Hot Sand: Gilders Beach


Gilders Beach is an old-fashioned place. I think it was over a hundred years ago when it was named. Back then, there was no internet, no TV. I don’t even think they had radio. I guess they needed fun things to do, and fun places to do it, so at one end of one of the biggest lakes around here, right up against a half mile long sand beach, they built a village around an amusement park, and all of it is still there. Even the old wooden roller coaster is still there, still working. It’s not a big one, so it’s more fun for little kids than kids my age. I guess I’m not a kid any more.

It’s actually kind of hard to tell where being a kid ends and being an adult takes over. My dad likes to use the word blurry, and I think being in your late teens kind of qualifies for that. It’s a blurry time, especially when you’ve just graduated high school, like I just did, and when you’ve just finished your freshman year at college, like my sister Hanna just did. Neither one of us has a clue what we want to do with our lives. That’s what I mean by blurry. Blurry is drinking too much, which we both do sometimes. Getting high gets us blurry, too, and me and her both like to do that. The first time we got high together was just a year ago, when I was seventeen and she was eighteen. It was at a graduation party at her friend’s house. Her friend’s parents hired a band to play in their backyard. All the older people were drinking and dancing to classic rock. “Mikey,” Hanna said to me. “Walk with me over to behind the garage. Act natural.”

It was really nice of her to bring me to the party; a lot of senior girls wouldn’t do that for their little brother. Me and Hanna always got along really good. We’re definitely closer as friends than any of the other kids in my family. When I got stupid stoned behind that garage, to the point of doing nothing but laughing and falling down, she laughed too, and she snuck me out of there, out to the street where we walked for, like, an hour. It was a blurry night, not only because I was so stoned, but because Hanna had graduated. She was all set to go to college that fall, and I hated thinking about it. Having her not be around anymore was a horrible thing to think about. I was glad I was stoned and laughing.

Gilders Beach is a place lots of us kids go to in the summertime, ever since some of us learned to drive. It’s about thirty miles from home, an easy drive, and the nice beach is always pretty crowded on a hot day. It’s nice that you can walk from the beach to the shops on Main Street, just two blocks away. I like going to Gilders just to look at girls, but there’s beach volleyball and other stuff to do. I’ve played volleyball there a bunch of times. I’ve been into athletics since I was about five, mostly football in the fall and lacrosse in the spring. It’s fun to play volleyball on the beach with girls watching. I guess I’m kind of a showoff, but a nice one, if you know what I mean. I spend a lot of time in the weight room, so why not get the shirt off and show it, right?

This year it’s me who just graduated from high school, and Hanna is home from college for the summer, so I took her and her two friends to the graduation parties I went to. Her two friends are both home from college, too. Of course I scored points with my friends, because I’m bringing super cute older girls everywhere with me. It was one of those win win situations.

It was at one of those parties when Hanna came up with a plan to get a bunch of us to chip in and rent a house at Gilders Beach for a weekend. She wanted her three best friends from high school to be there, and, partly because we’re friends and partly because she knew it would take more people chipping in to be able to afford to do it, she included me and my three best friends in the plan. The fact that some of them maybe had boyfriends and girlfriends only annoyed her — the eight of us would be the only ones going, and that was the end of the discussion. Her reasoning was that a four bedroom house would be expensive, and she didn’t want us to get thrown out and lose our money because we overran the place with too many people.

The thing none of us knew was whether Hanna’s friend Madison would show up. All of us — and probably everybody who ever went to our school — knew that she’d gone into porn not long after graduation. Starting as a cam girl, down in New York City I think, she started using the name name Lil’ Sexxer and moved on to doing hardcore porn for one of the big producers. None of us were sure where she lived, but Hanna keeps in touch with her some, through Instagram and email, I think. Hanna kept saying, “Well, if she lives in New York City she can get here easy. Why wouldn’t she come?” I told her there was lots of reasons, but Hanna’s a total and complete optimist, and she kept thinking Madison would come.

Of course me and my friends hoped so, too, but the idea of actually seeing Madison in person and talking to her about her new life sort of freaked me out bursa escort a little. After growing up with her around, seeing her do porn has been really strange. It’s almost hard to believe she’s the same person. She’s about as hot as any porn girl I’ve ever seen, super small, like five feet tall and maybe a hundred pounds, with no fake tits or anything. She’s all real, with the sweetest ass and tits you’ve ever seen on somebody her size.

Back in high school she and Hanna were tight. Mia and Laura, too. The four of them together were, like, super close best friends, and I guess you could say they were the hot girls, except there were others who were hot, too. Guys on my teams were always saying stuff about the four of them. The guys knew saying it about Hanna pissed me off, so some of them were nicer about it, but having a hot sister had good and bad sides to it. Having her hot friends around was good, but they used to tease me so much it just about made me crazy. I took it okay though. It was fun growing up with them around.

So somehow Hanna put the deal together. She collected money from all six of us, put in her own money to cover Madison’s share, found a house on a street just a block from the beach, and asked me to go look at it with her. We drove over there one day and the guy who owns it is really nice. He said his dad used to own the house, but this guy is younger, with lots of ink on his arms and an easygoing way about him. It seemed like it was pretty normal for eighteen and nineteen year old kids to rent the place, which kind of surprised me. Maybe it’s because it’s sort of a beat up old house that’s seen better days. It’s dark inside, and definitely has a party house kind of feel to it. It’s not the kind of thing parents would want to rent. Hanna and I both loved it.

So it was just a few weeks later when the house was ours for the weekend. We all got there before dinnertime on Friday, and we got a bunch of pizzas from the shop down the street. My friends, Blake, Seth, and Jarod, all brought booze and weed with them, and Mia brought two cases of beer from her dad’s supply. We had tons of snacks and cheese and crackers and stuff.

The first night was pretty standard — drink a bunch, get high, walk down the street to a bar where they let us in to see the band as long as we didn’t buy alcohol. Afterward it was 2am and we’d been partying for a long time, so we ended up crashing after doing some whiskey shots back at the house. It was a fun night, though.

The next morning we all had hangovers. Hanna and Laura made a donut run, and then we all walked over to the beach. We got lunch there, from a hotdog cart. It was funny, I’ve been to Gilders Beach lots of times, like I said, but that day I felt like I was on vacation halfway across the country or something, with my own posse of bikini girls. It was pretty great hanging out with Mia and Laura like that, with them and Hanna all in new bikinis that they bought when they all went shopping the week before. They were all hot bikinis, a lot hotter than the ones our mother used to make Hanna wear. Summer had already been going for a month, so we were all tanned and looking good. Those bikinis were pretty special, though — more than a few times I had to hide the lump of a boner from Mia and Laura. And from Hanna, too, of course.

It was right after we pigged out on our lunch hotdogs when Hanna’s phone lit up. “She’s here you guys,” Hanna said. “She’s at the house.” It was Madison, fresh off a train from New York City and an Uber to Gilders Beach. Hanna, Mia and Laura all walked over to the house to get her, and then, about ten minutes later, there they were, the four best friends all back together, walking toward us guys on the beach. It was weird, because Madison looked different than the others. It was mostly because of her haircut, I guess. Modern. Urban. Pornstar, maybe? Can a haircut make you look like one? She wore a normal bikini, like the other girls, and like I said, her tits are super nice and natural. I don’t know what it was, she just seemed…a little different than she used to.

“Oh my God! Mikey!” she said, walking straight to me for a tight, squeezing hug. “I didn’t think you’d be here.”

“Did Hanna tell you there’d be guys here, too?” I said.

“Yeah, but..she’s wilder than I thought, bringing you along.”

She gave Hanna some kind of a look that I couldn’t see. I wondered if it was because I was younger and…I don’t know, maybe not cool enough. She gave Blake and Seth and Jared hugs, too, but she didn’t know them as well, so they weren’t super nice squeezy hugs like the one I got.

And that was all it took — she wasn’t different anymore, she was just Madison. It was nice. I got the feeling she was really glad to be with us. The only weird thing that happened was some older dude came over and asked her for her autograph. Madison was really nice about it, even posing for a selfie malatya escort with him. Mia said he was kind of cute, but it was weird to think about him watching Madison fuck a bunch of guys. Of course I’d watched her fuck a bunch of guys, too, so maybe it wasn’t all that weird. It’s just life these days. Porn’s been a part of my life since I first figured out how to type at a keyboard, so I guess, really, it’s no big deal.

We ended up talking a lot about that very thing as the day and the night wore on. We were all curious about Madison’s new life. Turns out she lives in California, but she was staying with a friend in New York for a while. She’d moved up in the porn world quickly, and had even gone to France to shoot something. The money is good, she said, and she shared an apartment with a guy near LA, in Venice Beach.

“Oh my God, I’ve heard of that place,” Hanna said. “I’m so jealous.”

We pigged out on pizza and foot-long sandwiches, drank beer and booze, smoked some weed and listened to classic rock on a beat-up old radio at the house. The living room was kind of dark, with just one lamp on, and with eight of us there, all mellow from the long day in the sun, it was a chill party. Just friends, hangin’ and laughing, acting goofy. It was pretty late when things got reeeaally chill. Some good shots of booze were keeping us going, and then somebody started talking about porn again. I’m pretty sure it was Hanna that started it, and pretty soon she was asking Madison about all the details, like whether she had real orgasms in front of the camera. “Fuck yeah she does,” I said. That got a big laugh. Suddenly they were all making fun of me. “Mikey knows,” Madison said, smiling at me real cute. “I’m glad you’re watching, Mikey.”

“So, they’re real?” Hanna said. “You really…cum like that?”

“Fuck yeah,” Madison said. “Some of those guys fuck like you wouldn’t believe. I mean, it’s crazy. And I’ve gotten really good at having orgasms.”

“For real?” Mia said. “You can, like, just tell yourself to have one?”

“Yeah, sort of,” Madison said, “if I think the guy that’s fucking me is hot, or if I just imagine it.”

“They all have big cocks, though, right?” Laura said.

“Yeah, pretty much,” Madison said.

So, at this point, me and my bruhs are sitting there thinking we’re at the best party ever. It was strangely hot for me to hear my sister talking about cumming and stuff like that. Weird, but not bad weird. And hearing Mia and Laura and Madison talking about it all, man, it was just totally dope.

And then it got even better.

“Show us,” Hanna said. “I won’t believe you’re cumming for real unless I see it.”

“Okay,” Madison said. “I’m fuckin’ horny anyways. Are we blowin’ this party up?”

All the girls were wearing shorts and bikini tops at that point, and Madison kicked things way up when she took off her top. Those awesome tits of hers were live and in person. Me and the guys were, like, stunned. And then Laura, the quiet one, said, “The guy with the biggest cock should fuck you.”

“Yeah girl,” Madison said. “You got that right.”

“You mean just, like, right in front of everybody?” Seth said.

“Yup,” Madison said. “Live porn. Right here. I fuckin’ love it.”

I looked at my sister, and she looked at me. She was smiling, but almost sort of embarrassed, maybe because the whole thing was her idea and there I was, right in the middle of it.

“You guys gotta show us,” Mia said. “Biggest boy wins the prize.”

Madison must have seen the shock on us guys’ faces. She said, “Don’t worry. I’ll help you get hard if you want, so it’s a fair contest.”

Blake pushed his shorts down right then and there, just enough so his cock popped out. The girls, with their eyes all big, were like, “Oh my God!” They giggled and couldn’t take their eyes off him, probably because he had a hard-on already.

“All of you,” Laura said to us other three guys. She looked totally intense. Her eyes were, like, not even blinking.

“You tell ’em, Laura,” Mia said. “Show us, boys. This is a contest.”

Seth was next, unzipping, pulling his cock out, getting nice comments from the girls even though he wasn’t super hard.

“Get ’em all out, you guys,” Madison said, “then I’ll harden you all up.”

Jared took his out, and then it was just me. I tried to forget Hanna was there, and I pushed my shorts down just enough. My cock, out where everybody could see it, was pretty hard already, but maybe being nervous from Hanna being there was keeping it from being its hardest. It gets an inch longer maybe, but I could tell, just from looking at the other guys, that I maybe was going to win. The girls’ reactions were freaking me out a little. It was laughs and whoops. They were going a little crazy, saying “Oh my God,” freaking out just as much as I was, but I was staying quiet. I saw Hanna looking at me. She was quiet, çanakkale escort too, staring at my cock, maybe afraid to look up into my eyes. I don’t know what I would have done if she had, because I was looking right at hers.

“Fuck yeah,” Madison said. “Looks like we got a winner, but lets make sure.”

She crawled to Seth and started to give him a blowjob. It sort of quieted everybody down, the girls all watching like it was the best thing ever.

“Keep yourselves hard you guys,” Madison said to us. “Use your hands until I get to you.”

I had to close my eyes when I put my hand on myself because the feeling of it was so intense. I’ve masturbated tons of times, but this felt amazing, almost like a pussy. The last thing I wanted to do was cum right then and there, in my own hand, like an idiot, so I closed my eyes and thought of Coach yelling at me. It sort of worked, but I could hear Mia and Laura and even Hanna, all of them making little noises and quiet comments. When I looked, Madison was moving to Blake. She sucked him off totally like a pornstar, and he totally lost it, cumming in her mouth after, like, just a minute or so.

“Oh my god,” Hanna said. Her eyes were really big, not blinking.

“Do you swallow…everybody?” Mia asked.

“At work, do you mean?” Madison said, hand-jobbing the last drips of cum out of Blake as he moaned. “It depends on what the director wants. Usually they want to see it, like a cum-shot. If it’s a blowjob they almost always want it on my face. They say it’s hot because I still look fresh, like a schoolgirl or whatever. Some of the older girls get to swallow more, but everybody likes a cum-shot on the face these days.” She licked the last of Blake’s cum off the tip of his cock. He moaned again, really loud, when she took him all the way in, deep-throating him.

“Show-off,” Mia said, giggling.

Jared was next. He moaned like the other guys did, probably because Madison’s mouth felt awesome, but I think some of what made it so hot was because the other girls were there, watching. I noticed Blake and Seth had pulled their shorts up again, their cocks sort of stuffed in, making lumps. They both left things unzipped, though, and I guess maybe I would have, too, just to see what was going to happen. That was when it hit me that I really was the biggest—the winner—and I was supposed to fuck Madison, right there in front of everybody. My mind went all scrambled. All of a sudden I felt super high and super drunk, even though I was only halfway those things. My hand stroked my cock, totally hard now and as big as it gets. I didn’t look at the girls, but I could tell they were looking at me as much as they were looking at Jared’s blowjob.

“Fuck yeah, you cummin’ baby?” Madison said to Jared as she stroked his wet cock, her hand all squeezy and forceful on it. “Give me some more cum to drink.”

Jared groaned really loud. His cum hit her face before she could get her mouth on it. I could see the pulses in his cock as he emptied his balls in her mouth, him moaning, Madison moaning, some of the girls moaning. I think I might have moaned, too.

And then my crazy out-of-control mind was suddenly focused — Madison was between my legs, on hands and knees in front of me, my cock in her cum-slippery mouth. She smiled at me, moving from between my legs just long enough to pull off my shorts. The other guys were covered up again, and I was suddenly the naked one in the room, leaning way back against the back couch cushion, almost flat.

“Fuck yeah. Biggest cock, biggest chest, smallest ass…yeah, I’m down with this,” Madison said, smiling. She quickly got naked, taking off her shorts and bikini bottom, and she moved in between my legs again, giving my cock some more sucking. “Did you know,” she said, “I had a huge crush on you?”

She stopped sucking me just in time. The aborted orgasm fucked up my brain in just the right way, giving me some stamina when she climbed on and started fucking me cowgirl. If I hadn’t got so close to cumming in her mouth I would have cum in her pussy right away, for sure, but instead my scrambled brain was able to fuck her right, the way she wanted and the way I wanted.

“Oh my God,” I heard Laura say. Nobody else said anything. They were sitting all around us, some really close. The radio was playing, but everything else was a strange silence, like nobody was breathing.

“Oh fuck yeah. You got a nice cock, baby,” Madison said, riding my thrusting shaft smoothly and sort of slow, using every inch of it. “Feels fuckin’ awesome.”

“Fuckin’ a pornstar, Mikey,” Blake said. “How’s it feel?”

“I’m not Lil’ Sexxer today, you guys,” Madison said. “I’m just Madison.” She lowered down, with her hands on the muscles of my chest, and she kissed me. Her hips were working, fucking my hot, thrusting shaft from tip to balls.

“Damn!” Mia said. “Mikey, what the fuck.”

I looked at her, wondering what she meant, but I guess it was just the sight of me, seeing me naked, seeing me fucking. She turned to Hanna and said, “Did you know?”

Hanna had a strange look on her face. Stunned, I guess, and all red from a blush. Even her chest was blushed. She answered Mia’s question with a silent shake of her head.

“You’ve never seen him?” Mia said.

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