LOOKING BACKAt my age with a sickly wife who suffers with chronic arthritis in her knees and a heart pacemaker I can mostly look back on a fairly good sex life Before everything fell apart. Despite the fact we,ve not fucked in fifteen years I still love her very much and will do everything I can to protect her. She IS the love of my life after all, put up with me for nearly 50 years and bore me my son Rick and daughter Christina. We wanted more c***dren, but even then Sarah,s health wouldn’t, it as her pregnancy with Chris nearly killed her! Yes we more or less had other partners including daughter Christina, but usually told each other about it as it was great for turning each other on. Some times when I Didn,t have an affair with a female or the occasional male associated with my security work and the many areas of London it took me to she,d ask me to make up a story about one. She said she could always tell when I made one up, but in that respect she,s Not correct! I digress! One late afternoon in July, 1987 I got a telephone call at home from the states and was amazed to find my c***dhood friend and sex mentor Burt Thompson from my old home town in the Midwest on the line. It had been 25 years since I,d last seen or talked to him( he,d shown me how to jerk off and about sex when my late parents couldn,t be bothered and we,d had many wank sessions and sucked each other off as teenagers though I drew the line at letting him fuck my ass though he wanted to very much). He told me he was living in Minneapolis, Minnesota and his wife had sadly been murdered by a r****t in 1983. He was now living with a woman f******n years younger named Emma whose Mom came from canlı bahis London. Emma had lots of money so had booked tickets for her and Burt to England and planned to tour the uk on a visit and could we get together. After words with wife Sarah we offered to let them stay with us for a week before they went on the tour of the uk. They were due to leave Minneapolis that Friday morning and to arrive at Heathrow, London at Just after 8pm London time so we met them at the airport. Burt had changed as he looked older than me with worry Lines round his eyes, but then he must have suffered a lot having his wife murdered, a crime the police were still trying to solve. His girlfriend Emma Parkes was no beauty, but her body made up for it, small yet her tits looked good under her fashionable dress, her ass filling it out nicely with shapely legs to boot. Sarah drove them back to our house as I Didn,t drive any more. They were impressed with our c***dren Rick, 24 and Chris 363 days younger and they seemed to like Burt and Emma too. Of course we couldn,t have visitors not sampling our local public house so took t e out a few nights later for some drinks and to get a taste of the atmosphere inside. Burt has always enjoyed a tipple and Emma was no stranger to drinking, even Sarah had more Bloody Marys than she usually likes and I,d been enjoying some bourbon so by the time we got back home we all felt quite merry. Bot Rick and Christina we’re away on a two week tour of Europe with their school choir so we had the house to ourselves. Sarah loses her inhibitions quickly after a few Bloody.Marys so asked Burt “Burt, my husband told me what you two used to get up to when bahis siteleri you were teenagers and sucked each other off. I know Joe still likes to suck a chick now and again, do you?” “Well over the years since Joe and I were young I,ve done it once or twice, yes!” he answered. Emma Didn,t seem surprised by his answer. “Some times seeing guys suck each other off really gets me going. I,m really randy right now so why don,t you guys give me a treat and do it for old times sake?” She suggested. Burt looked at me then at Emma. “I want to see you boys do it too!” Emma shrugged. “You girls have to do your part,too.” I added. “What do you meant?” Sarah asked. “Your no stranger to eating pussy. After Burt and I do our bit how about you eat Emma,s pussy out to get us ready to Fuck you?” “Okay. You up for it Emma Luv?” “ Bring it on!” Emma laughed. “How about taking your clothes off to give us guys something to look at?” Both women took their time to get naked, Sarah with those magnificent tits with large aureoles and hairy snatch and Emma with smaller tits with puffy nipples that looked so suckable and neatly trimmed minge between her shapely thighs. They huddled together as Burt and I got naked. My cock had grown a bit since I,d last been with Burt, but his still dwarfed mine as I tentatively kissed the tip and foreskin, then ran my tongue over the sensitive all’s and shaft before taking most of it in my mouth. Even as a teenager I,d had problems getting all his length in my mouth and the only way I could do that was to “deep throat” his cock, but for now I just sucked and stroked him determined to give him the satisfaction of my skills at cock sucking. When he bahis şirketleri exploded I was ready and gulped his heavy load down without choking, then licked him clean. Burt did the same with my cock easily taking it all in his mouth and gave me great pleasure before swallowing every fdrop of my heavy ejaculater. We now looked at the females who were openly kissing and fingering each other,s cunts. Then Sarah was over Emma eating her pussy as she lowered hers onto Emma,s face. They continued to lick, suck and finger till they groaned their orgasms. Now Emma was on the bed with her cunt open, juicy and very inviting. “You Take Sarah while I try Emma?” I suggested to Burt. I saw Sarah smile and spread her legs wide for him as I eased the head of my cock into Emma’s honey pot. It was hard to believe how tight Emma was and that factor seemed to make me pump her full of cum before Burt did the same with Sarah. We all eventually fell asleep. In the morning Sarah woke me up to say she was going down to make breakfast while Burt announced he was going for a shower. “Can I have some fresh cream for my breakfast?” Emma asked and not waiting for a answer began to suck my cock. The old familiar feeling coursed through me as I gasped” Gonna cum Emma!” But she simply let me cum in her mouth then sighed “Told You I wanted your fresh Cream for breakfast and smiled with a blob of cum on her tongue which she gulped down happily. We swapped partners often, but then it was time for them to hire a car and tour the uk. Neither Sarah or I could get any time off to go with them, but they stayed with us their final night before flying back. Six months later Burt married Emma. They invited us to the wedding, but there was no way we could afford it and Emma wouldn’t,t pay for our fares so we never saw the again. Emma died of leukaemia in 2008 and Burt from bowl cancer in 2016. RIP Old Friends and THANKS

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