Halloween Homecoming


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Growing up in New England, fall had always been my favorite time of year. After a hot and humid summer, I loved the cooler air and of course the spectacular color that abounded on the nearby hills. As I kid, of course I also lived for Halloween to trick or treat around the neighborhood to get as much candy as possible. In fact, I would plan for weeks which streets we would move through for maximum results as we only had one night a year to score free candy, and my friends willingly followed my lead. Maybe it was my talent for strategic thinking that led me to join the military shortly after high school.

I happened to meet a Marine recruiter outside our local mall who pounced at the chance to talk to me as I walked past. I really had no interest, but didn’t want to be rude and just blow him off, so I listened to his pitch as patiently as possible. The more he spoke about life in the Marines, the more the picture he painted sounded like what I was looking for. A career in the service seemed to fit my personality so much more than being a business major at State U. Plus, my girlfriend of almost two years had just broken up with me, so I was feeling a bit melancholy and ready for a change of scenery ASAP. Before I even knew what was happening, I had signed the paperwork to join the United States Marine Corps.

My family was not happy with my decision, which became clear that evening when I broke the news to them over dinner. My dad was livid and wanted to take me back to the recruiter to renege on my commitment. “What the fuck were you thinking, Tony?” he barked, but I told him he had raised me to be a man of my word, which pretty much silenced him. Dad always seemed like a drama queen to me and this was no exception. If he were not my own father I’d swear he was gay, not that there’s anything wrong with that of course.

My mom looked devastated, as I could tell she feared for my safety. She did her best to act strong in front of me, but I knew the truth. My little sister Tammy was only 14 at the time so she really had no clue just what I was getting myself into, not that I did myself.

I had a couple months before I had to report to basic training, but the time absolutely flew by. I spent most days partying with my friends, but just about the time they left for school, I was set to go as well. The drive to the airport for my flight to Parris Island was exceeding quiet. My father appeared sullen as he sat behind the wheel, while mom stifled sniffles as she tried desperately to hold back her tears. Leaving her that way was gut wrenching, yet only hours later, I was officially government property.

In my mind I was potential officer material, but it was clear from the start that Uncle Sam saw me more as a grunt. As much as I hated it, bootcamp went by in a flash. Because I was infantry, I was off to Iraq after a short assignment at a base in Washington. The rosy picture painted by the recruiter and the reality of what I would face in a foreign country were vastly different, which became apparent almost the moment the plane touched down on the runway in Baghdad. So began my five year deployment in Iraq.

I won’t go into details about the horrors I witnessed in country, even though this is a Halloween story, but suffice to say it was hell. Unlike a lot of lucky fucks who got to spend their time in the Green Zone or some other cushy spot, I was ass-deep in the shit every day.

My mom and little sister e-mailed me almost daily and I responded as often as possible, which candidly was not often. I rarely heard from my father as I think he was still pissed at my decision, but whatever. Mom usually filled me in on things going on in the old neighborhood, while Tammy told me about her own life, particularly since she went off to nursing school a year back. Based on their correspondence, it didn’t seem that overall much had changed in the years since I’d been gone, but I lived for the messages regardless. Mom always signed off the same way with a simple, “Love, Mom,” while Tammy usually typed something like, “Love you and miss you big bro!”

For as long as I can remember, my family hosted a Halloween party for the neighborhood and apparently this year was no exception. Mom told me in one of her messages that the planning was underway, and Tammy asked for help choosing a costume. Lord knows I had more pressing things on my mind, but her innocence was a refreshing change from the usual bullshit I had to deal with each day.

I was literally counting the hours until my unit got to go home. We were all cautiously optimistic, having been re-deployed longer than any of us had expected, but hoped for the best. Because I had told my family Ümraniye Escort that I would be coming home on two previous occasions that did not pan out I decided I’d keep this one to myself as not to disappoint them once more.

As luck would have it, our orders came through and our bird home was scheduled to land back in Tacoma, Washington two weeks before Halloween. Finally it was beer-thirty and I was fucking out! As I boarded the plane I took one last look at the Middle East and said a quick prayer I’d never be back. The flight was long and uncomfortable, but I slept peacefully most of the way regardless.

Rather than take a military flight home from Washington state, my buddy James (or as we all knew him, Bulldog) and I decided to rent a car and drive home to see some of the good ole USA since neither of us had traveled much before entering the service. We figured it would be nice to see some country where nobody was shooting at us for a change. Since Bulldog was from New Jersey, we didn’t live all that far apart, so after picking up the car we were off.

The drive was amazing. It was fantastic to view so much green after being surrounded by browns and tans for years. It was also so refreshing to just go at our own pace and “do our own thing” with no rigid rules for a change, not to mention see hot women all over the place.

After 10 days on the road we arrived at Bulldog’s home, where I spent one evening surrounded by his family. His parents treated me like one of their own, but it just was not the same. Lying in bed that evening, my thoughts turned to my own family and I longed for the loving embrace of my mom and sister.

I used the internet at Bulldog’s house and found what billed itself as the largest costume shop in the tri-state area. On my way north the next day, I stopped in to see if I could find something for the party. Since I was going incognito, I needed something that would completely cover my head as a simple mask over my eyes would be too obvious. As I wandered around the shelves, it appeared the store had a few options, but they all seemed so cheesy. Most of the costumes that fit the bill had lame plastic masks that could easily be pulled off, but I wanted to ensure I was the one who chose the time to reveal myself, not someone else who could possibly pull it off my head when my guard was down.

After earlier rejecting her offer of assistance, I sought out a sales clerk for some help. I explained my frustration with the lack of options to the girl, yet, “Jenna,” as her nametag read, offered another solution. She walked me back to a dark corner of the shop and showed me what she called, “The fetish material.”

On both sides of a long aisle, there were all sorts of costumes which seemed to be made exclusively of either leather, latex or chains. She stopped in front of a shelf of what looked like the cut-off heads of mannequins, each covered in some type of tight wrapper. Instantly, I found what I was looking for: a black leather hood that completely covered ones head, with cut-outs for the eyes, ears, nose and mouth. It had a zipper running from just about the middle of the back of the head down to the neck, so I figured it would be much more secure on my head that any other option.

Jenna told me that they did not rent the leather stuff as people tended to sweat in it, so if I wanted it I’d have to buy it. That was no problem as I loved the way it made me look. The hood gave me a menacing appearance, which made the blood pound through my veins. There was no way my family would recognize me, I was just sure.

That settled, I needed something else to make it an actual costume and asked my cute little helper for her thoughts. Jenna blushed a bit as she said, “The way you look, I’d suggest an upper-body harness and maybe a pair of tight leather pants”.

I had no idea what a body harness was, but based on her reaction I figured it must be sexy. We walked further down the aisle where we found torso after torso of mannequins, wrapped with leather straps, buckles and chains. As I scanned them all, my mind went blank given all the options, so I asked Jenna for help once more. She quickly stepped up to one and said, “This is the one for you.”

She pointed at a mannequin which had two inch wide leather straps wrapped around each shoulder, pulled together at the chest with a large silver metal ring. A single leather strap went directly down from the ring to another one, which created a Y of leather from the abdomen to the shoulders. Another ring was positioned at the bottom of the short strap, where it was joined by a long strap that ran across the back, holding everything firmly in place.

I pulled off my shirt to try it on and Jenna helped me into the contraption. She stood a full head shorter than I, and I was pleasantly surprised to see her blush once more as she pulled the leather and adjusted the buckles. I only had been laid a couple of times since Anadolu Yakası Escort joining the Marines and this was by far the best piece of ass I’d been close to in at least two years. If I had to guess I’d say she was about 20 or so, with a tight little body. Acting on instinct, I pulled the leather hood back on, looked down on her and asked, “So Jenna, what do you think?”

She turned a thousand shades of red before she weakly muttered, “Perfect.” I just had to take advantage of the situation and said, “I’ve been in Iraq for five years, and I have not kissed a pretty girl in ages, but I’d really like to kiss you.” She didn’t respond, just simply closed her eyes, so I took that as a sign to proceed. I leaned down and kissed her right through the leather hood. The second our lips met I felt a shiver run through my entire body.

I loved the way she had responded so submissively, so I moved a palm behind her head and gently held it in place as a slid my tongue into her mouth. I heard a distinct whimper as my tongue scraped across her own, before I wrapped my other hand under her taut bottom to pull her close. She felt like putty in my hands and I grew confident that I was going to take her right there in the costume shop.

I slid my hand from around her bottom to her front, and pressed it against her crotch. She humped my hand a couple of times before pushing me away. Breathlessly, she told me her Dad owned the store and they had security cameras everywhere, we had to stop.

I was majorly disappointed, but understood her predicament. Moments later she was nervously showing me leather pants, and we found a nice pair for me to try on. Jenna walked me to a dressing room, where I tried on the pants and looked in the mirror. Still in my harness and hood, I must say I looked pretty bad ass.

Pulling back the curtain, I found Jenna right outside and asked, “What do you think?”

“Amazing,” was her soft reply.

I reached for her hand and eased her into the small dressing room with me, closing the curtain behind us. Instantly we began kissing once more and she responded enthusiastically. My hands wandered her body as our tongues danced together, while her hands ran under the harness, stroking my warm skin.

Once again I thought I was going to fuck her right in the store, but like before when my hands went for the zipper of her jeans, she backed off. “I’m sorry, but I can’t,” she whispered. She must have sensed my disappointment, and I’m sure could see the bulge in the leather pants, because after a pregnant pause added, “If you can keep quiet, I’ll blow you though.” God it was good to be home!

I nodded emphatically, and promised to be as quiet as a church mouse. With that, Jenna dropped to her knees before me and began loosening my pants. Within moments they were on the floor at my feet, and my new best friend was slowly stroking my hardness in her soft little hand. Rockets went off in my head as I felt her tongue circle the head of my cock, before taking it deeper into her mouth.

Although she may have looked sweet and innocent, it was clear she had polished a knob or two before. My cock is almost eight inches and she was able to take almost the entire thing while her hands stroked the base and my balls. It had been a long time since I’d been in a position like that, and before long I could feel the telltale signs of an orgasm approaching.

I began stroking the back of her head as she worked me over, whispering to her that I was close. The news seemed to excite her as she increased the speed of her strokes and sucked me more firmly. I began rocking my hips back and forth uncontrollably; the sensations racking my body were so strong. When my climax hit I unleashed a torrent of cum into the little minx’s mouth, and she dutifully took it all like a champ.

She stood before me a moment later looking somewhat embarrassed, but I scooped her up and hugged her tightly, thanking her profusely for her attention. She left the room so I could get back into my clothes and I met her at the check-out area. I left the store with the mask, body harness and a pair of tight leather pants, but almost $250 lighter in the wallet. Tucked safely in my pocket though was Jenna’s phone number, which I absolutely planned on using.

As I drove homeward with a smile on my face, I thought about the party and costume. $250 was more than I wanted to spend, but based on Jenna’s reaction, I figured it was well worth it. I was certain my family would not recognize me, so my plan really seemed to be coming together.

Maybe now is time to fill you in on a few things about myself. When I left for basic training, I stood about 5’11”, but was a good 30 to 40 pounds overweight. In other words, a “Fat Body,” as the Marines would say. Since my dad made such a good living, I didn’t do the strenuous summer work like so many of my friends, breaking their backs for just a little over minimum wage. I played İstanbul Escort football in high school, but after the season ended so did my workouts, so I sadly became a chunky fucker.

In the Corps, that changed rapidly, believe me. I sweated off pounds daily, even before I encountered the stifling heat of Iraq. The first year alone, I shot up another two inches, and lost 25 pounds or so. The result left me more long and lean than I had ever been in my life. Carrying close to 30 pounds of equipment in the sun all day has a way of doing that to you.

On leave in Europe just about a year ago, I got a black barbed wire tattoo around both my left and right biceps. Sure it was cliché, but it seemed like the thing to do after a dozen lagers at Oktoberfest in Munich. I had not been home since, so the tattoos were unknown to my family and made a nice addition to my costume.

I arrived back near my home town the day before the famous family party. I decided to check into a motel rather than look up friends, just in case of any potential loose lips. Since the party was in the evening and I had no other place to change, I booked two nights to play it safe. It was an unusually warm fall day, so I decided to take a stroll through town to see the sights. I walked with a partial stiffy as all the females I saw were wearing so little compared to the camo gear I was used to. Everywhere I looked there were tits and asses on display, not to mention long, smooth legs.

On the day of the party I was filled with a nervous energy I could barely contain. My mind wandered to my mom at times, as I tried to remember everything about her. She was an amazingly sweet women and just as cute as a button. I know it may sound creepy, but I have to admit I always had a major crush on her. Mom was on the petite side, standing all of 5’3″ or so, with average breasts, maybe a B cup. She had the natural blonde hair that ran in my family, which she usually wore at shoulder length. And she had the prettiest green eyes you’ve ever seen. If not the hottest mom in the neighborhood, she was at least in the discussion.

I wondered about Tammy too. I had not spent any time with her in years and wondered how much she’d changed. She looked a bit like my mom when she was young, and my dirty side hoped she’d matured like her even more since I’d been away.

I decided to have a bite to eat before I headed back to get dressed. My parent’s friends were pretty big party people, and I was afraid the drink would be flowing so strongly I’d be smashed before I could reveal my secret. I decided to get a base and had a large dinner before I made myself ready for the evening out. I was going to be late for the party, but I wanted things to be in full swing when I arrived.

After a long, hot shower, I slipped into the leather pants, sans underwear. I figured if Jenna was right about the heat, no need to add another layer. I then pulled the harness across my chest and fastened it securely around me. I gazed in the mirror above the sink and thought I looked pretty good overall. Since it was Halloween, I figured nobody in the motel would bat an eye at the way I was dressed, so I grabbed the hood and headed for the car.

I drove with great anticipation along familiar roads. It may have been a few years since I’d been there, but it truly was like riding a bike. Finally, I pulled onto Pilgrim Road and glided to a stop along the curb just down the street from the old family home. I lifted the leather mask from the seat beside me and pulled it over my head, before reaching back to pull the zipper down, securing it in place. I stared into the eyes of the monster in the rear-view mirror for a moment, before I said to myself, “Well, it’s now or never.” With that, I opened the car door and headed towards the home of my youth.

With some guilt and trepidation, I rang the bell and nervously awaited a response. Jenna was right about the leather, because even though the cold October air was swirling around me in the wind; I felt a cold sweat running down my neck.

The front door opened only a moment later and my mother stood before me for the first time in years. She had always been pretty shy, so nothing could have prepared me for what I saw. She was dressed, if you could call it that, it what looked like a brown suede bikini, only this one had tassels hanging down about three inches from both the top and bottom. Upon her head sat an inch-wide circle of beads, with one lone feather standing up above. She wore brown suede moccasins to match her outfit, which I’ll admit I did not notice until much later.

“Hi, I’m Pocahontas, welcome to the party,” she barked as she stepped back to welcome me in. It had been so long since I’d seen her I had to fight the strong temptation rap her in my arms and give her the biggest hug imaginable.

I remained silent for a moment as I watched her eyes roam over my body. She seemed a bit nervous looking upon me, and I’m sure I presented a rather imposing figure to her. I was certain she was struggling to figure out who I was, which was confirmed when she asked, “And you are?”

I was momentarily at a loss, but remembering the name of the mask and trying to disguise my voice, muttered deeply, “The Undertaker.”

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