Aphrodite’s Curse Ch. 056


Demetrius began his slow plodding journey from the land of sleep as he was gently was rocked back and forth, occasional warm sea water spraying his face. Yawning, he started to sit up, stretching his hands over his head he began to slowly open his eyes. His last memory before drifting off to sleep was the delicious Pesinoe sitting on his face while her sisters all took turns riding his unsoftening cock. Grinning, he could still taste all them on his mouth, and he looked forward to another perfect day spent either with his face buried between their delectable thighs, or with their delicious toes lovingly wriggling in his mouth. Opening his eyes now fully he began focusing on the blurry images in his vision and blinked. Once his eyes focused completely, he blinked again, now opening his pupils wide in disbelief.

Gone was the island where he had for six months been the quite willing captive of the painfully beautiful Sirens, now replaced by a blank canvas of mile upon mile of Blue/Green ocean stretching in every direction. Confused, he looked down and saw that he was laying on a tiny raft, obviously hastily constructed from the wreckage of other boats and although still naked and hard, a note had been tied to the end of his cock. Unrolling the parchment, he opened it and read.

“Dear Demetrius, We all apologize for setting you adrift like this without saying goodbye, but as long as you remained on our Island we knew you would never willingly leave. Our curse is too strong, and your mind too clouded when you around us, so we felt we had to take matters into our own hands. My sisters and I all love you deeply and want you to complete your quest and break your own curse, but as long as you remained on our island it would be impossible. Knowing this we decided to help you along ourselves so we constructed this raft and set you adrift while you were sleeping. The currents from our island are not very strong and by the time you wake up you will be rapidly approaching the area where Amphrite’s palace is located. Once the Ocean becomes calm and still you will know you are over the Palace so be on the lookout for this sign. All of us want to thank you deeply for giving us more pleasure and joy in the last six months than we have experienced in centuries. We all will miss you terribly (especially your tongue and other delicious bits) but will be quite content remembering your delightful time with us. Good luck in your quest, and remember us! Signed, Peisinoe and the Sirens”

Demetrius read the note with sadness, but he had to admit, the Sirens were right. Now out to sea, his mind began to clear and he was refocused on his quest again. The six months he spent on the island, delightful though they may have been, were spent in a fog, similar to being perpetually drunk, his whole body possessed by an unrelenting urge to worship the Sirens to the exclusion of all else. He only could remember feeling unbearable desire and longing for them while in their presence and now several miles away, his mind was clear and he was sober once again. He still yearned for them, but he was at least in control of his own faculties now. Looking up to the sun he blocked the rays with his hand and vowed that he would try and help them overturn their own curse as well as his own.

As they predicted, the sea began to calm until his raft suddenly came to a complete halt, stalled on a silent and still sea of glass. Looking down over the side of his vessel, he was amazed that he could see all the way down to the bottom of the ocean. Without a sail, he would now have to paddle.

Amphrite was already bored even though it was relatively early. The gungoren escort evening before had not gone as planned, and she vowed to pay a visit to Hera later that day knowing she would be very upset The state dinner was her project and had been a complete disaster, but one good thing did come from it, and that was Poseidon was now out of the house for the whole day, and as it would turn out, for many more days to come. As God of the Sea he was a central member of Zeus’s war council and had left very early that morning for an emergency defense meeting. She worried about the obvious coming war with the Egyptians, but, her main thoughts that morning were about how she was going to spend her day.

Walking out to her enormous undersea garden off of her apartments, she stripped off her gown and lay naked on one of the large plush lounge chairs amongst the forest of blooming underwater flowers. Looking up through the clear blue water, she saw the sun beaming down through the depths. She was largely alone in her enormous palace that day, and as she stretched her toes out in the water, and stretched her arms above her head, enjoying the warmth of the water filtered sun on her skin she sighed. On a small table beside her was her replacement for the Horn of Keto, an ornate ivory dildo from India, and although beautiful and quite large it was not as effective. Planning her day, she giggled as she decided to make time for some personal deep sea diving later into her own depths, as she was quite horny. Looking lazily up through the water she thought she saw a tiny shadow cross over the surface of the water.

Demetrius, floating on the surface, peered down through the water and saw her. Thunderstruck at the vision, he was both aroused and terrified at the same time. There, hundreds of feet beneath the surface of the water was Amphrite, naked and lounging in her garden. Her whole body glowed with her divinity it instantly demanded worship from a lowly mortal such as himself. Instantly hard again, he drank in the sight; full hips, large round breasts, now hanging off the side of her chest, long legs with delightfully thick thighs that begged for the touch of his lips, she was the ultimate vision of full bodied woman-hood. As he continued to stare, helplessly smitten by this divine vision, she saw him and their eyes met.

Her God senses immediately knew who it was as she smiled widely. Looking over to her dildo on the table she laughed. “I guess I won’t be needing you today after all.” Leaving her robe on the ground, she stood naked out of her lounge chair and outstretched her arms. Suddenly on the surface, Demetrius felt his raft begin to move. Slowly at first but rapidly gaining speed, he was caught in a swirling whirlpool. Desperately clutching his bag, he was filled with terror as his raft and himself were pulled underwater and he began to sink. Thrashing desperately, he was shocked that he was still able to breathe, despite being completely underwater. Calming quickly as he realized he would not drown, he immediately assumed this development was due to his still unfamiliar immortal status. Seeing Amphrite below him smiling, he began to rapidly swim towards her, every stroke of his hands through the water seemingly increasing his arousal as he got closer to her.

Finally reaching her garden, he knelt before her, cock throbbing wildly as he kissed her toe. “Oh great Goddess Amphrite! Please have mercy on me, your humble slave Demetrius!” he began to pray. His mind was racing as he had never really planned out exactly HOW he would obtain her pearl, the note left behind by Persephone being hopeful, but oddly vague istanbul escorts on the subject. She had noted that she would let Amphrite know about him before hand, and now that he was here, he was totally at her mercy. He could only hope that Persephone had been successful.

Amphrite could barely contain her glee. Here before her was the long awaited for Demetrius who Persephone had informed her of months earlier. Her whole mind overloaded with ideas on how she was going to have this gorgeous boy at her foot service her, and her clit vibrated in hungry anticipation. “My my my my!” she laughed as he smothered her foot in kisses. “I was wondering when you would show up. Persephone spoke very highly of you!”

Relief poured over Demetrius as he realized the lovely Persephone had done as she said she would and he would not be instantly killed by this powerful sea Goddess. Looking up at her body, towering many feet over him, he twitched as yet another wave of arousal surged through his body. Now close up to her divine presence, she was even more beautiful than he realized when he saw her from the surface. Her breasts were very full and swung free in the cool blue water, lightly swaying back and forth in the underwater current. She was beautiful and he could not stop throbbing as his whole body ached to please her. She was enormous in her full Goddess state and his tiny body was dwarfed by hers. Worshipping her foot with his whole body, he showered kisses over her toes as he hopelessly humped the side of her foot.

Amphrite was quite touched by his worship, and bent down and scooped him up into her palm, walking over to her chaise lounge, she lay down and deposited the still dry humping Demetrius onto her chest. “I think Persephone undersold you boy! You are truly a gorgeous little hunk of man!” As she spoke, she hungrily devoured his body with her eyes. He was truly very handsome, despite being a tiny human. Grinning, she felt herself grow extremely wet as he knelt on her breast, instantly dropping to his knees and licking and kissing her already quite erect nipples. . “Yes, I know all about you. Your curse. Your quest. Your unique “talents”, and most important to you I am sure, I know exactly what you have come for.” Holding her hand out a small blue waterspout appeared in her free palm and inside was formed one of her large perfect pearls. Demetrius, seeing the object of his quest in her hand smiled and reached for it.

“Ah ah ah!” she laughed. “You are going to have to EARN this boy! So, what shall I have you do?” she giggled as he went back to worshipping her nipple, his tiny cock throbbing against her areola as he licked the tip. “Persephone says your work on her lower regions were outstanding!” Opening her legs, she felt her warm juices flow out into the cool surrounding water. “Do you want to worship somewhere a bit lower on me Demetrius? Is that too much to ask?”

“Oh Goddess!” Demetrius cried. “It would be the utmost honor to worship your holy pussy divinity. I I I , can’t think of anything on earth I would wish more than THAT!” Pulling himself up off of her nipple, he began to desperately swim down her body, kissing and licking his way down her stomach as he swam over her surface. Now treading water before her love cave, he grinned, closing his eyes as he felt her warm fragrant juices warming the waters before it.

Amphrite threw her head back and laughed. “Oh Demetrius! If only the Gods were like you! What would you say about a man who refuses to lick his wife into bliss? What would you say about a man like that?” she continued, obviously referring to her cunnilingus averse bayrampasa escort husband Poseidon.

Demetrius, suddenly looking quite serious and frowned. “I would say that man, whether mortal or God, would be the biggest fool on earth. I can say, if I had the honor to be married to a beautiful woman such as you Goddess, I would spend every day in between these gorgeous thighs. Every night I would kiss and lick you to creamy satisfaction!!!! What fool would not relish such a gift?”

Touched, Amphrite smirked. “You would be surprised Demetrius; you would be surprised. We Gods may be all powerful, but that does not necessarily make us all wise. Now I have to say, you are making my schoolgirl heart flutter with all of your kind sexy words. I think that… Ah AH AHHHHHHHH!” As she was speaking, Demetrius, overcome with passion dove into her pussy, throwing his whole body against the opening, her pubic hair tickling his body like velvety seaweed as he desperately swam up and down her slit, kissing and licking the length of it as he swam over the surface. Now pressed hard against her, juices gushing out of her and warming his body in the cool sea, he pulled back the skin covering her clit and slowly and gently ran his tongue over its ripe throbbing surface.

Amphrite was ecstatic. Everything Persephone had said about Demetrius was true and for hours he worshipped her throbbing sex, kissing it gently after sucking it hard and fast. Orgasms erupting out of her like the pulsing lava of a boiling volcanic cauldron. Swimming playfully over her clit, he stroked it with his toes as he reached up and kissed her lower stomach. Finally spreading her open, he swam deep inside her, gently stroking and licking her into bliss from the inside, her juices coating him completely, leaving him warm and sticky as her nectar clang to his skin in the cool water. Finding her g-spot on the ceiling of her pussy, his strong hands stroked and massaged its spongy surface, causing shrieks of pleasure to erupt out of Amphrite’s mouth as he hopelessly humped his throbbing helpless cock against her warm sticky walls.

Finally, after hours of pure pleasure, she bore down hard and ejected him from her cunt like a missile, catching her with her right hand as he rocketed out. He was warm and sticky, hot to the touch as her own honey had completely and totally saturated his body. Despite being underwater, the nectar clung to him like glue and he was quite the sight. Looking down at him so completely smothered in her icing, she laughingly asked “So Demetrius, doesn’t my smell bother you? I mean, you are absolutely drenched in my love batter!”

“Are you kidding Goddess?” Demetrius smiled as he lay exhausted on her stomach. “This is the sweetest and most mouthwatering taste and smell on earth. Your juices are like the blossoming of a thousand flowers in spring, and I can think of nothing I would rather have pouring all over my body than YOUR essence!”

Amphrite smiled, especially remembering her husband’s constant avoidance of ever going down on her because of her supposed odor. Perhaps he was just lazy and not actually repelled. Being an inattentive husband and not particularly imaginative, lazy seemed the obvious answer.

Laying in between her cleavage, they both napped. It had been a quite energetic few hours, and Amphrite was exhausted from the constant erotic assault on her body. Her pussy literally tingled from his attentions, and as she snoozed, a large satisfied smile formed on her mouth. Demetrius woke first, and swimming over to her night table for a drink, he tripped over the enormous Indian dildo. Holding in his hands, he felt the tremendous weight of it cause his biceps to shiver as he strained. Amphrite, waking looked over at him holding the dildo in his hands and laughed. Cooing seductively, she ran her hands over her fleshy round hips and laughed. “Planning on something BIG Demetrius?”

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