Blonde’s Black Birthday Surprise


I had an interesting experience a while back that I want to tell you about. It happened about ten years ago just after I’d graduated from med. school. I was dating a beautiful girl at the time named Marci, and we’d been going together for about two years. We were both in our mid-twenties and had started getting pretty serious, and were even talking about getting married.

She was the assistant nursing director in one of the clinical departments at the med. school, and was easily the most beautiful girl I’d ever dated. In fact, she was one of the most beautiful girls I’d ever met. She was about 5′ 9″ and about 130 pounds or so. I know it sounds cliché but her measurements were actually 36-24-36. She had long golden hair, blue eyes, a gorgeous face, and a perpetual tan. I have no doubt she could have been a Playboy centerfold had she been so inclined to pursue that.

To this day I don’t know why she was with me. I mean we hit it off great from the very beginning but believe me, at a large medical school there are plenty of other studs to choose from. I guess she thought she was ready to settle down maybe. Unfortunately she wasn’t very adventurous, sexually speaking. I mean she’d had about 35 lovers before me by her estimate, but despite this she was still very repressed in my opinion. She basically just liked the good ol’ missionary position. Didn’t really like oral sex, giving or receiving. When she did give me head, I’d have to pull out before I came because the thought of cum in her mouth grossed her out.

And God forbid if I wanted to try anal sex. That was out of the question. I could go on and on but you probably get the picture. One thing she did love though was big dicks, she often told me. And in that department I had no complaints from her, although I’m sure she’d had bigger than me before. For the time being though, my chief rival was her vibrator, which she’d nicknamed “The Beav.” It was a big ten-incher with a little plastic beaver on the top at the base of the shaft. When she turned it on and placed it into her own beaver, the little beaver’s tongue would flicker up and down, stimulating her clitoris.

Anyway, knowing her penchant for big dicks and knowing she’d had a lot of lovers, I said to her one day, “You must have had a few black guys, huh?”

“No, why?” she replied.

“Well, aren’t they supposed to have big dicks?”

I think she blushed slightly when she said, “I don’t know. Do they?”

I guess after I thought about it I wasn’t surprised, given Marci’s lack of a spirit of adventure. You see, Marci was a Southern girl and she grew up in a fairly strict Catholic household. Although she’d had her wild days, she was still very feminine and kind of proper. She was very close to her parents and would have had trouble hiding something as taboo to them as dating a black guy.

Which brings me to my story. Now, Marci’s birthday was soon approaching, and an idea of what I would give to her as a present was starting to take shape in my mind. First, let me backtrack a little bit. Back when I was in college I tutored some of the players on the football team. I still remained friends with some of them as well. A guy named Keith was the one I’d tutored the most, and was the guy I knew the best and stayed in closest touch with. I remember one time after a tutoring session, Keith and I were shooting the bull with a black player named John. After John had walked off, I remarked to Keith, “Damn, that’s a big dude!” At about 6’4″ and 245 pounds of solid muscle, John was a pretty imposing presence.

“Yup,” Keith said, …”that’s why they call him Big John.” “That plus the fact that he’s got the aksaray escort biggest dick on the team.” Why Keith told me this I don’t know. But little did I know that information might be useful some day.

Which brings me back to the story. I had the mischievous thought of surprising Marci for her birthday with her first black guy. And probably the biggest dick she’d ever had too, I was willing to bet. So I called up Keith and we met for a few beers. I shifted the conversation to some of the other players, asking Keith what they were up to these days. Finally I got around to John. “What’s Big John doing these days?” I asked Keith.

“He’s a pool builder around here. Owns his own company and everything.”

“Hey,” I said, “give me his number because I’m getting ready to build a new house. I need to find somebody to install the pool.”

So, I lied.

But Keith gave me John’s number and John met me for a beer under the auspices of discussing a pool for my new house. After a while, I told John I really didn’t want him to build me a pool but I had a proposition for him just the same. I told him my beautiful blond girlfriend liked big dicks and I wanted to surprise her with one for her birthday, as well as her first black guy. I explained that Keith had informed me of his well-endowed reputation. John seemed a little wary at first but when I showed him a picture of Marci, he quickly agreed. “What’s the catch?” he asked. “No catch,” I said. ” I’m just trying to spice up our relationship a little bit.” John was easily persuaded, needless to say, and I explained to him my plan in detail. I told him of Marci’s likes and dislikes and told him he had free rein to do with her as he pleased.

Well, on her special day Marci could barely control her excitement as I kept teasing her about what a big surprise I had in store for her. And I meant a BIG surprise. The celebration began with a special birthday dinner at a nice, fancy restaurant. I made sure Marci had a couple of glasses of wine so her inhibitions would be lessened somewhat. We came back to her place and I lit a few candles. I turned on some soft music and told Marci it was time for her surprise. She could barely control her excitement. So I had Marci get nude and sit on the end of the bed as I placed a blindfold around her eyes and told her not to move. I then went to the door and let John in quietly. I had John get undressed and slather himself up with some flavored lube we had lying around, so that he’d be nice and hard for Marci. While he was doing that I went back into the bedroom with Marci. John soon followed, his huge cock now erect and shimmering in the soft light from the lube he’d used. As a final touch I had him place a pink bow on his cock. He looked a little embarrassed but very confident now as he finally saw Marci in the flesh. He couldn’t hide the lust in his eyes, as it was obvious he couldn’t wait to tear into this gorgeous blonde.

I took the blindfold off of Marci. She looked up and saw this huge imposing black man with his enormous cock ready for action. She burst out laughing. “Oh my God” she said. She laughed again and looked at John and then back at me, a somewhat disbelieving look on her face.

“I know how much you love big dicks” I said, “and John here has the biggest one I could find. Now don’t worry, I’ve checked him out thoroughly and ran all the blood tests on him. He’s clean and healthy. So I want you to enjoy him freely. He is your birthday present.”

She was shocked and speechless as she kept looking from me to John, or John’s cock I should say. She acted kind of reluctant at first, but I couldn’t help but notice escort the unmistakable musky aroma of a woman aroused. It was unbelievable and overwhelming. It was if someone had taken a little bottle of Eau de Pussy or something, and sprayed the whole room with the stuff. I’d never experienced anything like that before, or since.

I also noticed an obvious glistening develop on the lips of Marci’s pussy. The sheet she was sitting on began to dampen a little too, and she actually began squirming on the bed. She still would occasionally burst out laughing but it soon turned to nervous laughter when she saw we were serious. “Now you two go on and have fun,” I said. “I’m just going to go sit down on this chair over here and play with my dick while I watch you two.”

Marci nervously looked into John’s eyes but couldn’t help but to keep stealing glances at his enormous cock. Now I’m not good at estimating length and girth, but I couldn’t help but notice the resemblance between John’s cock and my forearm. And the head of his dick looked just about like the fist at the end of my forearm.

After, a few moments, Marci finally asked John “Can I touch it?”

“I prefer that you did” John replied as he removed the bow.

With that Marci grasped his cock with one hand and began stroking it. She soon placed both hands on it and it looked as if she was choking up on a baseball bat. She kept glancing into John’s eyes with a look of unbridled lust that I’d never seen from her.

John said “Why don’t you suck my dick?”

Marci clearly became more aroused as she slowly moved her pouty lips toward that massive organ of John’s. She slowly began to run her tongue lightly down one side of the shaft and up the other as she held it in both hands. Occasionally she would stop just to look at it in awe, anticipating what lie ahead. Soon she placed her entire mouth around his cock and began slowly sucking on it. From my vantage point it was slightly comical to watch her mouth being stretched so widely. It was a big turn-on as well though, and I couldn’t help but come just watching them. They were too wrapped up in what they were doing to notice me however and besides, I was so turned on I was hard again in about fifteen seconds anyway.

Finally, John could see that Marci’s mouth was getting tired so he pushed her gently back on the bed and spread her legs wide. He placed his head between them and began to lick her pussy. She closed her eyes, leaned her head back, and started to moan softly. After a while, John looked up, his grinning face gooey and sticky from the wonderful slime and said, “You taste pretty good for a white girl.” Marci looked down at him and breathlessly said, “Thank you, but I can’t wait any longer. You’ve got to fuck me now.”

John slowly moved on top of her. I could tell he was teasing her as it looked like he would place the head of his colossal cock just at the entrance to her slimey gash and then withdraw it. And he’d run the head around the lips but wouldn’t enter her, enjoying her soft whines and pleas to be fucked. Finally, with one big thrust he entered her. She gasped as if the wind had been knocked out of her. He began fucking her slowly, with soft thrusting and occasional grinding. She was moaning and groaning in pleasure. She had her beautiful long legs wrapped around his back and would slowly slide them down the back of his legs and up again, encircling his waist, drawing him harder into her. Then he began to increase his pace. First he was simply going fast. Then, he began to pound into her violently. Amazingly, judging by her moans that were now becoming much louder, I think Marci was enjoying kağıthane escort being fucked ferociously and savagely more than when John was going soft and slow. My eyes were riveted to the scene of his huge black muscular butt thrusting up and down as it ferociously drove that massive black cock into her pussy. Watching that huge cock disappear inside her pussy and reemerge, I never knew a pussy had so much room inside.

Marci had never before been a screamer, but she was definitely screaming in pleasure now. John had worked up a sweat and his whole body was glistening from it. I was mesmerized by the contrast of this huge muscular big-dicked black man fucking my beautiful blond girlfriend. What a turn-on!

Soon, they had switched positions and he was lying on the bed while she eased herself on top of him. I moved my chair a little bit so I could get a better view. It was utterly amazing to watch as she would slide herself up and down on that gigantic ebony pole. She must have been so tight to him but he had amazing restraint. I’d already come again from the sight.

“I want to fuck those beautiful white breasts of yours” John said.

“Mmmmkay,” Marci moaned. She sounded intoxicated from pleasure.

She lay back down and John started sliding his well-greased pole in between her breasts as she held them together for him. I could tell John was getting close as he picked up the pace and started breathing heavily. “I want to come all over you,” he said. Marci tried to stifle a squeal of delight at the words. Then she simply moaned ,”Mmmmhmmm.”

John raised up a little and placing the head of his dick on her chin, bent his head backwards and closed his eyes. “Aahhhhhh…it’s coming,” he groaned. And with those words I saw several long thick trails of semen spurt out from his dick. The first one shot over her head and then several large ones went right into her mouth. She swallowed and quickly opened her mouth up again. A few more squirts of jizz shot onto her face and into her mouth again. After the eruption stopped she gently sucked on the head of his dick until there was no more semen coming out. She licked her lips and said, “You taste pretty good for a black guy.” He laughed at that.

They fucked two more times before he left, in the wee hours of the morning. Needless to say, I had come a total of four times myself just from watching them.

“How did you like it?” I asked her, after he’d left.

“Are you kidding? It was wonderful,” she said. “I LOVED it! Thank you so much. That was the best birthday present I ever had.” With that she gave me a big kiss.

“Damn,” I thought to myself. “I had hoped she would like it but did she have to be so damned honest?” Anyway, we proceeded to fuck several times, well into the afternoon before collapsing from sheer exhaustion. Not just our usual fucking mind you. She fucked me like she never had before; she was like a wild animal. What an eventful evening it had been!

From that point on our sex life was definitely much improved and Marci became much more adventurous sexually. For unrelated reasons however our relationship began to deteriorate shortly thereafter. We split up later that year but not before Marci was able to coyly get out of me just the few facts she needed to locate John. I knew what she was doing of course but by then I didn’t really care.

About a year later I talked to John. He told me that he fucked Marci for a few months before she began fucking a friend of his, another well hung black dude. In fact, John said he’d heard she’d fucked about a dozen or so black dudes since him, mostly ex-football players and other athletes. He didn’t know if it was true or not, but one of John’s friends even told him of a gangbang he’d been involved in with Marci and about seven or eight other black guys.

Oh well. I guess maybe it is true what they say about once you go black…

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