One of the Girls


All characters in this story are over 21 years old. This is a fictional fantasy that contains elements of both femdom and the transsexual/cross-dressers niche. This is my first attempt at a story so go easy.


I couldn’t believe my situation. I had signed up for porn, but I had not signed up for this. I was standing naked in the dressing room and the costume and makeup manager, a young woman called Ann, had picked out a pair of pink panties, a camisole, a pair of pink stockings, a suspender belt and a pair of pink high heels. She said that after I had put these on she would get started on my make-up and then she would pick out a wig for me. This was the first indication of the predicament that I was in.

‘There must be some mistake,’ I said, ‘I’m one of the male actors in this movie.’

Looking at my cock, she gave a doubtful look and checked her clip board.

‘Are you Eric Branning?’ She asked.

‘Yes!’ I said.

‘Well there is no mistake then. You have been cast in the role of Erica in Sissy Cumsluts.’

‘No, this must be a mistake,’ I implored, ‘I have signed up as a male porn actor, I did tick ‘shemale’ in my application, but I did not mean I wanted to be a shemale!’

‘Well you will have to take it up with Lana in HR. Everything is ready to go here and your name is definitely down to be a sissy.’

I told her that that is exactly what I was going to do.

It didn’t take me long to get dressed again, in my own clothes of course and I left the dressing room to find the HR department. When I found it I knocked on the door.

‘Come in,’ the voice inside said.

I opened the door and went inside. The voice was coming from a blonde haired woman with glasses who looked like she was probably in her forties.

‘What can I help you with?’

‘Could I speak with Lana please?’ I asked.

‘I am Lana. What can I help you with, she said.

I told her who I was and I explained the situation to her and I claimed that there must be some mistake in my casting for this movie, that I was meant to be one of the men not the sissy getting cummed on!

‘Okay, why don’t you take a seat Eric while I have a look at your file,’ she said as she got up and went to a filing cabinet.

She explained that this would clear up any misunderstandings. She pulled out a file and then she sat down across from me and crossed her legs.

‘Now let me check your contract. Okay, ah-ha, I see it here. Your contract says that you are contracted for ten movies with us and that the nature of those movies is to be decided on but, they could be shemale movies.

‘Yes that is correct,’ I said, ‘I have no problem being in a sissy movie, but not as one of the sissies!’

‘It also says here that you are required to play whatever role we require you to play. Did you not read your contract?’

I Pendik Sınırsız Escort had to admit that I did not see that part of the contract.

‘Please,’ I begged, ‘can you not get someone else to be the sissy and let me play one of the men!’

‘Hmmm, it says here that your penis size is below average,’ she said matter of factly as she regarded me over the rim of her glasses looking almost like a strict school teacher. ‘And I am afraid that we simply don’t hire men of your penis size, except to be one of ‘the girls’ and you were hired to be one of ‘the girls.’

‘Though there is nothing to be ashamed about, your penis size is just perfect to be one of the girls,’ she added as an aside.

I knew my face was going read with embarrassment at this news. I managed to stammer out that I could not possibly do such a thing. I felt my heart beating fast and my palms were sweaty.

‘That is absolutely fine,’ she said.

‘All you have to do is return the advance we gave you after you signed your contract.’

This filled me with dread because I knew I had already spent my generous advance.

‘I’m afraid I simply don’t have it anymore,’ I pleaded.

‘Well,’ she said, ‘then there are only two options. You can quit but, we will sue you for breach of contract. Or you can be a good girl and do the movie.’

I did not have time to answer her because she stood up and took me by the hand so that I had to stand up.

‘I think I know what your answer is going to be and really what difference does it make if you get cummed on or are doing the cumming? It is all porn. At least you will get paid more for being one of the girls, there are many men that would give their right arms to be in your position. You didn’t think you were getting such a lucrative deal just to be another male porn actor did you?’ She asked as she led me through the door into the corridor.

‘No,’ I said shyly.

‘No Madam. Remember you should act like a young lady now.’

‘There is no shame in being one of the girls,’ she said as she walked with me down the corridor.

‘Now, lets do this properly. I’m bringing you down to see Ann, she’ll get you all ready, and then I’ll introduce you to your colleagues so you feel more comfortable.’

I found myself led by her down the corridor towards the dressing room. I felt as if my heart was going to explode. I couldn’t possibly see a way out of this predicament. It felt as if I was standing in front of a giant precipice and there was no way back, no choice but to jump. I knew I was going to have to do it now. I was going to have to be one of the girls. It really wasn’t fair that I should have to get cummed on. When I took this job I thought I would be doing the cumming

‘Is everything back on Miss?’ Ann said as we walked back into the dressing Pendik Suriyeli Escort room.

‘Yes,’ Lana said, ‘it is. Poor Erica just got a case of cold feet, but she is okay now.’

‘Aren’t you?’ She asked.

‘Yes Madam.’ I said shyly.

‘Good girl. Now get those clothes off you, you may as well get used to being naked around other people as you are going to be doing it quite a lot over the next few months.’

I meekly obeyed and removed all my clothes leaving just my underpants on.

‘Now Erica, I said ALL your clothes,’ Lana said.

So I pulled my underpants off and stood there as the two women regarded me. I tried to maintain some modesty by covering my cock with my hands.

‘Hands by your sides,’ Lana said in an annoyed tone.

I moved my hands by my sides and I was mortified when the two women let out a little giggle as they stared at my cock.

‘It’s just a perfect size for one of our girls, isn’t it Ann?’ Lana said.

‘Oh yes Miss, it’s a perfect little clitty,’ Ann said.

‘Good girl,’ Lana said, ‘and I see you have come hairless like we instructed?’

‘I thought that applied to all the men Madam,’ I said.

‘No Erica, it only applies to Sissies,’ Lana said.

‘Hmmm,’ Lana thought out loud, ‘though it’s small I still don’t want an erection ruining the look, could we get a little chastity cage for her Ann?’

‘Certainly I have some smaller ones over here,’ Ann said as she looked through one of her equipment boxes.

‘Ah-ha,’ she said as she pulled out a tiny steel chastity device, ‘this should do the trick!’

She handed it to Lana and she placed it on me. The feeling of cold steel against my cock caused me to get immediately excited though the cage was already placed over my cock which created a feeling of pressure as my cock struggled to become erect. Lana fastened the cage and then locked it and I never felt so humiliated in my life.

‘There, now doesn’t that look beautiful Erica,’ Lana said as they both admired their handy work.

‘I am guessing you are also a virgin Erica. To put it bluntly, you’ve never taken it up the ass?’ Lana asked.

She didn’t wait for me to answer.

‘It’s okay, we can help with that. Ann could you get me a small butt plug?’ Lana asked.

‘Certainly,’ Ann replied, ‘how about this one.’ She said as she pulled one from her box.

I gulped because it didn’t look particularly small.

‘No Ann, lets start her off a size down,’ Lana said.

I felt myself somewhat relieved at this. Ann selected a slightly smaller plastic red butt plug.

‘Okay why don’t you come over here and bend over, Lana said, ‘you can use this chair to help you.

Lana lubed the plug up as I bent over the make-up chair waiting, and then suddenly I felt it trying to invade my ass, my hole felt Pendik İranlı Escort wet with the lube. I didn’t know how I was going to be able to take that thing. I let out a cry and I tried to wriggle my bum to avoid it.

‘Now just relax sweet heart,’ Lana said softly as if she was speaking to a scared pet, ‘it will make it easier.’

My anus stretched more than it had ever stretched in my life and then the butt plug slid into place. This left me with a full feeling. Despite myself, I was extremely excited now, my cock hurt as it strained against its cage and the pressure in my ass only made things worse.

Lana helped me back up.

‘Ah I can see you’re a bit excited,’ Ann said. ‘Well, that is good; you may as well enjoy your work.’

‘So Ann, have you got an outfit picked out?’ Lana asked.

‘Yes, I was thinking we could go with stockings, suspender belt, camisole and a pair of platform heels. All pink of course, to bring out the girliness in her,’ Ann answered.

‘That is an excellent idea Ann,’ Lana said, ‘why don’t you take a seat here Erica.’

I sat down quite awkwardly with the butt plug and Ann handed me the stockings and asked me to put them on. I raised my leg and couldn’t help but enjoy the smooth feeling as I pulled the stocking slowly up my leg. I repeated the process with the other leg and Lana got me to stand up while she helped fasten the stockings to my suspender belt. She finished the outfit by pulling the camisole over my head.

‘Perfect,’ she said, ‘we can leave the heels for a moment while Ann does your make up.’

Ann spun me round in the chair to face the mirror. It was just like one of those movie star mirrors that were surrounded with bulbs. I sat there and watched my face slowly change from a man into girls. It was still my face only, more feminine, more glamorous. She covered up my eve brows and placed ones much higher up which brought out my eyes, she used eye shadow, blusher, concealer and she finished it all off with extremely long luscious fake eye lashes and finally she framed it all with a wig of shoulder length blonde hair. I was stunned. I really look every bit a pornstar now.

‘You look beautiful honey,’ Lana said, ‘now stand up and we can complete the outfit with your heels.’

I stood up and placed one foot into my shoe and Lana fastened it for me. Next, she did the same with the other shoe. It felt strange having my feet at an angle and it felt strange being over 6 inches taller. Although it was a bit awkward, it felt sexy. Lana instructed me to try walking in them. I walked around the room, though I still did feel very clumsy and not yet confident walking in them. I felt like I was teetering on the edge all the time but, they did extend my legs and made them more feminine looking.

‘They are quite difficult to walk in Madam,’ I said.

‘That’s okay honey; you will be on your knees for most of the movie. So you won’t need to walk in them,’ Lana said.

‘Now, take my hand, and we will go to the studio and I will introduce you to everyone there,’ she said.

I took her hand and walked into my new role.

…to be continued.

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