forgot I told my friend Brandon to come hang out this weekend while they were out of town. I needed to hide this quick…or do I?


I hope you enjoyed part 2. Look for part 3 soon. I can’t wait to read your feedback on this new installment.

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