Ride of My Life

Amazing Ass

As a student at college I wanted a bicycle for Christmas. I hadn’t past my driving test and even if I had, I couldn’t afford to run one with my Saturday job wages. My parents didn’t have much money so I didn’t ask for an expensive model by name, anything would do. I didn’t think they could go far wrong or could they?

They did attempt to wrap it with some festive paper and ribbon. Unfortunately nothing could hide its bright bubble-gum pink, wicker shopping basket or step-through frame. I cringed as my parents proudly presented it to me in the garden. What could I say? It would have broken their hearts to complain. I didn’t want to appear ungrateful but there was no mistaking it was a girls bike.

‘We know it isn’t what you exactly wanted,’ mum said slowly watching the look on my face. ‘We didn’t have much choice in our price bracket. The man in the second-hand shop said it’s a unisex model.’

‘For college girls and boys,’ Dad adds helpfully.

I beam gratefully my braces glinting. ‘Thank you,’ I say with as much conviction as I could muster.

Dad made me sit on it as he proudly adjusted the seat and handle bars. I felt a complete prat.

‘Take it for a spin,’ Dad says handing me a pair of bicycle clips for my trousers. ‘You’ll have to tie your hair back.’

Like a younger child at Christmas I pedalled around our estate on my new gift. The difference being I wasn’t proud or happy. It rode okay for a shopper but still hoped none of my friends would see me perched on the wide seat. The step-through frame did have the advantage of not causing me untold damage if I slipped on a pedal and landed on the hard steel tubing. Oddly after a few miles I began to view my Christmas present differently. I knew I wasn’t the butchest kid at college and had done my best to suppress my feminine mannerisms. Cycling was for me as butch as it gets – I didn’t play football, go to the gym or hang out with my mates. Instead I was an effeminate guy, of slight build and few friends. Cycling my girls bike did something for me. Was it the wind in my hair? The breeze on my soft skin or the position I sat? I really didn’t know but unlike a boys racer or a mountain bike I felt more girlie than ever and even imagined wearing a dress as I pedalled, the material billowing out behind in celebration as I rode.

As expected it was incapable of going faster than a few sedate miles per hour or performing dramatic slides, jumps or skids. Yet riding this delicate machine such boyish pranks seemed inappropriate. I caught sight of my reflection in a house window and joyfully rang my bell as I turned sharply down an alley. I immediately came face to face with a rough looking gang of lads. I knew them from college. They stood proudly smoking alongside their new Christmas bikes. They swore at me and to avoid a collision I plunged into a privet hedge.

‘You fucking idiot,’ Jonny from the year above screamed. ‘You almost hit us. You complete tosser. Scratch my new bike, prick and I’d see you pay.’

‘Sorry,’ I mumble meekly struggling to disentangle myself from the foliage.

Their bikes were amazing. Transfixed, I stood momentarily admiring their impressive collection of sleek racers and well equipped mountain bikes.

‘Cool bike,’ Ed says sarcastically as he watches me drag my step-through shopper out the hedge. The lads all laugh and taunt me relentlessly. Dave pings my bell with a toothy grin and they all laugh.

‘We couldn’t afford a decent bike,’ I say enviously.

The lads all laugh again.

‘But it’s a girls bike,’ Jonny says giving it a disdainful kick.

‘No,’ I say defensively, ‘it’s unisex.’ But who was I kidding.

They all howl like a pack of wild hyenas.

‘Come on guys it’s not half bad. It can pull great wheelies.’ I lie. Unimpressed they stub out their cigarettes and mount their shinny steeds.

‘So,’ I say, ‘which of you lucky lads wants first go?’ This was my flag of friendship. I knew I was different. I didn’t play football, smoke, wrestle, date girls or ride a cool bike but I still tried to be friends.

‘Fuck off sissy,’ Jonny spat, ‘none of us want to ride your pathetic girls bike. Bugger off.’

The lads all laugh again. I try one last time to be friends. ‘I didn’t ask for it,’ I say, ‘it’s what I was given.’

‘By Father Christmas no doubt’ Jonny jokes. ‘I bet you still believe in him and I think your parents are trying to tell you something. You big girls blouse.’

More guffaws of laughter and I prepare to mount and cycle off but Jonny hasn’t finished.

‘It’s what I was given’ Johnny mimics but in a girlish pitched voice. I’ don’t believe you anyway.’ He says, ‘I think you wanted a girls bike. ‘ He pauses for effect. ‘Why? Because you’re a pathetic girl. Admit it, sissy you can’t take the speed of a mans racing bikes or the dirty thrills of a mans mountain bike and…’ he looks at me thoughtfully, ‘you can’t wear a dress on bikes like ours either. These are men’s bikes not girlie bikes. Now bugger off. Why don’t you take your stupid shopper and go shopping?’ He pushes the wicker basket aggressively and laughs menacingly. Kurtköy Esmer Escort ‘We don’t want anyone to see us with a sissy on a girls bike.’

I mount up, my eyes wetting, stepping through rather than swinging my leg over the frame. Jonny and his gang laugh cruelly. The I notice one of them isn’t laughing. Dave, a tall handsome guy seems transfixed and is staring at me as if in a trance.

Dan joins in my humiliation. Keen to top Jonny’s remarks. ‘I bet you where given a pretty, frilly dress for Christmas too.’ He said, ‘to go with your sissy bike.’

‘With high heels, stockings and a bra,’ Ed adds.

I don’t know why I said what i did but I was angry. ‘What’s your problem Jonny? Would you prefer me in a dress? I could hang off your arm, we could hook up and you could show me your muscles? Can’t you get a real girl?’ I flutter my eye lids, pout my lips and blow him a kiss. ‘Perhaps you’d like to take me dancing or to a movie?’

Jonny turns a bright red and his mates collapse in laughter but this time its louder than before.

Ed grins. ‘Ooh! Jonny is that true? Would you like to date a girlie boy? All pretty and sweet like candy but with a big cock?’

‘Fuck off. Screw the lot of you,’ he snarls. ‘If you knew better you’d shut the fuck up.’ He mounts his bike angrily and pedals off leaving his mates looking terrified that they had pushed their luck and upset their leader.

Dave snaps out of his trance and smiles kindly at me. I quickly smile back and roll my eyes without the others seeing. I’d always thought Dave sweet. Looking sheepish the other guys gather their bikes and sloop off after Jonny as I retrieve my bike from the hedge.

They where right as unbeknown to them I had secretly wished for a beautiful dress, high heels and sexy lingerie for Christmas but sadly no one had heard me … or so I thought.

A few days later the Christmas holiday ended and the new year at college begun. I rode in on my bubble-gum pink bike and as predicted everyone mocked me but after a few weeks the novelty wore off and all my friends grew to accept me and my bike. I had obviously seriously pissed Jonny off. Had I not been such a sissy I think he would have beaten the crap out of me, instead he avoided me like the plague. I had hoped he would forget but somehow sensed he would get his own back by ridiculing me in front of his mates.

On my way home I heard a girls voice beside me. ‘Hello, I’m cycling to the shops after college tomorrow, do you want to come?’

I look up, it’s Mary, Jonny’s girlfriend. I expect her to laugh at my bike but instead she smiles. ‘ Gorgeous colour,’ she says sounding genuinely impressed. ‘I heard from Jonny that you got a new bike. I just had to see it myself. Apparently you caused quite a stir. You seriously ruffled his feathers he was in a fowl mood that night. He really hates to be ridiculed in public. You mustn’t let him bother you he’s really very sweet.’

‘Mmm,’ I mumble unconvinced.

‘Anyway, how about it? I thought you’d like to join me.’ She says. ‘The two of us on our bikes.’

Call me a sceptic but why would Mary want to go out with me? Mary was beautiful, tall, slim, with perfect teeth, huge tits, long endless legs, soulful eyes. She had the pick of any guy at school. Besides who would be stupid enough to meddle with Jonny’s girl? Me, apparently as I bravely agreed.

After college the following day I changed and cycled to her house as planned. Her parents were still at work and she invited me in. I felt honoured. She made me a drink of juice and asked me to follow her upstairs into her bedroom, the enchanted garden, no less. Was she hitting on me? I wasn’t sure. Irrespective of this I began to get excited. Once upstairs, to my surprise, I saw three other girls sitting on the bed. Tina, Jill and Julia. I recognised them immediately from college. They where Lily’s best friends. They looked much older than I remembered. They we’re all out of their college outfits and wore sexy tight skinny legged jeans, jumpers and make-up.

‘Hello,’ they say in harmony and I blush, compose myself and say hi.

‘Are we ready then?’ Mary says after introducing me to her friends. She grins as if she’s just won the lottery. ‘Before we go does anyone need to change?’ The girls all grin stupidly yet I suspect nothing.

‘No, no, no,’ she says waggling a finger at each girl in turn in a sing song manner. She stops at me and points dramatically, ‘Yes, you my dear do need to change. You need to slip into something more appropriate.’ She mouths the word appropriate slowly as if savouring every letter.

‘No, thanks,’ I say, ‘I’m fine. I changed before leaving home.’ But then I see the beautiful ruches of the orange dress hanging on the back of her door and freeze. Mary sees my gaze.

‘No, no, no, my darling you can’t ride such a pretty bike without dressing pretty yourself.’ The girls all laugh. Mary takes the dress from the door. It rustles loudly as if taunting me. I’ve never seen such a feminine dress before. ‘The moment I saw this I thought of you.’ She chuckles.

The girls all fake Kurtköy Eve Gelen Escort admiration as she wafts it in front of me, the sunlight shining through its layers making it glisten and sparkle beautifully. ‘Let me see,’ she says studying the dress like a dress designer. ‘This timeless creation features layer upon layer of decorative ruched sissy ruffles with a large shinny ribbon and a beautiful flower, like a carnation around the waist. The material is a glass like satin that crackles as I run my hands over the ruffles. It has extreme puff sleeves also covered in layers of sissy ruffles for that true sissy look and feel.’

The girls all sigh and swoon as if watching a fashion show. ‘This beautiful, innocent dress,’ Mary said playing to her audience and stroking the soft ruffles as if smoothing the coat of a domestic cat, ‘is a dream dress for an aspiring sissy just like you.’ She points a manicured finger at me and I shudder with apprehension.

‘No,’ I said recoiling as if fired a shot gun. I’d never seen such a girlish dress and remembered Dans earlier Christmas dress taunting. I can’t help myself and reach out a quivering hand to tentatively touch the glass-like material. Immediately a volcanic surge of pleasure soars through me. ‘Oh no, no, no I’m okay, really,’ I say about to jump off the bed fearing the worst. ‘Really I’m fine.’ Tears welling in my eyes. Before I can lift a finger the girls pounce and pin me down onto the duvet. They are all wired with energy. I struggle like a animal caught in a big-game hunters net but they hold me firm leaning over so their soft hair falls over my face.

‘A beautiful bike like yours needs to be treated with respect. You must dress up like a lady. Only then can it be fully appreciated.’ Mary laughs. ‘As I said a pretty bike deserves a pretty girl on the saddle.’

‘Stop it.’ I scream. ‘It’s a unisex bike not a girls bike.’ Lilly ignores my pleas, unhooks the dress and holds it in both hands before waving it about the room like a flag so all the ruches billow and rustle dramatically. ‘Do you need some help or will you dress yourself?’

I struggle again and the girls tighten their grip.

‘I don’t need any help and I won’t be dressing in that.’ I say. ‘Oh but darling that is a shame. This would be so much easier with your consent.’ Her voice was cold and calculated and I began to panic.

‘Please let me go, Mary,’ I said, ‘please, I’ve done nothing to you.’ I tried to be cool but the tears were streaming down my face and I was bawling like a baby.

She nods at the girls and like trained production line workers they each set upon me performing an obviously predefined task. Jill undid my shirt, Tina pulled off my shoes and Julie removed my trouser belt.

‘You’ll look as pretty as a picture in this sumptuous dress,’ Mary says overseeing the action as the girls proceed to strip me like a young girls Barbie doll. ‘I’m sure you noticed how this design is particularly feminine with loads of frills, ruffles and lace?’

I nod.

‘It’s for girls who really believe in being a pretty girl. And you are just such a girl, aren’t you.’

I nod automatically. I had too. She was right I couldn’t miss it. The dress screamed femininity.

‘Yes,’ she continues as the girls silently remove my trousers. ‘Wearing this feminine sissy dress must be your dream come true. Only a proper sissy would seriously wear this girlie creation. I don’t know a fairy other than you who would suffer it.’ She grins knowing the accuracy of her statement. The dress was my perfect dream. With its frills, ruffles and lashings of lace I couldn’t wish for anything more girlish and youthful. I dreamed of wearing such a beautiful dress but would never admit it. Where these girls doing me a favour? Did Father Christmas exist after all? All these thoughts tore through my head as my trousers were hauled off my legs? I screamed girlishly not wanting to appear too eager. I struggle feebly relishing in their efforts to hold me down. I shout and try in vain to disguise my excitement but my throbbing cock gives the game away and springs to attention like a jack-in-the-box. Preoccupied, amazingly the girls don’t seem to notice but not for long as soon as I was stripped naked and once my pants were finally torn from me ceremoniously the evidence was clear.

‘Oh my goodness,’ Mary cries pointing at my massive erection. ‘He’s got a boner.’

The three girls sprang off the bed in howls of laughter.

‘And look at his narrow waist and wash-board stomach too’, Jill cries.

‘And look at his long smooth legs and beautiful hair,’ shouts Tina.

‘And his skin is so clear and soft. If it wasn’t for that,’ Mary points to my throbbing cock, ‘I do believe he would be a girl.’

They all laugh and as they smirk I’m pulled this way and that as my arms are fed into a vast cast-iron like bra, my bum squeezed into a pair of tiny lace panties and sheer stockings rolled up my legs.

The panties are soft and cool and the old fashioned stockings like silk as they tightly encase my smooth legs. The Lycra feels gorgeous but they need Kurtköy Evi Olan Escort suspenders to hold them up. The girls turn to my chest and the industrial strength bra they had bolted to me. ‘Boys really like breasts, big bouncy breasts. They have always been into them. They are obsessed so we’ve got you a special treat.’ Mary waggles a pair of double D prosthetic tits in my face. ‘Big boobs are all part of the presentation. It’s not compulsory to have an ample chest as such, just highly desirable.’

The girls all titter. ‘It’s got to the point where a girl with anything less than D is a bit like a house without a power shower – not impossible to shift, but most potential buyers would automatically want to add one.’ The girls all laugh again and Mary tosses Jill and Tina each a false tit. I lie pinned down with a knee to the bed as each girl lifts my bra and fill a lacy cup. They were huge.

‘Parp-parp,’ Jill roars in Benny Hill fashion as she grabs a handful. ‘Fabulous tits,’ she giggles.

‘Perfect,’ Mary sighs. ‘Those beauties will wobble like jelly. They won’t keep still as you pedal. Everyone will see what a pathetic sissy you are.’ She gave them a gentle squeeze, positioning them centrally to my frame. ‘You should consider a pair. Pumped full of silicone and you’d be displaying the results at every opportunity.’ She manhandles my tits again. ‘Perhaps after today you will? I personally don’t think you want to wear trousers ever again and think a good pair of tots would set you off beautifully.’

As she cups a feel something weird happens. My chest tingles and I feel my nipples harden and glow with excitement. That glow is in turn connected to my stomach, that in-turn is connected to my arse that is connected to my cock.

‘You can’t dress all girlie with tiny tits. You’d look like a sexy tomboy even in this sissy dress. But really the world looks at us big girls.’ They all laugh and suddenly surround me, leaning over until their own tits are squashed in my face. ‘Hurrah for big tits,’ Mary cries ‘Hurrah for big tits’ and I blush.

Seeing my face redden they rock back and forth on the bed as if doing a version of the hokey kokey, each time squishing my face with wooly jumper, bra and soft tit. My face is nuzzled so hard to their chests it was difficult to breathe, much less speak. They all smelled of perfume and baby powder. After what seems an age I’m lifted to my feet and my huge chest, though supported, hangs down majestically. I immediately feel different and as I glance down I see my body transformed into an hourglass figure.

‘Wow! Look at your cleavage? Boys will be talking at those beauties rather than your lips.’ Tina gasps.

‘I don’t want to talk to boys dressed in this,’ I say. ‘besides I don’t know any boy who would want to talk to me in. They would rather punch me.’

Mary chuckles. ‘Well, darling I’ve got news for you. Many a man would fancy you dressed in this pretty lingerie.’ She sighs. ‘You may be in for quite a surprise.’

I move slightly and my new tits bobble up and down like huge floats on water.

‘I can’t run with these,’ I wail.

‘Why honey,’ Mary mocks, ‘you’re not thinking of leaving us already, we’ve only just begun. We have so much more fun in store for you?’

The girls all titter and I hear the long zip of the dress slowly drawn downwards and I hold my breath. They expect me to resist so the girls each hold a leg firmly and guide it into the mouth of the dress. I struggle slightly for show. My heart begins to pound and oblivious to my mounting excitement they repeat the process with the other foot. A girl each with a puffed sleeve they slowly drag it up my legs as if unveiling a statue in reverse. Up my hips, over my chest each girl grabs a slender arm and feeds it through the sleeves. They stifle a giggle. I hear the zip rasp as its drawn upwards and the dress tighten around my torso. Jill clips the security clasp in place and I feel complete if somewhat trapped a bit like the man in the iron mask. Mary squeezes me into the fiercest hug I’d ever experienced. She kissed the top of my head over and over.

‘Oh! Doesn’t she look pretty,’ Mary says picking at a strip of pleated lace. The girls all nod as four pairs of hands roam all over me adjusting the glossy silk like fabric. My cock is now hot and excited but is fortunately hidden by the dresses volume. I squirm and feel my panties and bra slide under the dress comfortably holding me in place.

I’m sat on a hard stool, high heels squeezed on my feet like Cinderella and my hair brushed. I wiggle my toes gleefully anticipating more feminisation. Jill heats up some odd appliance and my long hair is tonged into ringlets. She then brushes them out for what she called a messy wavy look. She pinned it loosely at the nape of my neck and added grips strategically. I couldn’t see what she was doing but it felt great. I felt like a cat with the cream as they fussed over me, the girls chatting animatedly as they make-up my face. Twenty minute later I’ve a soft foundation, startling long lashes, naturally arched brows, dramatic eye framing mascara, large pouting, glossed lips and sexy eye-shadow. My cheeks have a rosy pink blusher and they have that just pinched look. Tina clips on some dangly earrings and Julia pulls three bangles on my slender wrist. Jill sprays me with a floral perfume and I’m hauled back to my feet – complete. The girls look at me in wonder.

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