My Mother in Law


This is my first attempt, so please so easy!!!! Feel free to offer criticism, compliments and direction.

This is a real life account of the relationship with my Mother in Law. The only things that have been changed are the names!!

Sorry for the long lead in but I am hoping this will be the first of many episodes in this story and wanted to get the descriptions out of the way.


My wife and I (Dave) met in college about 15 years ago, at the time she was 19 and I was 23. From the start it was sex whenever and where ever possible, including my car, the local park, the back seat of a bus and one time in the toilets of an airport waiting to board a connecting flight. One time when in Amsterdam, she had a 6.5″ pink rubber vibrator, an exact replica of my cock, made! She was everything one could have wanted.

We grew up and live in Ireland. My wife, Karen, is a stunning blonde (not natural) with a BBW physique. She stands about 5′ 6″ and weighs about 14 stone. This results in a 36DD chest! I am about 5′ 7″ athletic, dark haired with a 6.5″ thick, uncut cock and large balls.

As I said already, our sex life was exciting and hectic. We got married about 8 years go and on our first wedding anniversary she decided that she would meet me after work in the city and we would grab a spot of dinner in a favourite Italian of mine and catch a movie afterwards. For some reason my wife kept on her overcoat the entire time we had dinner and went to the movie and it was only when the movie was about 20 minutes in that I realised that for the entire time in the restaurant and the movie theatre, she was completely naked under her coat. As soon as I finally noticed this she dropped to her knees and gave me one of the very best blow jobs I have, still to this day, ever had. I returned the compliment by assuming the same position she had and sucking her clit to a rather wet and muffled orgasm.

After we married we proceed to do the usual, have kids, slow the sex life down and eventually after 8 years of marriage my cock is more intimate with my hand than with my wife. And so enter my mother in law.

As a spot of background, I have always got on really well with Karen’s mother Olive. She is a truly nice person, had a vicious side if you piss her or her family off, but what Irish mother doesn’t. We would always greet one another with a hug and or a kiss (on the cheek back then) and at any family dinner we would always end up sitting together.

Before we were married my work took me on the road a bit and depending on travel I would tend to spend some weekends staying with my Karen and her family. Olive is a TV addict and watches TV I think just for company as her husband in a pilot and is away a significant amount of time, probably fucking the ass off whatever flight crew he happens to have at the time. AS he flies transatlantic out of London he is only home mid-week every second week.

During this time most Saturdays were filled with Karen and I sitting cuddling on one couch with Olive sitting on the other watching TV. She would always change into her night dress and dressing gown at about 8pm and as the night would pass on, the V at the front would inch down bit by bit. I managed to perfect the art of making tea and bringing it to both Karen and Olive, but I would always erzurum escort approach Olive from a position whereby I could see right down her night clothes. She was not blessed with the tits her daughter has, however I guessed she was possessed 34B (later confirmed) rather saggy tits with nipples like bullets. The seemed to be always hard!!! At the time Olive would have been late 50’s she is now 70.

Being a staunch Catholic family, we were never allowed sleep in the same room, so when the views of her mothers tits had me suitably fucking aroused, I would suggest I got an early night and retreat to be. Either of two things would happen then — Karen would either sneak up and either suck my cock till I came or allow me fuck her in the ass till I came, or she would stay down stairs and leave me to wank off furiously thinking of sucking on Olives hard dark nipples.

As time passed and we finally bought our own house my chances of seeing Olives tits dried up and whilst I never got a chance to see more I never forget or stopped fantasising about them.

Along came Literotica, and the wealth of stories of Mother In Laws and it opened a new window to my world. I started to see what others did and thought and realised that maybe there was a chance to take this further.

Whenever Olive would visit we would hit it off again, if she had a stiff shoulder she would always as me to massage it and if I ever complained of back pain she would make sure to offer to apply the necessary cream. Earlier this year (2013) she finally had enough of her husband — in particular the fact that he seemed to constantly either bring home a pair of some sluts knickers in his suitcase, or more worryingly she would find test results from a UK STD clinic (negative). She finally had enough and threw him out. My wife and I offered to allow her live with us until she decided what to do with their big house.

One night, no idea how or why it happened my wife and I started talking about a “bucket list” and if “you could pick 5 people to fuck with no strings who would they be”. Karen went first, and while I didn’t know a single one of her names, I knew enough to know that they were famous and so very unlikely she would ever get the chance. I on the other hand had a cunning plan — I named 3 famous people together with her friend Susan and her mother Olive. She laughed as I had at the 3 famous ones, went mental when I mentioned Susan but said nothing, not a peep, when I mentioned her mother….. I was intrigued.

The next day nothing was said of it at breakfast and I left for the office resigned to the fact that that was probably the last sex talk we would ever have. When I arrived home that evening nothing had changed however after dinner that night a new dynamic appeared. Instead of the usual night dress and dressing gown my MIL would normally wear, she came down in just pyjamas. (At this point I have to admit to routing through her suitcase a number of days before and finding a pair of leopard print panties with lace on the legs. Not particularly sexy but certainly not what I expected from a soon to be 70 year old).

My wife was wearing the most sexy pyjamas I think I have ever seen, ones which stopped above the knee, gave her a slight camel toe, hugged the crack of her voluptuous ass confirming she wasn’t wearing panties and gave her 36DD’s a nice snug fit with little room for her huge nipples which were by now straining to get out. As the evening wore on and TV became more and more mundane the talk between the ladies turned to sex, and in particular to our “bucket lists”…..My wife started by listing her picks to my mother in law, who dismissed some, but others were greeted with “he could rough my muff and time he wants” or “I wonder is he as large and you would think”. Whilst not originally listening to the conversation I was now nervous as to where this would lead and end up.

My wife then quickly turned to my list and started with the 3 celebs — each of whom my MIL dismissed as being a slut, a slapper, and a husband robbing home wrecker. When my wife mentioned her friend my MIL broke her heart laughing and proclaimed “honey, if he ever strays near her, I will cut it off for you” I can only imagine she was talking about my now shrinking cock. I was shit scared as to what she might say when my wife revealed my 5th choice.

“You will never guess who he picked as his 5th choice mom?” asked Karen.

“Give me a clue!” responded Olive.

“OK, he used to steel glimpses down her top went we first started dating and though we never knew”. With that Olive started to laugh and looked right at me. I could see a twinkle in her eye but her response was simple “Boy, having a look down my top is one thing, you ever bring that thing of yours near me and I can tell you this, I will be posting pieces of it to your friends for weeks”. At this point I made my excuses and left for bed.

At some point during the night I woke busting for a piss and headed out to the bathroom — another one of my wife’s ideas was to give her mother the master bedroom — plodded down the landing and into the bathroom for a piss. On returning to my room I heard noises coming from Olive’s room and went to check. And then it happened, the unmistakable sound of a woman in the throes of orgasm using what sounded like an industrial vibrator to do it. As much as it surprised me that she or all people would be giving herself an orgasm nothing prepared me for what came next…..”Yes, yes, yes, oh Dave, fuck me hard baby, fuck me like you never fucked Karen before!!!” I nearly fell fucking over. I was dumbstruck. And she continued “Make me cum fill me with your cum, I want to feel it inside my womb”. I couldn’t stop myself from reaching into my boxers and fishing out my now hard cock and slowly starting to wank myself.

“Oh Jesus not now, not now” she cried as the sound of the vibrator slowed to a stop. “Fuck” was the last words I remember before her bedroom door flew open and she stepped out. She stopped dead in her tracks, seeing the sight of me, standing in her doorway with my hard cock in my hand and pre-cum dripping onto the floor. It was then that I realised she was still completely naked with the vibrator in one hand and the now spent batteries in the other. She is about 5’3″ in height, UK size 12. 34B tits which hung down somewhere between where they should be and where her bellybutton is. Typical wrinkly stomach you would expect on a 70 year old, but beneath it was a completely bald pussy. The lips of which were red, wet and protruding about 1.5″ below her slit.

Her look of horror turned to a look of confusion in a split second, she look out of the bedroom door, looking each way down the landing and then as quick as the door had opened, she silently closed it, but not before I had stepped in, still holding my cock.

She again looked at me and before I could say a word she dropped to her knees and took the entire 6.5″ of my cock into her mouth. I nearly shot my lot there and then. She sucked me for about 30 seconds, although it would have been 30 minutes for all I knew, before standing up looking me straight in the eye and saying “Not a fucking word” and dragging me by the cock to the bed. IT was only as she discarded the vibrator referring to it as “useless” that I noticed exactly what vibrator it was, a certain pink rubber one!!! Now my mind was racing. She threw me on the bed and jumped on he and proceed to, well for want of a better word, rape me. The woman was insatiable. She mounted me reverse cowgirl and guided my rock hard cock into what I expected to be an old loose cunt, but in fact it was tighter than my wife’s. She took me fully to the hilt until my balls slapped against her clit and she proceeded to ride me like a rodeo. She would from time to time lean forward to grab my ankles giving me a clear view of her 70year old ass — well it was too much and I reached out and slipped a finger in, she didn’t even notice. Two fingers, not a whimper. It was only when I put the third one in that she let a squeal and speeded her rhythm up. Mid pound she spun around — nearly broken my fucking fingers off as they popped out of her ass, and without missing a beat proceeded to pound down on my shaft. Now I had a full view of her saggy old tits which were slapping against her tummy on every down stroke. I reached up and pinched the nipples, the items of my fascination some 15 or so years ago. They were better than I could ever have imagined. So hard but yet the skin was soft to touch. I pulled her forward by the nipple her saggy tits acting like a tow rope until I had BOTH nipples in my mouth at the same time!!!

She was not reaching the very top of her climax and through gritted teeth yelled “Yes, Yes, now you mother fucker, cum for me cum in my pussy” as much as I tried to hold out for longer I just couldn’t and I blew the hardest heaviest load of my life, rope after rope of thick cum shot out into her pussy, she yelped with each dose of hot cum shooting into her womb. I must have cum 8 or 9 full jets of cum before she slowed down and collapsed on top of me. Without a word, she stood up, cupping her pussy with her hand and walked to the en-suite. I was sure I heard her drinking and licking every last drop. When she returned she was wearing the night dress and dressing gown and handed me a damp cloth to clean myself. Any hope of seconds were dashed when she opened the door and ushered me out. I went back to bed that night and slept like a baby.

As the next day was Saturday I was up early to tend to the kids and take them on the usual Saturday morning rounds of swimming, hockey, football etc. and by the time I returned home both my wife and mother in law were up, dressed and heading out shopping.

As they were leaving the house, my wife leaned in for the usual peck on the cheek, but instead lunged at me, rammed her tongue down my throat and gave me cock a squeeze, “You just wait until later baby” were the last words she said before leaving for shopping

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