Out With The Girls…Ch. 01


I was always late for the paintball, the football, the hockey, so why should hunting be any different? I showed up at my friend’s house at 7:00 a.m. when I was supposed to have been there at 4:00 a.m.

My friends were not there. Their wives sat at the table, smoking cigarettes and watching fashion television.

“I’m late,” I announced.

“Too late,” Carla smiled disdainfully, “they decided they weren’t going to wait for you anymore,” she pointed the cigarette at me, accusingly.

I noticed Heather was staring at me. They were both hot looking women in their mid twenties. Carla was the one with black hair, the olive complexion and a tiny waist and a nice set of firm, at least ‘C’ size titties. Her friend Heather had long, blonde hair, bright blue eyes, was just a little thicker than her friend with ‘D’ size titties.

“Well,” I said, “I guess it’s just us.”

“Yeah,” Carla looked me over, “just us girls.”

“Come on over and watch the fashion channel with us,” Heather patted the space in the middle of the couch. I had not been serious about spending any real time with them, I was sure my own wife would have plenty for me to do at home, besides, they were smoking and that really turned me off.

“Come, sit honey,” Carla echoed her friend’s invitation. Well, just a few minutes to be polite, then I could leave gracefully.

“Want a cigarette,” Heather asked when I had sat down. She knew I thought they were horrible.

“No thanks,” I smiled as she giggled. She caught my attention, stuck her cigarette in the middle of her pink lips and sucked hard on it, winking at me as she leaned over and blew the smoke in my face. I suddenly found myself aroused.

“Umm, when did they leave?” I turned to ask Carla.

“The time they said they would leave. You have a serious problem with time Mary,” Carla said as she finished her nails, “Don’t they look nice?” She asked me.

“My name is Mike,” I said firmly as the ladies started giggling.

“You’re one of the girls today,” Heather leaned into me, as I turned to look at her, I found myself looking down her shirt, seeing half of her titties.

“What, uh, what are we watching?” I asked, hoping to find an excuse to leave soon.

“Runway shows,” Heather said, “look at how sexy those girls are.” That, I could agree with. Even though some of the clothes looked funky. Carla was holding my hand, starting to put nail polish on my nails. I don’t know why I stayed friends with these people, they were so immature.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Oh relax,” Heather said soothingly, putting her chin on my shoulder. Now was the time for me to pull out the cell phone, look at it, and proclaim that it had been set at vibrate and I would have to check and see if anyone had called, then make the excuse to leave. I reached down to my belt. It was gone, of course. I turned and Heather was holding it, “I’ll set it right here for you,” she said, “we’ll hear it if it rings.”

I looked at Carla who was bent over, painting each nail. It felt more than a little gay. Was this the price I had to pay for inconveniencing my friends, being tormented by their wives? Maybe I should be a good sport, let her paint my nails, be annoyed about it and then Pendik Ukraynalı Escort go home.

“You have pretty eyes,” Heather said, her face an inch from mine.

“That’s what Becky (my wife) always tells me,” I smiled.

“Is she just a little uptight?” Heather asked, looking me in the eyes. My cock was getting so hard. I would not be able to stand up for a few minutes anyway.

“Sure she is,” I laughed uncomfortably, “lots of fun.”

“What do you think of the show?” Carla interrupted.

“Those girls look hot in their uh, clothes,” I sighed.

“They got nice make up too,” Heather said, running a hand through my hair, she put her face in front of me again, “make up is very important,” she was suddenly applying lipstick to my lips.

“Hey,” I said meekly. She looked intently into my eyes as she finished putting lipstick on me. It felt good, “I put something pink between your lips,” she giggled. I was really uncomfortable. I realized that I did not mind what she was doing to me, she brushed my lips with hers. I just realized Carla had left the room when she returned, putting a make up case on the table, I looked at her with worried eyes.

“Just the girls, having some fun,” she smiled tightly at me. I was quiet while her and Heather began applying make up to my face, then used the eyebrow pencil on my eyebrows and put on the eyeliner.

Heather held up the mirror, “See how pretty you are?” she asked as I looked at my reflection. I did look pretty, for a guy made up as a woman anyway.

“That wasn’t so bad now, was it honey?” Carla asked.

“No, no it wasn’t,” I said.

“Have a cigarette honey,” Heather said, sticking a long one between my pink lips.

“I don’t smoke,” I protested.

“All of our girlfriends smoke dear,” Carla replied, lighting it for me.

I found myself sucking on it, coughing at first, then I remembered how I felt when Heather teased me with her smoking a few moments ago.

“We like to look at each other’s clothes, sometimes we try them on,” Heather said as all three of us stood up and walked into Carla’s bedroom. I had a raging hard on that was painfully obvious as I walked with them.

She opened her drawers and closets, pulling out outfits and various pieces of underwear. They both took off their tops.

“Come on Mary,” Carla said, “take off your top.” I did as I was told, wondering how I was going to rationalize any of this to myself later on. We were all topless. My cock was about to bust out of my pants as I watched my friend’s wives topless in front of me. They tried on different bras, then handed one to me.

Wordlessly I took it, looking at both of them I tried it on.

“Don’t you look sweet,” Heather said as she came over to hook it on for me.

It did feel good, rubbing my nipples made it even harder. The body hair made the effect a little less glamorous. They stood looking at my chest for a moment.

“Too much hair,” Carla said, “looks like a goddamned gorilla.”

“I agree,” Heather said, “but we can change that,” they marched me into the bathroom.

“This has all been fun,” I said, “but I really should be getting home to Becky,” I had fun, but this was starting to get too Pendik Üniversiteli Escort involved. I had a nice little fling with something wild and now it was time to leave.

“Aren’t you having a good time?” Heather asked, disappointment in her voice, suddenly she reached her hand in my pants, feeling my hard cock, “now this tells me that you are having a good time Mary,” she said, “and your sweet little wife thinks you are going to be gone for two whole days.”

That was true, and as Heather stroked my cock, I realized that I was powerless. I wanted whatever they were going to do to me.

“She’s ours,” Carla smiled at Heather, “I can see it in her eyes,” she reached up to stroke my face, “take your clothes off honey,” she smiled at me. I meekly obeyed, dropping my pants and underwear. Heather came over with a bottle of ‘Nair,’ shaking well and then pouring out gobs in her hands that she rubbed all over my body, starting from my chest on down. My arms, my chest, my crotch, my ass and my legs. It began tingling, then felt like it was burning as I stepped into the shower, turning on the water.

I began to feel feminine as I watched my hair washing down the drain and felt my hairless body, my nipples were actually stiff, my cock was at full attention again as I came out of the shower.

Heather and Carla were naked too, arms around each other’s waist, they pointed at the small pile of clothes on the closed toilet lid.

“Try those on honey,” Heather smiled. I smiled too as I picked up the bra and panties. I was in a whole new world in my mind. I pulled on the panties and put on the bra. When I looked up, Heather and Carla were kissing each other.

“Come here girlfriend,” Carla whispered.

I came to them, we touched and kissed, I sucked their nipples, they sucked on mine.

“You’re so hot Mary,” Heather whispered in my ear.

“You are one good looking girl Mary,” Carla said.

“Watch me,” Heather whispered, breaking away and walking into the bedroom.

“Walk like she did Mary,” Carla said.

I obeyed. I placed one hairless foot directly in front of the other as Heather had done, I realized that my hips, ass and thighs were swaying, it felt so erotic.

“She’s good,” Carla and Heather clapped.

“Lay on the bed honey, and when you speak, speak softly, like we do,” Heather said.

“Spread your legs honey,” Carla said, I obeyed.

“Honey,” Carla said to Heather, “put a pillow under his back.”

I lifted my back for Heather as she put a pillow under it. Carla spread my legs, then told me to lift my legs up. I lifted them in ‘V’ formation, Heather held one side, Carla held the other and began to stick a finger in my asshole. I laid back and closed my eyes, not believing what I was feeling as her finger probed my asshole. I tensed up and felt my muscles contract around the finger,

“That’s it honey,” Carla said, “do it again.”

I obeyed, it felt so good I did it over and over again as she worked her finger in and out of me. Heather now held my legs up, Carla went to her closet and as she came back to the bed, I saw that she had a long, double headed dildo in her hand. I was nervous now. My asshole felt tiny enough wrapped Pendik Vip Escort around that finger, but this was a lot bigger than a finger. I was nervous, but I was not about to stop.

My cock was rigid as Carla put the rubber cock in Heather’s mouth, she liked it, getting it wet as Carla took it out of her mouth and approached my asshole. She smiled at me as she touched the head to my asshole, “Relax honey,” she soothed, “it will feel better if you relax.” I made an effort to relax as the cold tip of the rubber cock entered my asshole. Carla eased it in a little at a time. I was so turned on that I was not even wondering how I would explain to my wife why I was completely hairless. As Carla fucked me, she leaned down and began to suck my cock. I could not believe the sensation of her hot mouth on my cock as I was getting fucked. I moaned, remembering to do it in a soft voice. The dildo was far inside of me and it felt terrific. I wondered what a real, warm blooded cock would feel like, especially when it came.

“Clench your asshole on the dick inside of you,” Heather said.

I did as she said, clenching over and over again, the more of these things I did, the better I liked it. I felt like I had to have a real, throbbing cock inside of me. I looked up, Heather was now working the dildo as Carla sucked me harder. I felt like I was about to cum, suddenly I was firing into Carla’s mouth. She kept sucking as I screamed like a woman in a beautiful orgasm.

They climbed on the bed as Carla removed the dildo. Heather smiled at me, taking my face in her hands, “Our girl just had her first cock,” she said, kissing me, “how was it honey.”

“It was great,” I said in my feminine voice as Heather leaned in and kissed me, I grabbed her breasts, “I wish I had nice ones like you,” I said with admiration. Heather and Carla smiled at each other and kissed, then turned back to me.

“Suck on them honey,” Carla said, holing Heather’s breasts. I leaned down and sucked on the hard nipple, I turned and Carla was sucking Heather’s other breasts. Heather was moaning as we both kissed our way down her chest to her wet cunt.

“Let me show you how to eat pussy honey, most me really don’t know how,” she dropped her head to her friend’s cunt, licking the outer lips, gently working her tongue inside. Heather moaned as Carla flicked her tongue up and down, then sucked on Heather’s clit.

“Your turn dear,” I could not believe I was eating my friend’s wife’s cunt, but there I was, lowering my head to her steaming cunt, placing my tongue inside, trying to imitate Carla’s actions and the more I worked at it, the better I became. Heather began moaning, as he face thrust into mine, I locked my mouth on her cunt, sucking hard as she began to cum, she was screaming as my face was bathed in her juices.

Tired, we sat laid naked next to each other on the king sized bed.

“I need a cigarette,” I said. Heather handed them out, and I sucked hard on mine, forming an ‘o’ with my lips and watching the smoke rise.

“Take a hit again,” Heather said.

As I put the cigarette in my mouth and began to suck on it, Heather sucked on my cock. It was an incredible sensation. She took a drag from her cigarette and blew the smoke out on my cock, I felt like I was ready to cum again, but we were all tired and fell asleep.

I woke up hairless with these two hot women. I was still so turned on I could not believe it.

“Honey,” Carla said, “I’m going shopping for you, I’m sure you two will find something to do until I get back.”

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