Her Daddy’s Secret Ch. 03


“That bastard,” Katie muttered into the mirror. Four days ago Henry called to inform them that Jenny would be staying with him for a while and Katie, her mother was going insane with worry. She knew first hand what Henry did to women, all women. He was truly sadistic when he wanted to be. He was charming when it suited him. He was like a vampire, both repellent and attractive. He had a gift between his legs and he knew it. What was worse he exploited it against all the women in his family. Except for her and that was why she hated him so much.

Sitting at her vanity table, Katie brushed her soft brown hair until it fell in waves around her small boned face. Her face was unlined and smooth at the age of 41. She didn’t exercise as much as she use to, but she just didn’t have the energy. Depression did that to a woman she supposed. When her first child, her darling son had left for college, she was sad, lonely and dissatisfied with her life. Without her son to care for she just didn’t seem to care about anything.

Jenny had always been her daddy’s girl and Katie would have to be blind to not see how Joe looked at the girl. Katie even knew when he had first touched Katie. She could tell when she had got back from shopping that Joe had fucked her. Jenny was flushed and smiling coyly at her father, like he was her new boyfriend. Katie had even mentioned the cum stained sheets and Joe had laughed and lied to her face. The bastard! She was not an idiot and she was NOT going crazy.

Getting up from the vanity, she wandered downstairs to the kitchen and wondered what she would prepare for supper that evening. Maybe just a small pasta tonight, she mused. She opened the pantry door and bent down to get the sauce.

“Surprise!” someone yelled, grabbing her from behind.

“Oh! What! Oh my God! Stephen!” Katie smiled realizing it was her son. She spun around and grabbed her beautiful son into her arms, holding him close. He had grown so much, was her first thought.

“What are you doing here Baby?” she asked, running her hands up and down his back. He felt so good in her arms. That familiar tingle she hadn’t felt in so long found its mark between her legs. Dismayed by her reaction, she leaned back, easing her body from his. This was the reason she had agreed to a college for her son that was so far away from home.

“How did you get here Stephen?” she asked again. Smiling down at his mother, Stephen noted the shadows beneath her beautiful eyes and the tiny lines around her mouth that hadn’t been there a few months ago. Her small body, so tiny and delicate against his own. He’d missed her so much. Too much.

“I drove my car Mom. Duh!” he smiled, running the back of one hand down her cheek lovingly. “I finished my exams early and decided I needed a break. I missed you mom,” he stated kissing her briefly on the lips. “Did you miss me too?” he asked, dipping his tongue gently into her mouth. He knew she wanted to reject their feelings for each other, but after four months away from her, he wasn’t about to listen to her denials.

“Yes, of course I missed you honey,” she quickly stated, licking her lips and gently shoving him away. “Are you hungry?” she asked nervously, looking into the pantry for something that would fill her growing son.

“I’m 22 years old mom, I’m always hungry. For lots of things,” he laughed, rubbing her shoulders.

“Well, go on into the living room and I’ll fix you a sandwich,” she offered. She couldn’t believe what she was doing. After missing him for so long, she was telling him to get away from her. She felt like she was the worst mother. “On second thought honey, why don’t you sit at the kitchen table and tell me about school. Tell me all about your friends,” she requested, a bright smile on her lips.

“Sure,” he agreed. Taking off his leather jacket, she noted how big his arms had gotten. Stephen had always worked out, lifted weights, but now he seemed bigger, bulgier. “I’m surprised you’d want to hear about school. I figured you’d want to blast me for not coming home for Christmas this year,” he frowned.

In the process of getting the mustard from the fridge, Katie sighed. “Stephen, I’m not going to lie and tell you I had a great Christmas, because you know I would be lying. However, I understand why you didn’t want to come home. I just wish I could have been with you,” Katie answered honestly. “How was your Christmas?” she asked politely.

“Ok,” Stephen muttered. He hadn’t been able to come home and pretend around his family anymore. His father was a jackass who treated his mother like shit. He knew she was the most beautiful person alive. She had comforted every worry and bruise and pain. She had raised him to be strong and kind and it made him sick seeing her stuck in a marriage to a man like Joe. What was worse, he treated Stephen like shit most of the time and it caused a lot of tension, a lot of anger and fighting between his parents.

Katie moved like a dancer, graceful, her black, knit sweater hugging her delicate breasts. mardin escort She was a perfect 34B. He knew because he had stolen one of her pretty lace bras, used it nightly to masturbate with. After months of repeated washings, it shouldn’t have been able to retain the smell of her essence, but he could swear that it did. He could at least pretend that it did. He had a quite a collection of her underwear.

“Did you meet any pretty girls at school?” her voice suddenly high with tension.

“I met some girls mom. I even boned a few of them, but they weren’t you,” he drawled. “I wanted you Katie,” he whispered, looking at her with hunger, running his eyes up and down her body, as if he could picture her naked.

Katie’s breathing increased and her movements became jerky as she tried to make her son a sandwich. “Stop that Stephen! Please,” she begged, feeling her pussy moisten. “We’ve talked about this before.”

“No we didn’t. You did. You talked and convinced yourself that admitting our feelings was wrong and evil and all kinds of other shit!” he yelled, getting up from the table and grabbing her. Lightly shaking her, “I can’t stop it Mom. I can’t help how I feel. I don’t want to!” His hands were rough as he forced her body against his. His cock was hard and seeking the softness of Katie’s feminine core.

One big hand grabbed the back of her head and tried to bring her lips to his. “Stop it! No Stephen!” Katie struggled, trying to block his advances, unable to believe her son would try and force her. Stephen was too strong for her though and so his lips crushed hers, demanding she open her mouth and take his tongue. Fuck his tongue. His leg slipped between hers, rubbing against the soft fabric that covered her damp pussy.

Stephen pushed up her skirt and grabbed her panty covered ass, urging her cunt against his erect dick. This was a game they had played before. She would always try to pretend, but eventually he would wear her down. Eventually he would have her body under his and she would forget all her silly worries.

Pushing the leg of her red panties aside, he shoved two fingers up inside his lusty mother. Her whimpers of protest turning to consent as he fucked them hard up her entrance. She felt so good on his fingers. So tight and small. No one would believe that she had children.

Shoving her back against the wall, she dangled in his arms, unable to hold on as her son pushed her body to release. It took so little for him to make her cum. He knew it was the forbidden nature of their relationship that appealed to her naughty side. He knew she liked having her little boy love her like no one else.

“Yes Momma, cum for me. You like it don’t you? So sweet. Squeeze my fingers Momma, ride me,” he encouraged hoarsely, his cock bulging and uncomfortable in his tight jeans. Her hips swivelled back and forth in time to his thrusts, meeting the intrusion in her cunt like a sailor on shore leave.

“You’re so wicked Momma, so bad. You like being wicked for me, don’t you,” he grinned. “C’mon, you don’t have to say the words Momma, just moan for me. That’s right Momma, just like that! You feel so good,” shoving his finger harder, he listened as his mother’s wanton noises filled the kitchen, making him harder for her.

“Yes Stephen … Fuck Mommy … Fuck me … Cum … C…cumming Baby!,” she bawled and shrieked as her orgasm attacked her tiny pussy. Kissing her long and deep, Stephen continued diddling his mother’s twat, drawing out every shudder and breath and muscle contraction. His cunt, clutched and pulsed around his large fingers.

When he was sure she was finished, he picked her up in his arms and carried her through the house to his parent’s bedroom. Tossing her on the bed, he began to disrobe. His mother was always weakened after a good hard cum and he knew she had been in need of one since he had left. Pulling off his shirt, he flexed his muscles, attracting her eyes. He unfastened his tight jeans, peeling back the material, his cock barely contained. It sprain to life as he shoved down the pants and shorts roughly, kicking off his socks with his feet. His movements were hurried, impatient.

Katie’s eyes followed the lines of his perfect young body. The strong neck that rose from a sculptured chest and arms, ropey veins running up his large muscled arms. His flawless chest free of any hair except for the small dusting of pubic hair that followed the line to his cock. Slim, narrow hips carried his beautiful, large cock. His blond hair overly long and falling to his strong, beefy shoulders. His light blue eyes were intense as he held his mother’s gaze waiting for her complete and utter assent.

Seconds ticked by and still neither spoke. Finally, Katie dropped her head and began pulling off her clothes. He would take her panties and bra again as a souvenir. Today she wore a matching red bra and panties. The bra was lace trimmed and with a bow in the center. She calmly unclasped the bra, exposing her beautiful van escort breasts to his gaze. She had once told him that he had a hard time being weaned off the tit, preferring his mother’s milk to the bottle. He still craved his mother’s tits and he knew he always would.

Her head still bowed, she wouldn’t look at him again until he had his cock in her. He knew her so well. She feared their relationship. She feared fucking him up and ruining him for other women. Too late.

“You know the drill Momma, get on your stomach,” he panted. It had been too long for him, too long without her. His cock felt like it was ready to split open. He felt raw, animal-like in his need to fuck her. God she was beautiful, he thought to himself.

Crawling up on the bed, he pushed aside her long silky hair and began to lick and gently nibble her neck. She was wet, she would be easy to enter, but still he wanted her panting and in pain, like him. She deserved this for making him feel so alone. So many months he needed her and she denied their love. He couldn’t wait though. Sliding his hands under her legs, holding her apart, he shoved his cock inside her in one long, hard shove.

“OH FUUUUCK!,” Katie squealed. He drove his cock into her, hard and harder. She wasn’t his mother when he had his cock into her. She was more basic, simple, primitive. She was pussy.

“Oh yeahhhh,” Stephen panted, “You love this! You love it more than me! Don’t you Katie? You love COCK!” he yelled. Her hands crushed the pillow beneath her head, holding on to it, her eyes closed as she delighted in the energetic fucking her son was giving her. She knew he wouldn’t last long, just as she knew she wouldn’t either.

He could smell her pussy, her juices sliding against his own, mixing and mating. He loved the little grunting noises she made, like a pig only more high pitched. Her head thrashed and tossed and her toes were curled, straining and pushing.

“Let me hear you Momma, let me hear you squeal,” he ordered. “LOUDER … LOUDER … LOUDER BITCH!,” he roar.

She sobbed into the pillow, biting her lip and grunting, unable to get control. He found out quite by accident that his mother didn’t respond to soft, pretty words. She liked it rough, she liked to be humiliated, completely debased and cheapened. The more he degraded her, the harder she came all over his shaft. He could get her to do anything as long as he had his cock in her.

“My slut likes her little boy’s dick in her doesn’t she? Yeah! She’ll take it in every hole … slutty holes. Just a cumbucket, cocksucking sonfucking whore BITCH!” he roared. Sweat poured down his body, the slapping and squelching of their bodies making obscene noises in the room and competing with Katie’s squeals and Stephen’s panting.

“Oh my … Stephen .. Fuck … I …. I … cummm … Oh .. Oh … Pussy!” she babbled, her body jerking, releasing the torrent inside her cunt. “Mmm … oh … oh … Ahhhhhhh.”

“Fuck … fuck, so good … fuccckkk,” his balls tightened, letting loose his warm load. She could feel him splashing inside her, hitting her womb, her muscles contracted and squeezed.

Collapsing on top of her, he gasped for air, intertwined his legs with his mother’s smaller ones. Her hair was tangled and covered her pretty face. He gently laughed to himself and without giving her time to rest long, shoved his knee against her sensitive slit, eliciting a moan from his mother. Her clit peeked from beneath the folds and he ever so gently rubbed his knee back and forth. Hearing her breathing increase and seeing her bite her lip again, he knew she had a good 3 or 4 more cums in her.

Raising himself up, he licked his way down her back, over the fine, elegant muscles of her back. She was so tiny, fragile compared to him. However, he knew her emotional strength far outweighed his physical strength, no matter what his father or Jenny might say.

He ran his hands over the smooth, generous swell of her ass, dipping into her crack, smiling at her sudden indrawn hiss. She was so wet, so juicy from previous use. Licking over one shoulder blade, he slid his tongue down the center of her back and then slowly made his way to the side of one breast, licking along the edge. He dipped his tongue as far as it could go and then continued his descent downward and over the cleft of her ass.

He knew they had hours before either his father or Jenny got home and he was determined to savour this time with her. He would make her squeal and beg and soon she would never again tell him to “stop it”. He would be the one with all the power. She would be the one crawling, on her knees, weeping, pleading, naked, begging him for attention. Then, maybe then, he would forgive her for making everything so god-damned difficult.

An hour later, Katie begged. Two hours later she sobbed and pleaded with her son and still she came. Three hours later, Stephen got his second wind and showed no signs of stopping until he was ready.


Later ankara escort that evening, Stephen and Katie, Joe and Jenny and Grampa Henry were sitting down to dinner. Unfortunately due to a busy afternoon, they were eating delivered pizza, but Stephen grinned and rubbed his stomach, satisfied with a perfect day. He swapped stories about school with his grandfather, they had always shared a special bond. Grandpa Henry asked Stephen about the pretty girls he was seeing and about his studies. Stephen explained how he was thinking of moving to a school closer to home. Katie was strangely silent, barely speaking to anyone.

Stephen noticed that his sister looked a little different. Her clothing sure was tighter, she looked more grown up. He also noted that she had given him strange looks all evening. At one point, he was sure she had been staring at his cock, but dismissed that thought as just being a part of his over-sexed brain. Currently she was leaning against Grandpa Henry and laughing at every joke he made.

“You know my boy,” Henry began, “you should speak to your Uncle Tom about a job at the newspaper and then you could go to school part-time. I know we’ve discussed this before, but we can always use new blood there. That’s where your father started out and your uncle of course and also your mom actually. I remember when your mother use to work as one of the part-time assistants. Remember Katie? Hmm? Your mom was briefly my secretary when Denise got pregnant,” he chuckled. “She actually worked there before college and once she turned eighteen and had some college courses under her, I decided she should get some real experience. Right Katie?” he smiled devilishly.

“Ah …yes,” Katie answered quickly, smiling wanly and pouring herself another screw-driver.

“Those were the good old days. I miss the newspaper. You should try it, it’s in your blood boy,” he encouraged.

“Maybe I will Grandpa,” Stephen agreed.

“You know, your dad and I and Tom are playing poker at my house tonight, why don’t you join us. Right Joe, that would be fun?” he suggested looking at Joe, who was checking out his daughter’s tits.

“Yeah … sure, it’ll be great,” he agreed, bewildered since he thought that the only “poker” they would be playing would be with Jenny … a little POKE HER.

“Ah .. Can I come Grandpa?” Jenny asked hurriedly, believing their plans had been changed.

“Well, my good girl, you let us play for a little while and then why don’t you stop by, ok?” he asked softly. He had no intention of changing their plans, he just didn’t see any need in keeping Stephen from sharing in the eager beaver between his sister’s legs.


That night, the group of men sat around the huge wooden table in Henry’s dining room, the smell of beers and cigars filling the air. Laughter erupted as Tom won yet another round. It was his night tonight. He was a ruggedly handsome man, much like his father and nephew, with pale blue eyes and light blond hair, tall and sturdy. Not overly muscular but by no means soft.

Tom was raised to be a hard man, an uncompromising man that could see a liar or a saint a mile away. He had married a woman his father had handpicked and had been blissfully happy with her ever since. They had three sons and one attractive, sexy daughter who was currently studying at an all-girls college overseas. He missed her desperately and was looking forward to sampling some new teenage tail.

Placing his bet, he once again spread his legs wide, easing the ache. He wished she would arrive soon. Ever since Joe had mentioned Jenny’s wish to be fucked by him and the rest of the men in the family, he had been sporting a woody just for her. He had a cock full of juice he needed to unload.

“So Stephen, I didn’t expect you here tonight,” he stated, pulling the mountain of chips to his side of the table. “Didn’t know this was your kind of thing,” in truth, despite Stephen’s physique, he had always seemed kind of a momma’s boy and not in a good way.

“What do you mean Uncle Tom, I like poker,” Stephen defended, bewildered by his Uncle’s comment.

“Yeah but do you like POKE HER?” Tom asked, laughing at his own joke and taking another drink of beer.

“Huh?” Stephen asked, looking at his Uncle for a clue as to what he was talking about.

“What your Uncle means is that we’ll be playing a different kind of game in a little while. A game that will include your sister. You know things have kind of changed around here Stephen. People have changed,” Joe explained briefly.

“Yeah … in a good way,” his uncle said, wiggling his eye brows and laughing.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. “Oh, the entertainment has arrived,” Tom said gleefully, leaping out of his chair to answer it.

“What is going on Dad?” Stephen demanded of his father.

Hearing laughter, he whirled around and was shocked to see his sister, his little sister Jenny dressed in a white, transparent baby doll nightgown and high heels. No panties covered her clean-shaven, velvety pussy and Stephen’s mouth dropped when he saw his Uncle dip his head and kiss her in a very Un-uncle way. His hands running down her body to plunge themselves into her small cunt.

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